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  1. Black Jack

    Thirteen people are invited on a week-long retreat to an island paradise. The only catch is that they listen to a seminar being given by a man known simply as Black Jack. Once they arrive there, however, they’ll find that they’ve stumbled into much more than a boring seminar on a subpar island. On their first night there, the boat they rode in on suddenly explodes, supposedly leaving them stranded. Black Jack, the man mentioned in the invitation, shows himself and tells them the true goal of the invitation – to invite them to a game of Blackjack. The twist? Each person has been assigned a random card value that none of them know, and the only way to collect that value is for someone to kill them.

    You are one of those thirteen people. Can you kill your fellow vacationers in order to survive? What’s the reasoning behind this insane game and its host? One thing is for certain.

    Not everyone will be leaving alive.

    Roleplay Premise

    As you’ve probably guessed by now, this is a survival game roleplay. I’d like to warn any potential participants that at least some character death is an inevitability, not a possibility. There will be character death. If this isn’t your forte, click the Back button now, because this isn’t for you. If you’re still interested, read on.

    As mentioned in the introduction, a large part of this roleplay will revolve around a card game called Blackjack, only using humans as cards. Knowledge of how to play Blackjack is not needed, as I’ll be explaining the rules to our little variant in sufficient detail for just about anyone to play.

    The main focus will be on character development. As more people are killed, how will those who remain adapt to the situation they’ve found themselves? Will they succumb to madness, or make it out with their sanity intact? Those are the questions this roleplay aims to answer for your individual characters.

    Rules of the Roleplay
    1. Follow all of Iwaku’s rules, as per usual.
    2. No godmodding, power playing, etc. There will be combat scenes in this roleplay. I expect you to include sufficient details for your actions in such scene, and for you to respond to such actions with fairness and realism.
    3. No OOC drama. We’ll have plenty of IC drama to make up for all the OOC drama we’ll be avoiding. This includes whining about your character(s).
    4. Because of the large cast number and the nature of a roleplay like this, I will be allowing participants to play two characters. That way, if one dies, you’ll still have another to play as. As such, I highly recommend making two if you can play multiples.
    5. Posting level for this roleplay is advanced / adept. We need to be able to understand and adequately visualize what’s happening during combat scenes. If we can’t, someone is doing something wrong.
    6. Posting speed for this roleplay is lenient. I’ll be happy if you can get two posts a week in, but I’d recommend more during combat scenes (seeing how fast paced those tend to be). If you don’t get in at least one reply a week, I’ll take over for your character for that week, granted you give me a heads up that you won’t be able to reply. If you don’t give me a heads up, I’ll start plotting to have your character killed (mischievous laughter).
    7. If you have any questions at all, ask me immediately! The faster I know there’s a problem, the faster I can fix it.
    8. Do not reveal the card value that I assign your character(s) to anyone. On that note, do not abuse OOC information. If I suspect this, your character will be killed.
    9. Please inform me via PM when you’re going to attempt to kill someone and who you’re going to attempt to kill.
    10. Have fun. That’s what we’re all here for, right?

    Rules of the Game

    Listed below is the rules of the variant of Blackjack that we will be playing. If you’ve read and understand them, include “Hit!” at the bottom of your character sheet.
    1. In order to win, the group must gather a point value of 21, OR they must get a point value closer to 21 than the house (the host of the game) without going bust (going over 21), OR the house goes bust.
    2. If the group goes bust, OR fails to get a point value closer to 21 than the house, they lose.
    3. The group and the house will be taking turns accruing points. To accrue points, someone has to be killed. When someone is killed, their card value is added to the total point value of the group. Card values will be listed below.
    4. On the group’s turn, they must unanimously decide to Hit (kill someone to add to their total point value) or Stand (skip their turn). Note, that if the group decides to Stand, it skips to the house’s turn, who has to draw on each of his turns until he gets 21 or busts.
    5. No one knows the card value of any given person, so you’ll just have to kill someone and hope for the best.
    6. The game ends once the group or the house has won. Should the house win, everyone in the group that is still alive is killed. Should the group win, everyone in the group that is still alive is permitted to leave the island.

    Card Values

    Ace = 1 or 11
    2 = 2
    3 = 3
    4 = 4
    5 = 5
    6 = 6
    7 = 7
    8 = 8
    9 = 9
    10 = 10
    Jester = 10
    Queen = 10
    King = 10

    Ex: If the group kills the King (10), the Queen (10), and the Ace (1), they’ll have accrued 21 points, and the remaining people will be permitted to leave.

    Character Sheet

    [Image, preferably art]

    Full Name:
    Age: (No one under 18 was invited.)
    Appearance: (Mention anything not seen in the image, if you provided one, and any differences from the image.)
    Personality: (Brief, but not too brief.)
    History: (Brief, but not too brief.)
    Theme Song: (Something to remember your character by, should they leave us.)
    Other: (Anything else we should all know.)
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  2. WHAT



    Did you play any of the games in the Zero Escape series? Cause after you posted "Pick and Card" and now this, it's all starting to feel very suspicious... I'm totally stoked to die though! Sign me up! :D

    Do you want artwork or real images for the character appearance?
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  3. I actually have not. I literally was walking home one day, felt like making a roleplay revolving around cards, and BAM! Two survival game RPs were born.

    For the character's, I prefer art, though if you can't find anything that suits your fancy (which I doubt will happen) you can use real images. As mentioned in the rules, you can play up to two characters. I actually have to make one of my own...

    That being said, once your characters are up and accepted, I'll PM you their card values.~
  4. You just summarized my entire existence with this comment, by the way.
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  5. Haha, you have no idea how my interest increases when an rp presents me with the prospect of death. I've been trying (unsucessfully) to get even my 1x1 partners to take a stab at me sometimes, but alas, nobody wants to have the blood on their hands. :(
  6. If you want possible death, join 75% of the roleplays I make. If no one's dying, it ain't worth doing!
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  7. *pokes her head in*

    This reminds me of Mafia and the game @-Vesper- mentioned...and I want to play. If you'd allow me to be in two of your RPs at once. Bwahaha. I love all things murder.
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  8. Absolutely! Will you be playing two characters?
  9. That is highly probable. I'll see what I can come up with. May be a few hours since I'm working on transferring my Roleplays and Characters to my blog. :)
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  10. Saul good! Take your time. I'll have to make a character of my own as well.
  11. [​IMG]
    Image links to Artist's DeviantArt: Little-Spacey

    Full Name: Elizabeth Lynn Carmichael
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Appearance: She is 5'5" with a lean build.
    Personality: Elizabeth's personality type is ISFP. She comes off as charming, passionate, and curious; though she is also unpredictable, overly competitive, and easily stressed. Though her current live situation does not reflect this, Elizabeth is introverted and her behaviors always come with a risk. Great risks equal great rewards.
    History: Once Elizabeth hit the age of 18, she moved out of her parent's home into a smaller apartment on the other side of the city. There she lived alone and pursued a small career as a Adult Cam Girl. She became quite popular within the online community and gradually gained the income and notoriety to begin performing in films. After four years, the adult film business and the life that came with it began to weigh on her and she wanted to pursue other career paths. Once she received the invitation to a "getaway" of sorts, Elizabeth took this as her chance to try something new and get ahead in life.
    Theme Song: Fly by Nicki Minaj & Rihanna
    Other: She has recently broken up with her boyfriend of 1 year. It has hit her excruciatingly hard.

    Image links to Artist's Deviantart: LoranDeSore

    Full Name: Abram Deniska Ivanov
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Appearance: He is 6'4" and has a muscular build.
    Personality: Abram's personality type is ENTJ. He comes off as efficient, energetic, and strategic; though he is also stubborn, intolerant, and impatient. He is terrible at handling his own emotions, but Abram is also able to provide inspiration to those he leads.
    History: Abram retired from the military at the age of 38 after serving since the age of 18. Within 3 months of retirement, he filed for divorce after discovering that his wife had been cheating on him for the past 3 years. Luckily, instead of being abandoned, his 16-year old daughter chose to live with him and they get along splendidly despite his strict parenting and occasional PTSD episodes.
    Theme Song: The Unforgiven by Metallica
    Other: N/A
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  12. And my characters are complete! Please let me know if I need to add/change anything. :)
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  13. Yay! Thank you! Hopefully we'll see more characters soon!
  14. Hopefully so. Running an RP that requires so many characters is a gamble.

    @RobotGandhi, get your butt over here.
  15. [​IMG]

    FULL NAME: Ben Park

    GENDER: Male

    AGE: 21

    APPEARANCE: Ben was born and raised in America, but both his parents came from South Korea. As such, without his shades on, his asian features are much more apparent.

    PERSONALITY: Outwardly friendly, inwardly shy. He tries his best to get along with everybody, despite their differences. He firmly believes that everyone has a right to their own opinion and there is no such thing as right or wrong -- only perspective, as most beliefs are subjective. Instead of arguing, he'd rather reaffirm his respect for a person's point of view, then end the discussion by agreeing to disagree. He does not do well with making decisions in a stressful situation; he'll attempt to distance himself from it if he can, or otherwise break down if he can't escape the pressure being placed on him.

    HISTORY: Growing up with parents who were well-off came with it's own pros and cons; his father was the bread-winner, always working hard and rarely at home, which left young Ben alone with his mother most of the time. She took him with her everywhere, especially on her multitude of shopping sprees. She was a trendsetter with a particularly inspired passion for fine clothes and accessories, which left a lasting impression on Ben who learned to admire good fashion because of his mother. When he was old enough, he began attending college to get a degree in fashion design. But because his parents were the ones paying for him to pursue his dream, he felt that it would disrespectful to party on their dollar while he was there; unless he could afford it from his own pocket, he stuck strictly to studying. Admittedly, he did need to wind down from the stress of school at some point, so when he received an invitation to a week-long island retreat, he took advantage of the offer.

    OTHER: N/A

    THEME SONG: Big Bang - Fantastic Baby


    FULL NAME: Clara Marie Maxwell

    GENDER: Female

    AGE: 26

    APPEARANCE: Clara can be described as a 'tomboy' in the way she chooses to dress. T-shirts, shorts and skinny jeans rule her wardrobe. She owns only one skirt which she never wears.

    PERSONALITY: Rude when she wants to be. Does not sugar-coat anything she says, even at the cost of other people's feelings. She's not normally a mean person, but can be perceived as such because of the way she speaks so brazenly. Her attitude is hard to deal with at times if it is not understood that she is just trying to assert herself as the 'tough chick who can handle anything'. Her dark humor is not always appreciated, still she'll offer it during the worst situations when no one feels it's appropriate to joke about being beheaded. But despite her abrasive exterior, she has a penchant for helping people in her strange and aggressive approach to solving their problems. She can be a strong asset to any alliance if given the chance to prove her worth.

    HISTORY: Clara quit her most recent job at Walmart, because she felt she was getting shit hours and the pay sucked fucking ass. Truth be told, she hasn't stayed long at any job she's ever held in her entire life, all of which were entry-level positions at retail and fast-food places, since her resume lacks any kind of qualifications for a higher paying job. It pisses her off to the point that she often goes back to selling drugs with whatever boyfriend she finds hasn't been locked up by the cops yet. With a history like hers, of course she jumped at the chance to go to an island getaway FOR FREE! She thinks that maybe if she's lucky, there might be a hot guy (or girl) that'll hook up with her and perhaps she can start dating someone who could have a positive affect on her life for once... or it'll just be a fling -- she's fine with that too.

    OTHER: Speaks with a noticeable British accent.

    THEME SONG: Big Sean ft. E-40 - I Don't Fuck With You
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  16. I'll probably get lost in the endless tides of possibilities for this kind of thing, but I'll give it a shot. It's 6 AM and I have nothing better to do, anyway, so let's get going.
  17. [​IMG]

    Full Name: Lucine Maria Dimov
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22


    "A wardrobe says a lot about its owner. For example, a single look at you tells me that I have wasted my time going here."

    Almost always being on the clock, Lucine has taken a liking to donning her work attire, consisting of a white blouse, black vest and dark brown pants during most of her awake time. In the rare occasions that she's off hours long enough to feel the need to wear something different, she usually just slips into a fitting dark-colored long-sleeved shirt and pants, even in the middle of summer. The clothes and her heavy use of makeup hide a multitude of scars on her body.​


    "Why are we talking about me all of a sudden? That is the second worst subject there is."

    Due to her very busy schedule, Lucine doesn't like to waste time. As such, she's not used to things like friendly conversation or side activities, which makes her look direct and cold. She does value relations with others, but due to the aforementioned behaviour, she has a hard time showing it. She does keep her calm under pressure, due to the nature of her work, which she takes incredibly seriously.


    "I see. You would like to know why I am in this line of work. So you go straight from my second worst subject to the absolute worst."

    To say that Lucine did not like her parents would be a huge understatement. She grew up as an only child to a poor couple living in Oklahoma, who were dead set on her succeeding in life so that she could supply them with the money she would eventually earn. Lucine never went outside, save for going to school, wasn't allowed to talk to anyone except for teachers and the like, and was beaten if she did not finish her classes with top grades. When she was old enough to get a job, she took a job in corporate, much to her parents dismay. When she arrived home from her first day, she was brutally assaulted by her own parents, who were taken into jail. She still carries the physical scars to this day.

    She climbed her career ladder, eventually landing a job in client relations. Travelling around the world and meeting new and old clients is her job, a job that has left her tired and worn out. When she received the invitation to spend a week on an island resort, she took the deal without question. She needed a break, and she had been dealing with boring seminars her entire career. Surely she could handle one more.
    Other: N/A
    Theme: Wind of Change - Scorpions



    (Couldn't find source, found on pixiv)

    Full Name: Adrian Ken Giles
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19


    "If it's comfortable and functional, it's worth wearing. Even if people disagree."

    Adrian has never been bound to fashion trends or appropriate attire. If it isn't a very important event that he's about to attend, he'll be sporting his hoodie and loose-fitting cargo pants, usually with a single-color tee underneath.


    "'Always be yourself.' That's silly advice. No matter how a person acts, aren't they still themselves?"

    If you ask a deep question to Adrian, make sure to have nothing planned for some time. His quietness and disliking of crowds gives him a lot of time to think about things that fashinate him, like the meaning of things that we take for granted. He's fully capable of conversation, but doesn't like speaking to a lot of people, instead opting for focusing on a few people at once.


    "The past. It's like a self-published book, don't you think? We all have our own, with varying degrees of engagement values and content intensity. But one thing's for sure. It's already written."

    Adrian grew up just like your average kid from Manhattan. He went to school and engaged with friends, even if he would prefer staying indoors when he was at home. Everything changed when he moved to the more populated parts of the city in order to attend high school, however. He was heavily bullied, resulting in him adopting a more shut-in nature. When he received the invitation, he was about to throw it away before his worried mother convinced him to go.
    Other: Is incredibly pale under his clothes. Is underweight.
    Theme: In The End - Linkin Park
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  18. Everyone is approved so far.~
  19. Just an observation -- in case we can't get enough people to join this; with the current amount of players present (that being 4), if each of us were to control 3 characters, the roster would be filled except for one final spot, which that value could be assigned to Mr. Blackjack himself (if we're allowed to try to kill him, that is) or maybe the GM or one of us could just make a fourth person.
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