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  1. i'm bored. i have some time.

    free commissions for everyone ~~~ <3

    here is a sheet:

    character name:
    appearance description:
    other stuff you'd like:

    btw, i only do headshots b/c why naught. the drawings will most likely by WIP. sketches, ye. digital. woo~

    give me something, yo. i promise i'll do my best.

  2. oke, fien. here are some examples for those of you who are obviously looking at this page but not requestin' anythin'. >:(


    Ok? happy? these are some crap pictures i whipped up in literally ten minutes. those are your examples. now request me something and ease me boredom. >:I

  3. character name: Amarie Connell

    age: 15

    gender: Female

    personality: Extrovert, she's an outgoing individual who wants to make everyone happy. She's also stubborn, hotheaded, and loves an adventure.

    appearance description: Amarie is about the average height for a 15 year old girl, standing at approximately 5ft 4in. Lean and lithely built, Amarie has a fit body and is stronger than most would think. She has pale blonde hair that reaches just past her shoulder blades. Her eyes are a mysterious grey-green-blue color and are constantly changing their shade, almost as if the ocean were in her eyes. She has a small nose that is slightly upturned, and her face is narrower with high cheek bones.

    other stuff you'd like: If you include any clothing could it please be the Gryffindor school uniform? Maybe just a red and gold scarf?

    Thanks a ton! :3
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  4. I'll get right on it~
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  5. character name: Ritsuko Akera
    age: 26
    gender: Female
    personality: Despite her serious-looking appearance, Ritsuko isn't at all as serious as she seems, though she does take her job seriously. She's very loud and obnoxious when she wants to be, but has the know-how of a Grade-A ninja (though it doesn't seem like she uses it much) She's a bit of a wandering drunk and sometimes gets lost or wanders away from the village when she's drunk. She's also got a bit of a reckless heroic streak going on, as she can't seem to stop getting into trouble once she finds out that someone is hurt or is involved in something they don't want to be. Ritsuko is friendly to most people, though wary of them when it comes down to it, it takes time for her to open up and actually talk to someone. She is, however, a bit of a pervert. She's very extroverted, being happy and always finding a reason to smile.
    appearance description: Ritsuko is rather short for her age (being around 5'3") and is lean, with an athletic build from many years of training. The things that stand out about her the most are the numerous battle scars she has all over her body and her tan skin. Her hair is a stark contrast to her skin color, it being a platinum blonde color that sticks out, though her hair is short and curly, styled into a bob with sideswept bangs to the left. Aside from this, Ritsuko has dark green eyes and a birth mark on her neck in the shape of a diamond. Underneath the right corner of her mouth, she has a small beauty mole
    other stuff you'd like: Ritsuko is usually smiling and if you do include clothing, she can just be wearing a tank top or something

    Thank you!!
  6. @Umbra

    Here it is~!


    Please remember that if you ever decide to use this, do not forget to tag me and give me credit <3333

    I even put in that scarf you requested too. =w=
  7. Coolio, I'll start working on it soon. You should expect something either

    a.) in the next thirty minutes
    b.) sometime tonight
    c.) tomorrow.

  8. that's cool with me! Take your time, I'm really excited! I have another character too, if you don't mind drawing him :D
  9. Go for it.

    just please note that most drawings have minimal 50% effort, if not less, and usually takes less than an hour LOL. im just doing this stuff for practice and to pass time.

    but yeah. hit me up with another sheet. <3
  10. Squee! Thank you so much, it's beautiful! :3
  11. Yeah, I read what you wrote up there and that's okay, i really just want a ref for them if I ever get enough money to pay for a commission lol

    character name: Hyosuke Yamanoue
    age: 13
    gender: Male
    personality: Hyosuke is not a fighter. By no means does he like fighting. Despite his size and appearance, Hyosuke would sooner hurt himself than hurt someone else. He's a nice guy who goes out of his way to help people and takes care of animals. A soft-spoken man, Hyosuke is very smart but doesn't always speak on it. He's a bit of a worrywart and very timid.

    appearance description: Hyosuke is a semi-large and tanned man due to his many years outside helping his father in the fields. He is nothing short of being lean and athletic, clearly built for heavy lifting and combat. Hyosuke has short black hair cut in a crew-cut type style and clipped eye brows (y'know like eyebrows with little slits in between the ends). Littering his body are scars from his adventures in the fields. He has dark purple eyes and tries his best to blend in with the background, but that isn't how things usually work. Generally, Hyosuke looks like a thug and most who don't know him tend to steer clear.
    other stuff you'd like: generally Hyosuke has a neutral/worried look on his face
  12. No problem <3
  13. @Kattekerma

    Here it is:


    Please remember that if you ever decide to use this, do not forget to tag me and give me credit <3333

    Hope you like!

    I did put that birthmark on her neck, though, now that I look at it, maybe it's too light? Oh well. Hope you don't mind.
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  14. I'll get to this later tonight probably.
  15. omg thank you so much!! I love it, it's perfect!
  16. Nooo problemo. <3
  17. @Kattekerma

    Here it is:


    Please remember that if you ever decide to use this, do not forget to tag me and give me credit. <333

    I tried for a more realistic approach???? Practice makes perfect, lmfao.
  18. omg thank you! It's great!
  19. No problem. Have fun with it. XD
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