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Boss Frost

Original poster

Yeah, a Frosty is here. Now with less pain (and higher chance of sticking about).

Sorry to pull another "mysterious vanish" card on you all, but it was in my hand and I had the three black mana to tap, sooooo...

...Yeah. I just made a Magic: The Gathering reference in my return post. I should probably stop there, but I won't.

I'm hoping to return to the swing (and maybe join a roleplay or two, as I used to), momentarily.

...Also, "Hello again, everyone".



We were so lost without you...!
Yeah, I seem to do that a lot. Sorry for making you worry, all...

Though the site looks like it's kept itself in order, which is great! Sorta like coming home, really...
A testament to our fine administrating skill. >:D

Totally blew up the chatbox though. o___ol Having to use a temp one until the COOL one is fixed.
I keep trying to locate that temporary chatbox... It's a little hard at the moment.

(...Missed yoooooou.)
In the top navbar up there called "CBOX". XD

MAN I MISSED YOU TOO! t__t All the late nights, clever jokes, and brilliant characters...!
I didn't expect to see you again... honestly... and I trill need to get you for tricking me into DnD.....

In other news I'm in RP support you got questions I got answers. Or you could just ask d=Diana seeing that she clearly isn't flaying you alive live the other returnees.


Thought you'd pulled a vanishing act like Sol and had been sucked into the void or some shit like that. Glad to have you back, man.

Zypher is going to have competition for Diana's attention now.
FROST! *pounces and cuddles!* Missed you so much!

Welcome back!