Blackmail -MxM- Request

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  1. Storyline- Your the kid everyone watches out for, you see, you usually have all the cards... And you ALWAYS, get what you want. Well, this time, you have your eyes set on one cute little innocent boy in particular.. But you can't get any dirt on him to submit to you, That is.. Until you find out one activity he participates in... He loves to cross-dress, how will you plan to hold it over his head?


    1) I am looking for a dominant rp partner!

    2) 1-3 paragraphs, I do not do one liners. Also this is in third person!

    3) This will take place in the libertine threads.

    4) I am fine with mpreg, as well as rape in this rp.

    5) I don't mind anime/realistic/asian/celebrity pictures!

    6) comment below or pm me if interested! ^.^
  2. Still open! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.