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SIDE STORY Black Swan Lake

Discussion in 'STORY ARCHIVES' started by Ringmaster, Jun 7, 2016.

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  1. Chapter 1: The Sorceress and the Knight

    It was a stark and twisted morning upon the dimension known as Makai. Connected to an earth very much like many throughout the Multiverse, it was a world in perpetual shadow. Ghouls, ghosts, nightmares of every description was the lot of this world. Many called them monsters.

    Here, they were known as Darkstalkers.

    And among their number, famous among them was Morrigan Aesland. Thanks to her powerful connections, she managed to pull all manner of strings on behalf of the Multiverse Emergency Unit: A coven of female mages, demigods and more that dedicated themselves to multiversal arcane threats. And there were so, so many as it were.

    From the Archdemon to the Mindless Ones, to the forces of the Adversary of the Homelands to the Ruinous Powers. Where theres a wand, there is a way.

    Which was why, after being transported to Castle Aesland, both chosen agents after a night of rest would awaken to a butler, an imp who would bow and hand over a folder respectfully.

    Opening it would reveal the following.

    [This is an IC Method to write out your profile for the other without needing an OOC thread.]

    First was a picture of the partner in question. This one was a tall man. Clad in ecclesiastical wear as a lay priest would, a black longcoat over it all and a wide-brimmed hat. Of the sort favored by traveling priests in the days when the Western States was yet to be tamed. A silver cross dangled around his neck and in his handsome features, gleamed eyes red and bright that seemed to stare through the medium and directly through the one looking at it.

    A little caption would reveal his name, as well as a concise assessment.

    Father Lucifer Matthias Anghelscu.

    Records from the Division on Fallout Alpha indicate him as a primary figure in their attempts to seize that world. Was officially recruited alongside Elizabeth Comstock(KIA) two years later. Was promoted to agent status swiftly and has since worked mostly as a protective asset for MEU agents.

    Received the bulk of his training from an alternate Burial Agency of which the traitor Kotomine was also once a part. Possesses powerful vampiric blood in his veins. His task is to act as physical protector and partner in your investigation into Darkstalker Activity.

    So much for that. As to the mission, straightforward enough.

    The Darkstalker Tournament is a local affair. No longer. New sightings pop up every day, new demons and other creatures meet in clandestine meetings and there is talk of invasion. Discover the truth and prevent this demonic cold war from spilling into a live one.

    Principal names among the powers entering their champions are Dormammu: Lord of the Dark Dimension, Samael: The Blood Prince and the Necromancer Liliana Vess. Good luck. How you deal with this, will rest on you both.

  2. It had been a courteous request from the Coven and she had accepted. It had been awhile since she last traveled from her realm after all. Looking through the dossier a smirk would creep up on her lips.

    "I forgot that the Coven recruited men now..." Not that she cared one way or another, but she was surprised the motion had passed considering the squabbling that would be had from time to time among all of them. A final look at the picture, a rugged man that's for sure.

    She would rise from the bed and end up towering over the poor butler imp.


    "I guess royalty needs to get its hands dirty as well." Midna would yawn softly and make her way out of her to meet her companion in crime.
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  3. "Princess Midna."

    In another part of the castle, Lucifer would murmur her name as he regarded his own folder with his partners bio. A wise move... Titles would open doors here and she seemed poised enough. And with the multiversal nature of the tournament, they had a chance for subtly. He approved wholeheartedly.

    He nodded thanks toward the imp, servant of Castle Aesland and headed out, snatching his hat along the way. And in the corridor leading to the drawing room, he'd meet her face to face. He bowed respectfully from the waist, as he did with all MEU figures out of respect. His hand moved to remove his hat in rustic mannerisms as well.

    "Your highness. Your picture does not do you credit. I am Lucifer- I have been an agent for three years officially and have particular experience with the supernatural. Ask of me what you will to know me, I will hold nothing back."

  4. [​IMG]

    "Oh, you really have a way with words don't you?" The Twilight Princess replied. A real flatterer this one was. Hand on hip Midna would inspect the man in front of her. "I honestly don't care about your credentials Lucifer, the Coven sent you so I will trust their judgement...mostly."

    She'd chuckle at that.


    "Perhaps when my boredom needs to pass I'll shake you down for some questions about yourself, but for now I'm sated. I am more curious on the mission at hand. How dirty do we need to get our hands again?"

  5. He offered his arm first as a courtesy. If it wasn't taken, he'd simply lead the way the drawing room, as he planned. His hat replaced, he pondered what he had learned before sharing his views.

    "That depends. This is the second Darkstalker Tournament, a replacement for open war. The Aesland champion won the last and thanks to it, Darkstalker movement has been culled in regards to attacks on humanity here. According to the last seer report, the potential for full societal integration increases to a full seventy-five percent- Or in more pragmatic terms?"

    He slowed in his wider stride, contemplative before he spoke.

    "This world has the potential to become a shining one, where Darkstalkers and Humans live alongside each other openly. Whats messing it up is the intervention of others...Those with designs upon this world via their champion representatives. Lady Aesland might have more information for us though. But I would be remiss not to say that I forsee blade and spell to be flung, before this is all over."

  6. Midna was a proper princess after all so she would hand out her hand in turn for Lucifer to grasp unto. Midna herself wouldn't say much as the man spoke adding a few nods here and there and as he finished she couldn't help but smirk again.


    "If I'm to be honest I would be very disappointed that I was called on a mission that didn't require some form of exerting activity." Her status as the Twilight Princess granted her access to some rather potent powers at the disposal after all. "I will say I do like the decor of this place...really brings out the anguish in it all." Was she joking? Probably.​

  7. [​IMG]

    "Thank you for the compliment my dear. Welcome to you both, to Castle Aesland."

    Morrigan. One of the chief powers behind the MEU, their host and their contact in this particular mission as she smiled seductively and giggled at the blush of Lucifer as he averted his eyes.

    "Oh don't worry Father....I don't bite."

    A beat passed and she smirked.

    "I don't mind it either- Hahahaha. Stay your blushes Lucifer. I was merely curious, after all I heard. And to you Princess Midna, you are thrice welcome! One of your caliber is certainly a welcome addition to our coven. Please, sit you two."

    Once they were seated, Morrigan smiled.

    "We are at war....That is a constant state for a Darkstalker to be frank and between that and the Hunters, we've managed to keep our numbers low enough to avoid detection. However, our struggles threatened to overcome the world. Great powers sought not only to win the game, but also smash the board! I love my world for all its faults...And so, I created the tournament. I based it off of the struggles of the Outworld games and initiated it, winning my rightful place. Unfortunately this year...Others have come. Those not beholden to the conditions I set upon my defeated opponents, a loophole our best will see to closing sometime soon."

    She leaned back in her seat, kicking out languidly before Lucifer spoke.

    "So....You wish us to fight in this tournament as your representative?"

    "That is certainly one way. Its the most direct to be honest. Because I have won the last, I cannot fight till the winner has defeated all else. If you win all fights, then my enemies will have no legal room and must obey my conditions. It does carry its own risk. Another method is to discredit them....Discover if they are cheating in any way. Allies between champions or their benefactors are not allowed- It ruins the spirit of the fight. This would require less violence and more smiling."

    She shrugged again.

    "You are both beautiful. And with the title of royalty it would not be hard for Princess Midna to mingle among them, as well as any cover story you could devise for him. At any rate, whatever method you choose between them or a third option is up to you. You both were highly recommended after all."

    She waited, obviously expecting a comment or questions.

  8. "Were diplomacy ends shattered bones starts." Came her reply to Morrigan. "We will mingle with the riff raff and see what we can find out...if that fails we take to combat and solve it that way."

    Midna's sharp tongue was probably a common place among the creatures that called this realm their home. "I assume there will be a place where all the combatants are gathered? Perhaps a little dinner party to wet ones appetite?"

  9. Lucifer had no objections. A mixture of both might serve them best. As brutes they would be condescended, as diplomats they would be derided. A mix of both as the situation demanded would ensure their survival and standing. He then asked aloud.

    "Princess Midna has her cover then. How do you propose to explain me?"

    Morrigan shrugged in reply.

    "You've....A particular bloodline which among our circles, would make you at least equal to a Baron if we were to use earth-terms and rankings. Alongside Princess Midna, in social circles she would rank above you. As a bodyguard, you would be expected to be close to her. As a servant role, you would have some degree of invisibility but little clout in the talks and no protection if caught. A consort role would explain your wanderings and give you a bit more political power, but then it would mean your actions would reflect on Princess Midna. I leave it to you both to decide."

    Lucifer nodded in understanding. That was the mission then. Hearing no further questions, Morrigan began to explain the first night.

    "Before the fights, there will be a ball. A rather fiendish one, hosted in one of my castles. Prepare as you like. I have an armory and a library if you wish for weapons, spells or information. I'll provide anything else you may require within reason."

    "Thank you Lady Morrigan."

    "Oh, don't thank me. I'm throwing you to the sharks."

    Her grin was dark as her eyes glittered in amusement.

    "I'll enjoy watching you sink or swim."

  10. "Bodyguard." She replied almost instantly. "He obviously does not resemble a Twili, but he can be my agent beyond the Twilight Realm that helps me through all these confusing light worlds." The sarcasm in her voice was evident. "And I have all the weapons I need on my person."

    A mirror would materialize into her grasp before vanishing again. "I am quite looking forward to this ball...it will be nice to mingle with the crowd."

  11. "I'll need something to signify my allegiance. A pin or something to wear on my lapel."

    An easily granted request and Morrigan would indicate that she would have it ready by the time the ball began.

    "I'll send my tailors to your rooms. They'll supply you with whatever suit or dress you need."

    Lucifer rose and bowed from the waist to both.

    "By your leave then, I'll just check out your armory."

    And away he left. Morrigan smiled after him, before turning to Midna.

    "An interesting choice, but I suppose all things progress. Tell me my dear, is there anything more I can help you with?"

  12. "No I believe that will suffice for the time being." Midna replied giving Morrigan a regal bow. "I and my new lackey will do our best to ascertain any menacing machinations your realm might be plagued with. By dragging the culprit kicking and screaming if need be...and potentially broken bones." She added with a menacing smirk.

  13. "Work with discretion, yet with all haste. Good luck."

    Three hours later would find the two in a helicopter. Courtesy of Aensland. Lucifer kept his usual clothing, except now he added to his lapel a silver pin bearing the mark of the Twili. He also added a very large gun, decorative and in full view. Both items carefully chosen to keep up the cover story of bodyguard. Glancing over at Midna, he leaned back in his seat across from her as he spoke.

    "I brought a few more surprises, just in case. So apparently we're heading to a place known as the Spencer Mansion. Its been bought and refurbished by our current host: the Judge of the Darkstalker tournament. I've also managed to scour additional information based on the champions being backed this year."

  14. Midna meanwhile hadn't seem to have done anything to her overall appearance. During the time that Lucifer spoke she would be glancing through the helicopter window to the sights bellow.

    You could have thought she was ignoring him but after he finished speaking Midna added her own thoughts on the matter. "Well don't keep me in suspense." She replied. "Tell me what you've heard."

  15. "First on the list is Demitri Maximoff. A powerful vampire lord who has backing from a sponsor named the Blood Prince, an outside force this year. He was Lady Aensland's chief rival for the throne of Makai prior and we're encouraged to think of him as our main enemy. Lord Raptor is another, under the patronage of a dark horse named Lilianna Vess. A necromancer of some power apparently, beyond that we know nothing. Finally.... Dormammu. Plenty of information on him is present at this point, since the dimensions merged into one. His champion is to be revealed tonight at the manor."

  16. "Interesting, thank you for the information." She stated. "Best to not irk anyone before we have gotten a proper look at them. Though I've learned that some proper prodding allows for some quite interesting reactions and secrets."

  17. He nodded before adding.

    "As bodyguard position, I won't be able to say much, if anything. My conversation will most likely be with others like unto myself. But should you need me, I'll be within a gesture away."

    It was all he'd be able to provide as the helicopter came down to the woods, upon a hidden landing pad. From there, a horse-drawn carriage would take them to the mansion and it was with mild grim amusement that Lucifer recognized it as a converted hearse.

    The mansion itself was an old looking thing. Haunted and if ghostly attendants were to assist them, Lucifer would not be surprised. Regardless as they came to a stop, he would step out first to assist Midna, before offering his arm once more.

    Within past the doors, they would be led to a decadent ballroom.

    Candlelight lit the place in its soft glow, as music played in the corner from a band of tuxedo'd musicians. The servers were all exotic, beautiful women in tight silk dresses and half masks upon their faces. In the middle of this room, curiously enough was what looked like a circular pit. A massive one, with railings to prevent people from falling over. But the worse part of it all?

    It was the guests.

    Monsters, openly and otherwise. Cold and cruel in the form of humans, others less so as the rooms atmosphere gave off the impression of a host of hell being on the party list...Which was most likely the case. Some lingered around obvious folk of power, you could see it from the way they drew sycophants like flies to a corpse. Others, of a more rough look lingered away in their own groups, only tersely interacting. A younger looking group of party goers seemed to be indulging in some sport in a corner and by the pit, a few would making their conversations.

    And somewhere in this lot, was a cabal seeking to dominate over this world and all its riches.

    All they had to do was expose them.

  18. They were nothing Midna had seen before and she would walk with her nose up in the air in the most snobbish royal way she could muster. A quick scan of the room would make Midna set her sights on her first targets.

    The young were confident. Bold. If anyone would speak freely they would. As she made her way towards group she'd snag a glass of what she assumed to be wine from one of the servants walking by.

    If Lucifer was following she did not know but he was capable of taking care of himself.

  19. Lucifer would glide away, striking up a conversation with a grizzled looking werewolf, but always in the sight of Midna.

    For Midna, approaching the young group she would find the following. A young woman in peasant looking clothing, being passed around. Bruises discolored her arms when revealed and seeing Midna, she turned pleading eyes on her.


  20. Oh my my my what do we have here...? "I didn't know commoners were invited." Midna replied as she came closer to the group. "And in such disarray as well...didn't your mother teach you proper dress code and grooming tips?"

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