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    • black sugar.




      Ghoulcrest is a small city where very little happens, and the people who grow up there are also the same faces you see everyday of your life. It's by no means a rich and prosperous place. Most of the residents come from old money, and the houses all depict that with their large Victorian style homes. Locals make hang-out spots out of parks, diners, and house parties. There isn't much to see and no one of importance lives there, except for those who succeeded in becoming Prom King and Queen during their high school days, or people that went to college and returned back home.

      The one thing Ghoulcrest has going for them is there nightlife. It's nothing close to the exclusive clubs and bars of New Tokyo, but there are plenty of bars and few decent night clubs for the 18 and up crowd. There is one venue where concerts are held, but most popular artists skip over Ghoulcrest in favor of nearby cities. Only popular local artists wind up snagging a spot there. Anyone with the goal of making anything of themselves eventually leaves Ghoulcrest for the brighter more fast paced lifestyle of New Tokyo, or any of the other surrounding cities and towns with more potential.

      the story.

      Begins with a nineteen year old Maya O recently taking over an old family home. The recent tenants have just passed less than a year ago and she was next in line for it, as they had no children or other relatives to hand it to. With no place to go, she accepts, but immediately figures that she can not afford to live there on her income. Not to mention the place is in need of some serious repairs, which she would never be able to take care of alone.

      After two months of trying to survive on her own, and nearly dying of boredom, Maya puts up ads all over Ghoulcrest in search of roommates. She requested that they be female, and help with their share of bills and food. She also made it clear that they must be able to play an instrument, which helped a lot in the screening process. It had always been a dream of her's to have a group of friends that often played jam sessions. Of course she got more than she bargained for when she accepted four strangers into her home.

    • Gaby Limon. Cleaning. Cooking.

    • [​IMG]
      1. be respectful towards the GM and the other players.
      2. No godmodding each other's character without permission.
      3. Post at least once a week!
      4. If something comes up or happens, please let me know in as little words as you please that you won't be participating anymore, or if you need to go away for a bit. Failure to do will result in your eventual removal from the band.
      5. No written sex scenes in the roleplay. Meaning actual sex. Implying it is fine, but take it to PMs or fade to black if you're both red stars!
      6. Major key elements and side stories must be run by me first through PM. This is important so I know what is going on with everyone's character, and if I like where the story is going.
      7. Post at least two paragraphs on average. Less is fine if it's particularly slow, or you're experiencing a bit of writer's block.
      8. Bring any issues you have to me via PM.

    • Coming soon...

    • Coming soon...

    • City of Ghoulcrest



      Interior of the House (open)

      Stairs/Transition Area

      Basement/Band Practice + Washer/Dryer



      Foyer/Living Room

      Upstairs Living Room

      Maya's Bedroom/Attic + with white christmas lights decorating the walls

      Sera Ingrid's room. To the right.

      Mariko's room.

      Gabby's bedroom.

      Bathroom Style

    • Chapter 01 - Five Girls and a Tanuki!

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  1. [​IMG]
    "The horns aren't real, I swear. They're just some prosthetics I was playing around with!"

    Maya O



    100 lbs


    Personality Type:
    Fun Loving/Sociable/Cutesy

    Maya is an easy going, fun loving girl who upon first glance looks like a normal chick, but is actually quite the oddball. She enjoys sporting strange costumes and scary prosthetics around the house, most of which she makes herself. Despite Maya's appearance, she really does love socializing, getting to know new people, and trying new things. Her absolute favorite thing to do is special effect make-up, and she is always on the look out for new models for her costumes. Her new band mates look like the perfect candidates.

    Waitress by Day
    Stripper by Night

    Lead Vocals
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    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀〈♦ VELVET LACE ♦〉▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

    Velvet Raquel Lace



    (Femme Fatale/Sexay/Party Animal)
    There is no one that is probably more of a player and a flirt than Miss Velvet Lace. She can walk into a room and all eyes will be on her, if her attitude and mouth doesn't get her the attention... her overly revealing outfits will ALWAYS get people to stare her way. Velvet has always been a girl that did things her way and treated people the way she felt they deserved to be treated. Most people have given her the nickname "Purple Dominatrix" since she wears purple all the time and... well the other part is pretty obvious once you get to know her. Velvet knows how to work a crowd, her presence will always be known and attract a crowd without even trying. When she's not seducing some poor guy or girl, you can always catch the Sneaky Vixen either starting a party or crashing one. Velvet parties just like she flirts, hard and relentless.

    Some people can't handle her carefree attitude towards most things, not being one for the drama and ridiculousness, she does things her way or no way. Velvet loves to have people fall to their knees when she's in charge, she takes the reins and holds on for dear life. If you want to have a good time and possibly get into trouble, Velvet is the girl to contact. She is a girl who loves to live life on the edge and to it's fullest, she doesn't think too far into the future... since it doesn't matter as much as the present does. She'll try anything at least once, the daredevil with a killer body is always up for a good time.


    Guitar: Hex-(Link)

    Waking up in a stranger's bed wasn't something new for the Brunette Bombshell, she had a long night and she would be having an even longer morning. Velvet Lace went back to some girl's apartment after partying a little too hard last night, and that's saying a lot for a girl that can drink four bottles of Vodka straight and not feel even a tiny bit drunk. She had a lot of fun... or so she thinks, since she only remembers flashes of the night. Moving her arms from under the plush blanket, Velvet rolled over and started to open her eyes. "Where... what..." Sitting up and rubbing her eyes, she looked around the room. "This is definitely not my place." She grinned.

    Velvet looked to her side and saw a cute redheaded girl passed out next to her. "Guess I wore the poor thing out... nice." She smirked, before getting up and pulling on her clothes. Some would say that Velvet was a dude in a different life, the way she acted and treated men and women... but maybe it's just Karma for all the men who treated women badly... who really knows what's going on in the Brunette's head, not even Velvet knows most of the time.

    Once she got herself together, she started heading out of the redhead's apartment. "Maybe I should at least leave a note or something." Shrugging, she looked around in the dresser next to the bed, finally finding a purple pen and a notebook. "Perfect." She wrote a short note that just said thanks for the night and see you later. Velvet was about to put the pen back, but decided to take it as a souvenir. "Later beautiful..." She whispered as she left the apartment, like a thief in the night... well morning in her case.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Rin Rose


    5ft7in (173cm)/120lbs (54kg)


    Rin is quietly aloof and distant, often appearing bored and uninterested, as if nothing is worth her time and attention. She's not very social or outgoing, and is often falsely mistaken as someone who is shy, which is not the case. Rin simply cannot bring herself to feel or appear enthusiastic or excited about many things, even her one true passion; music. She was raised in a wealthy family that was very strict, and from an early age, she was molded by her parents to show little to no emotion or weakness. Rin is always really calm and relaxed, to a point where she may even fall asleep at sudden times and does such, resulting in people deeming her boring and not giving her their time of day. She doesn't have many friends, but she doesn't care. All she cares about is doing what she loves and so she carries herself with a sense of purpose and though she doesn't mean to be rude, she inadvertently tends to seclude herself away from people she doesn't care for.

    Bass Guitar Pictured Here & Backup Vocals

    Nail Technician & Daughter of a Wealthy Family


    It was such a nice day outside. Not a cloud as far as the eye could see, and the sky seemed bluer than it had ever been before. Rin leaned back against the smooth luxury sofa she was sitting on, adjusting her position by throwing one leg over the other as she did. As she closed her eyes and dropped her head to rest at the back of the seat, all she could think about was how beautiful a day it was... and how she had to spend it inside, getting another lecture from her mother.

    And the woman seemed to be getting louder by the second. It was getting harder and harder to drown her out.

    "Rin are you even listening to a word I'm saying?"

    A shrug was the woman's response, but she knew her daughter enough to know the meanings behind her gestures.

    "Well then why does it seem to me that we have this same conversation over and over and over again? Your father and I cannot continue to support you for the rest of your life. You're growing older. You're an adult! It's time you started acting like it."

    Rin sighed and ran her long, slender fingers through her bone-straight blonde hair. Her nails scratched gently against her scalp and the sensation quickly changed to a small itch, which she proceeded to scratch. As she did, she spoke, her tone was flat and sounded like she was bored.

    "Look, if you're done, I've got some place to be like, yesterday." she said simply.

    Her mother pinched the bridge of her nose, and it seemed the woman had just about as much as she could take. "Heavens! Why don't you just listen to me for once? The position at this company could mean great things for you. From here, you could do anything you ever dreamed of!"

    In one fluid motion, Rin uncrossed her legs and stood, adjusting the neck of the black turtleneck tank she was wearing. She stuffed her free hand into the pocket of her low riding jeans and once she was done fixing her collar, the other hand followed suit. She turned her gaze towards the open window and looked down upon the tiny people and small cars that passed by on the road. She wondered how many of them shared her dreams. She wondered how many of them had given up on their dreams.

    She wondered if she could ever do the same.

    "It seems to me, mother, that the one's who don't listen are you and father. I don't really care what you say about this job offer or whatever, its' all bullshit. I just want to make music and I'll do it the way I want. I'll make a name for myself without your help."

    Rin turned then and went to exit the room, leaving her mother stunned and speechless that her daughter had talked back to her for the first time in years.​
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  4. Thanks. :D You both have been added to the black sugar tab. Man that name is fitting. :D Just gonna wait for @VanillaCola and @White -- Chocolate to post there CSes here. Also, the rules have been added plz read them.
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  5. xD rofl... thanks, I do like this name... I think you were talking about my username right? lol.
  6. I was talking about the band name lol
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  7. I might have some side chars ideas, but about to go to bed so tomorrow will think them over and either pm you ideas of write in here^^
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  8. Oh okay... lol, see always thinking everything is about me (maybe the username is fitting though xD) *Goes to my Big Ego Corner* xD
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  9. No worries. Sleep well! :)

    And you'll probably change your username again :p I give it two weeks.
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  10. Everybody keeps saying that... I might surprise everyone and keep this as the final one (maybe...) xD but goodnight lol.
  11. After black sugar forms and more stuff happens I will add more to the first tab of the overview. :)
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  12. Can't wait to do this^^. I usually don't do small group rps (since I love big rps), but for this I think it will be fun to have a cozy tight group XD
  13. was going to sleep.... on phone now xD, but trying to go to sleep lol

  14. [​IMG]


    Mariko Goto



    (Arrogant/cocky/bad ass)

    Believing she's better than she probably is, Mariko has no problem with bragging and hyping herself up. She's aware of her skills, though often deludes herself into thinking she's God's gift to music. Her attitude often means she doesn't take into account the feedback and criticisms of others, though she has no problem with dishing out her own critiques. However, she's at least very confident, and doesn't let anyone or anything get in the way of her performance. Whilst she may often be blinded by her own arrogance, Mariko will stand up for her friends and show unyielding loyalty towards those she feels deserve it. If she finds a band that she fits into perfectly, then she won't be letting go of them any time soon.


    Secondary vocals
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  15. [xtable=skin1|border:0|cellpadding:7|fleft|@x250]


    Sera Ingrid



    Delivery Driver

    Guitar [Rhythm Guitarist]{/td}


    [ Intelligent/Responsible/Mature ]

    Sera is ever tethered and held back by the ghosts of her past. Every step she takes, is a step that is heavy and though it looks as she marches onwards without sparing even a thought to what may have been left behind, each of those steps are ones that leave heavy dents in the ground. Be it the weight of her guilt or the heavy burden of responsibility that makes dent, Sera carries it all in a silent self sacrificing fashion.

    She is someone who values honesty, loyalty, and reliability above all else. She is a person of her word, and does not allow herself to take shortcuts, or to complete anything in her life halfheartedly. Though at one point in time, it wasn't so. Sera had once been as reckless, uncaring, and cruel as one could imagine, since then, she has settled down quite a bit. Muted, one could say. Many who once knew her would be surprised to find that she has become nigh-sophisticated, someone who is patient, and careful with their words and expressions - whether for her benefit or another's.

    However, those who know Sera well enough will know that despite how settled and muted she may be now, she does allow herself to break loose quite often - away from the judging and pryful eyes at least. She is someone who can and will voice her objections loudly and passionately. She can be intense, and uncooperative when she feels as if something, or someone, has wronged her in ways that can't be corrected with a simple gift and apology - though she hardly breaks the hard built composure, she is more than capable of giving someone the cold shoulder, or simply disappearing on her own for a few days.

    Don't ever think she just has a stick up in her butt, Sera often weighs her decisions for a bit before she can be convinced to do through with activities. When she does get into it though, she is quick to pick up tricks, and even quicker to fall in love with things - it can become a problem, which is why she restrains herself so.

    Sample Post ** Not A Sample with This Character


    Nora stifled a yawn as the sound of the bell tore through the halls like a thrown knife. Tilting her head back, the redhead allowed herself to work out some kinks in her neck, all while throwing her arms up towards the ceiling, stretching and pulling her arms as far as they could go. After holding herself in such a position for a moment, the redhead relaxed, her body and head falling forward once more. Following, her hair lazily rolled back to it's place as well, some over her shoulders, framing her face, and a good bit of it falling right over her right eye. The last hour she had spent holed up inside her class was rather brutal. But then again, any class in the morning after summer break was usually horrible and unpleasant anyway.

    Shuffling along with the crowd, Nora stopped herself when she found herself walking along the large windows that gave her a clear view of the parking lot. Stopping abruptly, and ignoring the few grumbles and curses that were dropped in response, Nora let her eyes roam over outside, trying to recognize that one specific piece of art of hers somewhere in the full lot. She had recognized quite a few different cars, some more impressive than others that did bring a small smile to her face, but when her eyes locked in on her own ride. As other students began to file out of the doors, and into the parking lot, Nora only watched enviously as they climbed into their rides, and shot off from school grounds. Oh how she wished she could be driving around right now. Nothing would ever beat the sensation of freedom she experienced when on the roads.

    But ...

    Turning away from the windows, and easily walking down the now mostly empty halls, Nora kept her eyes peeled for a certain room. Or at least a sign of some sort. The redhead remembered hearing about the LGTBQ+ club a few days before, and certainly something like that wouldn't be a joke would it? Damnit, why didn't she think about asking her teachers earlier in the day?! Chiding herself softly for overlooking that, Nora continued her way and turned to the washrooms. There were a few girls in there, chattering amongst themselves, and after a ... short lingering look, Nora turned towards the mirrors. They were surprisingly clean, although Nora did frown once she saw just how tired her reflection looked. It simply wouldn't do. Even if she was tired, sleepy mostly, she still wanted to look her best, or at least feel better than what she looked now.

    Thankfully, her outfit wasn't the problem here. Nora was never too worried about how she dressed, only ever dressing herself however she pleased. Or whatever she felt would suit her best for the day. Today she had selected a rather form fitting black shirt with long sleeves that had a rather low cut, allowing her collarbones to be shown out in the open, though everything below that was relatively safe from unwanted eyes. Her legs were clad in black jeans, and she had an extra inch or two with the black moto boots she had. She painted a rather dark picture, but still the small smile she shot at the mirror seem to dampen that negative air she had.

    Pinching the space between her eyes and taking a deep breath, Nora set out to work quickly. Pulling her hair back, tossing it here and there while unknotting through the thick waves, Nora only took a few moments to properly tame it back into the straight slant she had on the norm. Pleased with her work, Nora turned away, leaving the girls to continue their chatter while she continued her search for the club room.

    Her search ended when she found a girl, a fellow redhead (or ginger) who stood by the door, next to a closing door that held a sign that could only possible refer to the club she had been looking for. A smile easily made it's way across Nora's face as she neared the door, stopping just in front of it, she turned to the girl who stood in front of it shyly. Nora had no words for the girl who already seemed to frightened, and only offered her a lazily curled grin, and a sly wink, before she opened the door widely, letting the light outside shine into the room as she strolled in.

    Seeing a group of people already present, Nora was taken aback, but slowly her surprise settled into excitement, and her eyes, sparkling with joy, was quick to take each person into account before she threw herself right into the room, with a low, impressed whistle. "Whoa," she breathed out into the silence. Oh, she wasn't oblivious to the slightly tense atmosphere in the room, but it was a horrible way to start off the year and the club, what better way to dismantle it than to barrel right through it? "I'm sorry ... I'm just mind blown, I didn't expect," She paused, then her tone took on a playful color, "I didn't expect you all to be this good looking," she joked, though she did send the only other girl in the room a quick wink before she turned to seat herself on one of the desks as well.

    Nora was aware how horribly awkward this would be if the silence did continue, but she was genuinely excited, overjoyed even, with the amount of people that could potentially be her new friends.

    *prays. pls wurk*
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  16. Okay. Guys. Depending on how this goes, I may be able to get the IC up tonight, but I have a horrid headache so we'll see what happens in the next few hours.

    Some questions for everyone!

    Would you like to begin the roleplay with everyone already moved into the house, but it's only like the first or second day of everyone living there? And we all collaborate how their first meeting went when Maya screened them to move in together, or do you want to roleplay it out one by one in order of how it went. I personally prefer the former, but I'm open to your ideas. The first idea feels more put together and would give way to more writing between the characters.

    @White -- Chocolate
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  17. I may have a few ideas to contribute, but just bringing back a small thing from the interest check ... you mentioned how you may have three people begin as roommates anyway so some existing relations already exist in the roleplay from the get go, is that still a thing?

    Also, what exactly would you mean by having all of us collaborate on the screening process? Would it be something like, an interview process, but our characters all show up at the same time and all, and thus a massive interaction zone :D - would they immediately move in when Maya approves of them, or would there be like a day or two before they actually bring their things and move into the house?

    start their day off disney-style. singing, harmony, and animals dressing us up.

    is the collab on screening process just like a past retelling of how it went but 'present time in rp' is that they're all already moved in?
  18. You always have the best questions. :) What I meant by having them begin as roommates is, they had just moved in recently. Overall I want at least three people living in the house with Maya, if not everyone, but I understand some may be able to stand on their own two feet. What I meant by having them collaborate on the screening process is, it's already happened, but we didn't roleplay it out. So basically we discuss it and we can all reflect on in in the roleplay as like "Oh this is how we met yada yada" Once they're approved they can move in, Maya would want them as soon as possible. Basically what your last sentence said. :)
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  19. I see!

    Just to be 100% sure I'm not reading things wrong: the collaboration of the screening process won't be like a massive Docs/PM thing right? Or did you mean that we'd all roleplay that out somewhere else, but in the official IC we don't need to go through that again?
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