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  1. First things first I'd like to clear up that Blade and Soul is an MMORPG with it's own background lore. While we will be semi following the plot line I'm not expecting anyone to have played the game beforehand or be completely up to date with the story. I'll guide the RP along so that no one gets left behind or confused about what's going on.

    In between the main story line I was also planning to have individual character arcs where we will focus on one RPer's chara development for lets say a week. The time frame really depends on how fast (or slow) the RP is progressing.

    For this genre I feel like some sort of battle system and character stats//levels via dice rolls would be appropriate to keep things fair and square. I've never used or developed one before so if anyone has any suggestions or ideas I'll be glad to look over them.

    Last thing I'd like to say is that I am also looking for a Co-GM. One that I can contact easily via pm and will respond in at least a day in case of 'emergencies'. If you have previous knowledge of a dice system or have played Blade and Soul before, all the better.

    Thank you for checking this thread out.
    ****I just remembered that there is an anime version of this game and we will not be following that plot. Mainly because I can't stomach the lack thereof -_-​