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  1. You were simply walking home when you were approached by a strange man. He asked if you've ever heard of Black Wood Hill Mental Asylum. When you replied with a no he seems to try to hide a smile as he wonders if you'll be interested in some easy money to which you agree. He tells you that he was a psychiatrist at the now closed down mental lab and he needed the files on it's last occupants. You doubt the creditability of this man but when he offers you thirty thousand dollars you simply can't refuse, excepting the map he gives you along with advice of bringing a weapon of some kind. "For wild animals. You know."

    This is a horror RP that will play out like Alien Isolation, as in me, the GM, will play as a deadly force hunting for you as the RP goes on. As well as some less powerful entities that still pose a threat. Stealth is key for not getting your face eaten in some horrible way.


    Appearance and Attire:
    (Picture or description)

    Weapon(If any):



    No Godmodding
    No sexual content or nudity. (Light romances are fine.)
    Posts should be at least 5 sentences
    Please end your post when your character enters a new room.
    Have fun!
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  2. Name: Jiro Tsukino

    Age: 29

    Appearance and Attire (open)

    Weapon: Jiro has gotten into the habit of carrying a a pocket knife in his inside jacket pocket for quite awhile. The knife is a Griptillian. When he heard the "psychiatrist" say that he might require a weapon, his hand immediately jumped to his pocket, but upon further thinking, he decided he might need something else. If he was going to infiltrate a shut-down building he was going to need something else. Before setting of he grabbed a black crowbar out of the garage.
    Griptillian (open)

    Personality: Once a person who frequently laughed and joked, Jiro now only infrequently gives out smiles. He is a man who does what needs to be done in order to survive. Not a cruel person by heart, but he is quite capable of doing what others would pale at if he's pushed into a corner.
    He bluffs when he feels inadequate and tries to stay out of the lime light where possible.

    Bio: The second son of a housewife and businessman, Jiro was never short of the necessities in life. They lived in an average suburban home and he, unlike his older brother, had average school marks to match. His brother was always an over achiever, leaving quite a large shadow in which Jiro was hidden. One bad choice led to another in his high school life. He broke in a few houses and even stole the odd car, all in the hopes of garnering some attention.

    None of it helped though so he even mixed with some of the wrong people. In some way, not even he can remember how, he was employed by a loan-shark. One of the shady types that would make sure the people who didn't pay back what they owed, had a little time to rethink the decision in a hospital bed. Somewhere along the way there came a bit of a slip up. He was with another enforcer, one that was known for his temper. The two of them were sent to collect on a substantial debt.

    Suffice to say, circumstances prevented the debt from being payable by the person they were sent to harass. This wasn't an excuse for their boss though. The debt shifted to the enforcer, with a time limit in place. Once that time limit had been reached, only about a third of the debt was paid and the enforcer suffered the same state of being as the previously indebted man.

    Now Jiro was stuck with it. He needed money, so when the strange man approached him, with an equally strange proposition, he jumped at the chance. No questions asked.
  3. Very good!
  4. Bios:

    William Winchester


    Appearance and Attire:

    Appearance and Attire (open)

    Weapon(If any):
    An old fashioned barber's blade passed down through his families generation. It was kind of a last minute decision as he had just found the perfectly preserved antique from his grandfather's attic the day before and brought it along more as a joke then actual protection. He was skeptical that anything bigger or more dangerous than a skunk would be able to travel through those long forgotten halls.

    A bit on the practical and cynical side, Marshall is the type to believe that if you want something done then you've got to work hard for it. Despite being a realist, he is also naturally ambitious. It might seem like a slightly odd combination but surprisingly works out best as he is able to maintain steady and realistic goals.

    Our story begins in the bustling city of Oxford, England where Lillian Smith and Evan Winchester were wed in holy matrimony on July 16th. Despite being complete opposites, Lily being a day dreamer while Evan took a more practical view of life, there was no denying that they irrevocably and undeniably loved each other. It wasn't long before they had their first born son followed by a another and finally ending with a precious little girl. They had both come from very poor backgrounds and started a new life with what little money they're relatives could offer them. It was a tough way of living but with their differences came their similarities and it seems as though they were both naturally brilliant people. They could have both made amazing scientist or lawyers if they only had the money to afford a college education.
    Eventually they did have enough in their savings so they could both attend Oxford but decided against it. They instead continued to raise money in hopes of sending their children to college so that they may be able to do what they couldn't.

    Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is where William finally comes in. He had a relatively trauma free childhood with the occasional mishaps here and there. Being the eldest of the bunch he was responsible for taking care of his two younger siblings, George and Lydia. As a result he became more independent and mature for someone his age.Having a father that was employed as a bank account for a good fourteen years led him into the 'wonderful' world of mathematics. He could form, solve, and actually understand middle school level algebraic equations when he was only in the fourth grade. Coupled with his mother's out of the box methods of solving an equation that would take about five minutes in less than half a minute made him beyond proficient.

    By the time William had gotten into high school it was apparent how intellectually talented he was. He easily received stacks of college applications to which he finally decided to study abroad. New to the country and unemployed, William is aiming to earn enough money to move out his college dorms and into the city where he could easily find a job.
  5. Another wonderful character! Better post mine -_-"
  6. The Map:
    Cells and lobby (Where you'll be starting.)
    Up arrow- Front entrance
    Left arrow- Lab entrance
    1.- DO NOT ENTER.
    2.- Stairs to Medical ward
    3.- File room

    Key: (Ignore white boxes)
    1.- Entrance
    2.- Keycard lock
    3.- Emergency supplies
    4.- DNA sample room
    5.- Generator #1
    6.- Generator #2
    7.- Generator #3
    8.- Medicine testing room
    9.- Emergency armory
    Blue- Flooded

    Medical Ward:
    Key: (Ignore top right)
    Left facing arrow- entrance
    Right facing arrow- balcony

    Note: for 1. in the lobby map the do not enter was put over the real name in red marker. (So do enter! I insist! >:D)
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  7. Enemies:

    Asylum Workers
    Threat level 1-5: 2
    The few living (If you can call it that) employes in Black Wood Hill Asylum. Whatever happened to them is unknown, but they are now devoid of will and emotion. They simply get work done and if one of them dies one will take there place without even cleaning the corpse. They will only attack if they see a future patient out of there cells. Then they will drag the hopefully knocked out body into a empty cell and return to there task at hand.

    Doctor Gregory Himp
    Threat level 1-5: 3.8

    A extremely dedicated medical man who refused to leave the asylum. Unlike the workers he is free minded and often wanders around the building. That said, he is extremely serious about his job and will attack any intruder he meets. He was a boxer before he went into the medical field and in addition to his "medicine box" he carries a cattle prod like weapon for rebellious prisoners


    Mutated patients:

    Threat level 1-5; 4
    The few living patients remaining in the asylum besides Steven. They got trapped inside the labs and due to radiation exposer, mutated into freakish monsters. They hunt for food, never leaving the labs and will eat practically anything.

    Threat level 1-5: 6
    Once upon a time, there was a young man named Steven. Steven was extremely smart for his age and at 7 he was learning at the college level. He loved his family, his daddy and mommy and most of all his sweet little sister Vell. Then Steven's town was attacked by a slave trade. Mommy and Daddy got taken away from there children because they were too young to be useful slaves. So the traders gave them to Black Wood Hill Asylum where insanity is studied. Steven and Vell were put though hundreds of horrible tests every day to make them go crazy. After a year or two Steven realized he was beginning to lose his mind and Vell was in danger of being killed by him. So one day Steven helped his little sister escape but he could not leave. He would not put his sister in danger. So he allowed hisself to be caught and the experiments continued. Finally he succumbed to the voices in his head, and now all he can think is,
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  8. Ok! OCC should be up by tomorrow! I'm sorry it took so long. Heh, ^_^"
  9. got room for 1 more?
  10. Of course!
  11. sweet! ill get my CS up soon
  12. My last post is a perfect example of the examine system: Looking at something closer will yield a better description and possibly something hidden, this is quite important.
  13. Curious if this is still going to continue since there hasn't been a post from Toy
  14. Troy seems to have left the RP. But if @Maid-of-Heart posts her CS we will be able to continue.
  15. Name: Roxanne 'Gogo'

    Age: 17

    Appearance and Attire:

    Weapon(If any): Nail bat

    Personality: she is very shy at first, but will loosen up and become tougher around you.

    Bio: She was abandoned at birth, so she lived on the streets for most of her life, hence the reason for her punkish style and attitude.
  16. Accepted. Let the journey continue!
  17. If Troy returns, we will discuss his resurrection Via PM.
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