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    There is a land with rolling hills, large oceans, majestic mountains, and many Kingdoms. This is a land called Unali. It is a land of wonderment, magic, and riches. This land is also filled with mystery, and evil. The history of the land is filled with evil and darkness; individuals trying to take over the kingdoms of Unali. In order to counteract the threats, Academys were constructed.

    These Academies consisted of talented people who possessed extraordinary abilities; power over the Elements. These people who held this power, could only access them through ancient Elemental Blades. These blades were made from a metal that allowed the Master to connect to it, and control the element that was its essence. They were dubbed, Blade Masters and soon, many Academies were constructed all around Unali.

    You are a member of the greatest Blade Master Academy, Elemantium. Elemantium is the top Academy in Unali, in a town called Ele. The members of the Elemantium are extremely skilled and are hired to do tougher jobs. Some are even hired by the King to take on jobs that his guards will not do.

    Throughout the RP, I will be adding plots and jobs that will gradually lead up to a job that all Blade Masters must go on.

    Character Sheet:


    Age: (Older than 18)






    Blade Name: (Every Blade gets a name when it's true potential is unlocked. The name is correlated with the element it possesses.))


    1. I am goddess.

    2. Only I can put in the BIG plot twists and turns. Little ones that are between your character and maybe another is fine.

    3. No godmodding.

    4. Swearing is fine, just not every other word.

    5. Romance is encouraged. Anything more than making out shouldn't be included.

    6. Be semi-literate to literate. No text talk.
  2. Name: Apollo

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Picture: [​IMG]

    Biography: Apollo grew up an only child and with one parent. His father was never really around--due to him being a mad man. His mother had to take Apollo away from him after his father tried to experiment on him. His father broke off the tip of Apollo's blade and inserted inside Apollo's hand, making the sword to unlock it's true potential when the tip is connected with the sword, which is extremely painful. When he turned 18, he was enrolled in Elemantium

    Personality: He's out going and funny. He loves to make people laugh and is always there for people who need him. He likes to keep his hand hidden from people so he keeps a black glove on his right hand.

    Element: Fire

    Blade Name: Pheonyx​
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  3. I'll write up a character in a bit.
  4. Name: Raisa

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Appearance: Standing at 1 meter 65 centimeters (~5'4"), Raisa is somewhat short for her age. She is of a lighter figure too, at only 63 kilograms of weight. Her hair is smooth, of a brighter tone of black and she prefers to not do too much with it. Her eyes, both of a deep green color, are of an average shape and her nose is neither too short nor too long. Raisa's pale skin is exceedingly smooth, with not a single hair, freckle or other imperfections.

    Regarding dress, she prefers more official clothes, in darker colors, though she definitely doesn't care for military style uniforms. Instead, her wardrobe is plain, composed of darker tones and cold blues and greens.

    Biography: It all began five years ago, on an icy field in the far south. Two woman, girls really, walked side by side, watching each other's every action, only pausing to blink. They each held a powerful grip on their sheathed swords. To the unknowing eye, one might think they were friends or allies, and they would be right. But no one could guess that both girls held a sorrowful, perhaps even pitiful desire for one another.

    A desire driven by duty, a desire to kill the other.

    Let us spread some light on the subject.

    Far in the south, there lies a city unknown to most. A resilient city, they have managed to remain independent of larger nations for generations, ever since its beginning. The peculiarity of this place is that all of the citizens, regardless of sex, must perform ten years of military service, beginning at the age of fourteen years old, with one thousand youths chosen at random every year for training to become the guardians of the town.

    Out of these one thousand, two are chosen through an unknown method; these two must journey yet further south, into the frigid wastelands and kill a powerful beast. However, there is a catch.

    Each of the chosen are independently ordered to kill the other. Neither knows the other was also ordered to kill.

    This particular year, a girl named Raisa and another girl were chosen. Given blades and supplies to last them for a period of time, they were sent south. It took a month before they finally confronted. During that time, the two had hatched a small but close friendship. A pitiful friendship, in the long run. Finally, the fateful day came.

    They stood on a field of bare ice, carrying their respective blades and regarding each other with cold but sad expressions. Reluctantly, silently, they began to fight. Each were of equal skill and stood on equal ground. They slashed, they stabbed, they parried, they blocked. The battle went on for hours until one grew tired. Taking advantage of the situation, her opponent struck her down.

    At the end of the struggle, one stood triumphant and one fell defeated.

    By chance, the girl named Raisa had won the conflict. Shaking, she sheathed the sword and turned around, returning to where they had come from, her mission complete. Tearlessly, she silently asked forgiveness of the probably dead girl. In her powerful, oppressive sadness, she couldn't notuice her own blade leave its sheath and impale itself in her back.

    In this moment, she felt the soul of the dying girl escape into her body, coursing through her before settling in the sword. Raisa fell that day, along with her adversary, but by some miracle, she survived.

    Upon her return to the town, rescued by a travelling merchant who knew her father, and her subsequent awakening, she discovered the sword she had used had become an elemental sword, bestowed with the frozen soul of her now long passed friend and opponent.

    Raisa was pushed into service as a high-ranking official, but within one day, she had disappeared.

    In recent years, she was taken under the wing of the academy. She wouldn't find out until years later the true purpose of the ordeal. Called Lorem, it was an elaborate experiment in using trauma to create users of Elemental Blades. Raisa ended up being the only success of the experiment.

    Personality: Quiet, but not shy or a loner type. Instead, she decides to keep quiet out of preference. Her hard past has left its mark on her, with her regularly having to fend off feelings of sorrow that could get in the way of her duties. Regarding her duties, she appears to be ruthless in fulfilling them, though she still shows hesitation when it comes to things that evoke her past.

    Her smile is a rarity in itself, instead choosing to wear a blank expression at most times. She occasionally cries, for many reasons, but she always takes care not to let anyone see her. Regarding likes and dislikes, Raisa is neutral on most things, not taking any dislikes to most things, but not any likes to things either. She has no hobbies save for practicing swordsmanship and uncommon literary studies.

    Element: Ice

    Blade Name: Fenrir
    Show Spoiler

    The blade issued to her the day she left for Lorem, within the soul of Raisa's friend yet opponent is contained.
    It is made of a black, hard metal, with the dark side used for cutting. It is a one sided sword, though quite heavy. Despite its weight, Raisa wields the weapon with one hand.

    Combat Style: Raisa's signature fighting style uses the heavy nature of her sword as a boon in dealing injury to the enemy. Using the weight of the blade, her hits have a powerful impact, though are rather slow. She puts little force into her slashes, instead using the momentum gained from an initial arm movement and a movement of the rest of her body to flail the blade at the enemy, with deadly precision. Raisa relies on regular movement and careful blocking to keep the enemy from attempting a counterattack, tiring them out before they can make a possibly damaging blow. Due to her way of making attacks, she is very enduring in battle, able to remain in form long after her enemy as grown tired and demoralized from her heavy, incessant retaliations.
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  5. Name: Akira

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Picture: [​IMG]

    Biography: Not much is known about this reclusive young man expect that his parents died when he was just a boy and many rumors are said he killed his parents with his bare hands thus receiving his elemental blade. For many years leading up until present day he acted as a mercenary taking jobs regardless of how brutal, dangerous or how much blood he had to shed to complete it. As of now he has no long term goal, he only wishes to further his strength by joining Elemantium.

    Personality: He absolutely despises others and the weak, usually has a staid expression lined with malice and an aura that's meant to keep everyone away. He overly enjoys fighting and if he gets immersed his staid expression will turn to one of a savage, almost feral, look of blood lust; though way down and I mean way down he has a kind heart that it is encased by darkness waiting to once again be free.

    Element: Electricity

    Blade Name: Tempest Reaver
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  6. Name: Fenikkusu
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Fen (open)
    She is short, standing around 5"1 with her flame red hair falling half way down her back and her pale skin accentuating her emerald eyes, which she matches her nails to.


    Short Biography: She was born into a Nobal family, being taught how to be a proper lady, though she despised this as she wanted to become a warrior. Her parents did not approve of this though, being the younger child and not in line to lead the house they sent her to the Academy and now want nothing more then for her to stay they, deeming her a dissapontment. She it determinded to prove them wrong.
    Personality: She still retains her 'lady-like' side though whilst in battle she is ruthless.
    Element: Fire
    Blade Name: Yūdokuna Honō (Meaning Toxic Flame)
  7. ^^ Sweet :D I will probably be making the thread tomorrow, because I won't be able to tonight.​
  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Jun'Hei

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Biography: Jun'Hei was orphaned from a civil battle that took place within the eastern lands of Unali. Seeing his parents being slain in front of him, he fled from his village with his fathers old katana. As the years passed he honed his skills in the wild, from practicing stealth assassinations on animals to slashing at trees to perfect his blade skills. Sadly, this was not enough for Jun'Hei. He wanted to excel farther in his skills and get revenge against those who killed his parents. Hearing about the academy Elemantium in Ele, he set his sights there. From where he was from, it took him two months, but he reached Ele. With no recommendations for the academy, he had to take a preliminary exam involved his favorite activity - fighting. Taking his competition by storm and ending the battle with his blade facing their face, he was accepted. Most know him as an individual known for his speed and stealth.

    Personality: Quiet, and not usually the one to talk. He is submissive and loyal, obeying others in a SENSE. He will attempt to complete any mission in his way, whether it be killing an innocent person, or bribing an individual to gain information.

    Element: Air

    Blade Name: Aria (Air in Italian).
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  9. Name: Bara (Means "Rose")

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female


    (Note, she has red eyes but this was the closest I could get to what I had in mind)


    Biography: (*Will edit in tomorrow, when the creative juices are flowing*)

    Personality: Quiet and tends to keep to herself. Is not the leader type, tends to question herself about some-most decisions. Emotions for others do tend to get in the way of battles, but will manage to shove them aside to complete the mission.

    Element: Air

    Blade Name: Gale
  10. I will be finishing my character tonight. Most of the stuff is complete, I'm at two paragraphs of personality, a description of her sword style, the blade itself and I've begun on the bio, already at two paragraphs. Please don't start without me. ;)
  11. Finished the biography, I'll add the sword information, appearance details and elaboration on the personality when I get home.
  12. I will be starting the thread today--if you're not done with the character, don't worry about it. Start whenever you are done. I am so glad that people wanted to join :D Anyways, off to make the thread!​
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