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  1. Here's the guideline-- meh...

    Hair (describe type and color):
    Family(if any):
    conections(if any):

    It's optional to post a pic though since they're our OCs. I'll start it off if you want me to. You can write as little or as much as you want as long as its three lines or more.
  2. Name: Aomine Kakira

    17 years old

    Hair: Long black hair that ends, neatly cut, at her shoulder blades. She has a low, even bangs that cover her eye brows but stop just before her eyes.

    Eyes: A dark shade of magenta


    Personality: She is often loud and rebellious, and rarely does she tolerate someone trying to control her. She would rather spend her time playing a game or lazying about than working or using what little mental power she has. Though she gets into fights often, she is quick to defend a friend or stand up for her beliefs, whether they be just or not.

    Like: Sleep, Games, Entertainment

    Dislikes: Work, Studying, School

    Her immediate family consists of a deceased mother and father. She also has a brother two years younger than her who has been missing for four months.

    Very little remains of any connections she had before her brother disappeared and her parents died.
  3. I lied. I got bored with work and decided to come back.
    Here's my character-

    Name: Scarlitt Carter

    Age: 19

    Hair: The color is night black. The style is long in the front and short in the back.

    Eyes: Deep blue

    Height: 169cm

    Personality: Usually calm and collective, she's highly antisocial and tends to clash in hard arguments with other people. She believes that people that aren't up to her expectations are nothing but dirt, which happens to be just about everyone because of her intolerance for her peers. There are very few that have earned her respect. However, she's incredible aggressive in battle with Gundam Sciry.

    Likes: Solitude, intelligent conversation, and her Gundam.

    Dislikes: Being the center of attention, arguing, and people in general.

    Family: She's orphaned at birth but was adopted by someone she regards as her uncle.

    Connections: That very uncle has extensive knowledge on creation of Gundams and how they work. She knows a vast amount of top notch techs.

    It was evening when Scarlitt had been helping her Uncle move boxes around in his large garage. She had nothing better to do and was frankly bored out of her mind, wanting to go train in her Gundam afterward. They eventually came around to the last box and her uncle gestured that she could go.

    "You've been waiting all day. Go ahead and go." He said and turned to go rest as she dashed off. Scarlitt moved to a large shed. One far larger than any she'd ever been to and was a bit surprised that it wasn't suspicious considering that it was large enough to conceal Sciry. Instead of practicing like she was going to, she decided to just climb up on the roof of the shed and watch things go. It was a bit too late anyway. After a while, just before she was about to get down she spotted an object in the distance, lowering itself into the dessert along the dark horizon. That ship again. She thought and watched until it had disappeared out of sight. I wonder if it's more Gundams?
  4. Kakira walked passed the gates of her high school, waving hello to people she knew and people who knew her. Waiting near the street was her close friend, Mayuri. "Thanks for taking your time." Mayuri said bluntly. She had long black hair, similar to Kakira's, dark burgundy eyes, a small nose, and cute puckered pink lips. "You're welcome!" Kakira replied cheerfully. Mayuri grunted and began talking towards her home, and Kakira followed after, grinning as if she had been clever. Their walk started off quiet, the only sound being heard was the clicking of Mayuri's heels and the irritating sound of Kakira dragging her sneakers on the concrete. The silence dragged on for a decent amount of time before Mayuri finally spoke up. "Pick up your feet, you ogre." Kakira frowned playfully. I'm glad you're finally talking to me, but you don't have to be so mean!" The purple eyed teen quickened her pace until she was side by side with her partner. "You're day must have been terrible." Kakira leaned on to Mayuri's shoulder as she spoke, earning a grunt from the annoyed girl. Shaking her off, Mayuri replied. "It was fine, I got to kick someone with my new heels." She smiled and pinched the simpler female's cheek. "What are you so ener--" Stopping mid-sentence, Mayuri's eyes caught something in the sky and followed it. "..What's that?" Following her friends gaze, Kakira found the topic of interest. "It..looks like one of those mobile suites that the military has been using. I wonder what it's doing over the city?"
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  5. Things were starting to feel suspicious to Scarlitt and she ended up climbing into her gundam anyway after opening the roof of the shed. She turned all the systems on and ran a quick check to make sure everything was functioning properly. She pushed a levered handle that sat on her left forward and the large mecha slowly rose into to the air, using little GN particles as to not draw attention from anyone in the city that was a little further away. The slender gundam was as black as the night and surprisingly silent as it hovered over the city, blending in with the sky. Unfortunately, she had spotted another, much bigger, moblie suit. One she didn't recognize as military. But suddenly another one with orange armor had appeared behind her ready to fire. Scarlitt grabbed a handle from above her on the right and pulled it, letting snap back. It caused burgundy, rod-like sabers to extend to the side from it's GN drive on it's back, emitting enough red GN particles to overwhelm the one aiming at her. However, this also caught the attention of a third blue armored gundam and was now trying to fend off the both of them as the bulky mecha she spotted first just watched. How many of these things are there?! She thought as she struggled to keep up with both of her opponents.
  6. "That one looks different than the military mobile suites you see on the news." Mayuri had pointed out. By now, other bystanders were watching the mobile suite slowly make it's way across the sky, as if it were searching for something. Suddenly, a thought occurred to Mayuri. "Hey, lets head home. Something might happen soon..." She trailed off and immediately started heading home, pulling Kakira along with her. Other citizens either heard Mayuri's comment or had the same idea because many began to shuffle quickly in all sorts of directions. Being dragged down an alley that made for a shortcut to her friend's two story home, Kakira moaned a complaint. "You're over thinking this. I'm sure it's a new model or something and they're just surveying the area for anything suspicious." Her red-eyed companion remained silent nd fixed on their walking. "Come on.." She whined. "Nothing war or terrorist related ever happens to this city. They worst we had was that gas explosion that killed my parents. Other than that, we're a stress free civilization!" Kakira nudged her friend on the shoulder when she still didn't receive a reply. "Ugh. You're such a worry wa--" A thunderous boom and distant screaming cut Kakira off. Turning around, Kakira and Mayuri found a massive cloud of smoke and dust invading the air as the screams and shouts multiplied in numbers and volume. "What the hell is that?!" Mayuri yelled over the chaos. In the sky, large number of mobile suites filled flew overhead, sending down an array of destructive, colorful lights. Kakira didn't have time to say anything before the building beside her was hit and exploded, sending her and her friend to the ground. "We need to find shelter!" Mayuri screamed once again, gripping Kakira's upper arm and running. "I think.." Kakira breathed as she struggled to keep up with her athletic companion. "I think I just jinxed us."
  7. Scarlitt noticed the missed shots that streamed down to the city and hastily tried to move the fight away more toward the dessert but the other mobile suits just pushed her back. Once finally moving it the the outskirt of the city, the other two mechas overwhelmed her and sent her flying to the ground. She noticed something in the corner of her eye and quickly looked to the side. Another one! The gundam was in a somewhat sitting position on the ground with a large canon-like gun on it's shoulder, pointed to the sky. By the time she looked back up, the other two were just about to fire at her until the Bulky moblie suit from before stood in the way. Scarlitt then heard a male voice over the transmission. "This wasn't our objective. Get back to your positions." He demanded somewhat angrily. "Did you not see that?! They're obviously apart of the enemy!" Another voice retorted. "Look out!" The two gundams suddenly rushed forward at the young woman who had aimed at the third, capturing her mobile suit in restraints. "If you resist then I guess we'll have to take you back with us." Sounded a much younger, apathetic voice.

    She did indeed struggle and they ended up taking her back with them anyway. Once they were docked, they forced her out of her mecha and threw her in an empty room, locking the door. "That's a bit cruel don't you think?" Lockon Stratos blurted out as he removed his helmet. "Well, where else are we going to put her without her being able to get away?" Allelujah replied. "Hm... True." The brunette thought on it. Suddenly there was a loud thumping coming from the room they locked the young woman up in. "She doesn't seem very happy. Serves her right, the little brat." The orange suited other whispered under his breath. "I think you two should stop loafing around and prepare for tomorrow." Tieria spoke, appearing out of nowhere. "Did Veda find another meister?" Lockon asked. "Yes and we shouldn't waist anytime. We're retrieving them tomorrow whether they're willing or not." The violet haired man replied, pushing his glass back up the bridge of his nose and the three nodded at each other, before parting ways.
  8. Kakira and Mayuri had found cover along with other civilians in a small underground shelter. Kakira surveyed the area, looking for any familiar faces. As she looked, she listened to the conversations of the panicked citizens around her. "I never thought we'd ever have to use these shelters." She heard one say. "It's no surprise this is happening. Everyone knew we were on the verge of a war!" A male voice behind Kakira preached. "I hope my parents are okay." Kakira heard a familiar voice whisper. It took the black haired girl to realize it was her friend who muttered these words. Reaching over, Kakira pulled Mayuri into a one armed hug. "I'm sure they got to a safe place." She rubbed her back is small circles, hoping that the little comfort she gave would suffice. Hours passed in the shelters and the people calmed a bit, though others began to panic even more. After six hours, the lights went out and the emergency lights kicked in.

    "We need to get out of here! Obviously no one is coming to help us!" A woman in the far back screamed. "How can you say that?! It's only been six hours!" Another screamed back. Kakira groaned as the arguing grew louder and louder and the people became more rowdy. There hasn't been any gunfire is over three hours! I think we can go back outside!" Someone else hollered. Immediately, Kakira was against the idea, but the sudden shift in her partner's aura made her realize that she wasn't going to have a choice. Another twenty minutes of aruging led to a division among the survivors; Kakira and Mayuri were with the group that wanted to leave. "Are you sure about this?" Kakira whispered to her friend. "I mean, what if the gun fire only died down because they couldn't find anyone else to kill?" Kakira regretted the words as soon as they had left her mouth. "I.. didn't mean it that way. I'm sure your parents are fine..." Mayuri shook her head. "I have to check for myself. "We're going to check my house. Even if we have to separate from the rest of the group. Kakira stared at her friend, terrified of what awaited them outside.
  9. After finishing their chores and preparations for the next morning the boys rounded back up. They were still able to hear the younger woman they locked up pounding in the room. "It's been three hours already. Is she ever going to give up?" Allelujah sighed and shook his head. They were suddenly called by Sumeragi into their conference room. "Do you guys know who much trouble you caused?!" She said angrily, making the four of them hesitant to answer as she turned the screen on to show the news of the event that happened in the city. It was currently a video showing the aftermath. "It wasn't really planned." The orange suited meister replied, scratching the back of his head. "That other gundam had suddenly shown up and was making its was toward Tieria so we just figured that they were an enemy." He added. "Just don't do something like this again or else they'll start associating Celestial Being with terrorism." She said and shook her head, still a bit shocked that this happened, and dismissed them to go rest for their recruitment the morning after.

    Scarlitt, however, wasn't even close to being done for the night. She continuous rammed the door with her shoulder and if I got tired, she switched. The younger woman was determined to get out. She was selectively claustrophobic and wasn't fond of closed spaces that she wasn't familiar with. It took another couple of hours before she got tired and stopped. She sat down in one of the corners and rested her head against the wall observing the large dent she made in the door. It had to have been far bigger, possibly even deeper, then a pot hole.
  10. Kakira and Mayuri had left with the rebellious crowd soon after planning their search mission. The crowd moved slowly at first, the confident members staying in front, telling the others when to stop and go. However, the longer they stayed without any trouble, the more rowdy and carefree the crowd became. Eventually, the majority of the group was chatting and spreading out, positive that nothing would attack them. Kakira watched the citizens with a hint of irritation. These people were all so spoiled in her eyes. She was going to comment on it to her friend when she felt a tap on her shoulder from the very person. "Let's go." Mayuri whispered and gentle pulled Kakira off to the side and down a narrow alley barely big enough for the both of them to walk side by side. They left the alleyway and began jogging down the deserted street. Kakira observed the ruined cars, shattered glass, and other destroyed objects. Every once in a while she would spot a dead body or stray limb rotting in the street. "This area was really hit, huh." She said more to herself than her worried partner. She could feel her magenta eyes water as she tried to to focus on the fact that some of the faces looked familiar. Mayuri's grip tightened in response. They jogged for a bit longer, neither of them complaining about the chilling air that stung their lungs with every intake of oxygen. They needed to find Mayuri's home.

    After five more minutes of running, Kakira started to recognize the area she was in. "We're right down the street from your house now!" She gasped heavily. Her friend's pace quickened and she sped down the road, making a sharp turn. Kakira attempted the same but only wasted more energy and nearly tripped trying to turn. By the time Kakira reached Mayuri's home, Mayuri was already entering the home with her house key, which he kept hidden in her skirt pocket. The red eyed girl stepped into the home, avoiding broken glass and debris from the shattered windows, mirrors and walls. Kakira watched from the doorway, preparing to enter the room as well. She took one cautious step in and halted when she heard her friend gasp. "M-Mayuri?! What's wrong?!"
  11. Scarlitt sat there thinking about a better way out, but there was nothing. No other doors or vents or even a simple window. The room was completely closed off except for that one door she'd been trying to take down. After giving her shoulders a rest, she decided to get up and try again. The young girl kept ramming at the door, freaking out just about anyone who passed by. Come on, it's gotta give in sometime. She thought but it wasn't too long before her shoulders began to hurt again. I've got to get out of here. Scarlitt looked around again for anything she could use as a means for escape. And again there was still nothing, but the door. She sighed at her lack of choices. She could either give up and see what would happen to her tomorrow or she could continuously try to get through the door and have a possibility of getting away. Getting away sounded much sweeter to her than giving up so she continued on as she did.

    While on the other side of the door, Lookon and Allelujah, who's rooms were closest, stood out in the hall watching for the door. "She doesn't like being locked up very much, does she?" The brunette sighed. "Why'd they choose that room to put her in? Seriously. She's making to much noise. I can't concentrate on anything when she's banging around in there." The other frowned not liking the fact that he would be losing sleep. "Think she'd ever get out before the morning?" Stratos chuckled as he tried to make light of their irritating situation. "Naw. These doors can really hold their own. It'll be pretty impossible for her to get through one of those things. No matter how determined she is to get through." Allelujah sighed and leaned back against the wall, resting his head and closing his eyes. But it was still no use. The Young woman was tireless in her ruckus making and neither of the two knew when she'd be done.
  12. Kakira walked up behind her friend until she could clearly see the dead bodies of her family sprawled on the floor. "M-Mayuri, I'm so sor-" Kakira was cut off by her friend's swift hand moving in front of her face. "Don't say it. We knew this was a possibility." Mayuri turned on her heel, wiping her face quickly before heading out of the decaying building. "Let's go. We should get out of the city or something." Her voice was stern and left no room for argument, so Kakira silently followed.

    They walked for a long time, two hours Kakira has estimated. Before they had left the city borders, they rummaged through abandoned stores and markets scavenging for food and supplies. They found the majority of what they were looking for before Mayuri forced them to leave for good. "Where exactly are we going?" Kakira asked as she surveyed the area around her. The girls were currently in the nearby forest heading east of the city. She shifted her purple eyes to the sky and took in the glowing moon. Despite all of the catastrophe that had struck them, the stars still looked so beautiful. Mayuri nodded forward in reply to her partner's question. "There's a cabin up ahead that my parents owned. We'll stay there for the night." Kakira looked back at her friend whose raspy voice had gone unheard of until that moment. Kakira sighed. "Everything should get better from her on, I hope." she muttered to herself.
  13. There was now a suddenl silence and both of the men set full attention on the door. "Is she done?" Allelujah whispered under his breath. "I don't hear anything else." The older replied with a relieved sigh. "Come on, let's get to bed now. You've got a bit of a day waiting for us in the morning." Lockon added with a chuckle, knowing that he was going to be right. "Don't remind me." The other grumbled as he split off into his room and swiftly climbed into bed as to not waste any more sleep.

    Scarlitt had fallen back from her last attempt on the door. She wanted to regain her breath and keep going but she was too tired. Hours upon hours of trying to break the steel down was now starting to take a toll. The young woman laid back, laying down on the hard floor and staring up at the lights. she sighed and closed her eyes. Without realizing it she dozed off and when she came back around, she awoke with a jolt, looking all around to make sure nothing had happened. And nothing had. She couldn't tell what time it was but she was still tired and sore from her previous actions. She sat and waited awhile before getting back up and continuing her applications to the door.
  14. The young women had spent the night in the abandoned cabin as planned. The chilling air and disturbing images from their day had resulted in them huddling together for warmth in comfort then entire night. Needless to say, it wasn't a pleasant night.

    Kakira was the first to awaken out of the two girls. Her body jolted her to consciousness when an image of a disfigured boy of her age appeared. Sitting up, Kakira looked out of the small cabin window so see the sun barely surfacing above distant mountains. She sighed and removed the blanket that covered her and her companion. Her legs cracked in multiple positions when she eased into a standing position; rubbing her burning eyes, she headed to the bathroom to wash her face. "Why is it so cold?" She sighed to herself when she exited the bathroom. To the violet-eyed girl's surprise, Mayuri was now sitting on a nearby couch with one of the blankets wrapped around her. "It's freezing in here, isn't it?" She breathed. Kakira nodded and sat down beside the girl. Silence filled the air as Kakira contemplated her next words. Nothing was said for a decent two minuted before Kakira asked the question she knew her partner was wondering. "What do we do now?" Mayuri stared off in to the distance. "I don't know..." Her answer was low and sturdy. They were both clueless. Another silence engulfed the air. "Well, then." Kakira sighed. She smiled and opened her mouth to say something else when boisterous noise filled the morning sky. Quickly Kakira and Mayuri ran outside to observe. " More mobile suits!" Kakira exclaimed. " Maybe they're from the military and are looking for survivors!" Kakira started waving her hands to grab the machine's attention and squealed when it seemed to notice her. Mayuri squinted her eyes and looked at the machine before shouting at her friend. "Idiot! That mobile suite is different from the military one! It could be an enemy!" Grabbing the confused girl's hand, Mayuri took off running into the forest in an attempt to escape the approaching machine.
  15. I'll get it this time. A small sweat broke out on her brow as she started her administration on the door again. Come on. When she continued again after her first break, the room suddenly turned over on her and fell against the wall. "What the hell?!" She shouted and the room flipped again, sending her flying against the wall on the opposite side, groaning has she hit it pretty hard. It was like falling on concrete. You can't be serious. What the hell is going on out there? Once everything was upright again, she got dizzy and stumbled, falling to the floor confused and frustrated as can be. Am I ever going to get out of here at some time or even at all? She thought which only made her more pissed off. Fucking gundams. Scarlitt pouted.
  16. Kakira and Mayuri ran through the forest at top speed, dodging tree roots and over sized rocks that protruded from the ground. "How do you know it's dangerous?!" Kakira shouted. She still wasn't quite sure that Mayuri was correct about the mobile suite was a threat. "Maybe they upgraded or something!" She was panting now, struggling just to run, let alone run and speak. "I have a bad feeling about it." They ducked under a low, extended branch and kept running. The mobile suite was now hovering above them, not seeming to stress about their escaping. Mayuri cursed under her breath and made a sharp turn. Kakira skidded and let her body be pulled in the direction Mayuri went, but she lost her footing at the sudden turn and stumbled a bit. The leading girl jerked backwards at the sudden stop and went flying on to her rear. "Shit!" Mayuri turned on her side and catch a glimpse of a face planted Kakira and the mobile suite preparing to land. In a close distance, the machine planted its feet on the ground and then kneeled so that it was hunched over and on one knee. It was in a nearby clearing that was close enough so that the pilot may keep and eye of the girls but not harm them in it's landing. Mayuri scrambled to her feet and kept her eyes on the machine, only glancing at her friend who slowly moved to a half slouched and half standing position. "What do we do now?" Kakira asked. "Please move to a visible area withing the clearing." a dull but stern voice echoed. It took Kakira a few seconds to realize that the voice had come from the white and blue mobile suite. By the time it had registered, her friend was already slowly moving towards the instructed area at a calm pace.

    Kakira clumsily caught up to her friend and remained close. She tilted her head slightly and whispered to the red eyed girl. "Why didn't we just run some more?" Mayuri grunted a response. "Because there's no way you can run with that injury. It's best to to surrender here and pray the don't want to kill us." Kakira stopped and looked searched herself over to find that her left knee was bloodied and dirty from her fall. "I didn't even notice!" Kakira bent over to examine it closer but was interrupted by the sound of the machinery moving. Looking upwards, Kakira laid her eyes on a young man not much older than her. When he reached the ground, he started walking towards them and explaining himself. "I'm Setsuna F. Seiei from Celestial Being. I have come to retrieve Kakira Aomine."
  17. Scarlitt was still at when the Tieria and Allelujah came to let her out and discuss with the rest of the crew what to do with her before Setsuna came back with the newly discovered gundam meister. Haptism went to open the obviously dented door as the violet haired other intelligently stood out of the way. As the door came wide open, Scarlitt was already in the middle of a charge. When she instantly realized it, she cocked a fist back and let it fly as she came closer to the hazel eyed man. Allelujah caught her punch, but was quickly knocked in the head with another by her free hand, sending him back against the wall behind him. That bitch. He thought before feeling the hit. The young woman almost ended up colliding against him because of the force she built up in her charge but was able to stop herself with her hands, one slammed on either side of the orange suited meister's head on the metal wall. "You maybe good with a gundam, but you suck at hand-to-hand combat." She huffed and pushed herself away, looking over at Tieria who had watched with such an apathetic expression.

    Scarlitt thought with a cautious stare. "Why, yes I am." He said aloud. She must have lipped the word as well for the other to know what she thought. "Now, please, follow us to discuss what will happen with your future." He looked at her without any emotion at all and turned around, expecting her to follow. Scarlitt figured that she had no other choice so she did. At least she was out of that wretched room. Allelujah pulled himself together and followed up behind her, wiping his bloodied lip. They came across the bridge were the gundams were held and saw Sciry safe and untouched until she looked down and found Ian Vashti making an analysis of her gundam from a distance. "He does anything to Sciry and I'll break someone's neck." The young woman blurted out. "Don't worry. Nothing will happen to it as long as everything goes as Veda plans." Tieria replied.
  18. Kakira stared exasperatingly at the black haired boy. "E-Excuse me? I don't even know who you are! And there's no way a terrorist group has any reason to want me!" Despite her rebel, Kakira stayed planted behind her calmer friend. "We are not a terrorist group and Veda has chosen you to be a Gundam Meister. You can either come willingly or I'll bring you back forcefully." Kakira cringed at his sharp words. "You've got some guts saying that with such a bored expression!" she shouted back but tightened her grip on her friend. "A Gundam Meister? What's that?" Mayuri has finally spoken up, her voice as cool and collected at the man in front of them. "That doesn't concern you." Mayuri grunted. Kakira watched them stare each other down before saying anything else. "I...I won't go anywhere without Mayuri! Also, anything you have to say to me you can say to Mayuri!" Kakira gripped her still friend's hand and scowled at who she believed to be the enemy. There was an awkward and deafening silence before Setsuna sighed and agreed. "Fine. But you have to do as we say." He locked eyes with Kakira, warning her of the consequences. She replied with a stuck out tongue.

    Setsuna turned on his heel started towards his Gundam. "W-Wait!" Kakira called. "How exactly are we supposed to go with you? It's not like we can fly!" Continuing to walk, he held up a finger and jumped into his mobile suit. Seconds later, the Gundam started moving and reached behind it's self to grab a large container. In slow, robotic motions, it sat the contained down in front of them and waited for the hatch to open. "Get in." Setsuna's voice echoed. Kakira remained behind Mayuri and skeptical. "You want us to get in to that thing? Oh my god, Mayuri, we're going to be murdered." Kakira brushed off her friend's comment and walked in to the container. "It'll be fine. Let's go." Kakira groaned and followed her friend, doing all that was possible to avoid looking into the machine's face.
  19. Scarlitt was now standing before the entire crew including Ms. Sumeragi. She looked around cautiously at the other who where whispering to one another or giving her dirty looks. What the is this? The Vatican? She thought angrily. Why do I have to stand here? They're the ones that decided to attack me! This wasn't a very pleasing situation and she had half a mind to turn around and walk away and if they tried to keep her from doing so then she was going to fight her way out. Her gaze finally fell upon a certain green suited meister and gave her a small wave and a grin. Scarlitt quickly turned her head back as she huffed and gritted her teeth. What the fuck was that?! A wave, are you kidding me? They all have me here standing and waiting to see if I'm basically going to live or not and he just waves at me?! UGH!

    She was soon brought out of her thoughts by Sumeragi, their forcaster. They both stare at each other intently before the oolder woman spoke. "Well, We've talked upon it and now that we've come to a conclusion and looked over Veda's data... we'd like to offer a you a place as a gundam miester." She said confidently and took a glance over at Tieria to make sure and he quickly responded with a small nod. "Are you kidding me?!" She shouted. "You attack me, lock me up, and then ask me to be on your team?! I don't think so!" She added. "But if you don't, we will take your gundam apart and use it for spare part." Sumeragi retorted. Damn it. Scarlitt was silent for a moment, thinking upon it and then looked up at the other. "Fine. I'll... I'll join you."
  20. Kakira sat silently in the bunker with her friend. She kept her hands tightly clenched in her lap and tried to think of anything other than what she was in for. The ride dragged on longer than she had expected, and before she realized it, she was waking up to an opening door and a tense Mayuri. 'Dammit, I must have fallen asleep.' she cursed herself."Wake up, idiot. We're here." Mayuri stalked forward, her long legs carrying her farther and farther with each passing second. Kakira clumsily struggled to unhook her seat belt. Tripping over her own feet, she stumbled to Mayuri's side out side of the metal shell. Awaiting them, was the boy who called himself Sestuna and two other similarly dressed men. One of the men, a nerdy looking man with large, thin glasses and purple hair that matched his suit, started speaking to Sestuna. He spoke quickly with a hint of arrogance and annoyance in his tone. The other new male was about that same height with equally long haired, except his was brown and his suit was green. Kakira observed the the strangers for any sign of hostility, but when she found none, she nudged her friend. "What the hell is going on?" Almost immediately after she said the words, the purple haired man turned to them and begin to speak. "You, the one speaking out of turn. You're Kakira Minamotou, right?" Kakira flinched at the attention and nodded numbly. He kept his gaze on her, looking her up and down as if she were a cog in a machine. A disgusted look grossed his face before he turned back to Sestuna. "She'll have to do, I suppose. As for her guest, VEDA said nothing about the new meister needing a friend. Get rid of her."