Black Wood Academy.

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  1. Hello, -------.
    You have been accepted to Black Wood Academy in -------, -------.
    Your tuition is paid for, and there is a room awaiting you.
    We are a fairly old school, reopening for students as of August 15th.
    You are invited to join us here, free of charge, as soon as you can make it.
    Included in your tuition are the school year fee, breakfast, lunch and dinner fee(s), room and board fee, postage fee and trip fee(s).
    We have looked around the world, trying to find students best fitted to our school, and lucky you, you are one of the few.
    We only accept the best students.
    Along with this letter are directions to the school, and the meeting dates to come and see if you like it.
    You will be required to live here for the school year(s), and thus, you will need to pack well.
    We require a school uniform, which, again, is at no cost to you. You can receive it when you come to meet us and decide to stay.
    Please do not bring any electronics, as we have a phone you may use on certain days.
    Hoping to see you soon,
    Black Wood Academy.

    This is the letter you get in the mail one day, when you know for a fact you never signed up for any school such as this.
    But hey, it's free, right?
    So you decide to give it a chance.
    You find that it's a pretty normal, if not old and a bit strict of a school, and you decide (or your parents do) that you will be here for at least one year.
    You find that after some time though, things are not as they seem in this school, people aren't normal, and dark things lurk in the shadows.
    Can you make it through a whole year?

    (You are psychic, and have some type of ability in that field, please research and decide on a psychic ability)


    x- Please use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation, such as "" when someone is speaking.
    x- Be kind to everyone, and if you have a problem, please PM me.
    x- Please include a picture of some sort with your character.

    Character profile:


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  2. Name: Nathan Webb (Also known as Natalie)
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male (but cross dresses)
    Appearance: Nathan is 5'6", weighs 139, and has a small build. He has short, messy, brunette hair he like to put in bunches. He has large, girly hazel eyes and babyish cheeks. Nathan has a small nose, plus tiny, pale lips. He has thin shoulders and long arms. His chest stick out, even though he's fairly thin. He has thin hips, short legs, and size 4 feet.
    Likes: Cross dressing, drawing, writing, reading, strawberry cake, snuggling people, silk.
    Dislikes: Loud noises, bugs, sports, lifting heavy weights, being bullied, speaking to large groups of people.
    Ability: Empathy and aura reading


  3. Name: Issac Eli
    Likes:Empty Space. Places to think. Books, mainly inspirational and motivational works. Emptiness. Fire (more of candle fire, or campfire. Not something big and out of control). Being in control and a role model.
    Dislikes: The city. crowds. Loud noises. being rushed. Disrespect. Anarchy (mainly people not liking or respecting the gov't)

    Issac Winterfield 2.jpg
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  5. Name: Cherie "Avril" Bradford

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Likes: Cherie love playing sports, parkouring, swimming, playing video games, having competition, taking care of dogs, and traveling in large cities.

    Dislikes: Cherie dislikes cats, lemons, quietness, love stories, and staying in one place.

    Ability: Dowsing (Ability to Locate Objects)


  6. PARKOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! *ahem* So how many people do we need to start?
  7. (Sorry everyone, I've been busy lately. I'll be starting the role play today, probably after I post this, I'll post the link to it here.)

    Name: Zeike Iruuki
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (See photo)
    Likes: Lolita style, shopping, fighting, reading, art, sleeping, showers, sweets, and cats.
    Dislikes: Dogs, lettuce, lying, bullies, the dark/ghosts.
    Ability: can see/speak to ghosts, and can see past/present events in someone's life with one touch.

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  9. Awesome sauce
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  11. Finally somebody who understands me! :)
    Just realized i had food right next to me O.o
    I've also realized, in the RP all our the mothers so far have forced into going to the school.
  12. That is strange. Then again, not many people would want to go to a new school they never heard of before since they are comfortable with the life they have already.
  13. Yeah, and it's creepy being asked to come to a school you've never heard of. are our parents trying to get us raped or something?
  14. Probably not.
  15. Yes, but they are a bit too trusting. Oh well, we need to get there some how!
  16. Mind if i join?
    Name: Reno Karazura
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Vampire-Boy-vampires-6758409-450-645.jpg
    Likes: Fire, Cats, Challenges, People.
    Dislikes: Silence, being alone, dogs.
    Ability: Telepathic w/ a mental shield
  17. Severusx is GM, but i'm sure she'd approve.