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  1. hehe i am so confused!!! how in the hell do i roleplay on here?
  2. There are a variety of methods depending on your preference! If you would like to jump into RPing without creating a character sheet or any of that fuss, you can take a look at the Jump In forums! If you prefer playing with a single partner, then the One x One forums are for you, just make sure that you discuss your ideas with the partner you find. You can find people who are looking for partners in the One x One OOC threads or you can create a thread of your own if you would like. If you wish to be included in roleplays that have more people in them, you can check out the Fantasy, Modern or Sci Fi sign ups. For these threads, you will likely be required to create a character according to the character sheet that the author has posted, though. Then, if you would like to enter the world of adults and roleplay mature content, you will have to check out the Mature Forum!

    All in all, just make sure that unless you are playing in a Jump In or One x One RP, that your character is approved by the GM (Game Master) of the roleplay you would like to join in the OOC thread. Those are the two types of roleplay that do not require character sheets, otherwise, if one of the roleplays interest you, you should check out the OOC thread and make a character, then wait to be approved. If you did not understand my terminology, then let me explain: OOC stands for Out Of Character, as in discussion about plot and what is going on in an RP while IC stands for In Character, or the posts that you make while you are roleplaying your character. In case of the threads that require you to have a character sheet, you should not post IC until your character sheet has been approved by the GM, who is usually the thread starter.

    Hope that helped and happy roleplaying!