BlazBlue: Crono Phantasma

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  1. REBEL 3:



    Figured I'd post this here for people not in the Gaming Guild.


    Also: I must say I like Noel's new look.

    EDIT: Stupid title typos. Is Chrono, not Crono. >_>
  2. FINALLY is right! After that cliffhanger I've been dying to see what happens next. You, my friend, have just made my day.

    Also: Seeing Nu in the clip made me sad and reminded me why I hate Hazama so much. DAMN YOU HAZAMA! Oh, yeah, and I agree with you about Noel's new look.
  3. Old'd saw this in August, but awesome none the less. Shame there isn't a sub-titled version to get what Hazama is trolling about this time.

    Kinda odd Litchi didn't get a change, guess either her working with certain characters is not gonna make her an official NOL member like some were speculating or it's not quite set in stone.
  4. I hope the rumors are true and this is the last BlazBlue game for a while because FUCK ME I hate having to relearn Tao and Noel every year. ಠ_ಠ
  5. Oh don't worry, we all gotta learn new shit now that offensive bursts are gone and replaced with Overdrive.

    For example. Tao's Almost Becoming Two isn't a special anymore. It's her Overdrive. So is Ragna's Blood Kain. And Hazama's fucking life steal aura. >_>
  6. "The party has begun! Now, struggle...suffer...MASSACRE! Dance some more like the eyesore you are! ...In your own miserable song. Let the Nemesis Horizon be opened. HeheheheheHEHEHAHA!

    Here's the subbed version you desired.

  7. I just can't wait to play as Curb-stompin' Terumi! I mean, seriously, he was going ALL OUT.
  8. BlazBlue is the first modern 2D fighter I got into in a big way, and I kind of approached it the same way I did D&D for tabletop; it's pretty much the best thing until you discover better systems. Chrono Phantasma looks like it's doing a lot to phase out what made Continuum Shift so utterly dire and sterile.

    Also, any Relius or Carl players should totally pick up JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.