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  1. There is a land with rolling hills, large oceans, majestic mountains, and many Kingdoms. This is a land called Unali. It is a land of wonderment, magic, and riches. This land is also filled with mystery, and evil. The history of the land is filled with evil and darkness; individuals trying to take over the kingdoms of Unali. In order to counteract the threats, Academys were constructed.

    These Academies consisted of talented people who possessed extraordinary abilities; power over the Elements. These people who held this power, could only access them through ancient Elemental Blades. These blades were made from a metal that allowed the Master to connect to it, and control the element that was its essence. They were dubbed, Blade Masters and soon, many Academies were constructed all around Unali.


  2. Apollo walked up to the large building. The sun was shining and the day was incredibly bright. He strode up to the large building which had golden bricks and a golden window panes. Two large flags flapped in the wind next to the entrance which was a large wooden door. He looked up at the building and gave out a small smile. Elemantium was always the best place for him to laugh and have fun. He would rather be here than with his mother any day. Opening the door he opened it to a large mess hall with many tables and chairs. Two large barrels of drink and large tables with places for hot food to be set.

    The mess hall seemed quiet; usually it was loud and filled with laughter. He looked around, and looked towards two large doors. Beyond those doors were more rooms. A library, study, a few offices. Apollo sighed and sat down at a table. He did come a little early; even the cooks weren't ready with breakfast yet. Around the Academy, dorm rooms surrounded it. A large yard lied in between the Dorms and the Academy.​
  3. Bara looked up at the two flags standing proudly next to the grand wooden entrance, the fabric flapping coolly with the slight breeze that came from the right. The bright, whitish yellow sun radiated on the large sun hat the young woman was forced to wear during bright and harsh conditions such as today. She possessed a condition that was a mixture of Albinism along with a safe genetic mutation. The mutation was like red hair or green eyes, nothing abnormal. What was abnormal, however, was her natural pink hair that was the result of the red hair and the Albino white genetics fusing together. She received the crimson irises and pale skin of an albino, but her hair was something that turned heads. Why couldn't she just have normal hair like other people?

    Gloved, pale hands readjusted the hat so her eyes were not covered by the edge. She stared at the building in front of her and sighed, trudging forward closer and closer to the large doors. Her slender hand wrapped around the handle and pushed open the wooden door of the large academy. Red eyes peered around the room that she had come across.

    'Elegant' was the first word that came to mind for the pale woman. Many tables and chairs sat scattered around the near empty area that Bara assumed was the mess hall. Only one other student sat within the silent hall, his appearance possessing a mop of crimson red hair and what appeared to be brown eyes. She entered the hall and gently closed the door behind her to not make a noise. She was not one to make "grand entrances". She silently walked over to a table a good distance away from the other student, in case he wanted to be alone. She sat down on the chair, bringing one hand up and removing her hat to reveal forearm length rosy pink hair. She placed her belongings on the table, waiting for the time to pass as she absent mindedly gazed around the room.
  4. Following the albino woman was two people that adorned the same suit with inverted colours, reaching the same height despite the fact one was only slightly taller, the other using the advantage of heels. Both had dark hair, reaching to their lower backs where the colour changed from a glossy dark green to a raven black. Light green eyes stared at the flags before they shifted to one another, only for the female to shrug before stepping forwards to push the large doors open for the other. The male in response bowed his head in thanks before stepping through, knowing full well his partner would follow.

    Lan-Ying and Long-Wei.

    The two twins were relatively new to this place but they still refused to make any contact with others. Mostly it was due to Long-Wei's behavior that Lan-Ying in return avoided others despite her need to interact with others. Sometimes she really did curse her older brothers dislike of social situations. With a gentle huff she noted that the food had yet to be served and so grabbed her brothers arm before pulling him over to some seats. Long-Wei just snorted, closing his eyes as he was pushed into a seat. His sister was far more energetic than him. When both were seated, Lan-Ying set her arms on the table, resting her head within her hands as she huffed. "Big Brother, you must at least talk with me." She stated, watching as her brothers eyes slid open. "I know you wish to avoid meeting the others of this academy but I must say that I am bored." She muttered, sulking.

    Long-Wei stared at the girl before a sigh passed his lips. Since the day the two had ended up here he forbade her from talking to any of the others, mostly since he wanted to protect her but also since he held no trust for the others here. "Fine." The words rolled almost lazily from his lips as he sat up straight. "What do you wish to talk about little sister?" He questioned, lulling his head to one side as a soft grin rose to her lips. Excitement, he noted. She perked up at that, sitting straight in return as she nodded. "How about a mission? We must consider that right?" She asked, not pausing even to wait for her brothers reply. "Or what about we both train together? Our swords remain partners big brother." She finished, her expression a lot lighter than it was before.

    The twins who looked completely similar except the fact Lan-Ying had a far more feminine figure and features while the opposite could be said for Long-Wei talked for a few moments, ignorant to the presences of the other two people present. It was mostly Lan-Ying talking away about something, the occasional input or grunt from Long-Wei was the only response he made. Either way, the two seemed extremely comfortable with one another and that alone. It was only a short while after that the male paused their conversation. "I am hungry..." He added, frowning, his sister following his expression. "I agree..."

    Yet, they remained still in their seats for a reason only the two understood.​
  5. Apollo heard the door softly click open and then click shut before he looked to see a woman had walked in. It was still quite in here. He silently watched the woman sit down aways from him and then pull off her hat. He had to take a double take; the woman had PINK hair. Her skin was much paler than normal. He looked at her for a little bit before the door had opened again to two people. Twins it seemed like. He tilted his head, seeing that they were rather odd. They sat down and started to talk amoungst themselves.

    He sighed and stood, looking at the people that were in the room, "I think I will go check on the food." He said and made his way over to the door of the kitchen. He knocked on the door. A large, busty woman opened it and looked him up and down. She sighed, "It's almost done! Be patient!" With that she slammed the door. "Well, alright then." He said and and turned away. The other Blade Master's hadn't shown up yet, but it was still early. He winced suddenly, and looked at the his hand. It was clothed with a black fingerless glove. He sighed, knowing then why it hurt. His secret. His painful secret. He closed his hand into a fist and then went back to his seat, sitting down.​
  6. Step, thunk. Step, thunk.

    A distinctive sound reached a black haired girl's ears as she walked down a hallway in complete and utter silence. Turning her head to meet the sound, she found a uniformed man giving her a short wave as he leaned on a wooden cane. "'Morning, miss. Sleep well?" He spoke with an accent that was more than a little familiar to the girl and he wore a smile on his older looking face, all of this comforted the girl in a strange sort of way. He wore a military dress uniform, one that was still used today, though only in a mysterious city far south and away from where the pair stood. A dark, subdued grey color with a few dark salmon accents. On the front of the shirt, he wore two medals, both somewhat scratched up but still shining bright in the dim light of the morning. The man stood leaning on his cane, which was a wooden one, nothing especially unique. On his head, he wore an officer's cap, perfectly straight as if he was to appear before an audience. He had a weathered looking face, though he wore a smile as he regarded the girl.

    "Yes, sir." The girl returned the smile and responded with a friendly tone. In reply, the man simply nodded before continuing to walk.

    "Care to walk with me? Where are you headed?" He said as he began to walk again, his cane making a distinctive wood on wood sound as he used it to walk in the wood floored hallway. The girl began to follow and she explained.

    "The mess hall. I spent most of the night reading that book you gave me and I grew hungry." She explained, subconsciously making a gesture with her hand. The man laughed.

    "So you like it then? Good, I was worried you might find it boring. 'A Blue Dove for the Princess' is a bit simply worded at parts, but it's a wonderful story. The original tale is probably older than all the people in this facility combined." The officer mused, before asking a question. "Did you take a look at the worksheets I stuck in there?" She nodded in reply.

    "I finished the mathematics one and I'm quite sure I properly executed the objective in the strategy exercise you gave me." The man nodded and grinned in satisfaction. "I have to thank you sir. These books and sheets you have been giving me have been a great help in giving me a bit of personal culture. Thank you, Mister Charlton."

    The man, now named as a Mister Charlton, seemed even happier now. "Ha, you're just too kind, Raisa. Glad to see what happened to you those five years hasn't changed you too much."

    That's right. This man, Major Joseph Chalton, was the only one in the entire academy who knew about Raisa's dark past, having known her even before the event. He had been a close friend of her father, being like a sort of brother to him. He had just become a Major when Raisa was chosen for Lorem, and was one of the few who was against it. Unfortunately, he was unable to keep her from leaving and was instead imprisoned for insubordination. Upon her return, she was made an officer, but a day after, she deserted. In her desertion, she rescued Charlton from captivity before leaving the town for good. Ever since then, Charlton had become a sort of teacher and a father figure to Raisa.

    The two both silently reflected on this, until they reached the messhall. With a slight bow of the head and a wave, Charlton left Raisa and continued on his way. Waving in return, she quietly entered the messhall and sat down at an unoccupied table,. Looking around the room, she took note of the people there. There was a girl with curiously rose colored hair, rather pretty, dressed elegantly. Then there was a pair of black dressed youths, who looked to be siblings, perhaps even twins. Finally, there was a somewhat melancholic yet casually dressed boy, with a fiery colored mop of hair adorning his sharply shaped head. Hearing the complaint of the 'cook' (if you could call her that...), she realized that she would have to wait and unpacked her bag on the table, retrieving her book, giving extreme care not to damage its simple yet peculiarly interesting cover.
  7. Akira stood still like a statue as he glared at the large building, though he didn't wish to be here this place would make him stronger and he would be a few steps closer to his goal. He resisted the prominent urge to draw his blade and reduce the building along with those inside to ashes; placing a hand on his blade's pommel he took a step forward and slowly started to make his way towards the entrance. As he walked, his eyes quickly scanned every thing he passed until he arrived at a pair of rather large doors which must open to the room where the other Blade Masters must be waiting. Simply using his own aura and a bit of his blade's element he could tell there were at least four other people in the room, "Good, that gives me the space to be the furthest away". Without wasting anymore time he pushed the doors open with his right then entered the room.

    Upon entering he took note of the others he was around; a pair of twins, a raven haired girl with a book, a man around his age with red hair then lastly a girl with pink hair. His gaze rested on her a bit longer then it had on the others, it wasn't that he was surprised or intrigued about it, he just liked the color of her hair. He snapped himself out of his idiotic thinking then walked towards a table that was the furthest away from everyone as the doors closed behind him, when he reached the table, he pulled out a chair then sat down with his arms crossed. Akira gazed at one of the walls before turning his gaze to one of the windows and watched as a small flock of birds flew past. 'I will not have to stay here long, just long enough so I can become stronger and kill him,' he angrily thought to himself.
  8. Apollo looked at the doors again when a woman had walked in. She had raven hair and seemed to be lost in thought. He tilted his head towards her when she unpacked her bag. An old book caught his attention.--which was soon stole away by the door opening again to see a man about his age walk in. Things were starting to get lively in here. He smiled at that; he wasn't one to stay quiet for very long. He stood and made his way over to the woman with the strange book, "What is that?" He asked, pointing to it. It rather intrigued him. He liked reading, just didn't have enough time in the day to do it. Most of his lessons thathe received from the Academy was how to use his rather strange sword.​
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  9. A mysterious figure stood upon the roof of the enormous academy of Ele, Elemantium. His right hand took hold of the hilt of his blade that was in a sheath above his buttocks, and unsheathed it by two inches. Almost instantaneously, a swirl of wind came to circle around the individual on the roof. This was his moment of serenity; becoming one with the wind was all that mattered to this man. Becoming one with the wind, and getting revenge for an event that happened all those years ago. And as much as he detested it, he would have to respect those within the academy to get to a higher stage of power and finally retrieve what he wanted this whole time which was blood.

    Blood for those who killed his parents, and to shed his parents' killers blood would bring honor back to him and his family. Jun'Hei gasped and widened his eyes before letting out a yell. At this moment, he unsheathed his katana fully, slashing horizontally at the air in front of him. A large gust of wind flew in that direction, and it made a distinct 'woosh' sound, travelling ten feet before dissipating into nothingness. Satisfied with the result he gained, he sheathed the silver blade once more. Looking down from the roof he noticed all the people in the street below. The people that could be carefree, the people that did not have a large burden in their lives as he did.

    They disgusted him.

    Looking to his left, he found the area where he had climbed onto the roof. He would take a more adventurous route this time around. Jun'Hei took a few steps back before running, and jumped to another buildings roof nearby. He ended his landing with a roll to reduce damage done from his legs, although his legs were strong enough to take the force of the landing. He had been running all his life, and that increased the strength in his legs. Jun'Hei took a look from this roof and it was significantly closer to the ground than the previous one. He could easily go from this roof to the grounds that were close to the academy. Jun'Hei leaped from the roof onto the ground below, ending it with the same roll he had done last time. The commoners all took a look at the mysterious figure who now startled them. He did not care. These people were nothing to him, nothing but dust that would disappear in the near future. He took his time getting to the doors of the mess hall before pushing them open. Jun'Hei looked around at those who would also be taking missions from the people within the academy. There were two individuals wearing similar clothing and had almost identical facial features. He knew that they were twins. He also saw a man with orange hair, a girl with red hair and pale skin, and another with dark hair who also seemed to have a dark personality.

    There were many empty tables, but if these people worked together in the near future he would have to make good relations with them now. He sat at the table by the twins, not realizing that they may be startled by a man who wore demonic figures on his knee guards and shoulder plates. His red sash flew in the air for a moment before resting upon his body. His cold his transferred between the two before a creepy smile came from him. Of course he didn't know if it was creepy or not, for it was hard for him to express emotion. He spoke in a low and mysterious tone.

  10. The twins continued to chat idly, to far lost in the importance of their conversation to notice as others joined them in the large dinning hall. It didn't change the fact that the two were still cautious of people and flinched subtly when another entered. Long-Wei more so than the ever optimistic Lan-Ying. "Big brother...if you are so uncomfortable, should we not just leave? We can always retrieve some food at a later time." She asked, watching as her twin looked around at them all. Hate. She huffed softly before leaning back, resting her hands upon her lap. "You worry to much my dear brother." She added, shaking her head softly.

    Silence reigned over the pair as the elder twin slowly began to relax, turning back to his sister. "I do not. These people could just as easily be our enemies you know." He confirmed before folding his arm over his torso, turning his green eyed gaze to her. "You yourself are far to calm." He pointed out, causing the girl to pout. "I do not see why I must be...these people are now our comrades and you must accept that." While the words themselves should have been spoken with anger, it was rare that the girl ever presented that type of reaction to her brother, the same thing being true for the opposite way around..

    Long-Wei rolled his eyes. He knew that these people were now his comrades but that did not mean he must get attached to them right? It would hurt much more if he accepted their existance, only for them to die. With a huff he reached up to run a hand through his hair, only to pause when he noticed that he had forgotten to brush through the long locks properly. A soft laugh caused him to raise a brow as his twin just stared, trying to cease a giggle at the sight of him."Would you like me to fix that?" Lan-Ying was used to her brothers habit of forgetting to take care of himself, mostly since he was constantly indulged in training. While she was the same, she added a few minutes to look fully presentable.

    The girl got up before taking a seat next to her brother who turned around, a leg either side of the chair as the younger twin grasped a brush from the bag at her hip, reaching up as she pulled a small section of the locks from the rest as she begun to brush through it. Only when she had started to fix her brothers knotted locks did she notice another taking a seat with them both. Her actions did not pause but she did glance to him, smiling softly. "Hello." She replied, her tone soft as Long-Wei turned as well to glance at him. "Hmph..." Was the only response the man would get. The girl laughed softly before returning to the silky strands that fell upon her brothers shoulders. She quickly finished before she shifted in her seat, smiling as she bowed her head. "It is nice to meet you sir."

    Finally, she got a chance to talk to someone!

    Having turned to face him fully she lulled her head to one side so she motioned to her brother. "This is my elder Twin Long-Wei and I am Lan-Ying." She introduced them both, knowing full well if her brother had a say they would be walking off by now. Long-Wei, having already been dragged into this bowed his head before closing his eyes once more. Lan-Ying paused before pouting, her attention turning back to the male who approached them. She dared not to deny he held a slightly demonic presence but she did not react in fear. She was just never that type of person. "May I know your name?" She asked, her eyes seeming to grow lighter as her posture seemed to straighten considerably. "I apologize now for my brothers lack of speech. He does not react well with others."
  11. He watched as the girl twin fiddled with the hair of her brother. Something about them both made him a little envious. At that moment he wished that he had a sibling. Someone that he could talk to, someone that he could relate with. A person that he could truly hold dear. Jun'Hei shook his head of the thought, believing that he was becoming weak for even thinking that he needed someone to show him compassion. All he needed was blood for the ones that had killed his family. That was all that was driving him right now, and that was all that he needed.

    Jun'Hei came back to reality as he heard the girl say hello to him. He also noticed how the male of the two made a 'hmph' sound as if Jun'Hei was nothing that special. He would have attempted to kill the man on the spot, but he knew self restraint. Plus he had to gain their trust, so killing anyone in this mess hall was out of the question. The girl was quite ecstatic to meet Jun'Hei yet he did not know why. She introduced herself along with her brother. He listened closely, taking their names to memory. He also payed close attention to how her brother acted but he decided not to fret about it. There were just some insolent people in the world and he did not have to bother himself with him. The girl apologized on her brothers behalf, saying that he did not associate well with others. That fact reminded Jun'Hei of a certain person, and that certain was himself.

    "My name is Jun'Hei. You two aren't afraid of my appearance or how I look?"

    He was truly astonished by this fact. Most people would have turned away or ran from him if he tried to speak to them but these two were different.
  12. When the male finally spoke, the twins looked shocked as they both stared over at him. They both judged one on their spirit and choices, ignoring appearance for it was not important to them nor was it to their villages people. Long-Wei raised a brow, his attention now on the male as interest appeared within his matching green eyes. Lan-Ying on the other hand just tilted her head, lips pursed to a thin line as she spoke. "Why would we fear you?" She asked quietly, her eyes showing genuine curiousity. "Appearance does not define one." She finished. Then, even Long-Wei got involved. "What defines one is their choices." He paused, watching Jun'Hei carefully. "We have yet to know you properly."

    The twins glanced back to each other before Lan-Ying smiled brightly again, Long-Wei returning to his blank look but now he seemed to be present in the conversation. Sort of anyway. Lan-Ying held her hand out, the look of excitement gone as she held the usual serene expression that she normally held. "It is a pleasure to meet you Mr.Jun'Hei." Her tone was calm, gentle as it slid from her lips. Lan-Ying was ecstatic that they finally had begun to interact with another member of this place, specially when Long-Wei was determined to not. She couldn't help but laugh softly as she noticed her brothers interest. "It seems you even spark the interest of my usually stoic brother." She mumbled, ignoring the look that she received from her sibling. "Because of his question." The boy confirmed, refusing to let his eyes stray from his sister who still tried to stop herself from laughing. She turned back to him. "Long-Wei rarely speaks to others unless he respects them or its necessary." Long-Wei finally got irritated with the soft teasing Lan-Ying sent at him, causing his head to hit the table with a 'thud'. So, her eyes moved back to Jun'Hei as she blanked out the grumbling from Long-Wei.​
  13. Fenikkusu ran across the grounds, clenching a few books to her chest. She haulted at the large wooden doors that towered over her and pushed her back against them to open them as she stumbled inside. 'Am i late?' She questioned herself not realising the other people in the room. She had a habbit of both being late and talking to herself. Turning around she noticed there were in fact other people, making her nervous as she walked slowly to a small, unocupied table and sat down. Her bang covered her eyes as she placed her books neatly infont of her and began to read through them, trying to ignore the stares she was proberly getting.
  14. Jun'Hei heard the doors of the mess hall open and he turned to see a new figure walk inside. It was a girl who had red hair. He watched her mouth words but he was in no range to listen to her. She seemed very timid but that was all he could deduce. He also thought that was very boring and turned his attention back to the twins. They answered his question, and they surprised it at the same moment as well. Lan-Ying and Long-Wei said that what defined an individual was their choices and not how they looked. The two of them were really starting to spark their interests.

    Long-Wei seemed to be a little bit more interested in the conversation at that moment, although he kept a slightly blank look. Lan-Ying on the other hand seemed very excited to talk with him and Jun'Hei thought that this was a little awkward. He had never had an experience with such a person in his life; he never had an experience with any person in his life for that matter. Jun'Hei watched as her hand came out to shake his, and he stared at it for a moment. Even though he sat there with a blank stare the other two continued to talk. He finally came back to his senses as he heard the loud thud sound. His right hand took a grasp of hers and shook it before releasing. He looked Lan-Ying in the eyes for a moment before nodding at her. He gave yet another smile, but it was filled with fake emotion.

    "I would have never guessed to meet people as you. You are so kind and so filled with vigor. But it seems we are on two different planes. I wish I had a heart as big as yours."
  15. When Jun'Hei stared at her hand she tilted her head. She did not understand his hesitation but Long-Wei did in some twisted way due to his personality. Finally he shook her hand and she grinned, settling her hands back upon her lap before staring at his expression before looking over towards Long-Wei, nodding before the two looked back over to him. Both could see how fake that smile was and it caused them both to settle, dragging back the cautiousness they held before. However, they hid it well.

    ' big as yours?'

    The twins were frozen as they both stared at him, eyes wide and fingers curling further so the nails began to dig into the pale flesh of their hands. Long-Wei seemed to return to his distance as Lan-Ying paused, pulling a slight smile to her lips. "I would not say we have big hearts." She muttered, glancing down at the table as she seemed to force her smile further. "We ourselves have our share of sins...they ride upon our shoulders and become a tiresome burden." Her fingers locked with one another as she tilted her head. Long-Wei stared at Lan-Ying carefully before standing up, brushing his white suit down before heading off. "I will get us some food." He muttered before vanishing to walk over towards the kitchens.

    A soft chuckle passed her lips as she muttered her thanks to her elder twin before turning back to him. "I thank you though! It's nice to receive a compliment from another." It was true. Before leaving their village after massacring the enemies, to which they both are traumatized from, they were avoiding everything and everyone. So, the girl had rarely spoken to another since that time. "I am glad I meet you as well Mr.Jun'Hei! We haven't spoke to anyone since we ran from our home!" She cheered, clasping her hands together as she smiled. "Unlike Long-Wei, I like talking to others."
  16. Bara's pale hands reached into her bag next to her sheathed blade. She pulled out two sheets of neatly folded paper out of the bag. The papers held lengthy letters from her feisty mother and cold hearted father, who were currently away on missions. That was the reason why they told her to attend this academy, so she could become stronger and follow in their footsteps. Their line of work could fall under "mercenaries" but it also fell under "assassins". Basically, they took work wherever they were hired or needed. No job was too great for them as they were both highly skilled with the merciless nature to match.

    Unlike them, however, Bara would still have second thoughts about completing a mission if it meant murdering an innocent. Like the meaning of the color of her hair, she was too kind and gentle. She was more of a mother than she was a murderer. Her parents insist her hair was capable of bringing out the physical weakness out of people just by the color alone, making them easier targets. However, Bara just wouldn't believe their words. How would she be able to follow in her parents' footsteps if she was not meant to succeed where they do?

    Her eyes glanced up to see who else had arrived when she heard the mess hall doors open. At least she and the other male would not be the only ones at the academy. The first arrivals were a pair of twins, both possessing long and beautiful raven black hair. The pale woman could not help but have a slightly saddened glance as she ran a hand through her own rosy pink hair. In comparison to theirs, hers was an unnatural monstrosity. The shorter, female twin had more color to her skin than the brother, making the female to appear more lively while her brother stoic and cold-hearted. She brought her eyes back down to the letters in front of her, continuing to read what her parents had written to her.

    The next arrival to come sounded, making the pink haired girl's crimson red eyes peer upwards to see who had arrived. In walked in a girl standing roughly about 5'3 or 5'4; She couldn't have been any taller than Bara, as she stood at 5'6. Just like the twins, she possessed beautiful long hair. Unlike theirs, hers was a lighter shade of black than the twins' jet black hair. Nonetheless, it did not take away from the hair's elegant appearance, which only made Bara sigh once more upon remembering her own hair. Her attire consisted of darker colors with a few cool colors such as blue and green. She only needed violet to complete the color scheme. The girl walked over and settled herself in an unoccupied table. Bara once again brought her gaze down to the letters, feeling a momentary gaze on her but dismissing it to avoid eye contact.

    The last thing she needed was to feel awkward.

    The door opened once more, alerting the rose haired girl of another arrival. She looked up from twiddling her thumbs after reading the letters a few times. She could feel the coldness of his aura from where she sat, and she was sitting a good distance away from him. He possessed black hair that's shade was balanced in between the previous newcomer's light black hair and the twins' jet black hair. She could see he was examining the others within the room, and his gaze was gradually coming towards her. She brought the letters up to her face as she began to read them once more, as an excuse to avoid looking at him. The rosy pink haired girl felt his gaze rest on her, but it wasn't as brief as on the rest of them.

    'Please look somewhere else...' The girl thought to herself as she absent-mindedly read the letters her parents wrote. Once she looked back up, she could see that the man was now walking away towards a more distant table away from everyone else. Bara let out an inaudible sigh of relief, returning to her letters.

    The doors sounded, yet again alerting Bara of another arrival after some time had passed. She eyes glanced up again to see who had arrived this time. This man did not possess such an icy aura as the one before him, but he was equally as frightening appearance wise. 'Demonic' was a good word to describe him. She watched as the heavily armored man made his way to the table next to the twins. Just by the movement of their mouths, she could see they were conversing. Good thing he did not come to converse with Bara, or else she would most likely become a frightened turtle refusing to come out of her shell.

    She dug into her bag once more, taking out a picture of her parents before they had to take leave. Her father stood emotionless, evidence as to where she got her Albinism from. He had waist length snow white hair and piercing pale blue eyes that held a slight amount of red within them. His skin was as pale as Bara's, but did not have a pinkish tint or any imperfection to be seen. Her mother, on the other hand, possessed a light tan to her skin. She possessed long, fiery red hair and beautiful brown eyes. How Bara wished she had the beautiful eyes and hair she was supposed to possess. Instead, here she had the unnatural monstrosity and the crimson eyes that appeared to belong to a demon. How could one be normal with features like hers?

    The mess hall doors opened once again, making her gaze tear from the picture. A rather short woman, standing roughly around either 4'11 or around the 5'0 to 5'1 area, came inside the room. She possessed the same fiery hair as her mother did, making the rosy haired girl inwardly envious. Why must she be the only one with abnormal hair out of all the students? She absolutely despised being the only weird one. The rosy haired girl hoped the young woman would be the last to come in, or at least another with abnormal hair or condition. However, she knew the odds of the second one happening was a million to half, rather than one.

    She kept her crimson eyes on the picture and the letters, missing her parents already. Why in the world would they want her to be a part of their line of work if she too emotional and kind for her own good? These were the answers she desperately desired.
  17. Out of all the arrivals that entered after Akira the only one who sparked his interest was the man in almost demonic armor that had a demeanor that rivaled his own. Though he only looked at each arrival for a few seconds before turning his attention back to the window then leisurely moved a hand and grasped his sword's pommel; feeling its master's touch, the sword hissed excitedly and as electricity ran through its blade yearning for the taste of battle. Inside it looked as if he had no expression but inside he was very pleased with his sword's response; Akira could still hear the sounds of his last battle and felt the weight of the lives he took upon his shoulders. Without a moment's hesitation he mentally snapped himself out of his daydream, now was not the time or day to relive past wars and bloodshed. He regrettably let go off his sword and moved his arm back underneath the other as he repositioned to a somewhat more comfortable sitting position. Growing bored of staring out the far away window he turned his attention towards the academy's banner and examined it keenly.
  18. He listened closely to the girl who seemingly became the spokesperson for the two. She stated that she wouldn't consider themselves to have people who have big hearts. Jun'Hei paid close attention to her smile, and sensed that she wasn't being too sincere about her emotions either. He could tell; he was a master at faking feelings, or so he thought. His ears perked up as he heard her mention that they had sins, and that they became a burden on them. His eyes widened at her previous statement; this girl seemed to have the same beliefs and ideals as him. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Long-Wei walk off, stating that he would go check on the food.

    His attention turned back to her as she said that it was nice receiving a compliment from another, and that it was nice to meet someone like him ever since they ran from home. She finished with the fact that she liked talking to people unlike her brother, but his mind was rewinding the fact that the twins had ran from home. Their pasts resembled his, and that pleased him. Social interaction was still awkward to Jun'Hei so it wasn't odd for him to move him self closer across the table, head resting on his hands and he looked deep into her eyes with a grin. He slowly whispered words.

    "I like you two. I could kinda get used to you guys.."

    Jun'Hei's voice was like bugs within one's skin, even though he didn't mean for it to be that way.
  19. Apollo realized that he wasn't going to get an answer out of the person with the strange book. He sighed and made his way back over to his own table. He was well aware that many others has joined the mess hall, but he was more concerned with food. Finally, the little bell rang and large amount of breakfast food, a wide variety to be exact, was set out. "Finally!" He said and made his way over to the food line. He grabbed a plate and some silverware. He grabbed eggs, sausage and two slices of bread to toast in the toasters that were set up at the end of the line. A lot of people seemed to accompainy the mess hall and he knew that if he wanted to eat his fill; he'd have to get the good before anyone else.

    He sat down at his table again, hearing some conversations were starting up. He smiled. He liked noise--not awkward silence. ​
  20. Head high, Xelli. Eyes forward. Do not glare, do not gaze at another. Walk with grace, but still let it be known that you are superior!
    The only way to be successful in this world is to have confidence. With enough toil, you shall prove your superiority!
    Right foot. Left foot....
    No no no! All wrong, again!

    Beau snapped out of her memories, wondering how she even came to remembering one of her Mother's lessons, the narcissistic annoyance. She looked around in a dazed manner, finding herself right outside the entrance to Elemantium. It's large and prestigious presence made itself known into her line of sight, even it's size was intimidating. She shuffled from one foot to another, and from afar, appeared as she was doing a small jig. She could hear her mother scolding her for, as she liked to say it when her student was nervous, 'fidgeting like a fool.' Beau raised her head and let out a large breath, calming herself as she practically paraded inside. She soon found comfort and began to swagger normally without stomping, she almost face planted with that type of strut. As she found her anxiety fade away into nothing, the earth elemental strode to a large detailed door to the Cafeteria, slightly annoyed by having to open the door. Beau found the chatter to hit her straight in the face, but not dizzy her. Of course, people were already there, conversing and eating freely.

    Beau didn't find herself to be famished to the point it was a problem, so decided to slide over and just get a small cup of cherries. She loved cherries, and found it fun to shoot out the seed that was left behind. Now... She glanced around swiftly, her mind taking in all empty seats and all taken seats. Some of these people she would have to collaborate and speak with, so she... Might as well do some kind of conversing now. She clearly remembered that it was best to find someone that was somewhat similar to you or fitting to your tastes. She never really had a preference of people she liked, as long as they didn't cause her trouble. Beau's tail curled for a moment, a sign she's in great thought, before catching sight of a dark haired man looking among the sea of people. He did seem capable of conversation, right? She decided to give him a shot, considering cracks of electricity just ran over his sword. How odd. She was getting curious of the unique students here.

    Beau did a well job of keeping her actions fluid when she swaggered over and gave her a small nod. She was little too intrigued about his sword there, she wasn't sure she knew anyone able to produce electricity. "Interesting. May I converse with you?" She made sure to imagine herself getting a painful pinch on the cheek. 'May I converse with you?', oh, she could have laughed if she wasn't drowning in the feeling of stupidity after saying that. Is that what... "Normal-er's" ask these days? "I... I mean... Uh. Yes. May I?" In a small attempt to recover, she ended up fumbling once more. Beau's tail went limp, and in-between her legs to curl around her right thigh. She made sure to do better next time.
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