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  1. An RP of Sword art online only different

    It is 2025 and a new game and controller came out The game is called Blade Art Online and the new controller is called the NerveGear and it allows you to be in the video game like you are actually there being able to control it with your mind. When the game was announced in Beta only a few people got in and it was a blast. When it was officially released to the public everyone rushed to get one and log in to play the game. Things started going badly no one could log out of the game and there was panic about it. Almost everyone in the game was teleported to the town square of the Town of Starters to meet the make of the game: Akihiko Kyaba. He explained that the game is now a death game and you can't log out no matter what if you or anyone tries to force the NerveGear off you will die and if you die in game you die in real life.

    The only way out of the game is to make it to the hundredth floor and beat the final but it will not be easy as there is bosses waiting for you in every dungeon and a floor boss at every 25 floors. Will you do what it take to beat Blade Art Online or will you die trying.

    Sign Up Form:
    Name: (What name or username is your character?)
    Age: (How old is the character)
    Starting Weapon: (what will you start with?)
    Skills:(Are you good at using one handed swords, Dual wielding, Rapiers, Katanas. One must be what you already are good at and one you will gain over time)
    Appearance: (pic or describe what he looks like before he went inside the game and what he looks like in the game its self)
    Beta Tester: (only 3 can be a Beta tester)

    Beater is a beat tester but I am one and I am accepting up to 6 players but will start at 3

    Here is mine:
    Name: Naegi
    Age: 21
    Starting Weapon: One handed sword
    Skill: One handed and dual wielding
    Appearance: Brown hair, dull gray eyes, black pants, white shirt with a black jacket, When he enters the game he is wearing a black cloak with a hood covering his face
    Beta Tester: Yes. I am a Beater also
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  2. this look like it will be a cool RP so I am creating a SU. But I am having a some problems.
    • My first one is the name, is it the characters actual name or the username for the game
    • the second is the skills. do you want the weapon skill(type) and a rare skill like Duel Weilding. I am trying to be accurate to the series (though I have only watch the show) and I found this page on the wiki
  3. Answer #1: It can be either the name of your character or a username

    Answer #2: Changed it to two skills one you already are good at and one you will gain over time
  4. This is a Great idea. Going to be fun.

    Name: Crom
    Age: 21
    Starting Weapon: Axe and Large shield
    Skills: Strong with Shield and Heavy Armour skills (Built like a Tank)
    Appearance: Stands at 6 foot 5 inches and dressed much like a Roman Gladiator (See Picture) Under his helmet He has Green eyes and shoulder length blonde hair pulled into a pony tail.
    Beta Tester: No thanks. Im good with being a new player.

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  5. Accepted now for a few more
  6. Name: Myst
    Age: 20
    Starting Weapon: Throwing knives
    Skills: Beast master/tamer ing (whatever its called) and Blade Throwing
    Appearance: [​IMG] minus the ears and collar. IRL: She looks the same but with modern clothes.
    Beta Tester: nope
    Name: Zizi
    Mana Mode: Zizi is in a small state where it's main attack and defense is magic. Zizi floats in this state Spells: Heal, illusion, and bind. Most often seen in this mode.
    Feral Mode: Zizi grows ten times it's Mana Mode size and gains large, poisonous fangs and claws. Unable to do magic in this mode. No longer floats, and is much more beastlike.

    This is "Mana Mode"
  7. Accepted now we just need one more person to join and at least and extra Beta Tester but just need another person
  8. Sign Up Form:
    Name: Apollo (James)
    Age: 16
    Starting Weapon: scimitar
    Skills: one handed curved swords and Forging
    Beta Tester: yes
    Appearance: he stands at 5’7 and has lean body type. has brown hair and hazel eyes In game he looks like the picture but with brown hair
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  9. accepted now I just need to make the thread
  10. I'm going to make a character for this, if you're still accepting. Hopefully I'll get it posted tonight. Probably going to make him a beta tester. And with an assassin/rogue-like build.
  11. Name: Storm | Stormi
    Age: 19
    Starting Weapon: Katana
    Skills: Katana Wielding / Tracking
    Appearance: Real Life: [​IMG] (without the flowers)
    InGame: [​IMG]
    Beta Tester: Yes
  12. ... Well, there goes me being a beta tester... Oh well. Do let me know if you'll let me be one, please. Since I had been intending to do that before that third one was posted.

    Name: Raiden
    Age: 22
    Starting Weapon: Dagger
    Skills: Hiding and Sprint
    Appearance: Raiden is 5'10" and has a slim build. He's not physically strong, but he has good reflexes and is very limber.

    Link to the pic. Too big to put in the post. Don't want to stretch the page if it doesn't resize.

    Hair length is the same between the real world and the game world. The only difference is his clothing. In real life, he tends to wear a suit or some other dressy attire (he's an intern in a law office and has to look professional). In the game, he wears dark, often purple shirts. The pants are usually long, black, and skinny-cut. He wears black leather boots, and he has his shirt tucked into the pants at all times. He also wears a long coat with a hood, which is a dark shade of violet. He wears fingerless gloves, and his nails are painted dark violet. Additionally, he has a ninja-esque mask to cover the lower half of his face while dungeon-crawling. It's his "game face," as he puts it.
    Beta Tester: Yes, which makes him a Beater. He doesn't like the whole "Beater" thing, though. He thinks it's unfair for people to call someone a "beta cheater."
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  13. both of you are accepted
  14. Good to know. Though are you okay with me being a beta tester? Or are you keeping to the three-person cutoff?
  15. we only have two beta tester and you are the third well that is if you are not counting my self anyways
  16. Your guy, Apollo, and Stormi makes three. Before me.
  17. Your okay being a beta tester even if mine is he is more like a Beater
  18. Beaters are beta testers, technically. The Beater thing was a nickname for beta testers assigned to them by other non-beta-testers. They're not a separate entity, unless you're making them one in this roleplay. But thank you for saying I can be a beta tester.
  19. no problem and thak you for clearing that up for me also
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