Blank Slate 2 (Marigorudo-chan and Aomine Kakira)

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  1. Since we're starting this thing all over I'm going to change my character a little bit. I know you wanted to change a few things too so let's repost our characters and get started :D

    Name: Scarlitt Carter
    Age: 19
    Hair: Long in the front; short in the back and night black
    Eyes: Deep blue
    Personality: A little on the quiet side but doesn't hesitate to blurt her opinion. She's often pessimistic and holds herself higher than other people. Scarlitt often believes that a lot of people aren't worth her time and she'll make it painfully obvious. However, to a friend or someone who is more so, she's bluntly honest, protective, and less hostile. A way to catch her attention is to be intelligent or witty if not, she'll blow you off like everyone else. Scarlitt also happens to be extremely stubborn so aggression usually needs to be used to get her to change her mind (More so unwillingly).
    Likes: Solitude, tending to her Gundam, and people who catch her eye
    Dislikes: Being the center of attention, threatening towards herself or friends, and people in general
    Family: She's orphaned at birth but was adopted by someone she regards as her uncle
  2. Name: Kakira Minamotou
    Long, straight midnight black hair with short, fringed bangs
    Dark Magenta
    Athletic build from years of sports.
    Hyperactive and easily distracted. She has a strong sense of justice which has gained her lots of friends and companions, and
    her loud and rambunctious personality often times makes her the center of attention. Despite her usually active festivities, she enjoys reading and playing RPG games in her spare time. Because of these hobbies, she's aquired an unnatural attraction to intelligent and commanding men.
    Likes: Canines, Games, Reading, Megane Men
    Dislikes: Felines, Whiny women, Spiders
  3. It was early evening and Scarlitt was bored. She sat behind that counter of her uncles shop, watching people freak out on the mini-television that was set up on the far end. Stories of strange gundams were popping up left and right; conspiracy theories were being thrown everywhere. It was a total mess. She sighed and turn off the TV, turning her attention to the door of the mechanic shop for about five minutes before getting up and turning the sign to the side that said closed and locking the door. Scarlitt then stepped into the back room to check on her uncle and as usual he was transfixed on some little mechanism that he'd been working on for hours.

    "You should rest." She blurted out after watching him for a minute or two.

    "Oh, I can't do that now! I'm just on the verge of figuring out how-" He was stopped by her glare. "Alright, I'll go." He gave in and started to pack things up. "Since I know you'll be up the entire night, would you mind locking up the garage in the back? That's all you'll have to do before you go to your precious Sciren." He said as she walked off.

    Sciren was her gundam. For the past five years, Scarlitt's been able to keep it a hidden secret even though she's piloted it during the night multiple times, but she's never been caught. This gundam was tall, thin, and sleek. It's armor as dark as the sky without a moon. The gundam's slender features made it easier to maneuver and to hide. However, the only place she was able to hide it was in a tall shed within the city limits. The desert just beyond the city was a no go. Because of how vacant the space was it would have made it easy to spot.

    Scarlitt decided to lock up the garage when she was done letting off some steam in her gundam, but as she approached the shed that she kept it in, she noticed strange lights ascending from the direction of the desert. Are those gundams? They can't be of the government. Their gundams don't make that kind of light.
  4. Kakira had been in the middle of a solo dinner when the news has reported the sudden appearance of foreign Gundam. At first, Kakira blew it off as a false alarm -- the city had those often and after a few years of nothing ever really happening, Kakira and the rest of the city stopped running to the shelters at every random passing light. Scooping the final bit of her pasta into her mouth, Kakira stood from her seat at the deserted table to clean the dishes, not bothering to turn off the news channel. To her surprise, the neon blonde news woman was still discussing the gundams when Kakira returned to the table. Sighing, Kakira picked up the battered remote and turned up the volume. "I suppose I could listen." Gently placing her rear onto the wooden seat, Kakira listened intently to the news cast. Despite her concentration, she could not follow the woman's elevated conversation and only caught the name "Celestial Being". Kakira didn't really keep track of what went on in the world, but she knew enough to understand the danger and destruction that followed Celestial Being wherever it went. Running to her window, Kakira peered out her window to catch a metal object falling from the sky and landing on the far outskirts of the city. From the impact, orange and yellow flames emerged and licked he sky in a blaze. Distant screams echoed throughout the city as more bombs fell and erupted into globes of fire as well.

    Sprinting up stairs to her room, Kakira packed all of her essentials. Thanks to all the false alarms, the teenager had everything she would need in a specific location, so when she needed them, she could get them and go. She was down the stairs again and bounding out the front door within minutes. The Sun was nearly completely hidden behind the mountains when the attacks first started, so Kakira had very little light to work with which hindered her escape. Another explosion shook the earth and Kakira could feel the faint warmth on her tanned cheeks. "Shit." She muttered as she realized the closing proximity of the bombs. If she didn't get out of the city soon, she die for sure.
  5. Shaking of the ground caught Scarlitt off guard and she moved her gaze away from the desert and to the city. Bombs were dropping left and right. Where that hell are they coming from? She thought as she scanned the sky, but nothing was visible. Don't tell me this shit it Celestial Being again! She knew quite about that group. They only brought chaos with them wherever they went. Well, it's too late to try for a shelter. I trust uncle made it to one so I guess I've got no choice.

    Scarlitt hurried inside the shed and opened the roof to enable her to get out with her Gundam. She hastily climbed into the mobile suit and switched on it's system. There was a large lever on her right and she slowly pushed in forward in turn making the gundam gradually rise. Using as little GN particles as possible, the machine had successfully made it into the air. However, even with how high she was, Scarlitt still couldn't tell where the bombs were coming from so she decided to get closer.

    The closer she got to the center of the city, the more she was able to see something that was large and faced away from her. It was a gundam and one that was too different from the government's as well. A terrorist? or maybe Celestial Being? I've never seen one of their machines before.
  6. Another bomb dropped near Kakira's location and the explosion sent her stumbling forward. Looking behind her, a wall of fire extended to the sky, blocking any view of the city. Kakira groaned and willed herself to stand with the help of a collapsed tree and continued on her path. Her pace was slowed by the newly formed scrapes and bruises from her fall, but she didn't stop. From behind the wall, screams and cries and shouts were still slightly heard, but Kakira ignored them. Friends were behind that wall, and maybe even family, but if she wanted to survive, she had to leave them behind.

    Hours later, the sun was completely gone now, all hints of it ever existing diminished, and Kakira had pulled out a flashlight from her emergency pack and used it to navigate her way. Her limp, a result of her fall, had mellowed out but her left knee still ached with every extension. The fires still blazed in the city from what Kakira could view from her place on the nearby cliff. Individuals were invisible to her human eyes, but she knew that there were still people down there fighting for their lives. Muttering an "I'm Sorry", Kakira turned away from the devastating sight and found a slim male figure behind her. "You're a survivor from the city?" He asked in a calm voice. From his silhouette Kakira was positive that the stranger was of her height, male, and not carrying a pack. "Yes, I am. Are you?" She replied cautiously. Slowly, Kakira took steps to a path that could grant her an escape if she needed. His face was engulfed in shadows, but his voice let on to be of his late teens or early twenties. "No, I'm not. But there's no reason for you to be frightened of me." The young male took a step closer to the girl and the distant light of the flames lit up his face. Emotionless golden brown eyes peered at Kakira from under black bangs that seemed to blend in with the world behind him. "I'm looking for survivors to take to a nearby shelter in the woods. Come with me." With his offer said, The young man extended his arm and waited for her to accept his hand.
  7. The large machine suddenly faced her and she came to a fast halt. They stared each other down for a while and as she reached for a switch to enable a weapon, there was an abrupt tremor about her gundam. She looked to each side; there were another two gundams that had taken hold of her. What the hell? Where did they come from? These guys didn't even show up on the sonar! Scarlitt hurried for a couple other levers that allowed her gundam to make a few harsh thrashes but nothing seemed to budge the other two.

    The other gundams had then tired to pull her back. However, she wasn't going to make it that easy. Scarlitt turned the GN drive to the max as it bursted particles from the pack. Then added the thrusters to help accelerate. At first, it almost seemed to work. Her gundam was slowly pushing forward pulling the other two gundams along with her. That is, until the drive started to fail. Messages spammed her viewing screen, warning that the GN drive was about to go out and that the gundam would loose most of the power systems. What? I just replaced the drive not even a week ago! Why wou- dammit! That fucking old man!

    Right then, everything went out. The only power left was for the viewing screen and the opening and closing of the cockpit. Shit. What the hell am I suppose to do now?
  8. Kakira stared at the extended hand, judging how trustworthy it really was, and walked pass the man in the direction he seemed to be heading. "I'll go with you because I have no where else is particular to go, but I won't trust you completely." She thought about adding a "no offense" to the end of her statement, but his careless brown eyes showed that he wasn't offended in the slightest. "So, you mind telling me who you are." she asked when the air had grown stiff with one-sided tension and awkward silence. His eyes remained focused on the rocky and uneven path ahead of them as he replied questioningly. "Is there a need for you to know." Shaded magenta eyes glared at the back of his head and Kakira swallowed hard, trying to keep her pride from showing it's ugly head. "If I'm going to follow you to some unknown shelter way out in the middle of nowhere, I think a little trust and knowledge is needed, don't you think?" Controlling her temper, she stopped herself at that and waited for his reply which came sooner than she expected. Instead of growing angry, like Kakira had expected he would do, he glanced her way and spoke his identity. "My name is Setsuna F. Seiei and I'm a Celestial Being Gundam Meister." The immediate mention on the terrorist group Celestial Being sent Kakira's pulse into a wild frenzy. Her legs stopped walking and every bone in her body froze over in terror. Mentally, she cursed her self for being the only person dumb enough to end up traveling with one of the very people she was running from.
  9. A calm, apathetic male voice came over the intercom. "Please don't worry. We're not going to harm you. Just trust us." Said the velvet voice as if it was a perfectly normal thing to say in such a situation. "Trust you? Why would I do that? You're the ones attacking the town below." Scarlitt retorted. "Correction. We were here to keep the town from being destroyed by your tyrant government. However, our calculations were off and we didn't make it in time to stop the attack." He replied without a single sign of emotion. So they are Celetial Being. The girl thought with a frown as a knot started to form in her throat, making it harder to speak. "Then what are you doing with me?" She asked anxiously and there was weird silence as she sat there in the dark. "Veda had predicted that you would be a good addition along with another in our future endeavors. You may be a good pilot but your equipment seems so be out of date." Suddenly came his answer. "Well sorry for not being top notch. This was the best a little mechanic shop could come up with." Scarlitt scuffed with a hint of sarcasm. "And I never agreed to joining you." She added. "You would have changed your mind soon enough." The voice answered back. This bastard! "Could I at least know your name, so I know who my kidnapper is?" The girl asked, her brow twitching slightly out of irritation. "Kidnapper? No. I'm just retrieving you to sate Veda's request. And if it should satisfy you, my name is Tieria Erde. And I assume you already know who we are." He replied. "Of course. I know exactly who you guys are." Scarlitt's eyes glowered as she gave a heavy sigh.
  10. "You don't need to be so afraid. Despite what the media has said about us, we're not out to harm anyone." His words made Kakira feel no better. Stealthily, her hand reached around her back and rested quietly upon a small, black knife she kept in the back pocket of her shorts. "How do I know what you're saying is true?" Setsuna remained with her back facing Kakira and left no hints of ever changing his position. "You don't have to believe me, but you will have to come with me. You can make your final decisions there, but for now, we can't stay here. Let's go." He ordered. His tone remained monotonous and steady, but the command underneath it left her feeling as if she really had no choice. Ignoring the violent butterflies in her belly, Kakira went against every natural instinct that told her to run and followed the black haired young man.