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  1. describe one thing as a fusion of two other things!

    Code Geass: Death Note meets Fullmetal Panic!

    Constantine: Supernatural meets Doctor Who

    Chili: meatloaf meets soup!

    Kangaroos: bunnies meet rats!

    It's fun! 8D

    Oh, and the validity of these statements are not up for debate, it's just a fun thread to post combos in
  2. Super Mario 64: 3D platformer meets quantum science
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  3. RimWorld Alpha 13. The Sims meets Firefly/Game of Thrones.

    Enter the Gungeon: Tohou meets Binding of Isaac.

    Starbound: Terraria meets Star Trek.

    Hyper Light Drifter: A piece of the Soulsborne series hooked up with a pastel pain set and had a wild night.

    Bones: Autism meets Catholicism.
  4. Owls: Cat meets birb.
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  5. I will murder you and descrate your grave.

    I mean. Pretty much all of supernaturals cues and overall detail work was inspired by the Constantine comics.

    SUpernatural: Constantine meets Roadtrip.
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  6. Is that a challenge?
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  7. Supernatural: The X-Files meets John Milton's Paradise Lost.

    No, literally. That's basically it, except they're both dudes, and both believers.
  8. Sleepy Hollow: X-Files meets the History Channel
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  9. Orks: Fungus meets Cockney accents (in space).
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  10. Adding (in space) makes everything better.
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  11. fate zero: batman meets battle royale

    sekirei: dbz meets tenchi muyo
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  12. It's a thread rule <3
  13. Trigun: the Wild West meets "pacifist run"
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  14. trigun: rurouni kenshin meets the man with no name
  15. I love how salty you get anytime someone doesn't post exactly the way you want them to.
  16. Deadpool: Spider-Man meets The Punisher with a dash of Deathstroke.
  17. A DASH?

    Deadpool: Spiderman meets Katanas and pouchesö
  18. Bloodborne: H P Lovecraft meets Japan.
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  19. Dragon Ball Z: Men meet Heavy metal concerts. Could also change it to be men meets steroids.
  20. Metallica: Iron Maiden meets The Beatles.
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