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  • In the heart of Grimm Falls, Oregon there is a lycan bike Club, they did not enjoy the word Gang. This town was very popular because it sort of had a 80-90s to feel to it, many people wore leather and did drugs. The town had improved in some ways more towards the new age of electronics and spiffing up the town, but there are still some seedy areas of town and seedy beings. Among these seedy people are a few Motorcycle clubs, that could be referred to as gangs, but don't let them catch you saying that.
    The only reason why these clubs haven't been caught is due to the fact certain drugs are still popular in the town and any witnesses are either claimed insane or too intoxicated to claim stable enough for court, with them saying they had seen sightings of wolves after they bought the drugs, this is where the sightings were blamed on hallucinations, mentally ill, or intoxicated which made it almost impossible to catch what was going on. It had the police force spinning their wheels. Not to say that some of those police were not paid by the Clubs to keep things hushed. The clubs seemed to have their hands in a lot of Lawyers,police officers and judges pockets. They either had something on them or were paying them off till they got something on them.
    Now in the nicer part of town where the rich lived, Female Lead comes from a well-off family whose parents were always breathing down her neck to be perfect, despite her rebellious nature. One day on her way home from college, she overheard two males outside the market talking about joining a certain biker club that was recruiting for new prospects and that there was going to be a party at the president's house. Surprised by what she heard and excited. Female lead sees this sort of as a wild and carefree life that she been wanting and missing. If she were to be able to join some how she would finally get to relax. She decided then and there she would go no matter what.
    During this party she meets Male Lead who takes to her quite nicely and brings her under his wing. Female lead eventually gains respect quickly for her knowledge of many different useful things to the club and her ability to provide them money, which is always a bonus in the clubs eyes. Another reason she became so quickly respected is due to the fact she is with the President, and his word is always law. If he trusted her then they were to as well. Some had reserves,but would never bring it up to their Leader or her.
    After spending some time with the club she goes on a mission with Male Lead and suffers from an extreme injury that would leave her at death's door, The lead male not wanting to lose his Mate, quickly he turns her before she can die. After that they will have a newly Bitten Luna to deal with and the other Clubs trying to encroach into their territory. There will be blood, Romance, Drugs, Dark themes and Chaos around every turn. Want to know what will happen? Join and see.
  • Gm @Denali Me
    || No godmodding, Power playing etc... Every character should have their weaknesses as well as their strengths. ||
    || If you have an issue with drug and alcohol usage, social issues, different orientations, or anything of that sort, feel free to leave now. ||
    || This is A Fantasy Horrorish. It's meant to be all in good fun. That being said, try to not stray off the path of the story We have layed out We will do GM posts and put a warning at the top if it may get on the creepy side for the people who are not for all creepy stuff we will put a synopsis at the bottom for the feint of heart||
    || Every character has an important role, so don't worry about your character not being important. ||
    || Please be literate. 2+ paragraph is the minimum reply. Not a super Grammar Nazi just put punctuations where they should go no weird funky comas, also check to make sure your post makes sense, we all are human and mess up I get that just try. :) ||
    || No Mary Sues or Gary stus allowed be original, try to keep genders even||
    || Originality is very much appreciated. Tell me your character's favorite color in your CS. ||
    || Do not physically maim another person's character without their permission. ||
    || You cannot be your own love interest, spouse, or anything of that sort. That kind of ruins the point of roleplaying. ||
    || You can have as many characters as you want. Just make sure you can keep up with them. ||
    || Please note that We reserve the right to change or add to these rules at anytime I see fit ||
    ||Also I Really Fucking hate that I have to put this but if I ask you to change something on your character for the love of fucking god please do it don't argue with me. Or you know where the door is at and can leave. This is our RP and if we feel something doesn't fit we will ask you to tweak it. Not trying to be mean, but people have argued with me and its like guys I asked nicely now get out.||
    ||Have Fun||
    ||I promise I am not mean please talk to me if you have a issue something or someone. If you don't talk to me it can't be resolved.||
  • Discord
  • Founder - male lead's father - LOF1332
    -Fathers Mate Female- Phantom
    President - male lead taken by Dark
    VP- male lead's best friend - Phantom
    VPs mate female- taken By Dark
    Members- Open males only Denali, LOF1332, 4/5 open can add more if more interest comes to this
    Titles to be had. Not all slots have to be filled
    Member - Denali, open
    secretary - open
    Treasurer - open
    Road Captain - Denali
    Sgt. At Arms - open
    Enforcer - open
    Tail Gunner - open
    Chaplain - open
    Prospects- open
    Females and Old Ladies to club members - Dark, Phantom 5/6 can add more if more interest comes to this
    Female Lead- will wind up with President taken by Denali
  • (do not post in interest check)Name:
    Nickname: (if any)
    Appearance Age:
    Real Age:remember wolves age slower than humans
    Gender: (Obvious)
    Sexuality: (Obvious)
    Appearance: (Real FCs only
    Wolf Picture real please )
    (Height, Weight, hair color and length, Eye color, skin tone, tattoos, Markings, Piercings, and anything else your picture may not depict or may not have but you wanted on them, Fur color, and wolf eye color)
    Rank/Occupation: ( with in pack)
    Weapons: ( its a motorcycle club come now they have weapons besides being wolves)
    Personality: (Five positive and 5 negative may do more if you feel like it.)
    Weaknesses: ( have a strength you have a weakness)
    History: (small bio )
    Extra: (Anything else you want to put Theme song languages they know, etc.)
    Relationships: (Friends, Enemies, Frenemies, Mate, crush, family)

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