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    The nation of Aether’s capital city, Torim is about to be besieged by a demonic force, a force that was long ago banished by the militaristic church of Valinor. Driven out by one demon's notorious actions, all demons, whether pure or half blood would be killed on sight. The execution however, is difficult to conduct because it is hard to discern a demon from a human, deceitful creatures that they are.

    One demon, a succubus by the name of Niera, has formed The Legion, a following of both demons and humans to lead into the destruction of the city. Fueled by hatred and ambition, she intends to raze the city and execute those who are involved with the church, whether they be officials or civilians. Their first mission is destroying Blackmarch, a massive prison for demons awaiting for their death.

    Meanwhile, the church is beginning their campaign against the demon anarchist group, even hiring mercenaries of all types to aid their cause. Even demonbreed are being hired, and given pardons by the church for agreeing to fight for them. This varied group of noble knights and shady warriors are led by the Pope's son, Dyne. An ambitious paladin, he is entrusted to guard the church's greatest secret from any harm.

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    The day is the 12th of December. The demons are gathering underneath the city, in the sewers. They are several blocks away from the building as the vibrations and noises from above assure them that they are in the heart of the Capital.

    The GMs for this roleplay are Aira, Pheonix and Zen.

    This roleplay is heavy with action, with lots of fighting scenes, sword slashing and guns blazing. There is also an emphasis for diplomacy and backstabbing. Also, this roleplay isn't one for the squeamish, as both gore and seduction will take the spotlight. Remember that our antagonist is a succubus. You may play either a Demon or Human in any faction, but your character's history must reflect what faction you are in. The genre is Cyberpunk and Fantasy, so your character's weapons and armor will reflect this aspect of the roleplay. Your armor can vary between a medieval look to a futuristic one. Please refer to the Godmodding Guidelines when choosing your powers.

  3. Character Template:

    Appearance: (prefer a picture)
    Faction: (The Legion or the Church of Valinor)
    Occupation: (Are you a regular soldier or something more? The GMs will talk to you about how your role will fit into the rp.)

    Note: If you wish to be any other race than Human, Angel, or Demon, please PM one of the GMs. You are not allowed to play an undead character for example (which includes vampires.)

    Godmodding Rules:

    1: Teleportation of ANY kind, including portals and moving at a speed that is so fast that it might as well be teleporting, if used during a fight or for the purpose of starting a fight, such as teleporting behind someone to hit them or anything like that, is a god mod. It is a mod because it makes it nearly impossible, if not entirely impossible to hit you. It is ok to use outside of combat, but once your character is engaged in a fight, it becomes unfair to use. This means that using it to escape a fight is also not fair to do. Moving abnormally fast is ok, so long as it is still possible for someone to keep up with you, provided they have the ability to do so.
    2: You cannot block an attack with your body and take no damage from it. No matter how insanely powerful your character may be, if you are directly hit with any attack, you take damage from it that is relative to the attack dealt.

    3: Your attack, no matter how complex, no matter how powerful, no matter how long it took you to charge it, CAN AND MUST be able to be completely avoided in some way. Now the way it can be avoided can be extremely hard to figure out, sure.

    4: Armor does not protect you from everything. If someone with the strength to punch a building and turn it into a crater slashes you with a sword, I don't care how thick your suit of armor is, that steel isn't going to prevent it from penetrating. The base rule always applies: Armor can protect, but not from everything.

    5: In case I didn't clear this up earlier, an attack requires an equal amount of power to create as the amount of damage it causes. So the harder it is to defend against, the more power it must drain from you in the process. For example: If someone makes an attack that is powerful enough to take out several people and deal incredible destruction to the area at the same time, that is what we call a "Finisher" move. Such a move usually requires the user to be drained of nearly all power after usage. It is a trump card, if you will.

    6: Illusions are a tricky thing to call into an RP fight for several reasons. One of those reasons is that it's so easy to god mod when using one, and usually takes a lot of skill and practice in order to use one that is not a mod. In order to use an illusion, you MUST make it possible to whomever it is being used on to figure out that it is an illusion. You can make it difficult to figure it out, but it must be able to be figured out without asking if it is an illusion.

    7: Any weapon can be broken if it is put under enough strain. You can augment your weapon, enchant it, forge it, whateverthefuckyouwant it to make it stronger both physically and magically, but it is by no means completely indestructible. Even if a weapon can be disassembled and reconstructed, or shattered and reconstructed, it can be permanently disabled/broken somehow. Again, the way to do it can be hard to figure out, but it can be done.

    8: Doing something as incredible as moving planets, stars, controlling the flow of souls, or anything that outrageous, is a godmod. Doing things like that would require VAST amounts of power to accomplish even in a small way. So much power that, short of being a god character, you shouldn’t be able to do.

    9: You do not have an unlimited amount of energy.

    10: If you choose to play as a hybrid character that is made up of more than 1 race, such as a vampire/demon, or any other mixture, then you take into account the weaknesses that both races have. You cannot have all
    of the strengths and none of the weaknesses; it just doesn’t work that way. It is generally accepted that you would never be as powerful as a pure breed. You could be close, and in certain cases could surpass a purebreed, but it varies depending on the combination.

    11: Custom magic follows very similar rules as custom races. If you wish to create a new power through magic, it must have disadvantages to balance its advantages. For example, I myself created a type of magic I call Chaos magic/energy by taking light and dark energy and forcing them together. The result is a highly unstable and violent new energy that is a result of the 2 opposite conflicting energies fighting against each other. It is a very powerful form of magic and can be used in a variety of ways, but due to its unstable nature, it is almost as dangerous to the user as it is to its target. But that is the tradeoff. I get to use a much more powerful magic against my opponents, but in return, I take damage from it as well. So it works.

    12: Healing in combat is a controversial topic. First of all, there is no such thing as an instant full heal. Your character cannot be severely injured in multiple places, and then you cast a super uber heal spell and suddenly your character is perfectly fine. Healing should only be done in small amounts during combat, if at all, and never instantly, always over time. Things like bandages and whatnot can be used, provided that you can find the time during a battle to apply them (and no, magic self-applying bandages are not ok to use.) Passive healing (healing that works without the need for magic, such as the way vampires are known to have quick regenerating abilities) are never powerful enough to patch you up fully during combat. While such a thing will heal your wounds more quickly than a normal human, the process will still take time, at least a day or 2 depending on the injury. Something like recovering from a shot to the brain AT ALL would be considered a godmod, even if it's not passively.
    I hope that these guidelines will help everyone better understand the do’s and don’ts of RP combat.. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  4. Name: Natasha Spelding
    Age: 26
    Race: Lesser Succubus
    Faction: The Legion
    Powers: Minor Seduction, Fire, Agility. Is able to hide her demonic appearance
    Weapons: Black Fire, the sword in the picture
    Personality: Dangerous, but to a point. She is slightly obsessed with Niera, very willing to do what she is told and will do anything in her power to please her. Some would wonder if she is permanently enchanted with the other succubus. When not within her presence the demoness is very reckless, often the one charging headlong into a fight. She enjoys taking advantage of the men, whether they be human or demons.
    History: Born into a city that accepted her 'plague' Natasha found the culture within Torim a complete shock. Over the years she witnessed the cruelties and change across the nation as more and more cities adapted to the principles of Valinor. She had sold her body to make money, but now her clients are few and far in between. The ones who come to her now are the scum of the city and many think that they can have her body for free. After several run ins with the Church's paladins and mercenaries, Natasha sought to join The Legion. Upon witnessing their leader, Natasha was instantly drawn to its cause and drowned herself in the work with admiration.
  5. Name: Dyne Shenzing
    Age: 32


    Race: Human

    Faction: Church
    Occupation: High Commander of the Church Military.
    Powers: Holy light magic, Arcane Magic, Enhanced Strength, Lightning magic, moderate Telekinisis
    Cybernetics: His body has been heavily augmented, while still keeping a hold on his overall humanity. A swarm of nano machines flow through his blood, and in his muscles, which is what gives him his incredible inhuman strength. They also help him perform a slew of other rudimentary functions.
    Weapons: A large Claymore sword enchanted by the Church. Trained to use various other weapons if needed.
    Personality: Very authoritative and strict. Demands perfection from his subordinates and lives to wipe out the filth of the world.
    History: Dyne was born as the son of the Pope. He spent his life training for his current position, and aims to make his father proud. He commands the army with an iron fist, but makes sure that his most loyal soldiers are well rewarded.
  6. Name: Niera Venrali
    Age: 29

    Race: Human/Succubus
    Faction: The Legion
    Occupation: The Leader of the Legion
    Powers: Telekinesis, Fire, Darkness, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Seduction.
    Always carries a whip, two guns, two short swords and three daggers.
    Has a suit of armor, however she does not use it. Also has a large two handed sword but does not use it often.
    Personality: Niera is a calculating, cunning, vengeful, random. Niera can be unpredictable and sometimes appear strange for a demon, she is witty and manipulative but within reason. Can be brutally honest, intimidating and egotistical. However, she can also show a gentle side, although most are unsure why she reveals this side of herself. It gives those around her false security, which she enjoys.
    History: As a child, Niera accidently killed her father in a fire that she created; he died saving her. As time went on, out of grief her mother slowly began to loose her sanity after her husbands death and tried to kill Niera, with several attempts to kill Niera she tried desperately to dispatch the child. To no avail. One day - she tried putting a knife to Niera's throat, but again without success as Niera watched herself burn her own mother into nothing more than ashes along with her whole household. She was then taken to an orphanage, where she lived for two years until the age of nine. During her time at the orphanage she was beaten by the adults and the other kids and treated like a slave. At the age of nine she ran away and lived out on the streets for a year, when an old woman found her and took her in. Niera lived happily with this old woman until the age of ten to fifteen until the church had sent men to execure Niera, the old woman risked her life to enable Niera's escape and was executed for protecting a demon. So she ran, the only love she had ever known had been taken away by the church scum and so she devoted her life to revenge that person...
  7. Name: Gaberial Mallachus

    Age: Undocumented

    Occupation: Lord Commander of The Church Vangard



    Personality: Gaberiel is a remenant from a time in aesther's history where demons and their spawn were mercilessly put death regardless of the alleigence they pledged. As a result he views thhe demon conscripts as lesser than and not to be trusted. Cybernetic enhancements and generations of battle have made him a keen tactician capable of making coldly logical and calculated decisions at the drop of a hat, taking risk any normal man would be unable to stomach but ensuring victory in even the most dire circumstances.


    Armor of The Ancients: Gaberiel's body or whats left of it is encased within a bionic suit of armor made of the hardest steel known to Aestherians. Forged by the machinests of Torim in a bazzare ritual passed down through the generations, his armor is capable of taking on unnatural punishment without yielding.


    Armor of The Ancients: Gaberiel's body or whats left of it is encased within a bionic suit of armor made of the hardest steel known to Aestherians. Forged by the machinests of Torim in a bazzare ritual passed down through the generations, his armor is capable of taking on unnatural punishment without yielding.

    Command HUD AI: Implemented in order to allow the Lord Commander to better communicate with his leiutenants in the Vanguard. The AI provides Gaberial with up to date information regarding the status of Forim's defences and available resources. The AI also provides radio contact to all Vanguard units.

    Exoskeleton: Already a strong being before his injuries, the machinists fit his new body with an exoskeleton enhancing his strength for the purposes of ensuring he is more prepared for his next run in with a beast such as Malphias.


    Durasteel Halberd: A mighty bladed staff unwieldly by any normal man, this weapon was custom made to endure the same punishment as its cyborg master.

    Plasma cannon: A more rescent addition rescent addition to his arsenal. The plasma cannon on his left gauntlet allows him to bathe his enemies in hot plasma.


    Gaberiel was born in during a time of great strife in the Church's past. He was the son of a cardinal on the council of seven which served as the governing body under Pope Pius II. In a desperate attempt to fight off the forces of darkness which threatened to envelope Aesther the Chruch of Valinor developed a xenophobic doctrine of which glorified doing the slaying of demons and their offspring as a holy task. Those warriors who died in battle were held up as shining examples of those who made the most noble of sacrifices for their mother Church.

    Being bombarded with this imagery from birth and having grown up in one of the great houses of Aesther, Gaberiel was destined to become an executor of the Church's will. He showed great promise during his early years as both a tactician and a warrior, eventually taking on the role of Champion of The Faith by the age of thirty.

    Under this role, he was responsible for doing battle with the demon lords of the time. A duty which he performed with zealous furver, vanquishing many without fear.

    Until Malphias...A demon lord both cunning and stronng, said to be capable of laying low mountains with his great strength.

    Gaberiel led a company of the Church's finest warriors to hunt down and lay a trap for the beast. But Malphias had a plan of his own. Ambushing the paladins as they lay in wait. Each warrior fought to his last until none remained but the demon lord and the champion. Both were fierce swordsmen, nearly equal in skill. Malphias' guard was too strong for Gaberiel to break. But the demon had not taken into consideration just what a warrior of the faith was prepared to sacrifice for his church.

    With his last ounces of strength Gaberiel attacked and threw himself upon Malphias's blade, closing the gap between the two enough for him to burrie his spear through the beasts jaw and through his wretched head. A fine death for a Champion of The Faith.

    Yet the Church of Valinor had other plans for Gaberiel. Upon hearing of his mighty zeal, Pope Pius instructed the battlefield surgeons to retrieve the body of their champion. A warrior so dedicated to the Church could not be robbed of his purpose. Pius charged the machinists and surgeons of Torim with rebuilding the Champion of the faith.

    His body horribly maimed by his final bout with Malphias, it was agreed that the best course of action would be to replace what they could with mechanical parts and seal Gaberiel's mangled body within a suit of armor to protect what remained. The Champion was ressurrected as an iron giant ready once again to deal out Valinor's fury upon the wicked. When word of the Church's new weapon spread throughout the ranks of spread throughout the ranks of the shadow forces it had a tremendous impact on the enemies morale.

    The Vanguard of Valinor:

    Impressed with the work of the surgeons and machinists of Torim, Pope Pius decreed that the mightiest warriors of the Chuch need no longer fear death. The chosen would join Gaberiel in the Vangard and seek their bloody vengence upon the dark ones.

    Over the generations the ranks of the vangard swelled to a ratio of one Vanguard soldier for every two hunderd soldiers, and as their enemies dwindled, so did the role of the order change. These giant knights were no longer charged with leading the attack on the battlefield. Their new prime directive became the defense, policing the city of the city and in rescent years the acting as heavy supporrt for the standard forces in their renewed purge of by order of the Council .

    Far fewer resources were spented on the masterful crafting of later Vanguard soldiers, however their immense size and cybernetic augmentations and modern weaponry still make them a valued asset to the Church's war effort.



  8. [​IMG]

    Kaelan, the Walking Sinner.
    Freelance mercenary, currently contracted to the Church for an undisclosed amount of money.
    Thirty-nine years of age.

    "They call me the Walking Sinner, and you don't cross me. Why? I don't care how powerful you are; hesitation, fear .. I don't have any of it, because I have something you don't have.
    Nothing to lose."

    "Vengeance doesn't have to be rational, nope. All you want is the other person to feel the pain that you did - And more! All you want is to watch that other person's world burn, while he begs and asks for your help and you look down at him, smile and say, 'No.'"

    Lord, I'd love to think that I'm still .. just human. Y'know, your boring everyday man that goes to work on normal days, eats dinner with his family when he ain't held back, church on Sundays, but no. I'm not. Why? Guess I made a deal with the wrong people and I got screwed over.

    Well, if you wanna know all this I gotta skip back to the time when I was still young. Heh. I thought I was invincible, then. Nothing could touch me. Was barely outta military school then; my family was too poor to give me any other forms of higher education. I knew how to fire a gun, a few tricks with magic and a sword and I thought I could take on anything.

    I was an angsty one. Thought that I knew everything, that this world was oh-so-dark - Mind you, I hadn't seen much then but I guess I was right, eh? One by one the rest of my mates went off and got married, but I didn't. Was pining over this girl, you see, and it hurt, seeing her married to another guy and happy and all that. One point in time I stumbled upon this book; a grimoire that listed every Minor and Major Power of Hell and the rules to summon them. I didn't realise that demons lied, and books written 'bout demons could lie, too.

    Got everythin' ready, fired it all up and I summoned Him. Y'know, the Big Bad. I asked for true love, in return for my soul. Yeah, I was fuckin' dumb then, selling my soul out just for that bit of love. T'was an unorthodox thing to ask for, he commented but a deal was a deal.

    Days later I met this new girl - Someone from outside of town and we hit it off. We fell in love with each other, deeper than anyone could have, I believe, and we got married. We were happy for a while, until I knew what she truly was.

    How could Him, who never understood love, give love? They call Him the Prince of Lies, and that was all he could do. Gave me the lie they called Love.

    Poor girl. She never knew that she was a succubus then. Only when a friend of mine, a priest, came over to bless our kids did I realise what she was - Did she realise, what she was. I tried to stop him. I really did. But he insisted that he had to exorcise her .. That he had to tell them fat men in monkey robes up there toting their big Holy books that I was wed to a demon and she had to be killed. The decision wasn't easy, mind you .. But in the end I killed her myself. She was beggin' me, on her knees and cryin' and tellin' me not to let them take her, tryin' to persuade me that no, she wasn't a demon but I knew the truth.

    A part of me died along with her when I cut her throat. While all the dramatics were happenin' this scumbag 'friend' of mine called up the enforcers and they came along too. I wanted to keep the kids. I knew they were innocent; they weren't a part of this, fuckin' hell but they wouldn't listen. Bullshit 'bout them being half-demon and they killed them, too. I still have nightmares 'bout them every night. Every time I close my eyes I see their bodies on the floor, a bullet hole through their heads.

    Oh, I had never been that angry before, then. Mind you, I had a pretty bad temper.

    I killed 'em all. But frankly it wasn't enough. In my head I kill them all .. A thousand times over, a million times over but it still ain't fuckin' enough. I want them to burn in front of me and I want them to feel the pain that I felt. Death was too fuckin' easy for these bastards.

    I changed, then. I wasn't so bright and hopeful anymore. I grew darker. Darker and darker. I fell into a pit of my own grief and then I realised that I needed to do something to survive; the Church would be after me soon, after I killed their men and when I die the Prince of Lies, the one who Lied to me will have my soul and I will be damned.

    Then I got a plan. It was a gamble, and my soul was once again the stake. I win or I lose; in this gambit there will be no middle ground.

    Through a series of intermediaries who decided that they would prefer to remain confidential I summoned up the rest of the Princes of Hell .. One by one, and I broke my consciousness to speak to each one, simultaneously. I made a deal with each one, and I sold my soul to all of them for power - Except for the Prince of Lies, of course. My soul was already technically his already. But I knew the consequences of what I had done. By doing this it meant that my soul belonged to all of them - These selfish creatures .. They would never learn to share. If my soul went down they would go to war with each other, for their pride .. They would never give ground.

    After that, I did the last thing anyone would expect me to do.

    I prayed for forgiveness, I begged for redemption.

    Of course I wasn't given it right away - But I had a chance to be forgiven, if I did Heaven's work. If I fought against the demons, if I beat them down, if I do more .. 'good deeds' .. Perhaps one day I will redeem myself, and Saint Peter with all his Holy Might will let me through the pearly gates.

    Now I work for Heaven, and I am owned by Hell. Plus, I'm contracted to the Church to fight for 'em in this war. Fact that they called on me means it's gonna be somethin' big. Really, really big.

    May Lady Luck smile on me for today, and the rest of the days to come. I sorely need it.

    I sold my soul many times over for different things, and one of which is knowledge. In my head is a treasure trove of knowledge of demons and angels and other abstract concepts that my human mind cannot completely grasp. Next was a gift; a gift to find things. Anything and everything, unless they are shielded from me by powers greater than I. Be it a being's weakness, or where he keeps his keys .. I'll find them. But when I try and do that my mind blazes like wildfire, and for that very moment I could very well be tracked down by my enemies, or even worse, possessed by another. Along with this gift, I could do something to what I had found. If it was say, a magical link between a caster and his summoned beings I could snap the link with my mind, or if I was looking for the bullets inside someone's gun, I could remove them from inside it.

    These gifts they rage inside me .. They weren't meant to be contained by a mortal mind. They drive me crazy at times, give me nightmares, migraines, nose bleeds ..

    But I keep them contained, still. I'm a fully grown man who has a degree from the University of Life, a diploma from the School of Hard Knocks and a graduate of the Kindergarten of Having-The-Shit-Kicked-Out-Of-Me. I'm not gonna go down without a fight. Rather die by the sword than live on my knees, innit?

    And then I'm good with a knife, a sword, a gun. I've used them all and I'm pretty quick. I ain't strong like those priests whose bodies have been tampered by rituals whom they claim is Holy but I'm quick. Very, very quick, and many times that counts for everything.

    You must be thinking; so what? What makes me so scary, puts me aside from everyone else? I'll tell you what. My soul has been sold so many times I am essentially dead. Dead, but alive. That makes me different. All your magical defences, all your charms and hexes and curses .. They reach out for someone either alive, or dead, but not anyone in between them. Most of them, they malfunction around me and they stop working because they can't put a finger on what I am, they don't know what they are touchin', so they give up entirely. That's why they hired me.

    I'm the bane of magic.

  9. Name: Leo (Nickname: Kid)

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Here

    Race: Half-Demon

    Faction: Legion

    Enhanced Strength

    Enhanced speed

    Hell Bringer: His magic in his right arm forges a ethereal replica that deals ten times as much damge, but requires the same amount of magic to focus. He calls it the Hell Bringer.

    Demon arm: Ethereal Mannifestation: Conjure ethereal objects from weapons to armor, letting take or dish out more damage. This takes a large deal of his magic.

    Inner demon: A mannifestation of his true demon form if he was fully blooded. It only arises when near death and only lasts for thirty seconds.

    Weapons: Guns and Katana with a fucus of pure magic imbued within. It works as a multiplier for his strength, but can wear out his magic quickly if he strains it. The source of magic inside the blade can be used so much.

    Personality: Leo is usualy laid back, but not lazy to his objective. Fifty percent of the time he's mostly joking around and acting like a normal teenager, earning him the nickname, Kid. He's easy to piss off if you hit the right buttons, and has well hell of a cocky attitude.

    History: Leo was born in secrecy among hte people. His father was a demon and his mother, a fair human. His original parents only raised him for about tow to three months until they were both executed. His father for what he was, and his mother for having his child. As the enforcers were closing in to kill him, he was rescued by a shot of luck. Someone had caused a distraction, while another had made off with him. His saviors were two women, sisters, and both were demons. At age five they told him of how demons were treated in the nation, as well as how to survive. At age 10 Leo sstarted developing his half-demon perks or super strength, better agility, and hawk like accuracy. His adoptive parents found this as a good chance to teach him how to fight for himself, knowing it may happen one day. They trained him everyway they knew how, but he mostly pick up gunslinging and sword fighting. When he perfected his lessons at the age of 17, his trainers decided to show how proud of him they were. They went into the city and stole the rarest metal they could, fine clothing, and salvaged something from an old home of theirs. They forged him two pistols that carried .50mm bullets, and left him clothing that fit his personality. That was the day he felt more loved than ever.... it was also the same day his new parents died. The church had found them and took them on. Leo fought his hardest, but came to no avail. As he watched as his two mentors were shot in front of him, a voice echoed from inside his body.... the voice of a demon. His body felt stronger, faster, while he became angrier. His right arm then fully matured into his half-demon blood, while his inner demon came out of him. Minutes later, he awoke from a blackout in a scene of massaqured soildiers and blood everywhere. Among the bodies he found the last gift his adoptive parents had given him, his sword. He took it and ran off, with his new arm, his new weapons, and his new power. Three months after, he met the Legion and joined their cause without question. He wanted to make humans pay for their actions... one bullet at a time.
  10. Name: Klervon Havok
    Age: 24
    Show Spoiler

    Race: Human
    Faction: Neutral (For now)
    Powers: From cybernetic implants: Enhanced Accuracy, Enhanced Coordination, Enhanced strength, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced system function (gives some resistance to poisons, disease, seduction, etc)
    Show Spoiler
    He calls her Charity.

    This one is named Thompson

    Say hello to Nathenial.

    Personality: Overall a caring jokester. Kle has a bleeding heart for the innocent and a taste for a good quip. Tends to be nosey but knows when to back off. Loves people. Love Attention. Attempts to be helpful. Is nice to individuals until giving a reason not to. Believes in fairness and mercy. He can be just as penetrating with word has he is with wielding Charity.

    History: He had a rather decent childhood. Kle was mostly trained by his father to be the accurate trickster-bard he is today. After graduating from Bard college, he fell into some bad habits. Bad habits including smoking pipe and heavy drinking. Another bad habit included not actually taking a side and staying underground. Hell, at first, the demon seige didn't phase him. Kle just made his way to his cellar, killing anyone who tried to attack. After doing some recon, he discovers a the jist of the plans. With the stakes known, Kle knows that one side must win...but not at the cost of innocent lives.
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  16. Name: Mio Arika
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Unlike the picture, she has ice blue eyes and cat ears and tail. Her second transformed form is a simple house cat with ice blue eyes.
    [​IMG]-Normal form
    Race: Neko Succubus
    Faction: Legion
    Occupation: Head assassin of the Legion
    Powers: Shapeshifting (two forms) and Water Manipulation
    Weapons: Senobn needles, kunai, shuriken, and the rest of the stealthy weapons, poison, her two kodachi (short swords abou a third the length of a katana), and her four katana (yes, she's weapon crazed, but hardly uses half of them)
    [​IMG]-Kodachi, one on each thigh (2)
    [​IMG]-Katana on her left hip (2)
    [​IMG]-Katana on her back (2)
    Personality: Mio is pretty much psychotic in the eyes of the human, she has so many personality issues that it's hard to say exactly what her personality is. Because of her random personality changes, she is considered an unstable ally, but she considers herself the perfect ally. Usually, she's pretty laid back and random, she's normally in a good mood to, which means t=no random rampages. Her instability of the mind ranges from enjoying the kill and bloodshed far more than she should to simply having fun talking to herself or animals. One of her bad habits would be that she does talk to herself a lot, normally when she's frustrated or really confused. Anger, one of her biggest and most dangerous parts of the instability, just saying something she doesn't like to someone else usually sets her off. Lately she hasn't had any of her normal issues, she's been ignoring a lot of things lately and only focusing on her work. She's become somewhat more stable in recent years, what with the promise of bloodshed and all, but her anger issues still threaten her sanity somewhat.
    History: Mio grew up with her parents and sisters in a rather normal setting, but it didn't last. When she turned eight, her father had hit her across the face for disobeying him, this didn't go over too well with Mio, so she killed him, mercilessly and without hesitation. Her mother walked in to see the sight and screamed, Mio just stood grinning down at what she had done, this was when they realized that she had a huge problem. Mio's mother tried to get her to listen, but all she wanted to do was go out and have "fun" with humans and other demons. It took a while, but Mio finally got calmed down, but that only lasted until it gat dark, then she went ahead and killed the rest of her family, telling herself they had betrayed her. After having killed them, she buried them in the back and made a small graveyard for them, but smiled all the time. She seemed to be happier without everyone else to bother her. When she turned twelve, she started to regret what she had done, and the regret grew even more each day. Then she decided that it was better to take her mind off things and headed off to find some work, especially since the money that was left when she killed her family had run out. It seemed that the only work that was available were those that involved stealing and killing, so she started with being a thief at first. She was a thief for about three ears before she decided to switch to an assassin, a much more interesting job than being a thief, though she thought stealing was kind of fun. Her mindset was perfect for the role of an assassin, no regrets and little mess, just how most people wanted it. After about another four years, which brings us to present time, she joined the Legion, hoping to help with anything that involved killing, especially a blood filled future that was sure to come if she stayed on Niera's side as her head assassin in the Legion.
  17. We need more players for the Church of Valinor!

    Ignore the scantily clad succubi, we know we look good but c'mon! You gotta love those muscles of the Church. ^.~
  18. Free wifi at the church! And lots of fun weapons and stuff!
  19. Name: Cidonis

    Age: Unknown.


    Race: Fallen Angel

    Faction: Legion

    Occupation: Enforcer of the Legion's will.

    Powers: Wings of Steel - Cidonis's wings have the ability to harden from soft feathers to durable sheets of razors, useful for offense or defense. This power can not be used in a battle in mid-air. (he will plummet)

    Induce Regeneration - With concentration, this power allows the user to effect the natural regenerative abilities of the recipient. This strictly effects the speed of a natural healing process, cutting down on bleed outs, pain or other less serious injuries. This magic has it's limitations, takes time and drains the user of energy. Due to these factors, it is all but useless in the heat of battle.

    Aura of Corruption - As Angels are known to be able to purify things of unholy nature, so too can a Fallen Angel corrupt or cancel out anything with holy properties. With enough exposure to anything holy, depending on it's strength, Cidonis is able to partially nullify or if the target is unlucky enough, contaminate the holy energy.

    Unholy Fire - Cidonis's once purifying flames have become as corrupted as he has, now able to burn those of the light instead of destroying creatures of shadow. Being essentially ageless, he has extensive practice with this and wields the flames to great effect.

    Skills: Flight - Being an Angel (or Fallen Angel) Cidonis has the capacity to fly.

    Enhanced strength - While lacking the raw power of a true Demon, Cidonis has surprising strength for someone of his build. This strength is not beyond the strains of men. Simply, he is stronger than he appears to be.

    Enhanced Agility - Cidonis uses his smaller physique over larger opponents to his advantage. Preferring to dodge when able as opposed to being able to shrug off blow after blow until defenses finally crack.

    (Just one sword... in case it being shown multiple times confuses anybody)

    Personality: Cidonis is a very committed individual. Just as he was merciless in his pursuit of justice as an Angel, he now serves the Legion unquestioningly. His corruption only further developed his ruthless nature in exterminating those he is set against.

    History: Before defiled by the Succubus Niera, Cidonis was a champion to the Church and it's people. Niera managed to slowly twist him to her own will. Cidonis may have been immune to a Succubi's charm, but their influence can be hard thing to shake once it grips your soul. Now a high ranking soldier in the Legion, Cidonis's Fallen state was used to try and shake the foundation of the Church's conviction as well as make him into a new ally for their own.
  20. Name: Ashardalon
    Race: Demon Prince
    Faction: The Legion
    Occupation: (Are you a regular soldier or something more? The GMs will talk to you about how your role will fit into the rp.)