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    The sun is setting upon Torim, casting large shadows across the city. The lights from every building, be they small businesses or large skyscrapers, are starting to come on. In about an hour's time, the sun will truly set and the evening will begin.

    It is winter, on the 12th of December. The air is crisp and the cold seeps into your lungs and seems to freeze them. All who are out on the streets, which are few and far between are wearing thick clothing: parkas, gloves, and boots. At least, those who can afford them. There are others, like the street urchins who can afford very little. One can see them huddled together around lit trash cans in abandoned alleyways. They are a stark comparison to the well off citizens in Torim who look the other way in passing. The streets are lined with sleek metallic cars and small androids acting as mobile banks. The flair of the Capital is meant to out shadow the poverty.

    The paladins and mercenaries of the Church are unaware that underneath the streets of the infamous Black March prison are Niera's forces. They hide in the sewers as the soldiers of the Church are patrolling the perimeter. Some of the soldiers are out in the streets and others are in the prison itself. The Legion intend to break into the prison and free the demons held within there as a sign of rebellion to the Church. They await Niera's orders to begin the assault.


  2. Deep within the dark tunnels of the rancid sewers, an evil force lies in wait; as The Legion began to plot the downfall of the damnated prison 'Blackmarch.'
    It was there, hovering above the rancid waste that Niera looked upon her followers, upon this day she would teach the church the meaning of freedom, of justice…To live after a god, what kind of idiot would bind themselves to such a fate? They were only cowards hiding behind a higher power, pathetic the lot of them. Yet those who dared to go against the church were driven to this exile.

    Before them she appeared, tall and beautiful with shining pale green eyes. Her slender body silhouetted against the faded light of the sewer.

    With a deep breath she called out to her subordinates. No more time needed to be wasted “I don’t care what you do or how you do it. Just make sure that you release all of the prisoners. If those righteous bastards get in your way take them down. Since you’ve made it this far and aren’t dead yet I trust you can take care of yourselves. So go! Destroy their walls; kill every pesky child, their iron clads guards, their screeching men and women.”

    As she turned to leave she began to walk away from the group, Niera then remembered to remind them…

    “Oh, and we have surprise on our side, but if you fail” for a moment she paused, as a murderous looked crawled upon her demonic face “I’ll have my way with you. Don’t fuck this up.”
  3. Just to the right of the sewer room, on a old yet sufficient couch, Leo took a seat. He was laid back, legs crossed, and lazily listening to his music with his head phones. His right foot tapped to the beat against the air while he noded to it. Leo would never be the one to serious when you'd want him to be, but he could dish it out when needed. Just as the song was getting to his favorite part, a minion came over and tapped him on his foot. "Hmm...?" he mumbled to himself. When the minion pointed upwards, he guessed the boss was making an announcement. Leo knew better than to miss out on an order from her, too much was at risk.

    He raised to his feet and placed his hands behind his head, then turned on his heel to look at the boss. And in a flash there she appeared, Niera, the big leader of the Legion. All though most of the men made different 'big' jokes about her. She was a succubus, a demon of seduction and had possibly enough force to rip the Legion a new one. Leo listened close to what she said and smiled. It was show time. He went over to his couch and grabbed his sword from behind it, then placed it on his back and twirled his pistols into his holster on his thighs.

    Leo was the left hand to Niera and handled the troops, keeping them trained and whatnot. He went on his own for this moment however, he just rolled like that. He appeared more human than demonic, but his only throw of was his angel white hair and his right arm. His right arm which proved he's a half demon.

    "This is going to be fun."
  4. Tonight was the night. The night the Legion was called to action by their master in order to liberate their companions from the oppressive grip of the infamous Black Marsh prison. Standing near the front of the forces was Cidonis, former warrior angel to the Church of Valinor, pious and vigilant to the defense of the light. Now he was a powerful soldier in the Legion horde after being twisted and effected by the dark will of the Succubus, Niera. Now her words were his law and he carried them out without question or hesitance.

    Cidonis stood silently while Niera spoke her orders, as did the mass of the Legion behind him if they knew what was good for them. Cidonis caught a glimpse of Leo exiting his chambers to arm up, but paid him little special attention. Not out of lack of respect. The young Half Demon had power to spare and got results, but despite his position as the head of infantry it wasn't Leo who had command over him.

    With his orders received and his master Niera departed, Cidonis had no more reason to stand idle. "Out of my way." he bluntly demanded of a few members of the Legion who stood in front of him. He strode past Leo who was finishing up checking on his equipment and shot him a look. "See you inside." he said in passing, raising up a hand as though to wave on his way by only to take hold on his sword's grip.

    Kill every man, woman and child that gets it your way." Niera had told them. He would not disappoint her tonight.
  5. Her word was law...

    Natasha shot through the crowd of demons that were the Legion, kicking up the sewer water as she did. The putrid smell invaded her nose which under normal circumstances would have sent the succubus to the surface in a heart beat. But Niera, sweet Niera, wanted her and the rest of the Legion to break up the prison and release the inhabitants onto the Capital city. Her legs didn't take her far, about a mile away from where Niera gave her orders. She breathed in deep, sneered and placed her wrists together above her head.

    The succubus exhaled hard and in that breath, a ball of giant flame erupted from her palms and smashed into the sewer pipeline. It ripped into the structure with ease, scattering rubble and sewer water all around Niera. The sound of screams and pounding feet made her smile. However the first explosion wasn't enough. She breathed out once more, and created a bigger explosion than her first. This one shattered the layers of dirt and concrete between her and the first floor of prison. The demoness stared up at a massive hole about 10 feet in width, wondering if any of her fellow Legionaires would have followed her.

    She unsheathed her sword from her thigh and jumped up, landing on the first floor of the prison. One would expect to see a creature baring their teeth menacingly, and blood dripping from their lips but actually... Natasha was smiling seductively with her hands on her hips. Her black dress hugged deliciously around her curves, accentuating her breasts and ass. Any unsuspecting witness would think the demon harmless but the sword in her hand told otherwise.

    "Hello fellas," she said silkily to one of the security guards. "I believe a prison break out is in order." ​
  6. Felicity leaned on the flour-coated countertop and stared at the clock. It was slowly counting down the seconds of her last minute before she could leave work. All she wanted to do was go home to her boys and eat a real meal. The owner of the bakery was disinclined to allow her employees to munch, although they had all taken a cupcake or a muffin at one time or another when nobody else was looking. It was the last 'true' bakery in the city. No robots running anything, all real ingredients or the closest that they could get. Breathing employees made everything from scratch, and the amount of orders they got was staggering. Personally, Felicity thought that they should expand, but the owner was dead set on her ways and convinced that getting 'cyber-help', as she called it, would ruin the entire business and lose the interest of the customers.


    She straightened up as the clock finally told her to go home, tossing her apron aside and pulling on her coat. It was a long, old fashioned style coat made of nice thick wool with sturdy buttons. All that mattered was staying warm these days. Tugging on black gloves and a black headband to cover her ears, she left the bakery and moved out onto the street. Her hair was a deep auburn and her makeup masked her overly pale features, making them look glamorous instead of sickly. She didn't really look at anybody, just moved quickly along her way until she finally reached her building. Tapping the code into the security system, she opened the door and paused. Something felt.. weird. She frowned and glanced behind her, looking all around. Nothing was out of place, so she shrugged off the unease and went inside.

    "Mommy's home!" she announced as soon as she had made it upstairs and into her own door. Excited shouts followed her call, and soon the rapid patter of toddler feet were rushing down the hallway. She smiled as she saw them coming into view. Both had chubby cheeks but were by no means overweight. One had stark white hair like her own was while she wasn't masking herself. The other, pitch black. Alarick, the black-haired one, had tiny claws on his fingers and tended to burp out little flames. Nemian, the white-haired one, had small gray scaled wings identical to Felicity's. They were both wearing smiles and tackled her over with hugs and happy jabbering about everything that 'uncle Pey' had done with them that day.

    "Okay, okay! Let me get up for a minute so that Uncle Pey can go home and we can have dinner!" she laughed, standing up and reaching in her pocket for some money. Her babysitter wasn't actually related to the boys, but he was a reliable and kind half-demon who sympathized with her. He knew what it was like to have children too young to disguise themselves, as his sister was still in that age group. "Thanks again, Pey. I'll see you tomorrow," she said, smiling and waving him off before closing the door and turning to the boys. "Who's hungry?" she asked, smiling as they both started to cheer and yell out requests.
  7. Malachi walked through the prison of Blackmarch that day, unaware of the impending attack upon the prison. One agreement that he had work out with the church as payment was that he was able to drink the blood of demons, however he could only drink once every month. It was hard to try and keep to that strict diet of one, but there was always the occasional imp or small demon around. Though said small demons were hardly filling or fun to eat, it had sustained his life and kept him at his peak. He picked his demon meal and retreated to a private area in which to enjoy himself.

    Malachi finished his business with the prison and returned to the church. It was bright out today, probably the brightest it has been for a while. Malachi would prefer to live within the darkness at the moment due to his condition, but it didn't kill him to be out in the light. Hell that was what he wanted to be back within the light with his brothers. It was his one true desperate journey to be back with his brother. At the same time it was his one true secret that he would never tell or show especially to the church. He had made it a necessity to never let the church see what he wanted and led them to believe he was doing this for the good of man kind as a whole. pshhh, ​he thought, this may have gotten me in trouble in the first place and in this horrible form but these humans no not the true divine law that was given unto them. THey have never deserved what they have. But I must get back to the light, I hate this empty feeling that no demon blood can fill. Malachi reached the church and headed toward the main area to see what was the news for the day. His black leather armor deflected the light that touch it. He, at that moment, realized that he had been waling around with out his hood or mask on. What if someone saw him and would recognize him, in this world that was entirely too possible. He threw up the covers over his face and continued.
  8. There was a sudden surge of panic and confusion in the middle of Cell Block C, towards the south-east side of Blackmarch Prison, home of all demons convicted by the Church. As the dust began to settle, the guards started massing in the large, open, circular room lined with prison cells. Shortly after, the prison-break siren began wailing throughout the prison. This was the first time that such an event had occurred. There had been minor attempts by prisoners to escape before, all of which failed miserably, but never had anyone actually tried to break in to the prison.

    This did not bode well. While the guards of the prison were trained in how to handle demons, the only demons they ever had to go up against were unarmed, magically suppressed ones who posed very little threat to them anyways. This was well beyond what they were prepared for... unfortunately, none of them knew that yet.

    Within minutes, a call went out from the prison Warden to the Church. Dyne was sitting in his office, going over the daily reports, when his phone started to ring. This was not an abnormal thing, as he received numerous calls every day. It seemed that being the head of the military turned out to be more like running a large corporation, rather than what someone might expect. Without even checking to see who was calling, Dyne reached over and pressed the button on his phone to answer it, which brought up a large holographic screen in front of his desk which showed the face of the Blackmarch Warden. Dyne didn't even look at the screen, being already preoccupied with the reports he had to read.

    "Commander Shenzing Sir, we have a situation here. A big one!" The Warden sounded panicked and scared.

    With that, Dyne paused and looked up at the screen, hearing the Warden and the faint sound of a siren in the background. He looked a bit annoyed. "Yes, what is it? Did some poor demon try inspiring a riot again? We've been over this... The -"

    The Warden quickly cut him off in his panic. "No Sir! It's far more serious than that Sir! It would appear that... Well that... Someone has actually broken INTO the prison, Sir! I'm not sure what they're after but they're -"

    The call suddenly cut to static. The connection had been broken somehow. That alone was enough to worry Dyne, as the connection was a secure, private one. The only way to cut it like that would be to do it from one of the 2 ends. Dyne quickly stood up, and pressed a button on the underside of his desk, then began walking to the door of his office. As he walked, the floor around him opened up, and robotic arms rose up with pieces of his armor, then began placing the pieces on his body as he continued to walk. By the time he would reach the door, he would be fully dressed in his armor, with sword sheathed on his back, save for his helmet which would be held under his left arm. He need to get to his command center, where he could get a better feel for the situation, and issue whatever orders needed to be given to his troops. In the meantime, he looked to the control device on his right forearm, embedded in his armor, and began typing on it with his left hand. After a few moments, he finished typing, and with that, he had raised the military threat awareness level from level 5 to level 3. This would notify all military personnel that there was a situation developing within the city, and to begin preparing immediately.
  9. Scythe never had much of a home to go to after that...accident...Or was it really an accident?Who knew...Scythe Crow hardly could care ,she didn't have a bond with those people,who claimed to be her 'family' anyway.She had never thought she could have been traumatized by the 'accident' that occurred with her "family",that day almost made it seem like she was heartless.When the truth was she just didn't know how to take it,she never took anything seriously probably why she didn't care they all died in the first place.When she was younger she knew how different she was just never could grasp what it was that made her so different,being raised around the ways pf the Church her 'brother' hated so much.

    Letting out a breath,she stopped walking and looked to the darkening sky,and pondered something she didn't do often.Scythe's eyes flashed as she felt something rub her ankle and purr,looking down she had found a rather small and fluffy black kitten."
    Why are you so attracted to something such as me,you too must be a fiend of the dark."She grinned picking the small creature up.It didn't look but several weeks old and it reminded her of her missing cat,the one that was engulfed by her shadow. That single thought made her remember how everything had started.

    The day she turned eighteen, her entire family was killed by a mysterious assassin. She sat in her room closed off to the rest of the household for more reasons than one.Later that day a knock was heard through Scythe's door."What do you want you liar?"Scythe asked not sound mad at all but rather playful,but inside she was seething with rage."Come on down stairs it's movie night." Scythe heard a sigh and then feet retreating down the stairs.She looked at her wall and saw a rather angry beast looking shadow,it roared and clawed at the door. When it had taken on the shape of an animal it actually looked real,like a 3-D life form,several others were like that too."Why are you all so angry?"She asked not fearing them at all, they all stared at her with glowing red eyes and she stared back with amusement on her face.The one that had taken shape of a panther scratched at the door once more. Scythe moved quickly to open the door,"No need to get feisty with me ,it's open."She moved back and they all charged out the door roaring and snarling as they trampled down the stairs. Scythe followed after but stood at the top of the stairs,as she heard screams of pure terror and agony,she slowly walked down the stairs and the scene before her was gruesome. Her father's body was ripped into pieces and his flesh torn from his rib cage and various other places on his body laid about the floor,blood decorated the walls and claw marks designed his face.Scythe's features were lacking any type of emotion,as her vibrant golden orbs landed on her mother's destroyed corpse.Her face didn't even look recognizable and her arms and legs ripped off like they had played tug of war with her,her ribs looked like they had caved in from some sort of pressure and blood staining the counters and tables in the living room.Bones broken and had pieced through the skin of her mother,one of the creatures was still ripping meat from one of the dead corpses it would have been disgusting for anyone else to see but to her it was like a movie scene that had been set up for a specific part.

    It was a massacre, the creatures didn't seem to care they had made a mess of her parents,as she stared her eyes took on a dimmed glow,and the shadowed beasts evaporated into nothing."
    Well...that was interesting.What will I do now?"She mumbled coming back to reality, her only thought was to find what she was to do with herself at that moment..She could has sworn she had seen someone standing at the corner of the front door but he looked to have vanished.However,she caught a good glimpse of her parent's murderer.

    When she finally grasped her feelings, she'd become grief stricken, she wanted to seek revenge, but knew that with her low grade combat skills, she would probably die without succeeding in her mission. Her cousin, Culisin, who was a bounty hunter, offered to train her in the ways of an assassin, and Scythe eagerly accepted.

    After a few months, she deemed herself ready to face the assassin. It took her six months, but she finally found the killer ,he was part of the Church. They fought viciously, and the duel eventually led to the top of a skyscraper. At the end of the fight, Scythe had the drop on the assassin, so she took her chance to stab him in the throat with the dagger she had hidden in her coat, killing him almost instantly. She disposed of the body by throwing it off the top of the building, her lust for vengeance finally being fulfilled. After that, she began bounty hunting , scrounging up money with whatever job she was offered. Soon after she became one of the most known hunters.Her tactics and skill were renown.Then came the Mercenaries.They began taking up all the profit, drowning the Bounty hunter in their accomplishments.While they faded into the background Scythe gave in and decided she would choose money over any and everything.She was granted the job of being a Merc and she made a few acquaintances she could trust, but no other Merc could be truly trusted 'cause you never know who you'll end up killing at the end of the day.

    Scythe sighed it was the very memory that made her kinda smile,she did truly think that day was interesting.As a mewing reached her ears ,she looked down shushing the small kitten that rested in her arms,again she began walking down the street which was surrounded by nothing but dark trees. Glancing down in her arms she grinned,
    "I think I've found me a new friend to remind me of that very interesting day." Right now Scythe Crow had her mind on the Church and the Legion.She had already deflected from the Legion and it cause them to want her head personally, not that it was a concern of hers anyway.She did it for the money,she didn't care how high a rank she was on that wench ,Niera's side. It was about how much she would get paid for the job she was given,of course that's if she lived to receive her earnings.The member's of the Church already had a hard time trusting the Mercs and she was on the 'Watch that Bitch' list.Haha, she just played her part as long as she got her shit by the end of the day.She jubilantly walked over to the wall her expensive golden trimmed boots pounding over the ground while her gold trimmed black jacket waved behind her.It revealed the soft but cold flesh of her body, the many parts of exposed flesh being caressed by the cold crisp air of the coming night.Her torso only cover by skimpy armor,or in other words light armor that sill exposed the supple flesh of her breasts.At her hips lie her Chainsaw Katana which she was ready to swing at anyone who dared challenged her.Her double edged scythe hanging by its strap on her left shoulder.With confidence in her every stride she spun on her heels and leaned gracefully ,with a slight thud ,against the cold brick wall of the church. She still held the now sleeping kitten in her arms keeping the warmth only for him since the cold had not bothered her much.Pulling out a cigarette and placing it between her luscious dark painted lips and light it ,all with one hand.As she stood by the door of the church her body could feel the coming of impending doom,"Something has got to be wrong today,oh well,I just better get paid..."After a moment she slightly laughed at what she said she'd kill her own contractor to get paid.Sad..but true.
  10. Gaberiel was stirred from his prayers by the flickering blue light of his his holigraphic heads up display accompanied by the intermitten beeping .
    "Commander," said an omnipotent voice with a formal, proper tone. "A siesmic disturbance has been detected in the Penal Sector, Cell Block C , level 1."

    "Another ruptured sewer pipe?" he asked calmly not raising from his knee, head still bowed facing the gleaming altar of Valinor infront of him.

    Schematics of Blackmarch began appearing on his heads up display, as rotating three dimensional images.

    "I'm afraid not, Commander," The voice responded calmly. A distress signal appears to have been sent to have been activated by the corrections officers within the cell block. High Commander Shenzing has identified the incident as situation threat level three. Church militia and auxiliary forces have been put on high alert and have been mobilized to contain the threat."

    Gaberial sneered at this news. He had never been an advocate for the construction of Blackmarch. The thought of housing hostile demons within the hollowed walls of the jewel in the crown of Aesther disgusted him. Whats worse, is it was dangerous. Were these creatures to ever escape their rune enchanted prisons the death tole would be in the millions. It was easy to fight an enemy on a barren battlefield, but urban warfare was a messy business which relied heavily on tactics of attrition to ensure victory.

    This situation needed to be contained, and quickly.

    "Orion." he spoke his deep mechanical voice, rising to his full height and turning from the alter.

    "Yes Commander," the well spoken voice replied.

    "Open a channel to Templar VII."

    His vox growled lightly with distortion as the channel was opened and a voice with similar cybernetic augmentations responded.

    "Praeator Darus, Templar VII is ready to serve."

    "And serve you will brother. Secure check points twelve and seven. Seal off the Penal Sector. Non essential personal are to be redirected. Once the gates are sealed report to Cell Block C, provide Church forces with whatever support is necessary. Be prepared to immolate what ever foul creature exits that building." His voice lacked the stress one would expect when dealing with a high risk situation.

    "His light shall shall cleanse this day!" The voice replied.

    The Vanguard took great pleasure in any form of combat, but especially with their prime enemy. What sweeter justice than to purge the abominations from this world.

    Gaberiel moved briskly through the halls of the Majestarium towards the rapid transit system, as he entered the transport he opened another channel to Shenzing.

    "High Commander, I have just recieved news of our situation and am en route to the perimeter surrounding Blackmarch. Templar VII has closed off access to the Penal Sector. We stand ready to serve."
  11. [​IMG]

    The silence of the empty armoury was only broken by the soft sound of metal being sawed, and even then to my ears they had already become part of the background and I paid no heed to it. The only form of illumination in the long rectangular room filled with an assortment of weaponry was a lamp on the table (and the individual spotlights at the weapon racks), illuminating the figures of multiple bandoliers of various types of bullets; be they armour penetrating rounds, low calibre pistol bullets or shotgun shells, they all had a cross carved into their very tips. Ain't really sure if it'll be more effective against these demonic scum but it's worth a try - and it's not like I've got anythin' better to do.

    I glanced around the armoury and I shook my head, rolling my eyes a little. Had to come here because they wouldn't let me into the big one, over in the main building of the Church. 'Pparently I didn't have enough clearance. Fuck 'em little shits. I was beatin' demons into the ground years before they were chasin' skirts. I had to come to this one which was severely limited, but I had to make do. I've always done so, and I'm still around, eh?

    The alarm regarding the situation sounded and I raised my eyebrows. Finally. Some action, and right in the heart of this place, no less. At least that would mean I didn't have to travel too much - Remind me to thank the demon sometime, maybe right before I send it back to Hell. I picked up a thin armourweave vest that was draped over the chair and pulled it on. I disliked the thick armour the other soldiers wore - It never seemed to help them too much. They were all so slow and sluggish .. I could cut through a platoon of them like cutting a cake if they went up against me in that state. Next was the sawn-off shotgun (fuckin' hell, had to saw the barrel off myself - don't the fuckin' church monks know anythin' 'bout practicality?) and I pulled the bandolier of shotgun shells over myself too. I grabbed a few ballistic knives on the way, about three or four of them aside from the usual standard ones that I kept hidden 'round myself; one strapped to each ankle, forearm, back and sides.

    Now I'm ready for some acti- Oh wait. Forgot something.

    Walked out of the armoury with a lit cigarette 'tween my lips and the rest of the soldiers were millin' 'bout, too busy to even tell me that I'm not allowed to smoke in here. Good. Won't have to smack a few heads 'round then. I moved against the crowd as the security guards went into the armoury to arm themselves; bet they were shittin' themselves for not keeping it better stocked now that they had to face an invadin' horde.

    With a single hand I popped open the carriage of the shotgun and removed the cigarette from my mouth, holding it between my middle and fourth finger as I used my index and thumb to drop the shells into the carriage, filling it to the brim before I popped it close again.

    Returned the cigarette to my mouth. Took another draw.

    Looked at one of the latest reports that just came in through one of 'em consoles they gave me when I joined up, and I saw the arrangement of troops currently. Mm ..

    Detour, then.

    I turned a corner and took a longer route, so that I would end up behind the demon that had broken in - always good to have the element of surprise with you, and I'm definitely not above going at someone from the back. The victor tells the story, no?

    Could smell 'em as I got closer and closer. The air stank of these demons and I was glad that we were gonna start spillin' their bloods soon because I can't fuckin' stand the stench. Can see the first few of 'em now, still hangin' behind this demon chick with a pre' sweet ass. Maybe the rest would look as good. Oi, don't fuckin' look at me like that, you lil' shit - a man's allowed to look once in a while.

    Walked quietly enough behind the first demon, the one standing furthest away .. Quietly enough to wrap a gloved hand 'round his face and over his mouth before I dragged him back and slit his throat wide open. Yep, demons bleed, just like we do. Another demon who had followed the demoness caught on, and he turned around, but not before I fired the ballistic knife into his face and he fell, too.

    Two in under five - you're gettin' old, motherfucker.

    "Looks like we're outnumbered 'least three to one here," I casually commented, glancing up to the rest of the demons around the hole. "I like 'em odds."

  12. Serith had been in the Church, praying and wishing well on all citizens of the city. Her wings were neatly folded against her back as her hands were held together while her angelic voice whispered prayers to the burning incense. Her long violet hair played with the gentle breeze of a beautiful day as she opened her eyes slowly finishing her prayers.

    She was devote but practical, she knew in her heart that prayers would help bring peace and health among her human friends but she also knew that it would only work of you had faith. She stood, fluttering her wings gently as she made her way to the main floor. She was the Church's High Healer, all went to her if they had injuries or aliments. She had also begun teaching other Angels the way of healing, and her students had learned quite well from her. She sighed, brushing her hair out of her face and tucking the stands behind her ear. She continued down the stairs that lead to the main floor, making her way to see the civilians of Torim who would come to the Church every night in hopes of health and food. Serith entered the main room, seeing her usual humans and a few new ones.

    She smiled a graceful smile, greeting them as she walked towards them. She never left the Church unless it was for an important reason like gathering herbs or local medicine, as she felt she was strongest inside the Church. She couldn't help but feel a pressuring unease as she made her way over to the humans, feeling something was going to happen. She shook the feeling off, reaching out to an arm that was placed in front of her to heal a gash.

    "You must be careful George. You have a family to look after, hunting at night is not the best plan for a Father with little protection." she said as she focused her magic on his wound, getting the paste ready as she did.
  13. One, by one the walls of Deathmarch began to fall by Niera's hands as she broke her way through to the prison's core, the echo of her footsteps filled the prisons walls and the shadows welcoming the succubus's presence. Even the air began to change as the essence of evil began to awaken, excited screams coming from every cell waiting in anticipation too see what had pushed the church so far as to sounding the sirens.

    As she ventured through the hellish nightmare of Deathmarch, she was only opposed by a few lackeys. Naturally, they were dealt with in the most 'effective' manner possible.
    Approaching the main control room, she noticed that the entrance was swarmed with human dogs. A bored look no appeared across her features "More fun." The guards starred in disbelief at her for a moment, then remembered what their job was and started attacking her... what pathetic excuses for human beings.

    A malicious grin appeared upon Niera's face as her victim tried to strike a blow against her. With unearthly grace, Niera moved out of the way of the blade's slow attack, this time she would be up close and personal as she dug her dagger into the man's groin. Terror shot across the mans face as he gazed into Niera's alien green eyes, her grin growing wider "What's the matter? loose your manhood?" she wished she could play like this a little more. However, much to Niera's chagrin time was pressing and she didn't have time for antics with bugs.
    One, by one she dispatched the vermin who 'guarded' the control center.
    The subordinate who followed, stood in awe; this was why the church feared her...

    As expected the door was sealed shut, iron and metal with some sort of device, the walls made of the same metal.

    "These bastards just love making life difficult..."

    Blazing fire suddenly came bursting out of her hands, thick and hot like the molten rivers of hell. Touching her cindering hand against the cold metal, the heat rapidly began to spread like an infection as it ate away against the hard iron.

    One the opening was big enough, Niera turned to her subordinate "Release all the prisoners. I have something to take care of"

    With a nod, the subordinate acted as obeyed, rushing into the control room.

    Gracefully, she turned to walk deeper into the depths of the dark, dank corridors of Deathmarch "I think it's time to meet a new friend"

  14. While every demon and their most distant accuantiance flooded the prison, leaving stinking corpses and crying men with weeping wounds in their rage of wonton distruction, one demon, or rather demonspawn, worked differently. This particular demonspawn went by the name Ralmerez McTaverish and was not the typical demon.

    A wooden pole was tossed through the hole that the demons made a few minutes before the tosser of the pole made his way up through the hole. Having been a month since his demonic side of his soul made itself known, Ralmerez was nearly completely recovered from the ordeal, and he was debating which was easier, open heart surgery or climbing from the sewer to the ground floor of the Church's highest security prison for demons. He did not posess the ability to fly, nor did he posess the strength of three men, let alone ten. For all intents and purposes, he was human, but in the eyes of the Church he was a demon, something to be killed.

    "Come on..." He grunted, "Come on Ralmerez... You can do it." It took a bit of effort but he was soon up from the indiscribleable stink of the sewer and into the more descriptive stink of the prison. Fear, bodily excretment, and death. It smelled mostly of a very undignified death. Deffinately a church place.

    "Well... Lets get this done." The teenage demonspawn scooped up his staff and got moving, walking down the path most cluttered by bodies and death. He didn't want to be here. The entirety of being in the prison both rubbed him the wrong way and made him want to throw up until he was out of things to puke. He couldn't do that though, the stench of the sewer having already caused that.

    "This is just wrong..." He muttered that to himself, not sure who it applied to: the Church for making this prison and filling it with people, or the Legion for killing so many people... And it was only going to get worse. "Damage control... Thats the only thing I can do here... Damage control."
  15. Leo slipped his way into the city through a hidden pipeway from the sewer. He would have thought these struck up, self-righteous pricks would have noticed to close off unwanted entry points. Some fucking guards. The shadow of the sewer pipe shined dimmly with the translucent blue glow of his right arm. Leo pulled down his sleeve over it to reduce any attention drawn to it.. for now. His target of the first invasion was going to be a nearby church, just for kicks and laughs he guessed. As he came to the streets from an alley, he noticed people were acuttering into panic already. The party must have already started in his abscence but at least he still got a chance to take aim on his target. Although... The matter of getting there seemed to prove otherwise.

    Apparently a bundle of guards decided to form a road block in his way. If he would have known he'd be picked up that fast, he would've just came in guns 'a blazin'. Well if he was caught, might as well make a game of it. Leo shot them a grin and looked closely at their scowl, humans really had a thing for scowling at demons. "That's a look you shoot your enemy." he said acting like he didn't know what was happening. They stood there waiting for him to make move, Leo shrugged and tilted his head. "Alright, not much of a talker, I see." He turned around and started walking away for a second, then jerked his body to turn around and sprinted into the group. They reacted naturally by charging back at him, but weren't thinking clearly about his action. Leo jumped forward and lined up his body, holding his legs parrallel to each other and kicking a hole in ther defense. The guard he hit knocked over several more and a couple civilans like dominoes.

    Standing between two guards Leo jabbed one guard into a building. The other to his left swung a blade his way, he reacted quickly ans blocked it with his etherealcoaking around his arm. The sword jumped back and left him open, Leo struck and uppeercuted him into another guard.

    Obviously play time was over, so Leo rolled up his sleeve, and let his power do the talking. He summong an ehthereal replica of his arm and pulled one guard by the leg to him. Leo twirled him around in a circle, then slammed him into the next enemy. After a minute, Leo took some time to look around. The fight was over and he'd barely just began, even though his magic was feeling a bit exhuasted. But just for the sake of living up to his nickname, he held out his arms as if on the cross.

    "Is that all you've got?"
  16. "What a fucking beautiful sunset!"

    A laugh echoed the empty tavern. It was a hairy bard's chuckle and he was a little hammered. Not in a literal way, fortunately. About 3 empty kegs were on the table, with the one man sitting behind them. An explosion rumbled the tavern. The wood creaked, as he stood up.It sounded like it was from the prison...

    "Damn it. If another one of those bastards kill my hard-to-work-for-buzz, I swear, Charity will have her direct way with every single one of their foreheads. To hell if the church has a problem, I pay good money, for this pisswater!" he bellowed, slamming a tankard.

    He could faintly hear the screams. This didn't sit very well. Were innocents being harmed as well? Kle had to protect them. With Nathenial, his trombone-revlover, along with his well played Guitar-assault rifle, Thompson, and his base-sniper, Charity, they were going to be sticking footnotes up some unholy asses.

    Making a fast track to the prison, he was double checking to see if the crew was locked and loaded. Of course they were. Klervon Havok was always ready to empty heads. He slowed up to look at the doors. They seemed to rather open. Perhaps, some of the demons escaped? Sirens were still going so there should still be action going on. They were a bit distracting, so he chose to combat the sounds. Softly plucking random chords, on Charity, he hummed a little and whispers words to himself.

    -When I trek...on the road that is acting a wreck,
    Need a instrument full of hope and a bag full of ale-

    Upon calming himself and focusing, Kle slipped into the entrance.

    -Combat the demons that sleep in my shoes,
    Need a pad and a pencil to release all the pain-

    He softly trotted through the opened lobby.

    -At it again, playing the game, not staying the same,
    Changing the patterns of thought on a man-

    Heading down a random hall, he spots a demon.

    -Cause I’m...-

    They lock eyes and the demon looks to charge. Trying to react quickly, he brings Charity to his eye.

    -...All In-

    The discharge echoed through that section of halls.
  17. Tekoa flew between the buildings of the city. It had been a while since he had a contract and he was beginning to get stir crazy. He had just flew by one of the many churches in the city when the datapad on his left forearm lit up with activity. Tekoa slowed down and landed on a flat roof as silently as he could. He touched the datapad and began to listen to what was going on through an ear piece. From the sound of it, the prison was in the middle of a breakout with some help. Tekoa smirked softly. This should be interesting, he thought to himself. He opened his wings up and took off again.

    Blackmarsh prison was not far off from where Tekoa was located. He flew quickly so he did not miss what was going on. He could hear the siren in the background as he got closer and closer. It was not long till he was within a mile of the prison. Again, he landed on a roof. This one was a typical slanted roof with a chimney. Tekoa leaned against the chimney as he listened and watched. He turned his attention to his datapad again. He used a program a friend made to hack into the prison's feed. He was able to find a few working cameras and watched who was causing the breakout. "Legion." Tekoa said softly as he recognized some of the people based on their wanted posters. "Looks like war has begun." Tekoa smiled as watched the feed. "Time to profit." he muttered softly so that no one around could hear him.
  18. Malachi had just entered the common area and got comfortable when he heard a commotion coming from the hall. He strutted out slightly annoyed. Before his eyes were some guards and paladins running out of the church screaming something about the prison. What is that they are yelling? He grabbed a passing guard, "What is happening? Why is everyone running out of the church, and what is this about the prison?" The guard wrenched free of Malachi grasp, "The prison is under attack by demons. Hey you're a merc, come on this is what you are payed for." Malachi did not like the commanding voice of the guard, but he was right this was exactly what he was being paid for. Yet Malachi just couldn't believe that the demons attacked the prison, hell he had just been there and everything had been find. If he had only stayed longer and maybe did some patrolling, he could have been there when the attack happened and could have helped defend against it. Well it was too late for that now. Malachi ran from the church to the prison.

    When he arrived at the building he could hear the sounds of battle. He would have liked to rush in and fight but that was probably not the best of plans. He had to find how may be in charge of defending this place. Who could that be though? A warden of course! He began to ask around for the location of the head warden around.
  19. Serith's head darted up when she heard the screaming and yelling. Her eyes set with worry when she heard the guard talking about demons.

    'Could it be?' she thought as she stood, looking toward Malachi. She watched him leave, then turned to the people she had been healing and apologized "I'm sorry, I have to go. Please stay here, you will be safe." she said as she stretched her wings, getting ready to protect and defend the Church.

    She followed Malachi, making her way to the prison after she grabbed her weapon. She didn't enjoy battle, but she knew it would be necessary. She kept silent, keeping her senses alert as she waited in the prison halls. She could hear screaming and fighting coming from the hall before her. A man was thrown against the wall, causing the Angel to grip her weapon as she frowned, narrowing her eyes as she ran down the hall, swinging her weapon behind her back as she turned the corner coming in view of a demon.

    "You foul beast, wallow in your pain!" she screamed out as she leapt at the demon, pulling her weapon to attack him.
  20. Sitting there at the table with her boys, Felicity was oblivious to the chaos outside. After dinner came bathtime, then she read to them and tucked them into bed. Finally she wandered out to the living room area of her apartment and pulled out her tablet computer, flicking one of the switches to make the screen hover in the air. Instantly she was met with live streams of the horrors happening down on the streets. She stared, jaw dropped slightly. Demons were running rampant and the prison had a gaping hole. Had somebody broken in instead of out? She pondered the situation, trying to consider whether it would be wise to stay where she was or if she should try to get out of the city. Things were nice and settled here, she didn't want to have to move the boys.

    "Shit.." she muttered to herself, shutting off the system and going to look out her window. The view offered no show of the happenings, but she knew that down below, the world was changing. If anybody found out what she was, she'd be instantly grouped with those who had broken out. Personally, she had never felt close to fellow Demons. She wasn't a natural-born one, which made them see her as an outsider. At the same time, humans rejected her. It seemed that she had no place in the world, and she already knew that her sons would feel that pain when they were older. For now, she would simply have to ensure that they were kept out of sight. Being careful wasn't an option anymore.