Blast From The Past

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  1. So you ever wanted to go back an hour ago and actually punch that guy in the FACE that time? Or maybe you were too shy to ask her out 3 years ago and you find out that she's married? Maybe Ronald Reagan is your idol? Sure, we have those important times in our life that we screw up or they screw us over. It can even be something good that maybe reminiscing just isnt enough! It's a natural thing.

    So Iwaku...

    If you could go back in time, what would you do?

    Meet someone dead?

    Take back that mean thing you said?

    Relive a special moment?


    Lemme know!

  2. I have only two regrets in life, but I will only talk about one.

    I was at a concert. By good luck and good timing, I met the lead singer of my favorite band, who I had a complete crush on, when he was on a cigarette break outside. And btw, it wasn't some cheap ass garage band. It was Ben Burnley of Breaking Benjamin. We talked, he invited me backstage.

    I politely declined.

    My friend was sick and wanted to go home, and I wasn't going to just leave her to fend for herself in the parking lot while I went and did it with some guy, rock star or not. Looking back though, yeah. Totally shoulda.

    I told my mom that story the other day, and even she was like, "You're such an idiot."
  3. I would not go back and change anything. D: Everything that has happened in my life has made me the person I am today. Even changing the smallest thing might've turned my life in an entirely different direction.

    ...Although sometimes I wish I could go back and tell off some bullies. T____T
  4. I punched that the future.
  5. Really there is a lot I would want to change, really i would most likely want to completely re-live entire portions of my life. The person I am today is not the best I can be or could have been, not to say I feel like a terrible person, but I know I am not good as I could have been. Still this is how I am and i feel pretty damn awesome anyway. :D
  6. I would go back in time and make sure I didn't choke on my pasta because then I wouldn't have gotten eating disorders and then I probably hadn't had all those weight problems and then I maybe wouldn't have been bullied as much in school xD But I would probably have gotten in to some other shit if that hadn't happened so maybe it's better that I don't change it x)
  7. While I don't really regret a thing I've done, I would've liked to have lived my childhood to its fullest.
  8. There are actually a lot of things I regret from my past. And there have been many days where I wish I could just go back and relive my life and change it for the better. I would have actually tried harder in school, made better choices, and most of all stuck up for myself when it mattered the most. There are many things I wish I had done, seen, and remembered.

    But, since I can't... Guess I'm stuck with making the right choices for a better future :)
  9. I wish that I could go back to a couple years ago and be a stronger person than I was the first time, with a little less naivety to take advantage of.
    That's more of a general attitude I wish that I had had, but I guess it might have changed me so it's not a big thing.
    For the most part, I'd want everything to stay the same since I'm pretty happy right now.
  10. Maturity doesn't grow on trees .. it's mostly a result of retrospection and introspection. Of course, when we were teenagers we all thought that we knew better than our parents.