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  1. "The power is out, I repeat, the power is out! EVERYONE REPORT TO DECK 10! WE HAVE BEEN INVA---------------" The captain's announcement was cut short with a loud scream and choking. Everyone panicked, pushing towards deck 10. There had been rumours flying around that aliens had invaded Earth, that's why they sent everyone up into space ships and banned anyone from returning to Earth. Well, now they'd found us.

    On the deck, 20 minutes earlier....

    "Sir, you should see this."
    "What is that?"
    "The ship from Earth."
    "But...but that's impossible. We're light years from them!"
    "Sir, they're boarding!"
    "Call the captain, tell her we've been invaded!"
    -CRASH- The lights went out. Screams could be heard everywhere. The crew pushed towards the Captain's room; it was engulfed in flames. "CAPTAIN!" the navigator yelled, storming in the room. Everyone waited silently until he came out, the captain struggling beside him.
    "We've got to make an announcement..." She coughed. Everyone nodded, helping her towards the front deck.

    Character forms:

    Code name-


    There a I've already started for anyone to take and fill in the missing blanks:

    Name- Jake (blank last name)
    Code name- Ace
    Age- (blank)
    Appearance- (blank)
    Personality- (blank)
    Location- Front Deck
    Objective- Get out of there with the rest of the crew

    Here's my character form-

    Name- Kate Rasti
    Code name- Jae
    Age- 16
    Appearance- Jet black hair, deep navy blue eyes, 5'6'', usually wears a black t-shirt with black half-finger gloves and black jeans with black boots. She wears black spec-glasses (called SGs) that track a target, aim, run scans, and identify things
    Personality- Brave, loyal, sneaky, athletic, intelligent in mechanics
    Location-Outside Front Deck
    Objective- Get to Front Deck to help the crew and captain

    IC thread:

    Anyone is welcome to join!
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  2. Totally going to use Fonz for this lol
  3. Name- Markov Brochivek

    Code name- Fonz/Zulu-131

    Age- 18

    Appearance- he wore a Army Kevlar vest, a black shirt under that that said Death is only permanent, His pants were black cargo pants with extra pockets. He wore a black cap backward keeping his Crimson hair out of his eyes but it hung out the edges and back easily, He had black finger less gloves and a combat knife on his right arm that was strapped in. He had a tooth pick strategically placed in the left side of his mouth and he wore Black Puma running shoes, He had aviator glasses that hung from the dog tags around his neck. One said his code name"Fonz" and the other was his real name "Markov Brochivek" He also had one more that was red it was his friends nickname "Kilo" with his name under it " Liam Malchov". He had a Model M&P15 MOE Mid MAGPUL Spec Series rifle on his back, and a Model SW1911 pistol on his right leg

    Personality- Calm, Funny, Nice, Caring, Courageous

    Location- Aircraft hanger with his plane

    Objective- Get to the captain and then fight for the ships saftey
  4. Awesome! Welcome to the Blackout!
  5. I'll take Shadow
  6. Name-Nayk milankovitch
    Code name- Shadow
    Age- 26
    Appearance- [​IMG]
    Personality- soldier..carries out orders to the best of his capabilities
    Location- Front Deck
    Objective- Hold off the aliens
  7. Name- Rafael Broscov

    Code Name- Judgement

    Age- 24

    Appearance- Rafael is "5/5" and was an average build compared to others in his age group. He has blue eyes and blonde hair and always wore a gray scarf that always covered his face. He usually wears a Standard Issue Modular Vest with a white tee underneath.On his vest is a name tag that said Corporal Broscov next to several awards that he recieved before. He also wore black jeans with black combat boots. Rafael always brought with him his .45 Colt which was strapped to his right leg and his combat knife that he held in his left. He also carried a XM25 Sniper Rifle on his back.

    Personality- Quiet, Friendly, Brave, and Quick to Act

    Location- Barracks located in the West Deck

    Objective- Move to Front Deck to Assist Defending Soldiers
  8. Cool! Still accepting?
  9. yep, I am still accepting XxStacyxX =) And great character form Lyle, Welcome to Blackout.
  10. Name- Emily Row
    Code name- Sky
    Age- 17
    Appearance- 1332551636_3322_full.jpg
    Personality- calm and level headed but aggressive when the opportunity arrives.
    Location- Front Deck
    Objective- Find the Captain
  11. |Name|~
    Elias Warren

    |Code Name|~

    Twenty five

    Elias, or 'Loopy' is a short and pudgy male. Has shoulder length brown hair, that is wild and cannot be tamed. His eyes are a weak gray with long thin eyelashes. His lips are very red and full. He usually has a goofy smile on his face, and the sides of his eyes crinkle. Has large ears that stick out of the mess on that hair, and has small side burns.
    Loopy still has baby fat, and usually resembles a infant. His fingers are skinny compared to the rest of his body, with small feet and small hands. He stands at a rough 5'7 and is still growing. Elias has a mole on the back of his neck, but doesn't show it, and had tattooed a small star in between his soft shoulder blades. Loopy has a bit of an up turned nose, and a strong jaw line.

    Loopy, or Elias is as goofy as his appearance. Usually running around, being nosy and helping out others, he seems to be a carefree, lovable boy. He is very forgiving and inviting to his comrades. Loopy tends to be easily jealous or attached to very weird things, and he won't bother you if you don't want him to. He loves to be loved, and if you don't love him, he will annoy you ten times more until you are fond of him and is nature. Elias is not near gullible, but can be over-dramatic and too curious for his own good. He tries to avoid being seen as 'naive'.

    Men's Laboratory at the lower east wing.

    To not die while on the toilet. And find the others.
    - - - ~~~ Editing some of Elias, I was in a rush when I made this. - - -
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  12. Welcome to the Blackout, XxStacyxX and Tattoo!

    I'm going to start the thread, but it is still open for new people. =) I'll post the link once I get it up and running
  13. Name- Alias
    Code name- "Fly"
    Age- 14
    Appearance- Refer to pic, except with armor on.
    Personality- Helpful and smart, but can sometimes overplan.
    Location- Back deck

    Objective- Even though he's obviously the youngest one, he plans to be the strongest one there.
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  15. (This is a work in progress CS if this is still takin applications, I want to get him outlined at least first before I iron it all out when i get some time)

    Name: Blank for the Moment

    Codename: Scrap

    Age: 15

    Appearance: Scrap is a somewhat lanky young man who stands at about 5'9" and weighs about 132lbs. He has a muscular structure but it is not built like bricks nor does he look malnourished, just skinny. He has brown hair, discheveled and reaching to his just above his shoulders, green eyes with a soft yellow ring interrupting it halfway with green returning to meet the pupil. He wears thick rimmed glasses with black plastic forming the rims. His skin is pale the kind of pale of somewhat who almost never sees the light of the sun when not reflected off of the moon's surface.

    Personality: Somewhat quiet, but he's a smartass, and somewhat uninterested in people.

    Location: Mobile R&D

    Objective: Scrap: "To be the very best like no one ever was" He snidely remarked, "No, I'm here to make new tech."

    Job Description: He is a genius with applied technologies, he can build complex machines from boxes of scrap, hence his namesake, though sometimes, because of substandard building materials his creations break, never worked to begin with, or work for a short amount of time. "Ya'know you get me some real stuff I could build something that works ya jackass...."
  16. Awesome, and it's fine. Characters take time to develop =) Welcome to the Blackout
  17. Name- Herald. Herald Jackson.
    Code name- Mecha
    Age- Twenty - Five
    Appearance- [​IMG]
    Personality- Herald is self centered. He was his top priority. Other than that he was mostly a douche-bag and quite the opposite of empathic.
    Location- Brig. He had been imprisoned for beating the shit out of Captain because the Captain called him a worthless piece of shit.
    Objective- Find the Captain, kill the Captain and anyone else who defends the asshole.
  18. Interesting character twist there Mr. Iron men and Saints. Welcome to the Blackout...Warning though, you're not allowed to actually kill anyone unless they give the Aokay.
  19. Of course. That is always understood. I think Herald will have something that will stop him from murdering the only people who know what to do, that thing will start with an A and end in liens