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  1. Justin sat, clicking away on his laptop- typing up the latest report. Only one whore devoured this time to keep his partners health in check-- and they took down a couple of nasty little demons. Malicious paintings that liked to come out of their frames at night. It had been messy-- but less so than it would have been had they not taken care of it.

    "Kristopher," the exorcist glanced over his shoulder, "About how many hours would you say it took us to finish this job?" he asked. "Seven?"

    He paused in his clicking to get an answer from his friend. They had worked along side one another for the better part of six years now. In that time, he'd never seen the vampire over indulge-- he took what he needed. Partly, he assumed, because he knew if he ever did get out of hand, Justin would take him out. In the same way-- any vampire assignments that came their way, Justin would always allow the killing blow to be dished out by Kristopher. It was an odd, but working relationship between the two.

    He turned back to his computer when it 'ping'ed indignantly at him for accidentally holding down the space bar. "Hm... Stupid thing." Justin muttered, backspacing to enter in their time. Though the two were an unorthodox pair, their work was second to none. They had taken out everything from poltergeists to hell hounds. And yet-- Justin still lost every-time he stepped up against technology. The computer buzzed and the screen flickered before turning blue.

    "Damn it! Really? I almost finished that report too." He swore, slamming the laptop shut. He sighed in frustration, turning once more to face his red eyed friend. "So, drinks?" He asked, standing up, grabbing his coat.

    They were in Germany tonight, and Justin for one would rather spend the rest of the evening with a beer in hand, as opposed to wrestling with the laptop some more. The hotel room they were in was drab and dark, with black out curtains hanging from the windows to keep out the morning sun.

    He wore a belt with a gun, a few flasks of holy water, and a small pocket bible-- two silver knives in each boot and a second gun on a simple latch on holster next to the first. He had a wiry frame, quick build that lacked sheer muscle-- but made up for it in stamina. He would leave the face bashing to his friend while he would work form a distance.
  2. "Six and a half, actually. Record time on that last one, I'll hand it to you, you've got a good aim, sometimes." The vampire chuckled, his features adding to the stark reminder of his form, light yet gruesomely festered, to a degree. His red eyes glowed in the half dark, while he stood near the open window and lit up a rather expensive cigar. He truly didn't need such a thing, but in his human life, he did at least have something to remember, his love for the smoke.

    Kristopher had been a vampire now for many decades, only meeting his human companion around six years prior. The two got along fairly well, having each other's backs while the fighting ensued - for the church, no less. The vampire was irritated at that, working for those who would love to see him burn, yet he found it ironically funny that he was the one doing most of the heavy lifting, though that was due to his supernatural strength. If there was one thing he could vouch for, it would be his ability to lift, push and pull any form of matter, well, most forms.

    He soon walked back over, the cigar lit fully, as he looked at the laptop. "Back in my day, these things didn't even exist. You had to send a message via pigeon, or tap it in as morse code. Better yet, find the damn person and tell them! You young'uns have it easy, but it seems even you have difficulties with your time." His red eyes focused on the now blue creep, before it was slammed shut, a whaff of smoke blowing about due to it.

    The vampire had been considered old fashioned for quite a while, but his tastes had never been better when the drinks were involved. "Oh? I don't mind if I do... Though, I've heard that there's been a few scuffles around the bars locally - you sure you want to go out there, mingling with your human friends?" Kristopher considered every last human to be a friend of Justin's, which wasn't at all true, especially when the exorcist had just carved their hearts out for being devil worshippers.
  3. "Why not? They make good beer." He pointed out, pulling his coat on. It was November-- cold out in the mountains of Germany. It would keep him warm. It was also a convenient way to cover up his weapons. "Besides, I could use a good tumble to burn off some energy. Who knows-- we might find one of your friends while we're out."

    Of course, he knew Kristopher was, well, less than personable with many other night going creatures. He was a predator. By nature-- it made others wary around him, and very few were willing to make eye contact with him, much less hold a conversation to be friends. However, the lobby of the bantering wasn't lost on the older man. Justin saw most other humans as blank faces. He rarely bothered to recall names and distinguishing details, simply classifying most people as 'heathen', 'idiot', 'victim', 'goodguy', 'threat' or some mix of the words.

    "Come on. My treat." He insisted, stepping out into the hallway.

    Justin was an odd man. He gave off the happy-go-lucky air of a child despite the line of work he chose. He killed on a regular basis, saw things that would drive most men mad, and never complained. Then again, perhaps he was slightly mad already. It would explain his ability to carry on and work with a vampire at least.
  4. "You've always had that sense of humour, it's kind of why I'm still here with you." The vampire chuckled, before he put on a coat of his own, to blend in more than anything, before he walked along with his friend for that night. The way the air within the hallway stagnated due to Kristopher's mere presence was enough to make one wonder, just how strong this supernatural being really was. Regardless, he chuckled once more, thinking to himself about the night which lay ahead.

    The vampire soon placed his hand upon Justin's shoulder, stopping him for the moment. "Maybe this is my vaguely human side showing, but if feel a little pit in the base of my stomach. Is this what you call a hunch? Because... Something just doesn't sit right, out here on the open. Maybe it's a hunch, maybe it's just me being the brooding darkness that I am." After speaking, he sighed, frowning more or less toward himself. He still remembered how he was before, but it had been so long since he was an honest man of God. Perhaps he missed it.

    "That drink should loosen me up. I've been tense the last few days, to tell you the truth."
  5. Justin considered his friends warning for a moment, frowning as he spoke. "Honestly, I've had that feeling myself." He admitted, running a hand up and down the side of his cheek, a sign of a man trying to deny the truth. "I kind of just hoped it would pass, but if you've got a bad feeling-- the proverbial shit is likely to hit the fan pretty soon." He blinked when his friend shifted the topic back to drinks, grinning at him.

    "Now, this is why I'm friends with you! Come on. If anything shady goes down, there's nothing out there more scary than us." he said with confidence, offering the vampire a bright smile.

    As they walked, Justin's coat pocket began to sing 'Get Through This'. " Yellow." Justin answered the phone without a second thought.

    "Pain. Where is that report?" a woman demanded harshly on the other line.

    "Oh, Edna dear! Pleasure to hear from you too!" He swooned tauntingly. "About the report-- my lap is being disagreeable. We got the baddies though, no worries." He said happily. "Only 6.5 hours to do it to boot!"

    "What do you mean 'disagreeable'! That is the third laptop you've had in two years!" the elderly woman shouted, loud enough for ordinary passerby's to give a sympathetic look as they passed, hearing her shrill voice from a distance away.

    Justin held the phone away form his ear to cover it with his other hand, a feeling akin to chewing on tinfoil running down his spine. "It's fine." he assured the nun on the other end. "Now, what did you need?" he asked, pausing outside of the bar's doorway. He covered the receiver. "Head on in and get a drink, I'll be in in a moment." he suggested to Kristopher.

    Sister Edna was an angry old hag they had been dealing with for the past two years, since her predecessor passed away. While the late woman had supported the idea of Justin and Kristopher working as a team, and enjoyed the results they got, Edna took any and every chance she could to remind Justin of his clerical obligations, and that he was working with a monster he should be hunting, rather than supporting. She was a crazy old woman who was a better shot than most men, and he was pretty sure if she weren't forced by the church to be behind a desk, claiming she was too sickly, she would still be on the front lines fighting.
  6. The vampire's eyebrows rose up, his face becoming even more disfigured than it usually was, but alas he took his friend's insistence. Inside, the bar was fairly civilised, this was the quiet place in town which usually held many regulars, Justin and Kristopher being two of them. The red eyed one claimed to have a skin disease, one which, quoting him, 'fucks up my eyes too. I can still shoot a dime glued to a needle, but I just cannot get these lasses of me!'.

    He seated himself down, his taller frame enough to... Give some of the trouble makers a bit of a slap to the face. Not literal, but it might as well been, as their faces soured at the sight. Kristopher was never going to be a pretty vampire princess, but what he lacked in appearance, he gained in sheer charisma.

    "Penelopé! Darling! It's so good to see you around these parts." He often commented in such a way, though every time they had been there, the older woman had been there to serve up some of the finest drinks in town. Kris was definitely used to it, and due to the woman's age, he couldn't possibly cause her to be infatuated to the point of literal death.

    "Oh, Kristopher, you sure know how to greet me. Every single time, as if you have contracted dementia~" Though Penelopé wasn't one to dig into his charm. The vampire had no hopes of love, no hopes of even a mildly platonic relationship with a woman, so alas, he simply allowed himself to be free - free of all the chains it brung.

    "Oh, I'm not at that stage of my life yet. Maybe in a few years, maybe." He chuckled somewhat, before he tapped his finger upon the bar. "Justin! You best be off that phone! I've heard they give you brain cancer or some fucked up shit!" Chuckling some more, he coughed lightly and turned back to the woman before him, the natural redhead with cleavage for miles and a stocky frame was to his liking, in terms of all the views in the world. "I'll order the usual, thanks."

    Kristopher always ordered a small glass of spirits, always, and he spoke of how he could never become drunk! This was true enough, considering the only way to get him drunk was to feed him a few young women, their blood made him squirm, even at the thought of such a thing. Whenever he could feast, he got a little excited, as if a child for a present under the tree.
  7. It was only a minute or two before Justin followed him in, sitting down beside him. "Evening 'Nelopy." He greeted, suddenly sounding much less juvenile than usual. "Pint of a dark ale, your choice, love." he said shrugging his coat off. His Southern USA Accent was heavier than usual. "So, once we finish here tonight, I got our tickets to Louisianan." He commented to Kristopher.

    In the years they had worked together, Kristopher had learned relatively very little about his partner. What he did know-- however-- was that he hated Louisianan, France, and lima beans.

    "We're headed to my home town!" Justin said lifting his glass to his friend. "So, bottoms up-- I'mma need the liquid courage for this go round."
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