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  1. ((If you're new on Blackout, BEFORE you start, See Plot>>>>>

    "The power is out, I repeat, the power is out! EVERYONE REPORT TO DECK 10! WE HAVE BEEN INVA---------------" The captain's announcement was cut short with a loud scream and choking. Everyone panicked, pushing towards deck 10. There had been rumours flying around that aliens had invaded Earth, that's why they sent everyone up into space ships and banned anyone from returning to Earth. Well, now they'd found us.

    On the deck, 20 minutes earlier....

    "Sir, you should see this."
    "What is that?"
    "The ship from Earth."
    "But...but that's impossible. We're light years from them!"
    "Sir, they're boarding!"
    "Call the captain, tell her we've been invaded!"
    -CRASH- The lights went out. Screams could be heard everywhere. The crew pushed towards the Captain's room; it was engulfed in flames. "CAPTAIN!" the navigator yelled, storming in the room. Everyone waited silently until he came out, the captain struggling beside him.
    "We've got to make an announcement..." She coughed. Everyone nodded, helping her towards the front deck.


    Kate ran up to the front deck's door, the collar of her shirt pulled up over her face. She clicked on her comm. "Can anyone on Front Deck hear me? This is Jae, I'm coming in! Left Back door, hurry!" She said, pulling the cover from the panel of the door-control. She turned on her SGs and scanned the panel. Fried.
    Great, just great...let's see...
    She took a few of the wires and twisted them together, ripping out a few others and typing in 6-4-5-3 in the keypad. There was a bunch of sparks and a horrible screeching and the smell of burnt metal filled the air as the door rose a ft, then stopped. "Are you kidding me!?!?" She yelled, realizing yelling won't help, she went back to work on the panel.
  2. The plane rumbled...rumbling plane? thats not right why would my baby be shaking? She's not afraid of anything. The explosion hit his ears like usain bolt, the ringing filling up his mind for about 2 seconds before he realized what happened. Something that big must of destroyed something, He looks back over his shoulder seeing everyone rushing and moving. He was on his back, he couldn't realize were he was when the explosion hit it just knocked him down and he didn't even notice. " Get up Fonz GET UP! " some man grabbed his arm and lifted him up off the floor. Fonz nodded and then pushed off him rushing towards the Stairs, He lept up them in a quick movement not slowing his pace for anyone in his way. He put two fingers to his ears and said " This is Senior Airmen Fonz whats are situation on the captain! anyone! " He continued rushing towards the captain room his pistol drawn from its holster, He was holding it down low as if to stop someone from grabbing it. His hand wrapped around the other hand to help keep focus for quick fire incase of an enemy boarding. He was hoping to meet up with a few friends on the way to the captains deck.
  3. Kate practically jumped as Fonz's voice came through her comm. "This is Jae, Captain and top crew are trapped on the front deck. I'm at the Left Back door, breaking in. The keypad is fried-" She paused, silently cursing as the wires sparked, singing her hand, "and they aren't responding very well. No reports on the inside. Be careful on your way, several locations are burning, thick smoke." She stopped as the door screamed, pulling up another foot, releasing tons of smoke into the hallway, sending Kate into a coughing fit.
  4. This was making him sick.
    The constant trembling of the space craft had forced Elias's red cheeks into a faint green.

    He was just happily making a deposit into the weird potty hole, having a jolly good time reliving himself. Then all of a sudden, crashes and bangs, screams of all kinds had turned his normal task into a nightmare. How could he take a decent piss with all this noise? What was going on anyway? Elias looked down at himself, his 'person' still transferring the urine. He hated being left behind. Maybe it was an event of some kind.
    He was proven wrong as the ship started to sway and shiver. There had to be something wrong now, and his toes curled in his heavy boots with concern. Elias felt himself grab onto another urinal handle, compelling it to flush by the force of his hand. Travelling into the mind of the brunette, he grasped onto a simple thought. He was going to vomit right there. He put this on every little star that has ever existed. Elias was going to blow chunks.

    Maybe it wasn't a good idea to consume so much food and drinks.
  5. Rafael got up from his bed almost instantly as he heard explosions coming from on board the ship. What the hell is going on. He thought to himself. Still surprised from the explosion, he walked towards the Mess Hall to see what was going on. As he was walking, he saw several of the other soldiers running towards the Front Deck. He stopped one of the running soldiers and asked,"What was happening?" The soldier replied in a slightly worried voice, "We're being invaded, our squad is just being ordered to rush to the front deck and hold off the aliens." After the soldier was finished speaking, the soldiers moved towards the Mess Hall to get to the Front Deck. "Did you here that?" the soldier taking point said. Not long after saying that, the steel door separating the Mess Hall and the hallway they was in blew open releasing the heavy smoke that was trapped in the smoldering kitchen. Out of the doorway came three heavily armed aliens who completely demolished the Mess Hall. The smoke clouded their vision making it difficult for them to see the soldiers. As they were still disoriented, the squad of soldiers, along with Rafael took a different route away from the Mess Hall and continued towards the front deck.
  6. He was still rushing towards the front and lept over a body laying on the floor, He had no time for this. He skidded around the corner and was instantly blown back by an explosion of a doorway, His back slams against the wall and he slides down it with a grunt. Looking up and noticing his pistol was thrown to his far left, He let a small sigh go until he heard a large footstep step through the doorway and smoke. He looks up at the creature walking towards him, He stands up slowly and dust's himself off. " Alright fuck head Soobshchite ob etom " The alien rushed at the boy who was obviously smaller than him, He smirked as it got closer and closer to him. He then leapt at the creature with his hands outwards, The alien grasped his hands and began pushing him back trying to slam him into the wall. As they reached the wall, Fonz feet planted on the wall and he began crouching down as the alien pushed him further and further. " Good you are as stupid as you are big " His left hand slipped out the creatures hand and pulled the knife strapped to his leg and thrusted it forward while Fonz pushed off the wall, Sending the creature towards the floor. The knife thrusted deep inside the creature, he twisted it and the creature let out a shrill screech. He pulled the pistol from the floor and fired rounds off into its head causing the screeching to stop. " Otdykh v mire " He pulled the knife from the creature and climbed up off him, Markov wasn't any ordinary pilot he was special trained. He brushed himself off and sheathed his knife again and began holding his ribs as he made his way towards the front deck, He slid his hand along the wall while holding his pistol. He tripped out the doorway into the main area were he could see fighting and bullets and screaming, is eyes scanning everything. This wasn't right
    this wasn't ordinary how did they find them.
  7. Kate spun around as the kitchen exploded. She hit the door, barely missing a ton of metal flying into the Front Deck door, creating a large dent. She grabbed a pistol from her belt and shot a few rounds, still trying to fix the door. "Come on stupid thing!" She hit it with her fist and it started back up, but stopped when it hit the dent. "Greaaaat." She muttered. It had only opened about 3 1/2 feet, not good for transporting injured. She spoke into her comm. "Hey, the door's open enough for entry, any soldier within location of the left back front deck door get here ASAP." As she finished she rolled under the door, trying to see through the smoke and almost running into one of the aliens. She popped it in the head with one shot, then looked around for the captain. There were flames and smoke and aliens, not the best thing. Where the heck did they come from?!?!?! She asked herself as she stayed near the wall, ignoring the aliens until she found anyone. They didn't seem to be able to see her unless she was within 10 feet of them.
  8. After a while, the smoke eventually become too heavy to resist and the soldiers retreated to the Armory that was a few doors down from their location. " Arm up, hold position, and wait for new orders!" the commanding officer leading the squad said with a harsh tone. Looking around, there were many strong weapons ranging from assault rifles to automatic shotguns. Many of the soldiers took the biggest guns they could get their hands on except Rafael. Unlike everyone else, Rafael took the XM-25 grenade launcher that seemed to have not have been used for ages. It's bulky size and terrible accuracy made it horrible to use in a combat emergency. As he was picking up the gun, one of the soldiers saw and asked him, "Why are you taking that gun? There are better ones around that you could use."He replied, "This one feels better." After a few minutes, one of the soldiers insisted that someone should go outside to check if the hallway was clear. "I'll do it." One of the soldiers said enthusiastically. It was clear that he wanted to test how much damage he could deal with his new gun. After opening the door and taking his first step outside the armory, his head was ripped off by an alien. "Kill it!" A panicking soldier yelled. The soldiers took it down in less than a minute. However, several more aliens nearby heard the gunfire and started coming for the soldiers. It didn't take long for the aliens to reach them. A ferocious gunfight followed. During the gunfight, the intercom crackled to life. However, the noise coming from the fight blocked out parts of the message coming through to intercom. All the soldiers heard was "Hey, the ....... for entry, any sold........ back front deck door......."
  9. She glanced over as some of the intruders started out of the open door. She followed slightly behind them, hearing gunshots she paused, waiting until the intruders rounded the corner before continuing following. She came across several soldiers and a whole group of intruders. She fired several shots, most of her shots hitting soft spots causing them to collapse. she took three steps back as a few turned around. "Everything okay?" She tried to yell to the soldiers over all the noise. She knew the longer it took to get these guys out, the longer it took to rescue the others and the Captain.
  10. After the fighting died down, the soldiers came back to their senses. "Who took down the aliens?" The shocked squad leader asked. After some of the smoke cleared out, they saw a pretty young girl holding two pistols in each hand. "Thanks a lot, it would have been much worse if you haven't came." Rafael said with a smirk. After a small break, the squad leader ordered his squad to start moving towards the Front Deck to help hold back the invading aliens. Before he left, he offered his thanks and gratitude to Kate and Rafael before moving out. Rafael then turned to Kate, "What are our orders?" he asked.
  11. "Well, Captain said to evac everyone to Deck 10, but the her and the crew were attacked on the front deck, and I've got the door jammed, but open enough for entry. I'm trying to get to" She paused as the ship shook again at another impact. "to them. umm..I've got to get in there.." She turned and started towards the door, a fretful look on her face as twice the smoke started pouring from the door. She ran into the room across and grabbed a mask, then walked over to the door, seeing if it was sure to stay open.
  12. Once they reached the door, it was closed shut, the controls weren't working. Oh yeah, I have a grenade launcher. Rafael thought to himself. He backed away, aimed the barrel towards the door and yelled, "Fire in the hole!." He was pushed several feet back from the explosion. Once he stood up, he noticed that blood was dripping from his face. Some of the rubble cut him during the explosion. "I guess I need to be patched up." he said while wiping his face with his scarf. After the cloud of smoke cleared out, there was a gaping hole in the doorway that they could go through. "Lets go." he said moving through the hole.
  13. Kate paused, reaching over to grab a rifle off of the wall and strapped it carefully to her belt before going in, scanning the room once more for any human.
  14. Rafael took out his Colt and looked around the room. "Looks like no one is here." He tells Kate. After thoroughly searching the room, Rafael moved to the next door. "Hold on for a bit." He said quietly. He opened the door slightly to check if there was anyone or anything nearby. "One alien to the left and two on the right, how are we going to get past them?" he quietly whispered. However, the sounds of gunfire erupted from a nearby hallway which made the aliens move away. Once the aliens were clear out of view, they moved onto the Front Deck.
  15. Kate sighed, turning up her comm to look for people. "Captain, if you read, please respond." She made her way across the room, finding the intercom, she paused. "Guys! She was over here...There's blood, she must have gotten injured during her annoucement." She picked up the intercom reciever, and as she spoke, she could her her own voice echo around the ship. "Everyone, report to deck 10, any human on board, report to Deck 10. Thank you." She turned, looking at the trail of blood. She felt her stomach churn. Like before... she thought before starting to follow the trail.
  16. The blood trail led to a closed door leading to one of the maintenance rooms. Rafael brought up his revolver and pointed it at the door waiting for something to jump out and attack him. After a few minutes of uneventful silence, he decided to open the door to see what the blood trail was from. He saw the captain on the floor next to a group of dead aliens. It looked like the captain had some trouble with these aliens. He had a huge gash on his right leg. Rafael first checked if he was alive by checking on his pulse. "Good, she's still alive." He sighed. He ripped the sleeve on his white shirt and used it as a makeshift bandage. Then he tied the cloth to his wound using the shoelaces on his boots. "This should prevent too much bleeding." He said as he was tightening the bandage.
  17. He had gone off the charts after his confrontation with the aliens, he was staggering down the hallway following a blood trail. He tripped up abit and fell around a corner and saw someone something crouching in front of the captain, he shouted " HEY! YOU BEAST GET AWAY FROM THE CAPTAIN! " he lifted his pistol up slowly not knowing what was near the captain but all he could see was shuffling and the captain being touched. He couldn't lift the pistol but he felt like he could, He scoffed and said " Ill give ya three seconds before i blow your brains out " His sentence came off in a weird rumble as if he was doing his best to remain conscious. He slowly began bringing his body up off the ground from being disoriented by the aliens and the smoke that kept blasting in his face, He heard the intercom of someone shouting but all he got was " " the words were jumbled up in his mind and just couldn't match them together but he had been following this blood trail for a while now.
  18. Rushing to the captain, she winced. "She's been hit pretty hard, we've got to get her out of here." Nodding to Rafael, she turned, almost tripping over the soldier hidden in the smoke. She reached down to help him up. "Are, are you okay?" She pulled him to his feet, letting him lean against her so he wouldn't fall back down. "Ready Judgement?"
  19. "Yea, I'm done patching her up." Rafael said looking down at the injured captain. Right before he was about to lift the captain up, he heard some footsteps coming from nearby. "I guess we're not alone yet." He said as he readied his revolver. The footsteps he heard sounded heavy and slow. Something huge was coming towards them, probably following the blood trail to see what it leads to. "Get ready." Rafael whispered.
  20. Kate nodded, pulling out the rifle with her free hand and scanning the area with her SGs. She noticed that the aliens had sort of cleared out of the room, probably searching the ship, but a few seemed to be heading straight towards us. She took a deep breath. "There's at least three heading our way, meaning we might not be in the safest of positions as of now." She was talking about the two injured and the fact that if all three came at them at once, they'd be cornered. "One is coming from the left, the other two from the right..." She paused as her SGs sent out another scan. "Other than that, I think the others went to flush out the ship..." a hint of annoyance was in her voice for an unknown reason.