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There are only two known realms, the Underworld, a world of magic, and the Surface, a world of science...

[fieldbox="Plot, goldenrod, solid"]


[BCOLOR=transparent]There’s a rumor going around that the magic is getting slowly cut off, the Keepers say that it’s nothing but a rumor, but I think we both know that is not the case. We’re going to need more people, looks like it’s time to go public. Mercury says to start recruiting immediately, so…[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Have fun with that – Hex[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]P.S. [/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Please don’t bring back any more “rare” items. We have enough crap lying around, and with newbies coming in we need any extra space we can find.[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]The conformation of the existence of the Forsaken shock to the majority of the people in Cerberus, and it was and even bigger shock to find that a large amount of posters and flyers had been placed throughout the city advertising that they were looking for initiates. For so many years, the underground society of the Forsaken had been nothing but a foolish rumor, then again, who would believe in a group of people somehow working underneath the radar in both of the realms. Some say responsible for preventing humans from discovering the Underworld, helping stop the Oath of Redemption from invading the city, and keeping the Black Claw from gaining enough power destroy Cerberus. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]No one was quite sure how to respond to the recruitment call, fearful of what the Forsaken’s motives could be. Yet there were a few who decided to check it out, some who wanted to see what the Forsaken were like, others searching for adventure or desiring to help people, and some not evening knowing what they want to do, but they still went, completely unaware what they would be facing in the future...[/BCOLOR]
[fieldbox="Brief History, maroon, solid"]Before the renaissance era began, the numerous amounts of conflicts between involving humans them eventually led to the separation of humans and, well, everyone else. This resulted in all magic using creatures migrating from the Surface, the land where all living things are said to originate, to the Underworld, a massive habitable land that seems to be, as one could assume by the name, underground. After this, humans had begun to make major technological advances, whereas the non-humans further delved into the art of magic.
About 20 years ago, the mages had begun to send people back to the surface to try and contact any other non-humans, only to be completely awestruck at by the technology the humans now possessed. This sparked the idea to reverse engineer the human’s technology, and use it in the Underworld as well, thus compiling the use of both magic and technology in their everyday life and promoting the continuous replication of any more advancements made on the Surface. Eventually, people had begun to fear the possibility of humans discovering the existence of the Underworld, and what humanity would do with the knowledge but fortunately, that has yet to happen.[/fieldbox]

Magic is run off the power of one’s own soul, or another’s soul. A common mage or basic magic user can only use the power of their own soul to fuel their magic, which limits their potential, but can adapt their own soul to be more effective when using a specific type of magic. An ancient mage can adapt their souls to be effective with multiple forms of magic. Pure mages use their own soul in any way as if it was adapted to use that magic. Powerful mages can also learn to use the sous of the deceased, which flow throughout the two realms, to fuel their own magic.

Souls of the dead that flow in the Underworld are also used to power items that would normally be powered by electricity in the human world, and can be turned into a physical, crystal-like shape, known simply as shards. Shards are a way to control how much magic the population uses, since it allows those who have weaker souls to use types of magic and can only be formed by powerful mages who have both studied and been permitted to create them.

Common Magic

[stabs=bcenter|5000x200] {slide=Elemental|center}Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Nature, Lightning/Electricity
Most mages will only study one element, studying and using multiple elements is an extremely dangerous task for anyone but a pure or ancient age.{/slide}
{slide=Summoning|center}Many mages have the ability to summon only one familiar, but mages who practice summoning can summon a vast array of creatures such as elementals and golems.{/slide}
{slide=Enchanting/Cursing/Wards|center}Placing effects on items. Basic enchantments do things like enhance the user's strength, but advanced enchantments can add elemental effects or even alter the physical size and shape of its user. (Note: After the initial enchantment, power is drained from the wielder soul rather than the enchanter’s soul){/slide}
{slide=Healing|center}Advanced healing includes the ability to heal at a long distance and even replace entire limbs.{/slide}
{slide=Dark/Shadow|center}Occasionally referred to as “Ghost Magic”, dark/shadow magic includes illusions, the creation and manipulation of smoke, and the ability to make one’s self intangible.{/slide}
{slide=Telekinesis|center}Moving or distorting things… WITH YOUR MIND!!!{/slide}[/stabs]

Rare Magic

[stabs=bcenter|5000x200]{slide=Spatial|center}The ability to teleport, travel between realms at will, create ‘keys” (small crystals that can be used by anyone to travel between realms), and from a personal pocket realm. Since this magic is so draining, it is nearly impossible to use it unless you have gone though several years of extensive training mage or a deity of some kind.{/slide}
{slide=Black Magic: Telepathy/Necromancy/Voodoo|center}Any magic that involves the manipulation of minds, bodies, or souls is strictly forbidden and is not allowed to be learned of by any unauthorized mage.{/slide}[/stabs]

[fieldbox="Locations in the Underworld, maroon, solid"]
City of Cerberus

In what is considered the center of the Underworld which was once considered a desert, is now the City of Cerberus. The tall standing city is known for being the most civilized location within the Underworld, run by the once sinister deity of death, Erlik, and a council of 15 mages known as the Keepers. The city is completely surrounded by a massive, impenetrable wall, which separates the city from the rest of the lawless Underworld. Outside of the city, there are various civilizations who mostly have their own cultures and lifestyles, they are free to make their own society, but risk the chance of being wiped out by rivals in the process.

Cerberus is also one of the few places where one can find ways to travel between the Underworld and the Surface, the world of the humans, being the only area where where immigrants from the Surface enter the Underworld. Because of it's close connection to the Surface, Cerberus is highly technologically advanced compared to the rest of the Underworld, matching that of the technology found on the Surface in the mid-20th century.

The Jadeite Ruins

A large, seemingly endless forest to the east of Cerberus, inhabited by elves, nymphs, fairies/pixies, and centaurs. Most of the land is owned by the centaurs, who are surprisingly civil and are willing to form pacts with other races in order to spread peace, despite their strong cultural beliefs and sometimes biased opinions. Centaurs are not commonly seen outside of their homeland, unless they have been exiled or are out to set up a pact with another group. The elves, fairies/pixies, and nymphs on the other hand are all rather hostile to outsiders and rather stay hidden within the forest than go out and explore other regions of the Underworld, making them a rare sight to see in the city. Often hyperactive, mischievous and curious, they often will find ways to set up traps within the forests and play tricks on outsiders and each other.

The mountain range to the northwest of Cerberus, known as Goliath, is one of the colder places in the Underworld, being made of black, snow-capped mountains. The land here has not been explored too much, so it is unknown what specifically lives in the area; but, it is believed to be inhabited by dragons and giants. Though these could be nothing more than tall tales.

The Crimson Path
One of the most dangerous places in the Underworld, the Crimson Path, is a grassland in the middle of two forests, infamous for being inhabited by several violent clans who are constantly at war for control of the land. All of which are hostile to any outsiders and will kill or imprison anyone who attempts to travel through the land.

Clans in the Crimson Path

Black Claw: Shifter/Mage clan
This mixed clan strives for power in the only way they see it possible, the collection of souls. Thus, they run an underground cartel of mages and shifters who collect human souls on the Surface and smuggle them through the city and to their headquarters in the Crimson Path.
The Oath of Redemption: Werewolf clan
Werewolf clan - Most infamous of all the clans for their hostility towards mages, the Oath of Redemption believes that the City of Cerberus is corrupt and should be run by Shifters, rather than mages. The Oath of Redemption has been categorized as a threat to the Cerberus after they had once successfully breached the city walls as an attempt to take over the city. They were quickly stopped due to their small amount of followers at the time, but it is still unknown how they had breached the wall, so it could happen again; and with their growing numbers of supporters, they will soon possess the manpower to cause more damage.
Legion of the Damned: Rogue Mage clan
Once a group of elite mages within the city known as the Switch, this group of mages has recently been cast out of the city after it was discovered that they had been attempting to practice necromancy.


Races: (More will be added as they appear in the RP)
[stabs=bcenter|5000x250]{slide=Mages|center}[BCOLOR=transparent]Mages are simply those who appear human but have the ability to use magic. Mages are known for their innate ability to use nearly all forms of magic and their high mental capacity for knowledge. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]There are three main types of mages:[/BCOLOR]
Common mages can only utilize one form of magic but are more adept at making enchantments and wards. They make up a large portion of the general population within the city so they are commonly seen as the average mage. Despite their ability to use only one type of magic, with enough training they can become some of the most powerful known elemental mages. Common mages don’t need to spend as much time training since they only need to learn one type.
Ancient mages can use 2-3 types of magic,one of which is commonly Telekinesis, and are more adept at summoning and healing magic. They are usually sent to spend the first 20 years studying their magic since they must master all of the magic they use. Ancient mages are considered to be mostly upper class citizens and make up 9 of the Keepers.
Pure mages are the most powerful, and the rarest, type of mage, being able to use all forms of magic and minor spatial magic. Pure mages are the only mages that have a physical distinction, their white eyes that change color depending on what magic they are using. Pure mages usually study magic all of their lives and becoming rather rich and popular amongst the people. There are currently only 5 known pure mages within the city, 2 of which are Keepers. Pure mages are also the only type of mage that can study black magic legally, but still cannot practice it.

{slide=Shifters|center}Shifters are those who can change from a humanoid form to a more animal like form subconsciously or at will. Shifters have heightened senses depending on their animal aspect and are more typically more physically capable than other races, but have little magical abilities, only to use basic elemental and healing magic. Shifters are generally more hostile towards other races and types of shifters, and are separated into family based clans within the city, where they are expected to go into the family work line. Shifter clans often are employed as inner city guards/law enforcement, mage’s assistants, or as escorts outside of the city, because of their natural speed and strength.{/slide}
{slide=Hybrids|center}Hybrids are any non-specified mix of two races, mainly human and anything else. Hybrids are not quite as strong as shifters are, but are more adept to elemental magic, sometime rivaling that of Ancient mages. Hybrids are nearly as commonly seen within the city as common mages are, at uphold a position of nearly equal value, but are more likely to become guards on the city walls because of their advanced physical and magical capabilities.{/slide}
{slide=Satyrs|center}Although common, Satyrs are not too well seen in the eyes of general population due to their lower mental capacity, drinking habits, and lack of magical abilities, aside from the occasional one who can uses a bit of nature magic. They usually work the jobs that no one else wants to do, like sanitation, factory work, and construction, but there are still quite a few who will work as a mages’ apprentices. Satyrs are not as strong as shifters or hybrids, but have high stamina and thus can work for much longer hours. Satyrs are also infamous for being both frequent heavy drinkers, most gathering on a daily basis to drink together. This is one of the reasons why they are considered lower in society, but satyrs don’t usually mind though, mostly sticking to their own kind anyways.{/slide}
{slide=Humans|center}Humans are similar to mages, they possess even more power than any of the races but lack the ability to actually use it. Because of this, they were initially seen as source of power, rather than another species. The numerous amounts of conflicts involving them eventually led to the separation of the humans and everyone else. Humans are very uncommon since they cannot open gates, those who do somehow make it through are usually identified immediately and either killed or sent back to their own realm before they are singled out by the more bloodthirsty types. There is occasionally the occasional human who can disguise themselves, but risk the chance of being caught every second of their time in the underworld. Humans who make it into the Underworld are ideal users of enchanted weaponry because of their powerful souls.{/slide}

If there is another race you would like to be, please notify me beforehand.

(Items marked with '*' are optional)

Appearance:(Pic or description is fine)
Type of Magic Used:
Weapons Uses*:


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GM: Sasha Bliss
Co-GM: ZeroisDead

Hour of Darkness, the day when the sun was devoured and the world was plunged into total darkness. The day when the earth trembled and the ground cracked apart. The day when monsters and demons flooded the land, leaving nothing but chaos in their wake. The day when magic settled into the innocent, leaving their lives to the judgement of the wicked. The day the world was changed, forever.

After the Hour of Darkness, empires were plunged into chaos. Panic spread throughout the lands as monsters ravaged towns and village, lowering agriculture and trading in many different areas. The creatures forced into the forests and mountains by the guard, seeming to have a strong distaste for the light; but they would still frequently come out and attack the people. As some were concerned about the possibility of monsters attacking their cities, others feared those who could use magic more. Terrifies of humans granted the power to cast spells and curses, many believing it was the work of the devil or a result of possession.The heretics of the forests would only further their worries; using their magic to conduct blood rituals in order to gain the allegiance of monsters and demons. People begged their governments for protection, but with resources dwindling and trading slowed, their cries were mostly left unanswered, causing people to begin to losing trust in their leaders. Their leaders, just as terrified.

About 150 years later, the ground once again began to tremble. Just as it did a few months before the Hour of Darkness. Mages and prophets both speak of the sky darkening and the earth breaking apart once more, releasing a beast even more terrifying than any that had come before. Some say they are simply mad, other believe this to be true. There are those that say this is the end of days and that this is punishment for their wrongdoings, others putting faith in their god, believing that they will be chosen to ascend to paradise and be saved. No matter what is believed, the world is on edge and terrified of what is to come.

The royals observe this tension, but are cautious. The Hour of Darkness had thrown everything into madness and ruin, almost destroying all of civilization. Their empires still recovering to this day. Another one would surely cause everything to spiral out of control, with no chance of recovery. Things have already begun to become difficult, the people begging for protection and many farmers and merchants leaving their jobs, searching for protection behind city walls. Empires expanding their borders, desperate for new resources before the event happens, causing many empires to mistrust and despise each other. Thus the royals must take action, before everything falls into chaos once again.


-Both GMs must give your character sheet a cookie before you are accepted

-No God-Modding

- All standard Iwaku rules apply

-Keep it PG-13, aside from battle details

-Please give descriptive answers, or at least something that can be replied to

-No controlling other characters

-Please Label who you are interacting with and where you currently are

-Limit of 3 characters per person. Only two characters may be in the same country

-And of course, have fun

If you read the rules put “Chosen by blood.” at the bottom of your CS

Playable Roles

Royal and Military Advisers
Royal Bastard Child
Crime Lords
(If you have any other ideas bring it up to a GM)
Playable Countries/Kingdoms

(Want to choose something else? Ask a GM)
Character Sheet




Role: (peasant, knight, king, etc.)

Aligned Country:


Reputation: (How are they seen by the people around them? Are they considered good? Bad? Greedy? Cunning? etc.)

Personality: (Either 5 traits good and 5 traits bad, or a good sized paragraph description. Or both if you want.)

Likes/Dislikes: (at least 4 of each)


Skills:(Also include any weapons they are skilled with.)

Bio: (What was their childhood like? Were they nobility or a peasant? If they are in power, how did they get there?)

Country History: (Optional)

Accepted Characters


Not all roles or countries will be used nor are expected to be used, this is merely a list of choices.

There may only be 1 magic user for every 3 characters, meaning only ¼ of the characters can use magic at max. If you want magic, add “Bound by Blood” at the bottom of your CS.

Sharing the same Kingdom/Country
If you and another are both part of the royal bloodline in one of the countries, you must figure out things on your own about things like, who’ll be heir, who has more power, etc. If you truly are unable to figure it out I will settle things by having you both pick a different country, or we’ll roll a die to see who gets to have what they want. Limit 2 royal characters and 4 non-royals per country (this may change in the future).
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