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  1. It is the release date for the new VRMMORPG ((Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)) known as Blade Art Online. Almost 500,000 people have brought the game along with the NervGear and one of these peoples is known as Naegi Shini and he is a beta tester who actually played the game and leveled up while he studied enemies weaknesses. He was so excited he finally got the game.

    When he got home he went up to his room and plugged in everything and set up the game before he placed the NervGear upon his head. "Link Start" He said as he appeared in the game and saw most people taht have walking around some about to go and start fighting enemies
  2. Myst, or that's what she'd be calling herself in game looed around in some wonder as she first entered the game. She flexed her fingers before a small whistled left her lips.
    'Wow, it feels so real." She murmured to herself. The girl pulled up her menu screen as she looked through her starting gear. After a moment, and several tries later, she closed it up again before she began to walk around the city. She wanted to explore one area at a time. Even in games she was terrible with directions. The long haired girl wasn't paying much attention to the people around her, bumping into a couple with a profuse apology as her eyes scanned the landmarks and buildings.
  3. Crom opens his eyes to the new world he now stands and is left speechless. The images he had seen were nothing compared to the real thing. After a moment of awe he finally begins to laugh. "This is Awesome!" He says with a smile as he checks his armor and axe.
  4. Naegi grabbed a one handed sword and looked at what he needed. "So now its time to start killing monsters" He said to himself as he went out into the field. He had his basic light armor cloak on with the hood covering his face and his longsword strapped to his side. He unsheathed his long sword and went straight for a boar slashing at it till it died.
  5. Blade Art Online... Testing the beta had been an incredible experience for Raiden, and it had dominated the majority of his summer vacation before his senior year of college. He'd barely gotten his preliminary research done for his senior thesis, but now he was a happy graduate with an internship at a local law firm. An internship that he swore was slowly eating his soul.

    He'd eagerly anticipated the global launch of the full game, seeing it as a perfect way to blow off a bit of steam after a long day in the office. Indeed when the release date arrived--on a weekend, thank all that is holy--he opened it up and dove right on in.

    A grin was plastered on his face as he looked around his immediate surroundings, finding himself in the middle of a grassy field. He crouched down to touch the grass, amazed once again at how lifelike everything in this game was. Oh how far technology had come.

    He checked his starting inventory, getting himself re-acquainted with the layout of the control panel. He equipped his dagger and gave it a few test swings. It would probably take some adjustment for him to get used to the game again.

    There was a boar within sight, but he didn't charge up to it. He'd had some fun in the beta test sneaking around, so he decided to make that a strategy early on in the real thing.

    Moving slowly and carefully, he circled around to the back of the boar. He moved closer and closer, dagger at the ready, then dashed in the final few feet to take the thing down. Or, at least, try to. It took several quick stabs to do the trick. Not quite the one-hit-kill he'd been hoping for. Oh well. It was a start.
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  6. Crom ran over a hill to the boar spawning site, his armor clanking with each step. As he sees the wild pigs in the distance he calls out. "Give me your bacon!" As he rushed into the mob.
    With a powerful swing Crom knocks the boar to the side and slams his axe down on its stomach. The boar screeches befor dissolving into pixels.
    Another Boar charges and Crom plants his feet. The heavy tusks clash into the large shield. Crom laughs "This is so awesome!"
  7. When out in the hills and fields with seemingly nothing but boars around, it can strike one as being odd when they hear a shout such as "give me your bacon." That unorthodox war cry got Raiden's attention after he picked up the food item dropped by his first kill, and he could only assume another player was nearby. He hadn't seen anyone else yet, which didn't bode too well for him when it came to forming a party. Not that he was in a huge rush to do so, but he did want to start making a few friends in the game. Part of the point of this kind of game was to meet new people, after all.

    He started walking in the direction of the bacon-shouter, and after reaching the crest of a hill he spotted a large male in heavy armor attacking a handful of boars. Their attacks didn't seem to be doing him any harm, though. There was something to be said for armor like that, but Raiden would never confine himself in such a way. He liked being quick on his feet, and armor like that would only slow him down.

    Instead of approaching the player, he sat down on the side of the hill and simply watched him fight. So long as the boars weren't starting to win, he didn't see much of a reason to get in this guy's way. They weren't in a safe zone, after all, and he didn't know how this player would feel about something that could be seen as kill-stealing. Even if there were plenty of boars in this general area for players to do some low-level grinding with.
  8. Crom continues to defeat boars and collect the pork with a large grin on his face. He is a man who is truly enjoying himself. After a while a large boar gets a lucky hit, its tusk sliding between the armored plates. With a grunt of pain Croms health bar drops. "That all you got?!" He shoutes while swinging his axe defeating another enemy.
    After a few more kills Crom backs away to catch his breath and heal. His heavy armor and shield make him hard to hurt but far from invincible.
  9. Naegi heard an odd shout."Give me your bacon...what kind of battle cry is that" He said to himself as he stopped killing boards when he made it to level 5. He decided to put points on mastering one anded sword mastery but stopped when he dodged a boar charging at him. "I should probably wait till I am in a safe place before setting points" he said as he headed on back to the Town of Starters
  10. Raiden sat and watched the spectacle, feeling oddly like a spectator at some ancient gladiator match. The other player's appearance made that fantasy easy to imagine, and Raiden opted to lie back on the grass as he waited for the man to finish.

    A few moments after he did that, though, he found himself staring up at the angry yellow eyes of the largest boar he'd seen yet. There was a moment when neither of them moved, then Raiden let out a very loud shout of an expletive as he rolled to the side and away from those blood-stained tusks. How had that thing sneaked up on him?
  11. Noticing the scream Crom turns to see a small framed person under attack. With clanking of armor Crom rushes the beast and bashes it with his shield.
    The boar slides sideways and snorts in anger, pounding its holves into the dirt. Crom readies his shield. "Well? What ya waiting for little piggy?" He taunts.
    The creature slams into croms shield with unbelievable force causing him to slide back a few feet before Crom can regain control. He pushes back against the boar in a deadly game of tug of war.
    Crom looks to the other player. "You wanna put that blade of yours to some use?"
  12. Raiden could hardly believe it when that other player came running to his aid. That was decent of him, and it restored Raiden's faith in humanity a little bit. He seemed to have made a good choice in following that weird war cry.

    He'd been staring at the other player while the boar was being fended off, and he blinked as though coming out of a trance when the armored male spoke to him.

    "Oh. Right," he said, feeling a little embarrassed by his inactivity. He drew his dagger and dashed in to strike at the boar while it was busy bashing its snout against the broad shield in its face. Several stabs made in quick succession later, the beast gave a final screech before going into its pixellated death sequence. It dropped a couple porks, of which Raiden took one.

    He looked up at his rescuer, then indicated the second pork as he asked, "You want it?"
  13. Myst had finally ventured out into the boar fields, after she'd figured out how to equip the weapons in her inventory. When she wasn't throwing them at oncoming boars, she fiddled with them. She didn't know why she'd picked them out, it might be because they where the only long range weapon she could find though. The woman stayed fairly close to the town, keeping the walls in sight so she could get back easily enough. Or run back if her health fell to low. Another boar came charging at her after a moment. Myst threw one knife at the thing, ran backwards a little bit, before throwing another. It took ten of them before the beast dropped. As it fell, she sprinted forward and collected her knives and the meat item the boar dropped.

    Every now and then a player would pass her, sometimes she'd wave and smile, but for the most part she was left alone. She never really tried to remedy that though, the way she saw it, it was just a game, if she met a coupel friends, cool, but she wasn't going to go out of her way to drive people insane to be friends. Or maybe she was using that as an excuse when in all actuality she was just shy.
  14. Naegi sat on the grass near the entrance of the town and reopened his menu. He looked at all the skills and smiled. "One handed sword mastery and I guess I should put some points on fishing or something else" He said to him self as he put most of his points he had on sword mastery before closing his menu. Wen he looked up he saw a person fighting a boar and killed it with throwing knives. "Fighting with just throwing knives isn't a good idea you know" He said as he went up to the player.
  15. Stormi stood watching the boars. She really didn't feel like fighting them at the moment but she didn't have much else to do. Besides she was not the only one out here. She watched the others in the moment after she had killed a boar, trying to get a good idea of the other players that were here.

    "Ha you boars think you can beat me? There is a reason I call myself Storm." Well that and because it was just a shorten form of her real name - Stormi. She often wanted to change it to Stormi and most days she offered her real name. Most probably didn't even realize it was a real name since Stormi wasn't exactly common. But it really didn't matter to me.

    She sliced up another boar with her katana and grinned wide. "Ha!"
  16. Myst nearly jumped out of her skin when the words sounded from behind her. A squeak escaped her lips before she turned around. Clearing her throat, she reached up and tugged at her braid with one hand as she tried to look calm and cool, instead of squeaky and red.

    "They're the only thing I have to start out with." She answered back before she flashed a small smile. "Gotta work with what you have, right?" Besides, she kind of liked the knives, she didn't have to be all that close to her target at all. In her mind, that was less a chance of getting hit and therefore less money spent on health potions.
  17. "Well you should get a few more because sometimes they won't be intact when you go to retrieve" He said as his blade glowed and he dashed forward to a boar and struck it. He then turns around and slashed the boar in half. "Besides you should at least have a dagger in case you run out" He said
  18. Myst nodded as she watched the other player. She'd already broken one of her blades, and had been semi planning on getting some new ones, hopefully, sturdier ones. At his mention of a dagger, the girl blushed a little bit. Similar thoughts had crossed her mind earlier, but she'd spent that money to buy the starting armor she was wearing. She didn't like to be a look alike and she felt more original in what she wore.

    "I'll keep that in mind after I make enough money." She answered him before she inclined her head at him. "You know quite a bit that wasn't covered in the play book that came with the game. Did you pick it up that quick or is there more information to be read out in the real world?" She asked him.
  19. "I'm actually a beta tester" He said as he sheathed his blade on his back. "My name is Naegi it's nice to meet you" He said as he held his hand out. "Whats your name" He asked with a smile on his face as he seemed friendly enough.
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  20. Crom smiles and takes the food. "I'm not the type to turn down free grub." He opens his menu and checks his status. "Wow. Less then 10% health. That was a close one." He laughs. "Oh well. I can always respawn." He dusts his self off.
    "The names Crom by the way." He offers his hand to Raiden.
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