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  1. So, its your typical zombie plot. A group of people meet up in the middle of the apocalypse and want to survive. Woo. You know the drill. But this drill might go a bit more...catastrophically. You see, these people aren't civilians. They're crazy. As. Fuck. Obviously. I mean, they escaped from an asylum while zombies were chowing down on the guards. But hey. They just might be crazy enough to survive out there. Of course, without proper human functions, they may have more trouble than normal humans. Nevertheless, this is their story. Will they learn how the zombies came to be? Will they save humanity? Or will the world go down with the apocalyptic scenario?

    This is a give no fucks, for fun and lazy RP, so of course, the plot sucks. But hey. Its entertaining and will be easy to start. However. I still have two fucking rules. So listen up ya muddafudgas.


    Okay? If you break one of these rules, I will not be a happy camper^^ Now.

    The cs-
    Mental Issues-
    Institutionalized for how Long (be a bit realistic. Nobody has been institutionalized their entire life.-
    Bio (optional)-
  2. I'd like to get in on this! I'm working on another bio atm but I'll have one up here as soon as I can.
  3. I'm up for this, will probably make a split personality guy. Stabby stabby~
  4. So, how silly should we make the characters, on a scale from "carefully researched mental disorder" to "murderous and bloodthirsty for entertainment purposes"?
  5. To be honest most institutionalized people are the more murderous and bloodthirsty sort than the people who simply have a mental disorder. I'm quite glad people aren't locked away just for being bipolar or something.
  6. Sociopathy is a mental disorder too. :P I was just wondering how seriously I should take it.
  7. Good point. I'd say do as you wish due to it being a 'give no fucks' role play.
  8. Yay~! Interest! Just make a cs when possible:p And characters can range from derpy as fuck to serious about their mental disorder.
  9. The cs-
    Name- Vincent Sitch
    Age- 19
    Mental Issues- Split personality, shy, caring 'normal' self, psycho stabby stabby crazed other self.
    Institutionalized for how Long (be a bit realistic. Nobody has been institutionalized their entire life.- Three years.
    Personality- When he's his normal self he is a shy, scared little individual who could never even dream of taking charge or hurting people, he could probably shoot a zombie but he'd never try hurt a person. When he's his psycho self he is a crazed, dominating asshole who will fuck shit up on a whim. He will hurt people. Which means he won't simply consider hurting someone, no, he WILL hurt non zombie people, there's no stopping him unless you throw him in a padded cell, though he's hurt people in those too.
    Fears- Killing people/not killing people. Death.
    Weaknesses- No control over his flips and can be a huge disadvantage and advantage at certain points depending on which personality has taken over. He can be easily taken advantage of in his normal personality whilst he can hurt his friends in the other.
    Abilities- He is very good with a knife when he is in psycho mode and very good with a rifle when not. He is calm and concentrated when in his normal form and can often think of good solutions in bad situations whilst the other fixes every problem with MORE STABBING.
    Bio (optional)- Optional writing? Nah, you can figure things out through role playing with him~
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  10. Name: Amanda Smith
    Age: 18

    Appearance: Amanda is a rather disheveled girl, her long dark hair usually frizzled and tangled, her skin pale from lack of sun, and her teeth yellowed and decayed in many places. She is tall, a bit under six feet, and fairly skinny. Casual clothes, worn for comfort, and rectangular glasses cap off a bookish look, but one only needs to smell the blood occasionally on her breath to know that there's something stirring under that typical appearance.

    Mental Issues: Episodes of intense and violent sociopathy, and a taste for human flesh baked into otherwise innocuous-looking pastries.
    Institutionalized for how Long: One year. This is a fairly recent thing.

    Personality: Amanda is usually a quiet girl. She stays out of everyone's way and does her best to please everyone, even at the cost of her own mental well-being, and only really opens up when the conversation turns to something she's interested in. Things turn sour when someone makes her especially angry, at which point she snaps into the other, much darker side of her personality: the one that chops people up and bakes them into delicious pastries, which she then feeds to others without sharing the secret. Her episodes include insane laughter, stubborn refusal to listen to reason, and indiscriminate violence.

    Fears: Accidentally hurting someone she really cares about, driving people away.

    Weaknesses: She has little to no control when she snaps, meaning that she may hurt friends and allies if they get in her way. When not in murder mode, she can be a bad judge of character and is easily manipulated into trusting someone, even when they hurt her. Regardless of mental state she has no idea how to fire a gun, and thus can only fight in close range.

    Abilities: Very handy with knives, meat cleavers, and hacksaws. Stubborn refusal to acknowledge wounds when in murder mode can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on the situation.

    Bio: Amanda was your average high school student for the longest time, no murderous tendencies or anything. She dabbled in programming and amateur writing, kept in touch with her numerous long-distance friends, and generally got good grades. Things changed when she heard about a really deranged piece of fanfiction, and she thought, "This can't be all bad." Suffice to say it planted some ideas in her head.

    Human flesh isn't very tasty on its own; it needs a bit of sugar to really bring out the flavor. Unfortunately the rotten flesh of zombies isn't a very good substitute, so she might just have to find another way to control her bloodlust if things get out of hand.
  11. Name- Sparrow Delaney

    Age- 20

    Appearance- Sparrow is decent height, being 5'7" and weighing 140 lbs, which translates into her curves and womanly features. She has long silvery hair and blue eyes, which always seem to be morbidly calm. On her body, she wears her hospital gown, having not escaped yet.
    Appearance (open)

    Mental Issues- Insanity; She cannot distinguish reality from fantasy, and often gets herself into trouble because of this. Her own insanity is derived from a form of paranoid schizophrenia, which came to be after she had a bad run in at a convenience store.

    Institutionalized for how Long (be a bit realistic. Nobody has been institutionalized their entire life.- One year

    Personality- Sparrow is a simple person, being rather friendly and only slightly introverted. She is comfortable around small groups of people, but becomes shy around larger groups, especially if she doesn't know them. However, if made nervous, her schizo can be triggered, which is a mechanism her body uses to keep her calm. Often, these hallucinations are placid, but can come at the worst of times, leaving her confused of what is real and what isn't. Sometimes, though, these hallucinations can be almost bloodthirsty, voices and images appearing to be terrifying and threatening, which sends the girl into a minor mental lockdown at times if bad enough. During these lockdowns, she will fall to a paranoid state, and rarely will trust anyone after the lockdown. At least, for a little bit of time, until she can redistinguish reality.

    Fears- Sparrow is terrified of the idea of losing those closest to her, which will drive her to do the unthinkable to keep them, this having gotten her institutionalized. Also, she finds fear in the dark, and is rather like a child in that aspect, but this fear is derived from her paranoia. Sparrow has many other fears as well, but these are her largest.

    Weaknesses- Hallucinations, Paranoia, her fears, inability to shoot a gun or effectively use her strength to ward off attacks, as, she is rather weak from lack of working her muscles.

    Abilities- Sparrow is fairly smart, and is small enough to be able to hide away if needed. Along with this, her drive to save others often will cause an adrenaline rush that can help her out with fighting, putting more effort into her physical strength.

    Bio (optional)- Y'all get the basic version.

    Sparrow grew up in a small home in the back part of the city, near a crime ridden area. She always was a bit paranoid, but never really paid much attention to it, instead, pushing it to the back of her mind. One day, when with her friend, they encountered a convenience store robbery that was in progress, the robbers already having stabbed the clerk while they held the store hostage.

    When the robbers saw Sparrow's friend, however, the grabbed her and attempted to take her, which triggered Sparrow's schizo that had lain dormant. Instead of seeing robbers, Sparrow saw creatures that could only be described as spawns of hell, ones that were tearing her friend apart. Unable to realize that this wasn't real, she attacked the robbers, using whatever her hands could reach as she went crazy, murdering them and leaving them a pile of blood and torn flesh. Of course, this wasn't without consequence. She had gotten stabbed in her lower stomach, but it had luckily missed anything important. However, she only felt the pain when her hallucinations ended, and by then, had the entire store afraid of her. It was from there that events led to her institutionalization.
  12. Now we just need one more person!
  13. We could start then stumble upon the fourth character along the way, these three seem pretty awesome sounding to carry the story for a while ^-^ Though Sparrow may end up stabbed repeatedly and turned into a pie...Amanda reminds me of the MLP fanfic 'cupcakes'.
  14. XD y'all forget she hallucinates and attacks, so be wary. But we still need to even out the gender ratio before we start. I think I have someone who will join though. And she really does seem like pinkamena.
  15. Pinkamena Diane Pie~ Also do we really need a gender ratio? Will this turn into a romance? I do love romances when they are 18+~
  16. Smut is my damn plot candy XD so probably. If moogle doesn't care, of course, Ill move it to libertine^^
  17. Mmmm smut candy~ Sounds good to me as long as it's not entirely smut. I want the zombies to eat more people than our characters do.
  18. HAH. I like you already XD but agreed. I'm not the biggest fan of pwp. I just like a little bit of smut. Its fun to write
  19. That's nice, and indeed it is~ Though I didn't really think that might be the kind of stabbing Vincent would be doing.
  20. That kind of stabbing is fun for both the stabee and the stabber, though^^ pfft
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