Black Veil Brides and the like

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  1. I am looking for music from Black Veil Brides and other groups like BVB. I'm going emo and I am wondering what music emos listen to.
  2. I listened to a lot of 'emo' music when I was an angsty middle and high schooler. I might be able to recommend some, and I apologize if I'm incorrect in categorizing it as emo. >__> Music genres are getting crazy complicating as time passes. I feel old and lost.

    Some worth checking out: 30 Seconds to Mars, AFI, Tokio Hotel, My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Alexisonfire. I know little to nothing about anything new these groups might have. (Which, for me, would be anything past the year 2009, I'm thinking. lol) But I remember enjoying them. :]

    I found out BVB existed only a couple years ago, because a family member listens to them obsessively. Not quite a fan, but that's probably because of how my music tastes have changed.

    Hope your search for new music's going well!
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  3. Dang it @Fluffy you stole some of the bands I was going to use. ;--;

    Anyways, I'm not really a fan of Black Veil Brides...they freak me out slightly. But some bands I would recommend are:
    Of Mice and Men
    Panic! At the Disco
    August Burns Red
    Bring Me the Horizon
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  4. I don't know much about the new groups, but here's some recs:
    The Fall of Troy
    Fear Before
    A Skylit Drive
    Senses Fail
    Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    Every Time I Die (maybe?)
    Blood Brothers

    Hope that helps!

  5. From the other thread on music ("I need recommendations right now"); I'd advise heading over there and checking out other people's suggestions too, as there's a significant amount of crossover between "emo" music and the genres looked at in that thread.

    But, uh, just to say - just a personal opinion, but don't try to force the whole "emo" thing. If you like that style of music and look or whatever, fantastic, express yourself as you want to, that's a good thing - but the decision to just "go emo" without actually knowing much about the scene and culture surrounding it already (such as the music, which is a major aspect) would seem to be more about making a statement than identifying with the scene/whatever. Just be you, man, you seem pretty awesome. ^^ and if it turns out, after listening to the music and participating in that culture a bit, that it's for you, then go ahead and identify that way.
  6. Though I'm not sure what kind of music you define as 'emo', I did used to listen to a few metal/rock bands. Here a few to list:
    • Escape the Fate
    • Heartist
    • Nine Lashes
    • Papa Roach
    • Skillet
    • Trivium
    • Three Days Grace
    • Rise Against
  7. Since Fluffers mentioned Alexisonfire, you might wanna check out the band their former frontman is with now: Gallows.

    I still miss their old singer, though. That lad was mental.

  8. Quit being whiney and listening to depressing morose shit and find something uplifting.
  9. Emo, eh? Check out the angst going on in this bad boy.

  10. Pure Golden Bleeding Black Hearts of Bloody Crying Angels with Three Wolf Moon Nostalgia.

    I used to like them loads. Never occurred to me they were angsty or whatever, just dug the beat.
  11. Aren't you a little too old to be a emo? You look like an adult.
  12. Yeah I know her music is actually metal but she does sing about a lot of heavy topics.

  13. They were pretty angsty, but they had a good sound, Then their later stuff was super pretentius angst crap. Then their latest album was good again. It's wierd man
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  14. Not sure what you consider 'emo' but I listen to music that is similar.
    My favorite is Escape the Fate but someone already mentioned them and you person are completely awesome.
    Other good bands are Bullet for my Valentine and The Amity Affliction.
  15. Shhhhh you are never too old.

    I'm in high school right now and all the things these guys posted is what "that" kind of person listens to... I don't know why anybody would want to be like that on an outward perspective, but w/e. People are people and clothes are clothes.