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  1. If you aren't going to be active a lot please don't pm me. I am looking for a very active partner in crime to do one to multiple posts a week, but of course life always happened and I won't be harassing anyone for posts cause that's just rude overall.

    And if you want nothing but sex scenes then I am not the girl you want either. I love to have story plot and build characters up instead of: I see you across the bar and cue porn music for the next twelve months. Not my forte. Call me old fashioned but i do like romance and direction if that is plausible.

    So I guess this is me in a nut shell

    • I can and will post numerous times a day even, if I am interested enough in an RP and won't be suddenly ditched
    • I've come a few elitist forums and have adapted this specific little trait- If you do not post without letting me know your afk abilities longer than a week I will drop you flat. No questions asked.
    • Story line is a must, not just sex sex sex sex sex and more sex. I love learning everyone's characters with great gusto
    • I generally will post in the afternoon as I do work during the day just so we all know, I don't stay at home all day. If I am on a lot, it's prolly my day off.
    • My posts will Never be one sentence. I do not feel that is fair to anyone to work with and not right of me to do. For myself, I generally write about a minimal of 3 paragraphs. But that's just me. I'd at least like the common curtesy of my partner posting at least two paragraphs but not needed. Just don't give me a one liner, cause then I won't post back.
    • Genre based; I am a huge fan of fantasy old venture style with magic and dragons sort of feel. I tend to use elves a lot honestly
    • Forgive me if I am really antsy about the sex scenes, I still blush even thinking about such things but I want to work to improve.
    • Grammar and punctuation is generally a decent thing of mine but I will make mistakes X3
    • Don't ask me to do a gay/lesbian/orgy sort of thing, it will never happen. Not even if you bribe me with a million bucks and a new charger, it'll never happen.
    • Let's have fun, if either of us have a problem; lets talk about it! I'd rather solve an problem than ignore it.
    • No kids or pregnacy in my rps, I just don't find them remotely that fun to work with. I love kids in real life, just not in the rp aspect
    • Don't expect me just to move the story line forward, we need to work together. And lets bounce idea's off one another.
    • My Genre's really base around Fantasy Adventure plots. I do not like Modern remotely. We live in that time line, boo lol

    I think that's it, god I'm picky or something! Please PM me if your interested X3

    Demon X Elf
    Mortal X Genie
    Dragon X Mythic

    Elemental X Human
    Mercenary X Paladin
    God(dess) X Priest(ess)
    Royal X Knight
    Hunter X Mage
    Elf X Horseman of Apocalyse​
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  2. I am interested. So bored right now
  3. Bump! Looking for one new partner
  4. Did I lose track of the roleplay?
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