Blazblue: Continuum Shift II coming to PSP


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So now that Continuum Shift II is out in Japanese arcades, they're finally getting to what I've been waiting for: Continuum Shift is coming to the PSP! It'll come with all the stuff the original comes with in addition to the DLC characters, new arcade modes for them, new artwork, and a new Abyss mode.

I love Aksys so much for this Christmas Gift of an announcement so here's a link for you.

Excuse me now while I bounce of the walls in delight.
I'll probably get it since my copy of Continuum Shift got destroyed.
I'll get it anyway. What fan wouldn't dig Blazblue's latest version on the go?
I would, but I hate playing on my PSP's button layout, which is really too bad, 'cause I LOOOOOOOVE me some Vampire Chronicle.
well I played Blazblue portable and it seems alright, haven't gotten through all the other characters yet. Well besides Ragna and his brother

But yeah continuum shift II looks good, might get it later when I have the money.