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  1. -This is definitely a male on male story so I would suggest not to join this unless you are alright with sexual advances by men, and please give the following information below if you wish to join this story, thank you-

    Age(needs to be 18 or older):
    Appearance(picture please):
    "Settle down prisioners! We have some new meat today!" An officer barked as he threw a young man at the crowd full of tough brutes.
    He didnt look like the type of kid that did any crime...he was a cute boy who had deep blue eyes, he was accused for a crime that he didnt do...and this was his price that he shouldnt have to pay.

    Name: Keio Kagome
    Age: 20
    Personality: A smart but shy young man who had spent several hours each day training in martial arts, even though hes not perfect at it yet it might just be enough to fend off the other inmates.
    Picture: image.jpg
  2. Name: Auberon Whilloughs
    Age: 19
    Personality: Stone-faced and dark-eyed, Auberon frequently lies and uses them to mask his own secrets. He's smart, but usually he uses his cunning to get out of trouble.


    Auberon watched from his spot at one of the tables in the commons area as new inmates were brought in. He immediately saw the twink that the guards threw at the larger members of the Crows, the biggest gang in the prison and rolled his eyes. That boy barely looked fifteen, how'd he get here?

    Watching the Crows leer at the boy, he sighed and pushed himself to his feet, strolling towards the group. "Gentlemen," he said, placing a hand on one of the larger men's shoulders, pushing him back slightly. "Please, back off. I'm taking this one." With only a few dirty looks shot his way, the Crows backed off, and soon they were mostly alone, save for the various men still leering at the newcomers. "Get up," he told the boy.

    "What cell're you assigned to?" he asked, not offering to help the kid up.
  3. Keio turned slightly towards to the ruthless gaurd who locked him in, as they laughed and casually walked away.
    The young man had only read about the prison but never actually experienced it before, to make it you had to be tough...make sure nobody knew you actually had a weakness and with that comes gangs.
    "Whats it to you?" The young man spoke, even though he was shaking violently...and trust him it wasnt cold.
    Learnig martial arts and practicing it everyday meant nothing if you werent willing to fight, and he wanted to just mind his own business.
  4. "So I know where to send the Crows to haze you," Auberon answered, not making it clear if he was joking or not. "The guards won't have tatted your number yet, they do that after the first week. So tell me. What cell are you in?" He pushed his glasses up, an old habit of his that he knew he should break.

    "Stop shaking," he said sternly, catching the boy in the corner of his eye. "You look like a fuckin' leaf. That just gives them more to go after." Rolling his eyes, he adjusted his puke-green prison uniform, something in his pockets making a crinkling sound.

    "Fine, don't tell me," he stated, turning from the boy. "The Crows can have you after all," he added, loud enough for the same group of burly men to hear, who hooted at the guy.
  5. The boy walked past him trying to ignore the leader, he had to admit...he was kind of cute...for an ass.
    Some guys walked up to him and pinned him in the corner, "hey baby..." They smirked and tried to touch his cheek but the boy pushed his hand away.
    The brute rammed him into the wall trying to feel him up but Kieo bit his hand hand, making the mans thumb bleed.
    As the guy backed up and ran at him again, Kieo jumped over his back and started punching his back over and over again doing no damage.
    Other men gathered around to view the fight, and one of them shouted "yeah! Go bruce!"
    The cell mate swung at Kieo but the little guy dodged again and headed for the railing.
    Chantin from the Crows continued as the two fought, Kieo slammed Bruces head on the railing after tking a few brutal pumches in the stomach and made the guy back up before he kept punching him in the stomach then grabbed his head using both his weight and Bruces against him making the big guy fall on his head.
    The huge man didnt move and everyone stopped cheering, surprised that of the biggest guys in the Crows got defeated by a little guy, the members all turned to the leader.
  6. Auberon was heading towards one of the auxiliary hallways when he heard commotion from the commons area. Turning, he watched the kid fight off Bruce, even as some of the guards tried to pull them off each other. Then, moments later, Bruce was on the floor, unconscious. The guards grabbed the both of them, pulling the two away, Bruce towards the infirmary, the boy towards solitary, probably.

    Stepping forward, Auberon told the guard, "Wait." In a doorway, he saw the director of the prison standing, and subtly nodded towards him, who then spoke up.

    "Sergeant Newman, let the inmate go."

    "But, sir!"

    "Do as I say. Let him go." Eventually, the guard conceded, and let the boy go. The guards returned to their posts and Auberon stepped towards the fresh meat, again pushing his glasses up. "You've made yourself a mess of enemies now. What cell are you in?" he asked again.
  7. The boy gasped when the man was in charge of the gaurds, who and what was this man? Right now though, it didnt matter...even if he was a jerk this guy was right...he was in a mess of trouble even if he was just defending himself.
    Having no choice at this point he sighed and took a deep breath, " leave me alone..." He said and walked to his cell, he was going to die here unless he planned an escape...and soon.
    As the kid sat on his bed, he heard the commotion from the other inmates...and the recent fight.
  8. The very next day the boys were let out to shower, not all at once though but in different sections and it turns out that the leader of the Crows and Kieo were in the same group as it was their turn to take a shower.
    As Kieo walked in he saw two men in the samw stall making love to each other and blushed ferociously, hiding his face in his clothing trying not to look.
    As more and more people walked in they were forced to take showers in front of the other inmates, which was embarassing since he ended up seeing all shapes and sizes of manhoods. As it was his turn to shower he quickly stripped to get it over with but he was hung! Every man stared making whisling noises and complimenting him.
    Trying to ignore them he started soaping himself.
  9. Auberon always liked the showers. Usually, the guards stayed out in the hallways, the showers were always cold, which Auberon loved, and nobody really tried to pick fights in the showers because of one main reason--everyone was naked, and everything was up for grabs, literally. Because of his status, Auberon was able to skip the majority of the line, and soon was stripping out of his jumpsuit and hanging his towel on the hook. Glancing in the stall next to him, he saw the boy from earlier, and let a smirk cross his lips as he saw the monster between his legs.

    Letting out a low whistle, Auberon winked at the boy and stepped into his own stall, turning the water on. He washed himself thoroughly, ignoring the other sounds of the showers and the other inmates. This was one of his only times he could be alone, and he was determined to enjoy it. He washed his hair and his body and made sure that every spot on him was clean, taking as much time as he wanted. He kept his glasses on, too. Even if he had control over much of the prison and its inmates, he didn't trust any of them not to break his glasses, given the chance.

    When he was finished, he walked out of the stall, not ashamed of his body at all. He grabbed his towel and tied it around his waist, grabbing his clothes as he moved out of the way so someone else could shower.
  10. Kieo quickly walked out, almost slipping as he left...blushing and becoming aroused especially when the leader of the Crows winked at him...he after all did like men.
    Rumors got around quickly that Kieo wasnt just an ass kicker, that he was large too! Once in a while men flirted with him as they walked mostly happened in the lunchroom where he sat alone, something which he preferred.

    The young man couldnt stop and think about four eyes staring at him, he wasnt sure why but decided to try to ignore these deep and confusing feelings as he ate.
  11. As other men sat down next to him trying to flirt he got up and threw the rest of his lunch away. The young man walked to his cell and used the top bars on his cell to work out.
    Horny men gathered around, watching him do pull ups shirtless, sweat trickled down his sexy toned body as he continued his routine.
  12. All the while at lunch, Auberon watched the new kid, watched how some of the men tried to flirt with him. When he got up and left, he followed him, and watched him go into cell 518. Standing in the doorway, he smirked as he saw him beginning to exercise. Pushing aside some of the rowdier men, he said to the newcomer, "You've got admirers..."
  13. Kieo dropped and turned to see 14 guys there not including Auberon. With a blush he pointed to the left, "get out of here!" He told the boys standing who all groaned and left.
    Walking over he grabbed his towel and wiped his forehead, "can I help you King Thug?" He asked with an annoyed look.
    The man had to hide the fact that he was starting to like the leader of the Crows, no weaknesses remember?

    "Dont you have people to torment? Guards to boss around?" Kieo sassed as he wiped the sweat from the rest of his body.
  14. "Hmm, I was just enjoying the show," Auberon answered, still smirking. "With a twinky body like yours, you'll need someone to protect you...and I don't boss the guards around. I simply...suggest to them that they do as I want." He pushed his glasses up, shoving his hands into his pockets.

    "Yeah, with a twinky both like yours and what you've got between your legs, if you don't have someone to protect you, you'll get jumped quicker than a frog..."
  15. "If your asking me to join your gang you can forget it...Im pretty sure I can take care of myself, especially after beating big guy back tell me..."
    The young man begin as he walked up to Auberon slowly, "just in case you do end up saying no...that you dont want me to join your gang then why follow me? Why not sacrifice me to your...what was it, Crows?
    Kieo was pracrically inches away from Auberons face, they were nose to nose...and he was waiting for an answer.
  16. "They're not mine," Auberon said plainly. "The Crows just follow me. And I won't sacrifice you to them because they're animals. Twinks deserve things better than them." Like earlier, he winked, an arrogant, self-assured smirk on his face.

    "Look," he finally said, "you don't survive in this prison by yourself. When shit gets too much for you here, I'm in cell 348."
  17. Kieo blushed furiously and pressed a pillow against his lap, bringing it with him just in case he had gotten hard again, how could he even believe one word he says? Hes a real prisoner unlike him! He was sent here because he was set up but he...he was most likely sent here for a really bad crime...

    The fact that this man before him was so gorgeous looking pissed him off even more! His heart pounded as he had gotten another smile from him.
    "I will be fine, thanks..." He said, turning away.

    Valentines day was a week later and while some absolutely hated it, others were trying to find someone so they wouldnt be alone on that day.

    Kieo watched as many men proposed to Auberon to be his prison bitch, what a stupid would probably just be him and his hand on that day anyway.

    Kieo pretended to eat his lunch every time the leader of the gang glanced in his direction, he wasnt really hungry anyway...

    "H-hey, Kieo..."
    Without the young man looking at the cellmate who was talking to him, he flat out and sternly said "no!"
    It was another proposal for him, no doubt because of his "monster."
    The man walked away grumbling to himself and Kieo, deciding that the mating display towards Auberon was getting annoying thew the rest of his lunch away and headed towards his cell to work out.
  18. When Valentine's Day came, Auberon sat mostly by himself, but there was practically a line of men who were trying to gain his favor and hopefully join him that night. They would bring him things, like muffins from the mess hall, things from care packages that their families had sent them, and even chocolate from the commissary. He told them all the same thing: "Right, well, if I decide to sleep with you, I'll come to your cell tonight."

    Occasionally, he would glance over at the kid, and he even laughed as he saw him yell at his cellmate and storm out. He stood and followed him, wanting to tease him some more. He found him in his cell and stuck his hand in his pocket. "Want a smoke?" he asked, pulling out a package of cigarettes. "I know a door that opens into the yard we could go out of."
  19. "I dont smoke, but sure why not..."
    The young man walked with the inmate towards the door to the back, the fine sunny afternoon had an amazing grassy green smell as the small breeze blew through Kieos face and hair.
    The young man almost had forgotten what fresh air smelled of as he stood outside.
  20. Auberon led the kid out into the small porch that he knew the guards didn't watch as closely. Once the door was shut behind them, he took out his cigarettes and handed one to the other male. Taking out a small book of matches, he lit one and held the flame to the end of his cigarette. Once it was lit, he struck a match for the other male and helped him light his cigarette.

    Taking a drag from his own, he blew smoke into the air, his dark eyes gazing out at the high barbed wire fence that enclosed the prison. "What's your name?" he asked the other male. "And what're you in for?"