Black Sun Tribe: A Group, Modern Fantasy RP

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    You’ve never heard of the Tribe before? Fuck, a SoCal native like you, and you haven’t heard of the Tribe? Must’ve been living under a rock, bro. Well, I guess if you’re a yuppy type, that’s a logical explanation too.

    Anyway, the Black Sun Tribe is an outlaw MC. You know, a 1-percenter club? As in, give no fucks for law and society. That kind of thing. They’re based down in Fresno, I think. The mother charter is down there, but they’re all over the West Coast, man. And they’re not your average badass MC either. That is to say, they’re bad as hell, but they’re not just filled with bearded white dudes. Young, old; black, white; brown, purple; man, woman…shit they don’t discriminate. All shape and size of fiend is welcome in that lot.

    But, that’s not the thing that gets people talking. Not really, anyway. No, the shit that really makes people pull to the side of the highway for the Tribe is…well…this is going to sound crazy…but they say they’re not even human.

    This is an interest check for a modern fantasy RP based around an outlaw biker club. This club, known as the Black Sun Tribe, is made up solely of supernatural beings that are hiding in plain sight from humanity. From vampires, werewolves, ghouls, and demigods, the Tribe has no limits upon who may join their ranks. Players would create a supernatural character that is a part of, or heavily affiliated, with the club, and would participate in a dramatic, action-filled storyline (to be explained if enough interest is given).

    DESIRED WRITING LEVEL: Intermediate to Advanced



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  2. I'm in... But was that ever really a question? ;)
  3. Haha, well you are as loyal as they come, Muirgen. Glad to have you.
  4. Definitely looks interesting!
  5. Thank you!
    Woohoo! It's great to have you, Adelaide.
  6. I came out of lurking to say, "I'm interested in this."
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  7. Awesome! Thanks for the interest. We probably have enough people that I'll start work on the OOC/Signup thread.
  8. *stalks in with a heavy clomping of steel toed boots and looks around with piercing blue eyes* So, what you be needing my mark in blood then?
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  9. The famous Wren! So pleasant to finally meet you. And consider your mark made.
  10. Famous?! Heck no. Just a fortunate friend!
  11. Well hello all,
    Just wanted to give a little update that I'm working on the OOC/Signup now. It'll probably take me all of tonight, and probably tomorrow. Things always seem just so simple until that silly imagination gets in the way, and then before you know it, you're vomiting up all kinds of crazy things into a Word document...
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  12. Word Vomit by HummingWren

    Word vomit.

    Bile of adjectives and verbs.

    Actions retracted.

    Thoughts redacted.

    Black marks on white pages.

    Ink and pixels postulated!

    Spewed from fingers.

    Retched and wretched.

    Oh so clever.

    Twisted, heaving.

    Word vomit.
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  13. >.> Wren, you really must stop sniffing the beeswax candles, dear...
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  14. is that what she's been doing?
  15. I have my reasons!
  16. I hope this word vomit isn't contagious... Or maybe I do. I'm conflicted. :blah:
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  17. It's a good thing. I'm going to try this sniffing of candles thing...
  18. I pray you're pleased with yourself Wren *shakes head sadly* I hope you can live with this corrupting of the innocent...
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