Black Wood Hill Acylum

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  1. image.jpg You were simply walking home when you were approached by a strange man. He asked if you've ever heard of Black Wood Hill Mental Asylum. When you replied with a no he seems to try to hide a smile as he asks if you'll be interested in some easy money to which you agree. He tells you that he was a psychiatrist at the now closed down mental lab and he needs the files on it's last occupants. You doubt the creditability of this man but when he offers you thirty thousand dollars you simply can't refuse, excepting the map he gives you along with advice of bringing a weapon of some kind. "For wild animals. You know."
  2. Zzztt! The zipper sat tucked firmly beneath Jiro's chin, the black leather jacket now tightly closed. It warded off the worst cold that the breeze caused. The day seemed foreboding as gray clouds gathered in the sky, a promise of imminent rain. Jiro still didn't know what had possessed him to take the man up on his offer. That was a lie of course. He knew exactly what prompted his frantic quest for money. He knew what would happen if he didn't get the money soon.

    His shoes crunched on the gravel as he approached Black Wood Hill Asylum. The large, stone built building didn't do much to ease the feelings that raged within him. With a shake of his shoulders, he tugged his attention back to the matter at hand. The building didn't entirely look like an insane asylum, not to Jiro. With a bit of sprucing up it might've even been a good estate. He passed by a dead tree and neared the wooden front doors. The man had said that Jiro needed to find some paperwork for him. The question as to why the man hadn't gone through the trouble to fetch his own documents, had since passed through Jiro's mind, but if the doctor wanted to waste his money, who was he to complain. He gave the door a tap with the crowbar he held in his right hand. The wood replied with a thick, solid sound.

    "Still seems sturdy," he muttered, hand reaching out to the door. His hand rested for a moment on the cold iron of the door handle. "In and out and 30k richer," he said as he pushed the door open.
  3. This wasn't exactly the first thing that came William's mind as his first paying 'job' or should I say assignment to earn some money after the big move. Walking down a path of overgrown trees and weeds it occurred to him how rash he had been accepting such a strange task from a complete stranger. The offer had seemed like a miracle then but now it just sounded too good to be true. The instructions were simple: Get in, Get the files, Get out. It all but screamed 'easy money'. But now that he was actually nearing the location of which the old scientist had pointed him towards little curious questions and doubts began creeping up on him. Just as he had been informed, there stood a big abandoned psych ward in all its dilapidated glory. At first William had assumed that it was going to be one big death trap of asbestos and rotting structure frames that would ultimately have him strewn across the ground after falling through loose floorboards. To his surprise it looked far more structurally sound then he had imagined. Though he had learned that outside appearances were always deceiving.

    Squeezing past the rusted security gates William approached the entrance before faltering a step and coming to a complete stand still. Was that a person he saw? Having 20/20 vision there was no reason for him to question his eyesight but he still found it hard to believe that someone was creeping around this less than welcoming place. Perhaps the person was a New Reporter? An extremist perhaps who got a thrill from exploring abandoned buildings? After thinking it over William shook his head and decided that it might be a better idea to ask the person themselves then to start coming up with all these ridiculous theories.

    "Hello!," He called not wanting to alarm the person by unintentionally sneaking up on them. He took a few more steps forward and waited for the other to acknowledge his presence.
  4. image.jpg The wooden door creaks open to reveil a long dilapidated hallway. All but one of the cells that accommodated the walls were open to reveal bloodstained rooms with peeling wight paint. A few large holes dotted the sides as well as a massive portrait leaning on right wall, it's rusted metal frame only just holding the picture together.
    Even the slightest disturbance in the silence echoed though out the halls.
  5. The door, that was only opened a few inches, was summarily pulled shut. Jiro had a slight fright, not expecting someone else to be there. He spun around to face the other man. It had been too much to hope for. Obviously the shrink would ask others to also try and get the files. That likely means he wasn't even the first person here. Someone else could have already entered and stole the big pay-day from under his nose. His knuckles visibly whitened at the thought, but he put a smile on nonetheless. This one wasn't going to get that money.

    "Hello!" he replied with mock enthusiasm. "Here to explore the old ruins too?" He turned so his one shoulder, the one with the crowbar in hand, faced the new arrival, the other facing the door. He awaited a response, but meanwhile opened the door again, flinging it so it swung entirely open. A musty smell permeated from the gaping opening. Not unlike a festering wound. The door's handle hit the wall and the clack echoed throughout the building.
  6. "Not exactly...," William began when the strong scent of decay wafted through the air. He visibly cringed at the rotten smell but firmly stood his ground. It was perfectly normal for decrepit buildings to have some type of odor but he just hadn't expected it to be in likeness of a sewage dump. Clearing his throat he turned back to the other man and took in the stranger's appearance. He seemed friendly enough but the crowbar in his hand suggested otherwise. A sudden realization dawned on him and he thought perhaps this person was looking for the files too. William didn't exactly know if they were supposed to be working together or competing for the thirty grand. It seemed as though it would be the latter but to be completely honest it wasn't as if he was that desperate for the money. Hell, a bit of change so that he could call a taxi back to the university would do.

    Though splitting the money did sound a bit better, whether he gets the bigger or smaller half. Well whatever happens, happens and the fact that he was already standing in front of an abandoned asylum was the 'too-late-to-turn-back' line for him.

    "I'm here to find some files actually"

    Might as well come out with the truth.

    "Are you here for them too?"

    And ask the big question.
  7. Jiro felt a twang of disgust at having his suspicions confirmed. He didn't feel the inclination to let this person know he was there for the files as well. He studied the younger male. His first assumption was that the guy was a student, some rich rich white guy that got into best schools and his choice of university. In fact it was this assumption that made Jiro garner some hate for the stranger. After all it wouldn't be unlike his older brother. A smart, goody-two-shoes.

    "Just urban exploration," he offered as a reply, hoping it would sate the other man's curiosity. "Files? For some, uh... Project?" He asked. He was becoming a bit tense. The idea that someone might've come before them was still prominent in his mind, even though he couldn't hear any sounds emanating from the bowels of the building. He wanted to get in there, maybe he would even be able to find the files before this guy and hide them inside his jacket. Then he wouldn't have to forcefully take the files. He still wasn't entirely sure how some patient documents could be worth so much.

    "If you don't mind. It looks like it's going to rain."

    He waved his hand toward the door, motioning that they should enter before doing so himself. The hall was in a terrible state. Doors stood off hinges and the ground was covered in a layer of dirt. It truly looked abandoned. A stray chair stood off to the left, turned diagonally and appearing to face a portrait. Said portrait was encompassed by a browning metal frame, the insides filled with a picture of a woman.
  8. Engraved below the name of the woman was "Our beloved founder."
  9. As GoGo entered the building, her nail bat swung over her shoulder, she looked to see two more people in front of a painting. She frowns, blowing her auburn bangs out of her face as she fixed her hat and headed over to them. "Yo, you guys too, huh?"
  10. 'She could've been attractive in her younger years and with some skimpier clothing,' Jiro thought as he idly examined the portrait. His eyes strayed to the words engraved at the bottom. Rust was making its way into the grooves. " Doctor Lilith L. Greta. Our beloved founder." He whispered the words, more to himself than to his companion. "She must've been some kinda woman, to build a loony-bin."

    Jiro was about to turn and continue further down the corridor when a sudden voice chirped up. The fact that his companion was male was the real reason for his fright. When the unsolicited feminine voice sprung up just after he examined a creepy old painting of a woman...

    He spun on his heel, turning to face the new arrival. The black crowbar was clenched in his hand, at the ready. Narrow eyes rested on the producer of the voice. A girl, probably half his age if he had to guess, with brownish hair as far as he could determine in the light and from under her hat. She carried a baseball bat. The standard wooden ones that could be procured cheaply from any sports store. The difference is that it had quite a few nails hammered into it. It gave the commonplace bat a formidable appearance.

    "What the fuck?!" He basically yelled, the words echoing through the building. "Who the hell sneaks up on someone in an abandoned building brandishing that!"
  11. Suddenly, a large chunk of the ceiling above collapsed and fell on a unsuspecting William with a loud CRUNCH!
    Broken concrete and rusted steel foundation covered him entirely. The silence that once flowed though the building was broken, and soon replaced by a new silence. A haunting silence, one that brought with it the feeling of a presence looming over the trio now turned duo. The pitter patter of mice feet could be heard.
  12. She laughs at his surprise, gripping her bat as she saw the crowbar in his hand. "Ha! It's so easy to scare people like you, these days! I didn't even make a sound!" she said, then squeaked when the ceiling fell on top of the other guy. Silence filled the halls, and she stared at the block of concrete with wide eyes.
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