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    Welcome, New Student, to Kuroiyuri Academy.


    You have been personally selected from a list of candidates to receive a scholarship to our prestigious school. As you may know, Kuroiyuri is one of the premier primary schools in the country, having a high rate for acceptance into the University of Tokyo. We are located in the beautiful and remote locale of Hokkaido's Kamikawa subprefecture.

    Kuroiyuri was founded as a girl's school in 1941, but has since adapted a co-educational stance and opened its doors to both male and female students. The academy has many unique scholastic opportunities, offering a wide selection of athletic and extracurricular clubs as well as extra classes for those eager students who wish to lengthen their studies. Our music and art programs are noted as top notch in the prefecture, and we are steadily advancing athletically as well, particularly with our archery and kendo teams. I am sure that you will find something in our school to suit your individual tastes. Here at Kuroiyuri, we encourage our students to blossom in whatever areas they choose.

    We do maintain a strict uniform here, to which you must adhere.


    Once more, I enthusiastically express my welcome to you as one of this year's selected scholarship winners. I look forward to seeing you at Orientation, and hope you will find your journey here a pleasant one.

    Headmistress Celes Ludenberg
    Kuroiyuri Academy


    Black Lilies: ~Academy of the Damned~ is a game about Gothic Lolita Magical Girls (and Boys!) in a stereotypical prestigious anime high school setting.

    Yes, it IS ridiculous.

    That is the point.


    1. Your character must be a new scholarship student in their first year at the academy. They may be of any grade, however, as students at Kuroiyuri may enter on scholarship at any time in their high school careers. There will be no exceptions to this unless you have the most awesome plotbunny ever. I decide if it is awesome.

    2. Your character has no knowledge of his or her powers. See rule no. 1.

    3. You must prepare a power theme, codename, and costume for your character. If you don't I will do it for you and you will end up with a name like "Bloody Rubber Ducky Kumiko-chan".

    4. If you are bothered by references to the infamous "fanfic" known as My Immortal, LEAVE NOW.

    5. If your character is not in some way sticking to the Gothic theme they will die. Terribly and dramatically.

    6. I reserve the right to make up more rules.

    CHARACTER SKELETON (geddit cuz its goffik)

    NAME: (Your character doesn't have to be Japanese, but I will kill you all if you all play foreign transfer students or half-Japanese kids.)
    CODENAME: (For the future. If you aren't familiar with magical girl anime, this should be something like "Magic Angel Creamy Mami", "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon", "Saint Tail", or "Nurse Witch Komugi" (all actual magical girl anime/manga titles). Only more gothy.
    HENSHIN: (Transformation. This is where you put what your pretty costume looks like. Again, images are REQUIRED. Anime pics are allowed if you can't find anything else, but photos are preferred. Seriously, just google "gothic lolita" or "visual kei".)
    POWERS: (Please pick some kind of theme. Examples: Rose, Feline, Heavy Metal, Pastry. Now base all of your powers around this theme. I want at least three separate "attacks" with names; for example, Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon uses "Mercury Bubbles Blast". Note: You will not start off knowing these.)
    THEME SONG: (Yes, this is also REQUIRED! It must be either in Japanese or have a suitably gothic vibe to it.)
    SPECIAL TALENT: (Pick something your character is good at that has nothing to do with magical stuff. It must be something actually impressive, like being good at piano or a talented track athlete.)
    BRIEF HISTORY: (What has your character's life been like up until now?)

    Right then. I think that's everything.

    Let me see your characters!

    cuz i bet tey r so kewl n not perps at all MCR ROX!!!!11 Vay u r the luv fo my derprzzing lif u rock 2!1123
  2. AN IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: If you are using a photo for your HENSHIN appearance that shows the character's face, finding a picture reference for your normal appearance isn't required.

    And here's my character. (WIP!)

    NAME: Kurosawa Komeko
    CODENAME: Black Beast Koneko
    THEME SONG:[video=youtube_share;1Ps0BDTc6k0]http://youtu.be/1Ps0BDTc6k0[/video]
    POWERS: Feline

    Cat Scratch Fever -

    Nekomimi Mode -

    Eye of the Tiger -

    SPECIAL TALENT: Eidetic memory. She's been ranked first in her class for grades since Kindergarten.
  3. NAME: goes by Kobayashi Hideko
    CODENAME: Purple Rose Hideko
    Deep purple: A purple mist that smells of roses, useful for obscuring an area, blinding, or making bad things smell better.

    Razor Petal: Purple rose petals as sharp as razors and that fly as wall as shurikens... best not to ask.

    Bloomers: A giant purple rose rises for the ground its petals protecting or constricting.


    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/t8QJV8x4NY4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    SPECIAL TALENT: Regional champion acrobat.

    Hide/Hideko had a rough childhood. Being picked on and bullied during his early childhood. But it changed on the first day at a new school. Being the shortest boy in class and once again curled up on the ground surrounded by bullies to his surprise they stopped. Hide kept his eyes shut for a few minutes just in case but despite sounds of fighting nothing more happened.

    Opening his eyes he saw a boy with an umbrella standing over him offering him a hand to help him up. This was Ciel, and they have been best friends ever since. Its was after that encounter that Hide and hir new big brother have been inseparable and having someone watching over hir gave Hide.. or Hideko as hir now calls hirself the confidence to come out of hir shell and start wearing dresses. Sure they got teased, sure a lot of people though Hideko was actually a girl and assumed Ciel was hir boffriend. None of that really matters.

    And now they're goign to a new school together, and one of the best, Hideko's parents are proud, Hideko herself is thrilled and ever Ciel might have chippered up a bit.. though that might be hir imagination.
  4. In progress!


    NAME: Akumu Mokoto
    CODENAME: Autumn Nightmare
    POWERS: Sleep and dreams
    THEME SONG: [video=youtube;ZtbeOPFaL8w]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtbeOPFaL8w&feature[/video]
    SPECIAL TALENT: Akumu-sensei is know for his brilliance in converting chemical ideas onto paper and being able to break down the explanation into laymens terms. As a youth he won multiple science fairs and was easily admitted into Todai (Tokyo University) so that he could study under some of Japan's greatest scientific minds.
    BRIEF HISTORY: Home Room and Chemistry teacher
  5. Allanya Sumner (open)

    NAME: Allanya Sumner
    CODENAME: Magical Girl Melody Nightshade
    HENSHIN: Melody_Star_Lineart_by_AluminumSunset.jpg Her gown is black with while petticoats and black lace ruffles on each petticoat. Her bodice is a deep magenta with black details and the wings that appear during her attacks are shiny black metallic. Her staff is silver as is her transformation talisman, a silver miniature flute.
    POWERS: Music:
    Sonic Wave: A concussive blast of sound that will knock enemies back and temporarily deafen them.
    Entrancing Song: Lulls enemies into a false sense of security and relaxation, causing them to drop their guard. [video=youtube;Yb_tRs7oF6g]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb_tRs7oF6g[/video]
    Musical Staff Shining: A ribbon of notes flies from her staff, piercing the psyche of weaker enemies to drive them into a mad, helpless state.
    THEME SONG: [video=youtube;8WoP4opDXA0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WoP4opDXA0[/video]
    SPECIAL TALENT: Aside from her impressive talent with the flute and harp, Allanya is also a skilled dancer, having taken classes since age four.
    BRIEF HISTORY: Allanya spent much of her life in music classes, learning to play flute and harp and learning to dance. She never had much time for friends, though she's often daydreamed of having time to spend with others. This doesn't mean she disliked her training, in fact, she embraced it.

    Allanya's parents were often absent, busy with work. Allanya spent what time she wasn't practicing alone in her room with her dolls. At the age of thirteen, she was gifted with a used piano and practice took over her life. At age fifteen, Allanya became interested in goth loli fashion and, much to her parents' dismay, started spending her allowance on new clothing instead of new sheet music.

    Now, at age seventeen, she is shy but will warm up to those who talk to her. In that case, it is hard to get her to stop talking once she starts.

    NAME: Mazuka Kiru

    CODENAME: Pink Daisy Kiru

    View attachment 10047

    View attachment 10044 View attachment 10045

    Theme: Daisy

    Gigas Primula: Summons a giant daisy that is around 2 meters wide that is able to float and transport people, it can also enclose a person to protect them, but it only can only fit one person in it at a time.

    Folium Chorus: Petals fall and twist around Kiru, that increase his speed, strength, and agility for a short time.

    Folium Turbine: Shoots a whirlwind of petals that cut, shred, and rip threw whatever is in there path.


    SPECIAL TALENT: Regional Kendo Champion and Respected Dancer

    BRIEF HISTORY: Raised in an upper class family that held high expectations of Kiru from a young age, pushing him further and further to try to improve himself and achieve, but everything he has done his whole life has never been enough for his father. His mother has loved him and treated him with compassion, but she still expects much of him, while his father is cold and aloof. Put into boarding schools as long as he remembers, he doesn't feel very close to his family. He has now transferred Kuroiyuri Academy. He is also quite vane and arrogant about his achievements and appearance. He is also a homophobic, but has been called gay multiple times by people he knew, and this gets on his nerve and he is very sensitive about it. He is a a disciplined kendo fighter and an artistic dancer
  7. NAME: Kiyomizu, Ciel
    CODENAME: Stormy Night Sky
    Ciel carries around a normal black umbrella which turns into a blue lolita parasol in henshin form.
    Theme: Storm.
    Hailstone Volley: golf ball sized hail fires out of the end of his umbrella like bullets to a gun.
    Fatal Attraction: Redirects lightning with umbrella.
    Acid Rain: turn existing water in small amounts (like a puddle or a bottle of water) into acid through physical contact.
    SPECIAL TALENT: Swimming! He was the star of the swim team at his former school.
    BRIEF HISTORY: Everything pertaining to the summer of Ciel's eighth year is nothing more than a dark patch on his mind. He can't remember a single thing about his time spent as a hostage. He can't remember what the kidnapper looked like or what they might have done to him. His parents don't speak about it; all they'll admit to is that he had been kidnapped. Never any details. And Ciel doesn't really want to know either, but sometimes there are these dreams...

    And then he met Hide.

    Up until that time, Ciel had been a very solemn boy, never smiling and certainly never laughing. He'd felt cold, alone, isolated from all of the other children. He felt different, somehow dirty. But when he chanced upon a group of bullies beating on a runt of a thing, he hadn't thought twice about playing the role of prince and defending the "princess." Hide, whom he eventually started nicknaming Hime-sama (a play on the boy's name), was the first person since that dark summer to make Ciel smile.

    Nowadays he's more open, although his mood is often described as a sun shower, happy yet somehow just a little sad as well. He's quite known for suddenly swinging from his mellow mood into a storm of anger with little or sometimes no provocation whatsoever. Nevertheless, Hide stuck close to him and now as they enter a new school together Ciel is more than glad to have his one and only friend close by his side.

    He always carries an umbrella, no matter the forecast. His attachment to the item is borderline obsessive and it's been that way ever since The Incident. Over the years he developed a love for storms, no matter how severe, a love that really can't be explained. Or maybe it could if he could only remember...

  8. NAME: Masaru Maki
    CODENAME: Scarlet Dahlia Masa
    Masaru (open)

    Dress (open)

    Boots (open)

    Lovely Cosmic Flare: Throws fireballs of weak to moderate strength from her hands, accuracy depending entirely on her aim.
    Dragon Burner: Flame energy forms a small serpent-like dragon she can freely control for a short amount of time before it dispels.
    Burning Inferno Execution: Fire surrounds her body and for a short amount of time allowing her to fight freely in a fire powered form.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/6BJLj8NiHNI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    SPECIAL TALENT: Hand to hand combat, she's unusually strong for a girl her size. Was a respected (and feared) member of the Karate club in Middle School for the short time she was allowed to participate.

    BRIEF HISTORY: Masaru grew up in a lower income family with her mother and three younger siblings, her father a deadbeat who rarely graced them with his presence. Growing up in a rough neighborhood meant Masaru had to be tough to protect her little brothers and sister. This led to her leading a yanki lifestyle and beating up other punk kid gangs around the area with the help of a couple childhood friends. With her strength and fighting skills she unintentionally built a reputation for herself, which only brought unwanted attention her way. Suddenly her little gang was attracting more trouble than they were getting rid off. Wanting to start fresh after graduating Middle School, she disbanded their group and grew determined to become the more elegant lady-like person she always secretly wanted to be. Then, as if fate was ready to make her dreams a reality, she received a scholarship to the prestigious Kuroiyuki Academy.
  9. NAME: Momoka Shinju 桃花 真珠
    CODENAME: Black Lace Hime-Chan
    Black Eyeliner - A thick, black goo that is vaguely sticky and smells a bit like tulips. Mostly good for blinding people or creating an icky mess to make them slip.
    Polished Nails - More like claws, really. Her nails extend into long, black pointed edges that curve slightly and are very strong.
    Acid Kisses - A thin, slimy saliva that she can spit which has a highly acidic quality.
    THEME SONG: This
    SPECIAL TALENT: A really super awesome photographer whose pictures can make anyone look really great.

    When Momoka was born, her mother thought she was absolutely the most adorable baby that she had ever seen but she didn't know what to name her. The doctors all loved the baby, too, and when one of them was walking to his car from the hospital, he saw a peach tree in bloom. He rushed back to Momoka's mother to tell her what he thought the baby girl's name should be, and that was how Momoka was named.

    Men suck, so Momoka didn't have a dad or a father figure but her mom let her do whatever she wanted because she knew that Momoka was smart and could take care of herself. This meant that Momoka never had to worry about silly things like having to hurry back home or her mom would get mad or anything like that.

    It turns out that Momoka's mother had a boyfriend. One night Momoka's mother went to go to the store and her boyfriend was at the house. Momoka did not know he was there, so she fell asleep on the couch in her pajamas and when Momoka's mother got home, her boyfriend was masticating.

    This made Momoka's mother sad and Momoka's mother didn't want Momoka to have to deal with men who suck so she sent her daughter to a prestigious boarding school.
  10. NAME: Lilah Nami
    CODENAME: Lilah the Needle Handler
    lilah parson.jpg
    gothic lolita.jpg
    -Needles of Destruction: User throws needle to pierce through objects.
    -Protective Needle shield : Big needles surround the user protectively not letting anything go through her.
    -Needle Catacomb: Needles with strings aim to tie around an object or person in order to trap them.

    Sewing, Needles
    Lilah was born in Italy but had Japanese influence due to her Mother. Since a kid she always loved to sing. She is a very chic person and loves to dress in Gothic appeal because she think its fun and unique. At school she is not the smartest girl but manage to get A's and B's. Her parents are middle class people because of his father being a governor. After his dad retired from being a governor her parents decided to move to Japan for her own good, they knew it would be great for her and that is all that mattered. At the end, she was happy to be away from Italy and thought of this trip as a new beginning. That is when she got accepted to Kuroiyuri academy.

    EDITED x3 x.x
  11. NAME: Michiko Nakamura (Name in English name order)

    CODENAME: White Knife Angel

    APPEARANCE: 002.jpg

    HENSHIN: l__innocence_by_Asuka_chanue.png

    POWERS: Razor blades

    Oni Satsugaisha: Michiko always carries around a well-concealed kitchen knife, the blade of which she can turn extremely sharp at will.

    Dark and Edgy: Michiko’s dress starts to behave as if it was a sharp knife, cutting everything that comes into contact with it.

    Guillotine: Michiko summons several razor blades varying in size and sharpness, which are then launched at her target with deadly speed. The power of this ability is directly proportional to how much time Michiko spends preparing it.

    THEME SONG: [video=youtube;kY-zf5kf4q4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kY-zf5kf4q4&feature=related[/video]

    SPECIAL TALENT: Extreme creativity. She has loads and loads of ideas, but is not sure how to implement them.

    BRIEF HISTORY: Michiko was supposed to be an ordinary girl, yet her intellect always shined through, even in her childhood. She always got good marks without actually having to study, and if she put even the slightest effort into learning something, her test results were almost perfect, mainly because nobody found out that she was cheating. Naturally, this earned her a lot of flak and envy from her classmates, but she brushed it off and hid beneath a mask of indifference.

    However, the insults slowly ate away at her, and she found herself drawn into the Gothic Lolita culture. She eventually started dressing as a Gothic Lolita, and when the opportunity presented itself, moved to Kuroiyuri academy.

    Alright! We are getting a lot of characters in this RP. It is really important that you read other character sheets. If your talent or powers are close to another character's, please talk to me or discuss it with their player, please!
  13. Moving on to specific characters!

    Hideko (Vay) and Ciel (Dawn) are ACCEPTED. Everyone else needs to finish filling out their sheet, or contact me about their character. Don't worry; some of the things I'd like to bring up are minor issues!

    A few more things, just to be clear: Kuroiyuri is a boarding school. You must have been living in Japan at the time of acceptance to the school. And you are going to be starting off as normal students. When you get your powers, they should not be super-powerful. You will get stronger powers later.

  14. NAME: Okegawa Eiji
    CODENAME: The Night Flyer
    APPEARANCE: See Henshin
    Show Spoiler

    POWERS: Supernatural

    Der Flug der Fledermaus! - Eiji changes form into a white bat. While not human sized he is larger then a normal bat and has glowing red eyes. He has all of the traits of a vampire bat with the addition of free use of his 'vampiric' abilities.

    Das Gesicht, das Bild blendet ein aus Geist! - Eiji has just something about him that people forget when his Henshin form is active. People will forget he was there or even replace his presence with something else that is believable if they are particularly strong willed. As long as he is transformed this is active.

    Schattenkugeln von Schädliche Zerstörung!- Eiji has the all to sterotypical anime and video game of being able to generate orbs of dark energy and send them hurling at his enemies. When he is in his bat form the orb flies from his mouth and when he is apearing as a human it is fired from one of his hands.

    THEME SONG: Lacrimosa - Wolfgang Amadeous Mozart (YES IT HAS WORDS!)
    SPECIAL TALENT: Eiji by nature is a writer.
    BRIEF HISTORY: Eiji's life has been relativly peaceful up until recently. Shortly after word of his scholarship to Kuroiyuri Academy came in his mother was killed and his father was crippled when a garbage truck plowed into the front of thir car. Eiji was also in the car at the time and was wracked with survivor's guilt for coming out of the accident unharmed. As a direct response he began to write more and more, shunning his friends for the last few months of school before the year was over and he would transfer to Kuroiyuri Academy.

    As he passed through the gates of the school however Eiji began to return to his own self. He still has no idea what caused the change but has determined it to be the change in scenery that has caused the shift back, making him more personable though still dark and brooding.
  15. Eiji (Sly) is ACCEPTED. As long as he remembers what I told him in Cbox. :]

    EDIT: Allanya (Revi) is accepted as well!
  16. Recapping all ACCEPTED characters!

    Hideko (Vay)
    Ciel (Dawn)
    Eiji (Sly)
    Allanya (Revi)
    Michiko (Lstorm)
    Momoka (Kitti)

    Awesome job so far, guys!
  17. Rina, your character overall is good, but after I talked to you before I realized that your powers are almost EXACTLY the same as Revi's. D:

    Hunter and Vay had the same issue. That's why I made the note about reading other character sheets!

    Just tweak your powers and you are good to go!
  18. Ok, edited my power... I have a whole new one. Hopefully all is good this time.
  19. Lilah (Rina) is ACCEPTED!

    Love the sewing needles idea, by the way. :D