Black raindrops

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  1. The raindrops covered the streets, already wet from the high humidity due to the lack of sun, the weather was cold, and the streets nearly empty, dark and, as usual, dirty. A dirty looking man walked around, stumbling like a man who had too much Bourbon would, making his path trough as many alleys as he could, keeping it quiet but cursing at himself and moaning cries of desperation like any other broke man would.

    Suddendly a shady character revealed himself to the poor man, who began yelling "Who the ferf are fyou?! What the ferf afre youf foing herf?!" he managed to yell.

    But before he could move, the stranger took as step forward and knocked the man out, with a right hook swing punch which knocked him out instantly. And as soon as the drunkard hit the ground, the stranger approached his stiff body and took out a ciringe, placing it on his arm and letting a substance go inside him, then sooner rather than later, the menace left, the man who instantly begun shivering.

    Back at the police station a phone rang, and a dark blue haired man with dark orange eyes answered it, with a tired look like he was expecting it to be just something lame, he actually turned around to look for his long life partner, but then he had to answer.

    "Hello, Hyde here" he responded, and after a short 40 seconds he nearly jumped from his chair. "You found what?!" he nearly put the scream on the heavens high.

    "I understand, we'll be there soon" he said finally and hung up, he stood up and walked up at his partner "Hey, guess what, something interesting for the first time in months, we gotta head to the central park".
  2. Reisha blinked and looked over, her pink hair was cut in a pixie cut and spiked harshly and her sharp blue eyes looked at him, " really now? Interesting things don't happen on week nights" none the less she swings her legs off her desk to the ground and gets up with one graceful movement. She buttons her jacket and checks her weapons, she had what was necessary. She lit a cigarette and looks at her partner, "I'm driving" she took his keys and walked out, she was a notoriously speedy driver, she could get where they were going, if her passenger could stomach the trip

    [​IMG] only pink hair, lip piercing, 8 ear piercings(in each ear) and an eye brow piercing
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    He sighed, rolled his eyes and followed, placing his hands in his pockets "Alright then."
    The driver she was he knew he'd have to forget about having lunch before going ... or after doing so. It was terrible and too speedy for his likings but at least he didn't get to drive anymore. At least at this opportunity.

    Soon they arrived at hell's speed and he got out of the car holding onto his stomach annoyingly, he turned to his partner with a grimace "You're a terrible driver, did you know that." he said before an officer with a white paper mask approached them.

    "Detectives. I think you might wanna see what we found" he said, actually looking quite nervous and paranoid, without touching them, the man led them to the alley where a body lied in.

    White, with black horrible bruises and burnt like marks. " 'The hell?" Hyde asked avoiding to near the body. "That the pest?" he asked, the officer just nodded.
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    She rolls her eyes and flicks some ashes on the ground, "we got here alive didn't we? Seriously Hyde you are such a wuss" she sees the mas and arches a brow, she follows over and looks down at the body, her tongue ran over the ball of her lip piercing as she thought, the pest. Bubonic plague.... "You think he ate one of those African meercats?" That's about the only way people got the plague these days, although she was clearly being sarcastic. "He smells of liquor and booze. He looks like a street man" she picks up a stick and pushes him over looking at his tattered clothes and the dirt under his nails her blue eyes piercing the dead body as she analyzes it cold and distant as always/
  5. "Are you completely sure it was the pest?" the detective asked as he glanced at his partner, frowning.
    "Yes detective, damn I could swear it, that's what the forensic says but they need to take him to the morgue to be sure." he responded nodding very certain of himself, which only caused Hyde to give another grimace.
    "Alright then, any suspects?" He asked, and the man nodded.
    "Could be, but only the people who saw him leave the bar, you could try there, it's around three or four blocks from here."
  6. She hums thoughtfully flicking the ash from her cigarette once again. " make sure I get a copy of the diagnostics report. Disease is fascinating" she grins darkly, " come Hyde, let us go and find this bar." she walks off her hips swaying slightly
  7. (...)

    He walked ignoring the gesture and placed his hands in the pockets of his jacket once more. "Do you think the guy was actually attacked by a person or was just unlucky?" he asked as a casual question, the bar still not on sight of theirs.
  8. ((?))

    She shrugs, " I'm wondering what the pest would be doing here? It's been dead for years and I cannot imagine it spontaneously resurfacing. If it is indeed the pest, my bet is it is intentional. To change the topic, what are the odds someone in this bar cared enough about a street man to notice his name?"
  9. "Don't know, he seemed like he had just left a fight or something of the like, maybe he pissed off the wrong guy" he answered as they arrived at the bar, he opened the door and walked in, the held it open for her once he was inside.
    As soon as they were both inside, he walked up at the barman and showed his badge, the man frowned. "Hi, we're from the police department, we'd like to know if you saw anything out the ordinary last night, fights, cursing, maybe menaces of biological weapons?"
    The bartender grinned "Look yo, I ain't got no info for you, but if yer talking about that man on booze and the hooded dude with the fancy as'ole temperament, then yer in the right place."
    "Did they get into an argument?"
    "Nah, crazy dud came claiming to be god, I could swear he smelt of booze, ten miles away before he get here" the bartender answered, polishing a jar.
    "So... what?"
    "After your "viti'm' left, hooded dud follows right, and that's all I know"
  10. She sits at the end of the bar listening to the whole story and grunts at least using the ash tray this time, "no names? Figures. He talk to anyone in particular we should be made aware of?"

    Little Derek was washing dishes in the back when he heard the cops talking to his boss, he was small in stature and a little nerdy, he pushed his glasses up and wonders if his boss would tell the truth. He didn't much like law enforcement... Derek had just moved here and this was the first place that called him after he filed applications. He didn't really fit in in the bar scene but he did his best to stay out of the way, he in fact talked to their drunk... regrettably.

    [​IMG](but with big square glasses)
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    Hyde just remained quiet as he listened to the man talking and then his partner, the bartender shook his head. "Nah, he only barged in yelling a buncha' crazy stuff and as soon as your drunkard left, he left too." he said shaking his head swiftly, Hyde rubbed his chin silently.
    "Can we ask, do you have any workers under your wing?" he questioned, trying to get a real answer, the man nodded.
    "Yeah, but he busy washing dishes" he answered, pointing towards the backdoor of the bar, where the kitchen most likely was. "He can't aid you now guys, come back in a few hours, then we'll talk".
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    She arches a brow and narrows her eyes at him, :the dishes can wait, I will charge you with halting a criminal investigation if you don't bring forward all potential information, including anything your dish boy can tell me or my partner, and that sir can look quite bad on your license." Her eyes are cold, she didn't like her time wasted.

    Derek watches and is made nervous by this new female.... she seemed very.... assertive. He waits for his boss to call him in though, he really needed this job
  13. "Err yer no easy gurl or fellow, are ye." he groaned and then put the scream on the sky "BOY! DISH BOY COME HERE!" He yelled, no one seemed disturbed by this, not even Hyde, who actually looked around to see if any person acted in a suspicious matter or anything of the like.
  14. She laughs, "they don't pay me to be nice" she uses the ash tray again with a content smirk.

    Derek jumps not used to being yelled at but he comes out, "uhm.... yes sir?" He blinks looking at the police officers. His eyes glanced at the woman and she made him nervous so he quickly looked away his eyes settled onto the man. He seemed nice enough, at least comparatively.
  15. At first Hyde din't even bother to turn to look at the boy, he was simply uninterested somehow, but as soon as he was behind the counter by his boss's side, he blinked. "Hey kid, we're investigating a crime that happened last night, think you can help us out?" he asked, as nicely as he could, but of course his tone never changed from the caffeine overdosed grumpy one he always had.
  16. He nods, " ya he was really drunk and kept picking on this other gentlemen and so I stepped in... I was their server.... I think his name was Greg.... I don't know a last name.... I'm sorry sir" he feels useless, he's often told he's useless. Maybe he should slink. Ack to the dishes and shut up
  17. "Did you get to see his face? Or when he followed the victim?" he asked, deadly serious and almost hostile, he wanted answers quick and he had no time to waste. Still, he couldn't help notice the young man, even tough he averted any eye contact.
  18. "n-no... He had a trench coat on and it covered his face and the bar is p-pretty dark at night....I didn't notice anything but the fight s-sir" he looks at his worn sneakers feeling awkward and useless.
  19. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck "Okay then, guess we'll just look on the record, see if we can find anything" Hyde complained, this time looking at the young one, and blinking like the world had just stopped for one second, but paid no mind to the situation and looked at his partner "Let's just roll, these two know nothing, but at least we're looking for a high mighty man with feelings of superiority alright... Let's go to the station, see if we can find anything" he finished, placing a short sigh and handing his card at the boy "Call us if you guys remember anything".

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  20. He blinks taking the card and putting it in his pocket, he blushes lightly liking the mans gruff exterior but otherwise he says and does nothing else. Reisha got up from the bar and followed her partner out finally done smoking. "Want to drive? My mind is wandering. This is truly fascinating" she hands him the keys getting in the drivers seat

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