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  1. Home in the woods:
    Name: Ralis Turnstone
    Picture/ decription: [​IMG]
    Ralis is tall 6'2. His muscles are thick and trained from years of tireless working. Scars litter his back and chest from training with his father and learning to use the weapons he's made. Ralis is normally found shirtless, used to the extreme heat of the forge.
    Bio: Ralis has been a blacksmith since he was taught to take over the shop from his Father. His family was always blacksmiths and made their living honorably by selling their craft to the kingdom guard or any in need. Ralis is considered a master at his craft and will do whatever it takes to seek perfection. Now that his Mother and Father have passed from old age, he finds himself alone, having never taken a wife or been the interest of a womans attention. Life for Ralis is lonely and though he keeps a front of his life being his proffession, he is very lonely and curious about a life outside the forge


    Heavy hooved strides carried the beaten carriage down the wide cobblestone road. The further into the forest he travelled, the narrower the stones became, before more or less dissapearing into an uneven dirt path. Each time a wheel struck a mound of clustered rock, the wagon creaked with age. Piles of heavy crates added to a chorus of moaning in the weak wood storage. One of the heavy boxes began to tilt and give way to the pressure of the ones above it, turning the Blacksmiths grime stained face in dissapointment as the boxes came crashing down onto the withered bottom, snapping a few weak boards and plugging the hole with their blocky shape.

    "This trip was barely worth the seven coins to be earned..." Ralis cursed under his breath as he slowed the two meaty horses that pulled his work forward. Their hooves fell silent against the path as he jumped down from the carriage, thick solled boots stomped the dirt as he circled around back and opened the bay doors, looking in at the collapsed mess and let out a grunt of aggrivation.

    It didn't take long for the burly chested man to get everything back in an order that he could better stand. He wasted no time locking it back up and taking off towards his home, where the silence of the forest awaited him.

    Ralis took the harmony of the woods over the bustle of the city for two reasons: His father and his father before him.
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    Image by ~Vanilla~Firefly (Deviantart)

    Name: Dove
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Appearance: Rather small, about 5'4” 130lbs, wide hips, small bust and waist. Blonde hair and dark blue eyes, freckles and milky skin.
    Personality: Extremely shy and reserved, Dove does not enjoy talking to people or in large groups. She is very docile and submissive. The only time she will raise her voice is when something or someone she loves is in danger or hurt. Other than that, she generally tends to keep to herself.
    Background: Dove's parents and two brothers were killed by the King and his warriors when she was very young; they had failed to pay their debts to him and he had sought out their lives when they said they could not pay. The only reason Dove survived was because her birth had not been recorded and her brother had stuffed her into a cupboard when the home had been raided. Ever since, she has been living in the forest, unknown and unnoticed. She has only run across a handful of people and most were too intoxicated to understand that the light-haired girl really existed. Dove takes pride in the little things that she creates out of flowers and vine; she is almost always wearing little blossoms in her hair and speaking to the animals that roam the forest. She makes sure to stay away from the beasts that roam the area, sometimes digging herself a little nook in the ground to sleep. Overall, she free-spirited and shy, enjoying her life in solitude and privacy.

    Dove giggled softly as one the fawns nudged at her shoulder. The creature was sweet, and he and his mother had been following her around for a few weeks now, allowing Dove to see him thrive and grow. Most nights they all curled up underneath a large bush or three, ensuring they were concealed from the woodland predators.
    Leaning down, Dove grabbed a cluster of forget-me-nots from the ground and tucked them into her hair and dress, which consisted of just a thin piece of white cloth.

    She enjoyed their company, as she had been without any family or friends for many years ago. She had been only seven when her entire family - mother, father and two brothers - had been brutally murdered by the King's guards, leaving her alone to roam the forest. Somewhere out there their cabin still sat, but the floor was stained in blood and it brought back too many horrible memories.

    "Oh, how wonderful!" Dove grinned, finding a patch of raspberries nearby. She immediately began to collect them in her dress, and laughed as the fawn began to nibble on a few, as well. She knew that she was getting closer to the kingdom's border, and would have to retreat if she wanted to stay undetected.
  3. The distance between the carriage and the tough stone house was closing just fast enough to keep away the Blacksmith's impatience. He longed to be back by the warmth of the hearth and away from the outdoors. As he passed a cluster of trees, a fleck of bright white caught his eye. It was a double take for Ralis, but his desires for sleep persuaded him to believe it was simply an animal or a large patch of flowering bushes.

    The large, muscular horses with stowed in the smaller side barn, while the carriage was leaned agianst the exterior wall. All boxes had been left were they were, knowing that no one in their right mind would attempt to steal crates full of raw smithing material. At least not from Ralis.

    His home opened up with a breath of fresh stew, waifting in the air and making the mans mouth water. It had been a couple days since he had a nice meal, considering how expensive everything in the town was.
  4. As night began to press down on the kingdom and its people, rain poured from the heavens. At first it was just a soft drizzle, enough to put the little children to sleep soundly in their beds. However, as the stars began to peer out from the darkness and the moon rose, a full stormed blooded. Lightening lit up the sky and Dove's animal friends soon sought refuge in the darkest areas of the forest, where brush covered most of the ground floor. As the air grew darker and colder, Dove shivered and researched for her own spot to rest. Her limbs were aching sorely, and her stomach grumbled for nourishment. She knew that in time she would need to find a rabbit or squirrel, but due to the heavy rain storm, not one could be found.

    She shifted through the forest, the rain water soaked her long blonde hair and causing it to stick to her back and forehead. She slicked it back and pulled her dress away from her body, the thin fabric sticking to her breasts and hip uncomfortably. She kept moving, however, hoping to find an abandoned bear's cave or even just a large pine tree to find refuge under.

    It seemed as though the gods had heard her prayers when Dove began to see light ahead. The warmth of a fire, the scent of smoke blooming out and into the sky. As she approached, Dove realized that it was someone's home... she was led to believe that she was closer to the kingdom than she cared to be, however, all her mind wanted now was shelter. Naturally she wasn't going to hide away in the small, stone cottage, as it was clearly inhabited by whoever lived there. However, she eyed the pile of wood near the house, noting that it was dry and safe looking underneath a small roofed shelter. Dove immediately ran across the front yard, soon fighting herself a safe (and dry) hiding place in between the side of the shed and the wood. By morning she'd be gone, but for now, she was intent on getting warm and some much-needed rest.
  5. The limp, dripping neck of a beheaded chicken hung over the kitchen table, waiting to be plucked and prepared for a glorious morning meal. Ralis was tying up his boots and rubbing the thick fog of sleep from his eyes that he had induldged in the night before. His dreams were more or less non exsistant, but his hunger was obvious. Through the night he had tossed and turned, pressing a growling stomach into the hardened matress of his large framed bed. Even now, the scent of the chicken blood on his apron made his mouth water.

    As he looked around his home, he realized how little it had changed. The gray stone walls were still decorated with his Mothers artwork and dried wreaths, just the way they had been in his childhood. His strong, callosed fingers gripped the large iron handle, pulling the door open with ease. It only took a couple seconds for him to reach the side barn, where he patted his horses and gave them their first serving of hay.

    The morning air was silent, and as Ralis took a moment to survey his land, he inhaled the scent of spring. It was good to be home.
  6. The woodshack had been warmer than Dove had expected as a result she rose after the sun had come up, unlike her, who usually was up before the moon went down. She jolted a bit when she realized where she was, stuck in a small cranny between a pile of wood and the side of the building. She yawned briefly and reached down to readjust her little white dress over herself. Her limbs ached from being crushed into such a small space, but the morning light gave her hope for a bright new day.

    Just as she was about to abandon her little nook and the woodshed all together, Dove heard the sound of someone nearby. She stilled and peaked slowly around the corner, praying to the gods that it was just an animal, here to scour the land for a morning meal. When her eyes fell upon a broad-chested, tall men, coated in a bit of grime, she stilled and her heart began to pound madly. He was a mere couple meters away, tending to the horses, just as broad and strong as he was. Dove searched for a way out, wondering if she could run behind his back and make it to the treeline in time. She bit her lip, watching him. He was impossibly large and could probably out run her with ease. But what was she meant to do? She knew that it was only a matter of time before he passed by, noticing the flash of her white skin and dress amongst the woodpile.

    And so Dove did the only thing she could think of - she braced herself and run straight for the trees, her little feet light against the hard-packed ground and her legs carrying her towards what she prayed would be freedom.