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  1. A loud painful scream echoed through the empty basement of the broken abandoned house. She gripped the witch's hair tightly, her pretty red polished nails digging in the witch's scalp and scratching it painfully as she grasped a chunk of her hair and roughly pulled back, actually ripping a couple of hair strands off as she did. But she didn't care at all.
    She breathed heavily, her bloodshot, vein popping golden eyes stared darkly into the scared and pained witch's dull brown ones, her fangs threateningly out as she growled at her "Speak!"


    She had had enough with this. But the witch suddenly reacted. And laughed. The smug look on her face made her boil with anger "Why would I tell you?! You're gonna kill me anyway!" The witch yelled and laughed more, like a maniac. And so, the vampire snapped, and within one swift simple movement, she had the witch's head in her hand, ripped from her body, blood dripping fast on the floor. She dropped the head on the floor carelessly and muttered "True. Wasted my time for nothing." Then she turned around, and her boots clicked on the wooden floor as she left, not caring that her hand was bloodied up.

    Elsa stone was a very well known name. To the humans, she was an artist, a film maker, a really good director who always was able to communicate with the actors and guide them to act well, understand their character and go deep into their roles. Somehow.
    But to the supernatural world, Elsa Stone was a notorious vampire. She acted on her instincts, did not ask questions, and rarely thought too much into the problem. If something angered her, she'd rip its head. If something saddened her, she's rip its heart.


    That was how she lived. How she functioned and how her lifestyle was. And she loved every single second of it. All thanks to Lucien Porter. Yes, one of the Original Vampires. In his flesh and blood. She owed him her life. And felt damn proud to as well.

    Until the last couple of month.

    Slaughter after slaughter, spell after spell, blood ruining her shirts over and over again, Elsa was getting sick of this. For a couple of month now, she was actually being hunted. and by stupid witches who refuse to tell her why, even when she is about to rip their heads off, and Elsa dear, never patient and never hesitant wouldn't wait long to give them time to think about telling her the full story. Their simple stare, curiosity, maliciousness, even some smugness in their expressions when she, for a second, looks lost to why they were hunting her down, would set her off and rip them apart. She hated being tested, and they were playing with fire.

    A few weeks ago, she had discovered some pretty shocking news. About her own mother. She was a witch, and so, Elsa was half witch as well. Though when she was turned into a vampire, all was heightened, even her witch powers, but she had no idea how to control them or even free them in her body, and that was exactly what the witches wanted. Her to either be dead or not find out how to use her power. For some reason they did not want her to connect with her ancestors and that made her question why. She was searching for answers but none would tell her, literally preferring death over speaking up.

    And death they met.

    Once home, Elsa changed into cleaner clothes, which consisted of her red tight top, black ripped skinny jeans and her biker black boots, her moon shaped pendant loosely hanging around her neck, her wavy hair framing her face gently.Softly, she looked calm, like she did not just kill her fifth witch this week, like she was not going crazier and crazier not knowing what was going on around her.
    Elsa was someone who loved control. And not knowing what was going on made her feel like she was slipping out of control. And she hated that. So, Elsa got to her last resort. Lucien Porter. Her sire. Her and Lucien go way back. From before he even turned her. Elsa was a car drifter, and due to an accident which almost killed her, Lucien did turn her. Yes, he went soft, because Elsa was like a little sister to him, but he couldn't let her die. He just couldn't. Spending the last couple of years of college with her made them grow close - Friendship wise- and so, letting her go was more painful than he thought, and turning her into a vampire seemed like a good idea.

    It wasn't.

    Not for the witches, not for the humans who did her wrong, not for anyone who breathed badly in her way. And Lucien had realized how similar she was to his younger brother, a little too late. And that made him concerned. So they made a deal, she wanted freedom, which he granted her after teaching her all she should know about being a vampire. But in return, she wouldn't become a ripper and would never turn her emotions off. And whenever in trouble, she would contact him. And that was exactly what went on for the next hundred years. Elsa was a drifter, from city to another while Lucien resided in New Orleans. They would meet half way whenever one needed the other. More likely, whenever Elsa was in trouble. Which was very often.

    But this time it was different. It was far more serious. And since Elsa was near New Orleans, and very angry. She decided not to call Lucien. But to actually visit him. He knew witches, a witch covenant actually lived near him for God's sake, they would surely figure something out. Ir she'd just kill every witch there. Simply.

    Once Elsa was done cleaning up, she was on her way to her sire.
    The road didn't take her long, and a few hours later, Elsa found herself in front of a big green sign that read 'Welcome to New Orleans.'
    Taking a deep breath, Elsa looked around the seemingly normal city while she knew better. She may not live here but she knew this place all too well. Witches, werewolves, vampires, they all lived here. If the supernatural world had any 'headquarter' it would've been here, in New Orleans. Calmly, Elsa slid her black sunglasses on before stepping foot in the town she said she wouldn't even breathe its air. And she oh so calmly explored around as she walked, her feet taking her to Lucien's home naturally.

    The couple of glances her way did not go unnoticed by her. But she ignored them and tried to focus on the Jazzy music and the loud chats of tourists. she liked her hidden fangs, and thought about blood. It had been a while since she fed on a human. Witch blood was not as tasty. She did not fancy it at all. Finally, Elsa made it to the huge house, and oh so confidently, she stepped right in, a small knowing smile creeping on her face. Lucien knew she was coming. And so let her in before she was even there. Elsa took her sunglasses off and looked around the huge open space, no one was there. And suddenly, someone was wrapping their arm around her throat threateningly, a woman.

    "Who are you and how did you get in?!" She hissed in her ear.

    Elsa could smell her. A vampire. A trainee maybe. Elsa scoffed and smiled, which made the woman hesitant for a second and Elsa did not miss this opportunity "Rookie mistake." she teased darkly and quickly, digging her nails in the women's arm which made her yell out in pain before ripping her arm away from her throat, letting it go and blood drip from her nail marks on the rookie's arm, but quickly wrapping them around her neck, in the speed of light, slamming her back in the brick wall, her eyes cold as ever "Who's training you? You think you can take on anyone now that you're a vampire? Jumping on sny stranger oozing confidence only to get stomped on?! Here's your first lesson, it comes free of cost : You're nothing sweetheart. I could crush you in a second, you wanna try? " Elsa almost spit at her face, feeling two presence behind her, she pressed her nails more in the woman's neck, making her gasp for air as Elsa leaned closer menacingly "Touch me again, and I'll make death look like a gift." She hissed dangerously, referring to the pain she would reflect. But one voice made her slowly let her go and turn around.

    "Enough." His calm collected voice echoed, and Elsa turned around looking quite innocent as she blinked away the darkness in her eyes "Lucien, long time no see friend." She said, her voice going from deadly to friendly in a matter of seconds "Next time, please inform your rookies about me, or scratches would be the least of their worries." She smiled warmly yet her words were cold hard.

    Lucien shook his head, glanced at his brother and then at Elsa "You haven't been there for two minutes, and you already want to kill someone?"

    "What can I say, it's a gift really." She smirked amusingly then glanced at the woman who still glued to the wall behind Elsa "You can leave now. Before I change my mind and snap your neck right n-"

    "I said enough."

    "You're no fucking fun Lucien."
  2. Tobias wanted to say that he grew up in a warm and loving home with parents that supported him and cared about him beyond belief. He wanted to say that growing up had been a walk in the park and he had everything given to him with nothing more of a simple finger snap. Ah what life would of been like if his home was warm, if his parents had actually loved him but life, sweet life that many mortals cling onto like a small child. Was much harder than you'd imagine. He was the second born son to Arlo and Diana Porter.Two mere farmers who had worked hard to keep their family happy. Lucien, the oldest was born of both his mother and father while Tobias was a filth according to his father. His mother had fell in love with another man and had given birth to him. A disgrace. The only person who actually treated him life a human being was his brother even despite his father's wishes. Tobias has no relocation of his actual father and his mother never spoke of him, almost as if the man himself never even existed. She poured all her time into his father and older brother never really spending too much time with Tobias as if he was a burden to her as well. His own mother, the one who had brought him into the world and was to love him more than anyone else....didn't. He didn't recall asking to be born but instead he was raised by spiteful people who wouldn't have cared if he was dead or alive. Tobias grew up following after Lucien, even aspiring to be him at one point. He wanted to be happy, he wanted to be loved just as much and maybe even more. Sometimes happiness isn't for everyone.

    One night the town was being attacked. Bloodshed everywhere ad shrill and horrid scream could be heard. Men and children were slaughtered while women were raped and then killed. There was just so much blood. He and his family fled into the woods far from the attackers when his mother casted a spell. It was to make them immortal so they could not die, they would live on and become powerful men. The ritual was complete once they drank the blood their mother had placed in a small vile. When they drank it they believed that their part was done but it wasn't. Their father snapped Lucien's neck first and before Tobias could help his brother he soon to met his fate. When both young men came to their parents were nowhere to be found but some of the men that attacked the village were nearby. That undeniable thirst for blood filled their body until they couldn't take it anymore and they attacked. Their moments were increased and within moments the bloodshed began but this time it was at their hands. Lucien had done most of the killing but when the fist person died at his hands a jolt of pain overcame him. It was unbearable something that he had never felt before but something awakened in him, something just as deadly.

    Their parents had never left, instead they had led those men into the forest so that they could consume their thirst for blood but when they saw Tobias eyes his father immediately pointed the gun to him. He called him a monster and that the bastard of a man that his wife had slept with was none other than a damn werewolf. When the blast went off he had closed his eyes expecting the worse but nothing happened. The gun had went but it wasn't his father, it was Lucien. He had fired the gun that killed their father and before his mother could even move they were gone. The first two hundred years the two were a powerful duo, creating chaos and making a name for themselves. The the next hundred the men split up. Lucien wanted to settle now in New Orleans and make some deals around the city while all Tobias wanted to do was continue his bloodshed and demanded power from those who dared crossed him. After some time however the two ended up meeting again in Georgia and Lucien pleaded with Tobias to stop his ways and try to become more civil, instead of living like some savage.

    Tobias agreed to staying in New Orleans only if he was able to do as he pleased but his brother had other plans. He was to do what he wanted to a certain extent. There would be to over kills, no messy kills, and he had to attempt to think before he lashed out at someone. It was almost child like but nonetheless he had agreed. His brother had a good hold over New Orleans, the witches were satisfied and the werewolves kept their distance for the most part. Being a hybrid was something wasn't heard of much. Think of a very very rare species and that would define them perfectly. Incredibly powerful with the abilities that increased tenfold. Tobias was stronger than his brother but he was reckless and Lucien was indeed a smart business man, there was nothing that he couldn't get. There was trouble beginning to brew but trouble was something that Tobias lived for, killed for too if the job required it. It was only recently that Lucien had decided it was a good idea to inform him of a woman that he had turned a hundred or so years back. It of course made him curious as to who this person was and also why his dear brother had kept it a secret from him all these years.

    Tobias sat on the end up the bed with the covers from the bed covering his lower half. The female he had finished sleeping with moments earlier was bent over adjusting her hair in the mirror before she had to get back to her husband. Yes husband. If anything Tobias would say he was a gentleman whom helped people in a time of need, she wanted a release and that's what he had given her. Of course he had to snack on her but instead of sinking his teeth into her neck he settled for her wrist. Her blonde wavy hair that fell to her back was now brushed up into a semi decent pony tail. His eyes wandered over her naked body as the blush rose from her cheeks while she got dressed. " Um..I'll er- see you again?" shes spoke uncertain but with a hint of desperation in her voice. Ah humans. Tobias stood walking over to her as he watched her face redden as her eyes fell below his waist. " Of course you'll see me again, but you should get going now don't want you to be late". The young man simply nodded placing her wedding ring back in her finger and then leaving his place. He put on his boxers and then sighed running his hand through his messy dark brown hair. " You know, most people just use the front door". Turning his head to the patio there in all his glory stood Lucien.

    He stood in a nice suit as if he were going to an expensive dinner or event, his sandy blonde hair was kept short and neat which complemented his blue eyes. He watched as his older brother stepped into the room with a frown. " Why brother must you sleep with married woman? There are so many beautiful woman in New Orleans". The comment made Tobias laugh and he shook his head while throwing on his clothes, " Oh I don't know brother, something about woman who come crawling to get the satisfaction their husband can't give them is rather fun don't you think?". His brother didn't respond but simply looked around the room and then opened the door to his room heading downstairs. " She's here and I knew that you'd sneak over to see her which is why I got you in the first place". The comment from his brother made Tobias smirk and he placed his arm around the older man, " Ah you know me all to well" " Yeah well you have failed to change over the hundreds of years". It didn't take long to arrive at the house and when they did the sound of a fight fell into play. In moments Tobias and Lucien stood in his house and Tobias watched with amusement as the two women fought. His eyes never left the brown haired woman and when Lucien told her to stop he sighed. After watching his brother and the woman talk he rolled his eyes stepping forward slightly. " Lucien can you please tell me who this little girl is so that I can go back to my..festivities".

  3. "Lucien can you please tell me who this little girl is so that I can go back to my..festivities".

    The husky, confident and rather smug voice of a stranger of a man made Elsa look away from an annoyed yet amused Lucien, only to meet the other man'a eyes. He stood tall, built and muscular was the first thing she noticed in his appearance. His short hair and light stubble complimented his dark features quite neatly, and his eyes captivated those around him. He was handsome she'd give him that, but his words made her glare at him, and scoff "I'm sorry, I don't see any little girl around here, are you perhaps delusional ?" She asked oh-so-sarcastically, not really feeling fear of calling the man delusional or poking at his ego, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she kept her eyes on him daringly.

    Lucien looked between the two, noting how much of trouble the two of them could cause if ever they got along, or even if they don't. They were both ticking bombs. And they were both very powerful. And they both knew it. Lucien watched them for a moment, a calculating look on his face, as serious as he had ever been "Brother, this is Elsa Stone. Elsa, this is my brother, Tobias Eric Porter." He said slowly. Even his voice sounded as classy as he looked. But no one should be deceived by Lucien's calm exterior, because when he wants to, the guy could murder a whole town in a matter of minutes.

    Elsa kept her eyes on the man next to Lucien as he spoke his name, which rang in her ears. Of course, she had heard of him. The infamous Tobias Eric Porter, the original hybrid, the immortal man, who maybe was a bit more crucial than Elsa. And darker. But Elsa was not scared, and even when Lucien spoke of his name, and she recognized him, she did not look away in defeat. Instead, the look in her eyes turned into curiousness "Why do I feel like I am being exposed?" She spoke boldly, before trailing her eyes away from Tobias to land on Lucien who sighed "Because to Tobias, you are. I have recently told him about you. I have been keeping your story a secret. Just like we had discussed a hundred years ago." He reminded her, to which Elsa nodded "I do remember."

    "Now dear Elsa, since you came in such a hurry, what do you need?" He asked as he stepped closer and fumbled with the buttons of his shirt's arms, folding them up to his elbows while they spoke "I can't remember my mother. And I need to know more about my background." She said, frowning as she did. Lucien stopped momentarily and raised an eyebrow at her slowly as he looked over at her from his shirt "You don't remember your mother?" He asked again, to which Elsa smiled faking innocence "Well.. Yeah. When you first turned me, I kept wanting to forget her, and my stupid family-" "Family is not stupid Elsa." "You haven't met mine Lucien." "Family is still family. It's not stupid." "You're right, it's just simply horrible." Lucien stayed silent when she described it as horrible. He was surrounded by two people who had lived hell as their childhood, and could not argue that family was a good thing. Yes, Tobias had him, but who did Elsa have? No one. Until he came along as well. "Anyway, I was a rookie, a new born vampire. I didn't know I can actually forget someone. But I did. And now I can't remember her face, her name, or her background. I seem to just remember events that she caused, unfortunately these were not gone."

    Lucien stayed silent, and looked over at Tobias knowingly. He had told him she was different, more dangerous than others and more capable than others. She didn't just have an emotions off switcher, but she could actually forget someone if she wanted to. And that was not a vampire ability. Neither was it a normal witch's. Lucien looked back at Elsa and then around his large home "Let's move to the living room, to discuss. Because Elsa dear, you weren't wrong to think Vampires don't forget. Because they don't." Elsa quickly caught up with his thoughts and grew silent, her eyes turning hard as she thought more about it, silently following the men to the living room, while Lucien had a silent conversation with his brother about her. He did not think of her as a simple person he had turned. She meant more to him and that showed- a little sister he never had. And he wasn't going to leave her when in need. But his brother could be of help, even though Lucien was older, Tobias knew more, because he, as well, was different. A hybrid. A breed that is so rare. And to be honest, Tobias was quicker and stronger in getting answers from people as his ways of questioning were more.. Messy than Lucien's.
  4. Tobias stood firm in his place as his eyes stayed locked into the woman in front of him. Her beauty was beyond those mortal and even some supernatural. Her long brown hair draped behind her back, smooth skin and long legs that would leave any man or woman breathless, and those alluring eyes filled with such mystery. It would have been an understatement if he said he wasn't intrigued because in fact he found himself wanting to know a little more of this Elsa and why she had been so important to his dear brother. In all the years he and Lucien had been together he had never really taken up such fondness for someone but then again Tobias simply didn't bother to even care so somewhere along the lines he missed this...woman his brother had spoke up. Bringing his hand up to his hair and raking through the smooth dark mane he kept at short length he watched as his brother looked between the two of them as if he couldn't figure out which one of them was going to lash out first. An amused grin formed on his lips when Elsa spoke. She had sass he'd give her that and the clear killer look in her eyes as she didn't break her gaze, was all so similar to his. Most people cowered as soon as his name left someone's lips or his own. Witches feared him, werewolves, and vampires but somehow Elsa seemed all to collected, a little too much for his liking.

    Maybe it was because he was so used to people fearing him that he had failed to realize what it would be like for someone to actually stand their ground when it came to him. As the conversation between his brother and Elsa played out he leaned against the wall letting his eyes shift from one person to another. Lucien did recently mention that she was different but he didn't know how. She had to have been pretty damn important if all the damn witches were trying to claim her head. Ah but being a wanted person was such a thrill at times, then like most things in life it got boring. Most things for Tobias had gotten rather boring over the years and he was so grateful for all the small changes that came with time, new people, trends, slang, food, ect. In a weird sense it made him feel like he hadn't been on the earth for quite some time. At the mention of how Elsa couldn't quite remember her mother and whom she was. Tobias raised an eyebrow and then a coy smile played out on his lips. Ah yes Elsa was going to be trouble indeed.

    Lucien guided the woman into the living room to get more situated and Tobias followed behind them not before grabbing the bottle of whiskey that stood on the end table and pouring himself a glass. The smooth liquid traveled down his throat satisfying his thirst in a sense. He could drink as many alcoholic and regular beverages but they would only hold out his thirst for a short while, blood was the answer for everything. Lucien was sitting down on the couch facing Elsa with an unreadable expression. " You not being able to remember your mother may have to do with someone suppressing your memories. Most likely to keep you from knowing something about your past". The older man sighed and leaned back into the couch before turning to his brother. " What do you think of this brother?"

    Tobias had just finished his second glass when he heard his brother speak. He looked over at Elsa and tilted his head slightly as if he were going to brew into her thoughts but instead he just smirked and placed the empty cup on the table. " I think your right in a sense, whoever is suppressing your memories knows more about you and your past than you think. I'd say it would have to be a witch since those are the people that have been relentless on killing you". He paused for a moment before kicking his feet on up the table and turning to Lucien, " I'd say our little guest here is more important than she realizes, and I plan to find out why". Lucien simply nodded his head and then looked over at Elsa, " It's true and since your in New Orleans where witches are home at its finest I think it would be best for you to reside in my home to keep safe".

    " Well look at you brother, offering your home to a desperate vampire in need how....noble of you" " Yes noble it is, something you should try doing rather than the married women and killing sprees you end up in" Lucien furred his brow in the direction of Tobias which only caused his younger brother to chuckle and raise his hands in defense. " Ah but wheres the fun in that. Enough about me brother we have work to do don't we?" He stood up and then walked towards the door only pausing briefly. " There's a man named Alric, he's an semi important witch that owes me a favor, I'll stop by and pay him a visit and see if I can get any information out of him." Lucien whom was now undoing one bottom on his shirt nodded without even looking up. " Try not to kill him brother, I don't feel like cleaning up yet another mess". Tobias smirked slightly and shook his head. " Don't worry brother let me do what I do best and see what you and this beauty can find" and with that he was gone.
  5. Elsa was not a patient person. Neither was she someone who could stand a guy, much like Tobias, calling her a little guest. She would've gladly spoken up, showed him how little she was, maybe even broke that bottle of whiskey on his head knowing it wouldn't kill him, but Lucien's next words made her snap her eyes to him a little taken aback " It's true and since your in New Orleans where witches are home at its finest I think it would be best for you to reside in my home to keep safe". Elsa blinked a couple of times, looking at Lucien who did not even ask her if she wanted to stay, he simply demanded. Which he knew well, she hated. But he didn't even look at her, more focused with his brother, and their words intrigued her, deciding to talk to Lucien about staying here later, her eyes shifted from one brother to another. And as Lucien spoke about Tobias and his ways with married women, Elsa cringed. Really? the accomplice in a betrayal ?

    The two brothers exchanged words and decided upon Elsa herself without even considering her thoughts. For instance, if Tobias had left her the chance to even breathe, she would've either rejected his offer and gone herself, OR at least, she would've come with him. Elsa was not a women who liked it when guys took over completely, and not just guys, anyone really. She was really independent and liked to take care of her own self. Which was why she was getting more annoyed by the second. But there was one thing she couldn't ignore; the fact that Tobias seemed at ruthless as she had heard. He spoke about killing sprees and death as a daily normal thing, and that only reminded her of herself. But she knew he could be worse that her, of course he could. He was Tobias Eric Porter, and everyone knew how much of a monster he could turn into. But she wasn't scared, at all.

    "Don't worry brother let me do what I do best and see what you and this beauty can find" Tobias's words made her look up at him as he strode to the door, and raise an eyebrow when he called her beauty. But he was gone before she was able to retort something back. She turned to look at the calm Lucien "Is he always like that? He didn't even let me speak." She huffed and Lucien couldn't help but chuckle "Yes dear, he is. He's authorial like that." "I don't like it. I don't like him." She muttered, and for once Lucien laughed, shaking his head as he stood up, and poured some bourbon from a new bottle "You should get used to him. I expect you guys to be civil. Living in New Orleans, I do not wish to relocate anytime soon because of some foolishness you two have caused, either hurting one another or someone else." Lucien made himself clear, the whole time looking down at his drink as he poured some and then took a sip, turning to face Elsa again who was oddly quite.

    But of course, that was not for long "I'm not staying here." Her voice was firm, and stubborn he know she was. But that did not make him change his mind "Yes. You are." "I don't want you guys to protect me, I came here because I thought you might have an idea of what is going on. I am not desperate or little to need you guys around. I can ta-" "-take care of your own self. I know" Lucien cut her off and drank the last bit of bourbon before taking a deep breath "These were not my words. And do not take Tobias for his foolish words, he is only poking at your anger." "Well he surely succeeded." "Don't let him. I'm telling you to stay because it is better for you. You can take care of you own, but you cannot take care of the whole witch covenant. You are in a populated town, where witches roam around like normal people and they are many. I'm not saying we will be your guards. But I do consider you family. And family sticks together." His words hit her hard. She stayed silent, her fingers intertwined and tight, her nails digging in her own skin for a moment "I hate the effect you have on me Lucien." Lucien simply smoothed down his shirt, and smirked "It's called affection and warmth. You should get acquainted with it." He said sarcastically, making Elsa roll her eyes "Fine, I'll stay. On one condition." "Which is?" He asked, raising an amused eyebrow. He could see why she was different, and he could see why people liked her around. She was something else. Someone who could charm a person without even realizing herself. Lucien could always sit hours and days with her and never would he get bored or feel wrong.

    "Tell me where your brother went. I want to meet him there." Her words snapped him out of his nice thoughts, And then she speaks stupidly, and makes me want to slap her to her senses, he thought to himself and frowned at her "No, Why would you drag yourself in this? Let him take care of it Elsa." "But it is my business! If he's going to get any information out of him I want to be there!" She defended and Lucien closed his eyes briefly, stroking his five o'clock shadow before answering "I don't trust you two together on an investigation like that." He admitted and Elsa glared "Tell me. Or I might as well just go find another witch and investigate them instead." She suggested humorlessly, and Lucien knew she'd be true to her words. She didn't know if she'd show up too late or not, but she was going to follow Tobias. That was for sure.

    And in half an hour, she found herself exactly where Lucien told her Tobias would be.
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  6. Tobias had done quite the spectacular job of tracking down and keeping tabs on his latest witch. Alric was a powerful witch but a pain in the ass and Tobias had to keep his anger in control and try not to rip his heart out. His use for the older man was growing thin and once he was of no use he'd kill him. Of course Alric knew that which is why he continued to play his little games of riddles and hide and seek. It pissed Tobias off but he would keep his calm demeanor until someone forced him to be the man his older brother tried so hard to keep under wraps. A cold hearted killer. Well hearted is a bit of an understatement considering that he didn't have a beating one but you get the point. The misty New Orleans night held a sort of eerie feeling, as if he wasn't supposed to be walking the streets at night. If it had been a mere mortal or anyone else he'd agree but he wasn't just anyone/. Tobias was the first hybrid and had lived for over 500 years and people had heard of his name from far and wide. From the shadows Tobias watched as Alric paced back and forth griping his necklace as he spoke to three men. Usually he would have made a grand entrance but this time he stayed put until the older man stopped talking and then placed his hand out to a small mound that had a symbol on it. Within moments the small mound weathered away leaving just a mere ring.

    Done with waiting Tobias stepped out from the shadows clapping his hands with a look of amusement on his face. " Ah well that little show was quite wonderful if you as me, but I believe we have some business to attend to". Why Alric had chosen the damn graveyard was beyond him but I guess it had what you would call a symbolic. Alric looked alarmed for a second but any hint of fear he masked as he placed the ring into his pocket. He sighed and then shook his head with a look of displeasement on his face. " I know why you've come but I have nothing that will be of help Tobias". Now he knew Alric was lying, he could smell it and there was nothing he hated more then someone lying to his face. At least if your going to lie let it be a good one. " You know what I hate more than a witch, a witch who lies". He continued to talk towards Alric but he was stopped when three vampires stood in his way. " So the mighty witch, making deals with the vampires now? Foolish".

    In and instant he had lunged towards the nearest male using his right hand to grab him and the other to wrap around his next. Tobias felt the darkening of his eyes and he sunk his teeth into the mans flesh as he held him still against his struggle. The mans body slumped to the ground and Tobias stepped on him hearing the bones crack underneath his feet. Moving his neck side to side the other two vampire charged him from either side thinking that they were doing something smart. They weren't. Instead Tobias had caught both of them by the throat and he flung one towards Alric while his sinister eyes locked onto the vampire in training. " You played for the wrong side, now you learn what it means to mess with me". In an instant he lunged his hand though the males chest, ripping his heart out and then dropping the lifeless body at his feet. Blood had gotten all over his shirt and pants, his lips dripped blood from the feed he had with the other dead vampire and now stood two men with a look a horror and uncertainty. A look he knew all to well.

    After dropping the heart Tobias stared at Alric who narrowed his eyes at him, " You are foolish if you think your going to get me to speak". Once the words left his mouth Tobias knew that the man immediately regretted it. Fools and there pride were just something he'd have to get used to seeing. The last vampire that was in site rushed him but instead of getting too close he a dove a stake right through Tobias shoulder and another in his chest. The pain was excruciating but it wasn't unbearable and he opened his mouth sucking in a sharp breath before staggering back a few steps. The vampire seemed satisfied along with Alric but the smug look on their faces were wiped clean when Tobias began laughing. Lifting his head up he slowly removed the stake from his chest dropping the bloody piece of wood to the floor. " Did you honestly think you fools could kill me?" He grunted as he bit down on his lower lip pulling the second stake out of his stomach and holding it it his hands. " I am a hybrid, these little wood stakes are can't kill me" He shouted in a deep growl before throwing the stake that landed right in the other vampires chest. When he attempted to take it out Tobias walked over ticking his finger from left to right before kicking it deeper into his chest.

    The rage had come on fast and his fangs were barred, his dark eyes aligned with a golden ring around his iris from his werewolf half. Boy there were no words to describe how fucked up Alric was but Tobias didn't approach the older man instead he turned his head to where he knew Elsa as at and spoke. " Princess why don't you come out here and get the answers you need" It wasn't the same teasing voice he had used earlier but more serious and held anger, not at her but at the fact that Alric was wasting his time and he was trying hard not to kill him before getting the information.
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  7. It is one thing to be a killer, a nearly ripper.
    It is one thing to look down on one's own hands and see the blood of someone else drip down on the floor, drop by drop, proving the death of someone who had mistaken their killer.
    But it is a whole other thing to see it happen in front of you.

    Elsa could hear grunts as she was approaching the graveyard. Frowning slightly, she walked slowly and silently, cautious to everything that surrounded her. But when she reached the man she was looking for, she stopped dead in her track. Yes, she knew about him, and his ways, his cruelty and maliciousness, but this was the first time she actually saw it in action. His eyes held nothing but anger, hate and hunger. His once beautiful dark mysterious eyes were now a glowing shade of gold, and bloodshot, something she was used to seeing in the mirror. He reminded her so much of her own doings, but at the same time, it was different. He was different. He was more cruel, if that was even possible, and still faster than her. She would've jumped to the help, but she knew he had it all under control, when he took out the wood from his body, laughing at the foolish vampires.

    It didn't take more than two minutes for Tobias to kill the vampires in sight and to have Alric as pale as one can be. Even Elsa smirked at the sight of Alric, clueless and scared, you never mess with an original. Especially a hybrid. She thought to herself before snapping her eyes at Tobias. She was impressed. Even during all the chaos, he still smelled her presence. And knew she was here even as she was in the shadows. Elsa confidently stepped out, and Alric almost fainted at her sight. His eyes went wide, his hands began to shake, and he looked between Tobias and Elsa "No.. You two.. Should not meet." He whispered, almost to himself if Tobias and Elsa did not have vampire heightened hearing. Elsa raised an eyebrow and glance at the bloody Tobias before looking at Alric "And why is that?" She asked oh-so-calmly but Alric simply took a deep breath and gulped, looking at her in fear, pure fear.

    "This should not have happened.. You should've been dead before you even came to New Orleans!" His sudden outburst was a surprise, but when he tried to charge forward with an odd looking knife in his hand, Elsa looked pretty bored, waiting for him to come close enough, and within her perfect focus, she quickly clamped her fingers on the knife from each side, avoiding to be slashed, and snatched the knife away, before stabbing the man in his shoulder harsh and rough, making him drop to the ground on his knees. She sneered at him and her eyes, instead of turning gold, the ring around her iris turned purple, with specks of gold, glowing brightly at the poor man. His eyes went wide, his scream suddenly deafened by his fear. When she stabbed the witch, a jolt of power sparked in her hand, spreading in her body as she did. Like a new level of satisfaction.

    She pulled her hand away, but kept the knife in his shoulder, her eyes staying purple as she did, but she had no idea - that they were purple. Alric stared at her and breathed heavily "You- You have to die." His puzzled words made her angrier and angrier but she took a deep breath and roamed around him, standing behind him, now facing Tobias, but she didn't look up at him, not yet. She kept her eyes on Alric and bent a little, whispering in his ear while her perfectly manicured fingers tapped the knife lightly "You better speak up clearly. Tobias might have been patient with you, but I know no such word in my dictionary." She hissed angrily while pushing the knife down his shoulder slowly and agonizingly, making the witch scream in pain. She smirked at his scream and stopped, her eyes trailing from the helpless man to Tobias himself, her eyes bright and purple, which obviously scared Alric before looking back down on him "Why do I feel more satisfied when I stab you, or nearly kill you." She asked the witch who gulped and shook all together "I will never speak. Y-you should just go ahead and kill me." He said in a shaky voice, which angered Elsa even more. In a swift move she straightened up taking a sharp breath in of anger "Maybe, to make you talk, it's not physical torture that works. Maybe.." She trailed off as she patted his jeans and got out his wallet and opened it "Maybe it's your girlfriend we should talk to." She said, smirking as she held a picture of Alric and his woman, hugging each other and smiling brightly at the camera "Would you like that? Hm?" She asked him but he suddenly fell silent, now fearing for his beloved.

    Elsa smirked widely at that, her eyes going back to their normal color as she turned around and looked at Tobias again "Do you perhaps, know where the woman resides?" She asked in such a soft tone, it scared anyone around her.
    As the saying goes 'It's always calm before the storm'.
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  8. When Elsa showed herself from the shadows that she once was Tobias turned his head to see the fear that fell across Alric's face. It wasn't the same fear like when facing sudden death but more like he hadn't expected to see her at all. Alric was a man of many deals and to the witches he was a reliable asset but to Tobias all he saw was a man that knew when to say certain things that would get him out of trouble. The one he was in now was his first and last mistake. When Elsa had gotten closer He heard the faint whisper as to how Tobias and the woman should have never meet and when he continued saying that she wasn't even supposed to be alive yet alone in New Orleans, that definitely got his attention. First his brother had never evened mentioned turning Elsa until now, now Alric was saying that she was supposed to have been dead. He turned his body slightly and then began unbuttoning his bloodied shirt and tossing it to the side. He had worn a black tank top underneath just in case things had gotten...well messy.

    Tobias watched in amusement as Alric charged towards Elsa in a poor attempt of an attack with his quickly deflected sending the man to his knees. For someone who was supposed to be a smart witch he sure was stupid. Now it was his time to see Elsa in action, from the moment he see her with the vampire trainee in his brother's home he could see the coldness in her eyes, she had pain hidden behind them which was something that he knew all to well. His eyes widened however when he notice the color in her eyes. With him being half werewolf here was a golden hue around his eyes but staring at Elsa her's was a dark purple. His eyes shifted down to Alric who seemed to be in bewilderment staring up at Elsa. Everyone seemed to notice the change except for her but he didn't speak on it just yet.

    When Elsa plunged the dagger back into the mans shoulder he watched as the purple hue around her eyes glowed. From where Tobias was standing it looked like she was draining his powers. How could someone this intriguing have been hidden from him for so long? He knew Lucien was good at keeping some of his personal business between himself only but damn. Tobias shook his head watching as the man seemed to have nothing to say at the mention of his lover Fiona. She was a witch like himself but not well known to their coven being as she had come from California. When Elsa turned to him he nodded but simply moved past her to cup Alric's cheek. The man immediately knew what Tobias was trying to do and he closed his eyes. " You will open your eyes" and the man did so. He grinned looking though his memories to see where Fiona stayed but also he dug further back to see why he needed that ring her had tucked away earlier.

    Once satisfied with the information he pulled away and then dug in Alrics pocking pulling out the silver ring. " I think I'll hold onto this for awhile, you might want to run back to your oh so precious Fiona before we decide her fate ourselves". He watched as the witch staggered off but not before he gave a worried look between the both of them. " You two.....need to stay apart". Tobias raised an eyebrow at his plea but he turned his attention to Elsa cupping her cheek so that she turned to him. He stared into her eyes for a moment ignoring the closeness between the two before he abruptly took a step back. " You might not have realized it but your eyes were somewhat purple when you stabbed Alric, it looked like you were draining his powers...for yourself". A grin formed on his lips as he looked at Elsa, " Now I can see why my dear brother kept you from me, your special but now we have to see why"

    The two of them headed back to the house an Lucien frowned looking between the two of them. " I thought I said no over kill" Tobias shrugged his shoulders, " Eh, they made me mad but that's besides the point. Alric was making this ring to give to Elaine, one of the older witches to use against princess over here" he motion to Elsa which caused Lucien to simply nod. " Brother her eyes...their different. Whens she attacked Alric they were dark purple....what does that mean?". The question seemed to strike alarm but Lucien made sure his outer facial features didn't give it away. " Well that certainly complicates things, you two clean up and then we can talk about what to do next".
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  9. Elsa watched silently as Tobias stepped further and cupped the man's cheek, digging through his memories. In the meantime, she took a second to look around. The graveyard gave her shills, and oddly enough, not in a bad way. She felt.. Better. Actually, she felt better than ever. If that had to do with stabbing Alric or just being in the graveyard, she didn't know. All that she knew was that it all made her feel better. More powerful. And that partly scared her. She knew her abilities, her powerful skills were something she sometimes cannot even handle, and now feeling more energy course through her body, she was scared, but seemed as collected as ever. She couldn't show what she really felt, she never could and never would. She was Elsa Stone, and Elsa Stone showed no warmth.

    Elsa snapped back to reality as Tobias dug his fingers in the witch's pocket and pulled out a ring, one that her body almost immediately reacted to it, taking a step back. But that was not really an option when suddenly, as she looked at the ring, she felt Tobias hand cup her cheek, making her look up at him with a raised eyebrow. Her eyes fell to his face, focusing on each handsome feature, his alluring eyes, strong and sharp jawline, his almost too perfect straight nose, and his dark five o'clock shadow. He was surely as handsome as girls said all around the supernatural world. But he was as cocky as he was handsome, and that annoyed Elsa to the maximum. But she didn't move, she kept silent as she felt him study her face, her eyes locking on his for a moment before he spoke up " You might not have realized it but your eyes were somewhat purple when you stabbed Alric, it looked like you were draining his powers...for yourself". A grin formed on his lips as he looked at Elsa, " Now I can see why my dear brother kept you from me, your special but now we have to see why" Elsa frowned at his words "Kept me from you? I'm not anyone's to be kept f-" she was speaking but he was soon heading back, and grumbled before following suit quickly. This, is why Tobias Porter was a pain in the ass. Even when they just met.

    Once at the house, Elsa didn't bat an eyelash before sitting and letting out an exhausted breath. She hadn't slept in days and was always either on the run or in a fight, she needed rest. But she know at the moment, while all of this was still chaotic, she didn't have time to rest. She had to suck it up if she wanted to stay alive. And that, she wanted. Elsa didn't speak as the two brother exchanged words, just shrugging when Lucien looked over at her, showing no care in the world even though her mind was swirling with questions and suspicions. Will she be able to fight off what she really did not know? Does that even seem logical?

    " Well that certainly complicates things, you two clean up and then we can talk about what to do next" Lucien's words made her focus back on the brothers' conversation, quickly catching up that Tobias told Lucien about her eyes, and Lucien seemed pretty alarmed. She narrowed his eyes at him and pursed her lips, not liking the alarming look that appeared for half a second on his face, this was not good news. And she really needed to hear some good news. Though, she was too tired to even speak up, at least not until she took a hot shower, and changed her dirty clothes. Silently, Elsa stood up, and even as Tobias didn't, wanting to stay and know more before changing, she didn't. She needed alone time. And taking a shower right now sounded amazing. She didn't glance at neither of them, heading straight out of the living room, up to her room which Lucien showed her when she first arrived.

    Elsa did not have clothes, because to her knowledge, she was not staying here, she was just visiting. And so, Lucien had taken care of that, giving her one of his shirts and asking for the stupid trainee of a vampire she attacked, to borrow shorts, comfy pj shorts. Exactly the type of clothes I needed. Comfortable. She thought to herself, before stepping under the hot shower.

    Her eyes closed as soon as the hot water touched her tense skin, and she tilted her head up, letting the water cover her whole naked body, soothing her skin and her wounds, her hair soaking wet, a shade darker now under the water. And that's when her thoughts were growing louder in her mind.
    Purple eyes.
    What does that mean?
    I've never seen purple eyes.
    Was this even a good sign?
    Will I be able to handle this?
    Maybe I was really destined to die. But no one can defeat destiny. If I was to be dead, I would have been. So why am I still alive. There must be a reason behind the need of the witches for me to be dead, and my proof of life. There's something missing. And I need to find out what.
    What about Tobias? Why shouldn't we meet. Why shouldn't we be around each other. Why should we stay apart? Why did Alric look so scared seeing us together. And his last words.. they seemed like he was almost.. advising us. Was it that wrong to have met?

    Elsa took a deep breath, stepping out of the shower with thoughts swirling like crazy. For the first time ever she was lost. She had questions that people preferred to die than to answer. And this was frustrating her. Sighing, the woman wrapped a white towel around her wet body, letting her now dark hair fall down her shoulders as she stepped out of the bathroom and into her bedroom, keeping the towel wrapped firmly around her and combing her hair, smoothing it out before putting on her clothes. The shirt was a light blue, and it fell to her mid-thighs, almost covering the shorts completely, but she didn't mind. She was confident enough to walk around the original brothers like that. Not that Lucien would care. Tobias though, she wasn't sure about him. He seemed pretty interested to know her story. But that could just be the story of the witches and her right?

    With that in mind, Elsa walked back down to the ground floor and stepped into the kitchen, needing something to feed her fangs. Knowing Lucien would throw a fit if she just killed someone and drank their blood, she satisfied her need with an apple.
    "Fuck me" She couldn't help but cuss in a low whisper, as she looked down at the red apple, referring to what she had to eat if she was hungry now. Even though her hunger was for something a little more .. juicy.
  10. Tobias was watched as his brothers body tensed at the mention of Elsa's new colored eyes. He watched as Lucien undid one button on his shirt before going into the living room. It was this exact reason that Tobias didn't want to stay in New Orleans, too much secretes and witches for that matter. It was one thing to keep an eye out for the mutts that roamed around the streets but witches were slick in their ways with spells and trinkets. He made up way upstairs eyeing the silver ring in his hands that he had taken from Alric. Why had it been so damn important and what did Elise need with it? Elise unlike Alric was a dark witch who used her powers for much more sinister reasons so Tobias knew whatever she wanted with the ring couldn't be good, especially since it was something that he figured she use against Elsa. After removing his blood stained clothes, Tobias ran himself a shower before stepping inside. The warm water relaxing his muscles and cleaning off all the blood and dirt he had collected form killing those poor excuses of vampires. Once he had washed up he dried off and got dressed, throwing on some sweatpants and a buttoned up t shirt which he had kept opened exposing his chest. Usually he would just roam around in simply his boxers but since his dear brother Lucien had invited a guest to stay the least he could do was put on a little more clothes.

    When he had come downstairs Tobias made his way into the kitchen to grab himself something to drink. They had run out of blood so now he was confined to human drinks like soda, not that he was really complaining. The drinks were quite satisfying but it wouldn't quench his hunger for long. He was a bit taken back to see Elsa there and his eyes raked over her body with no mercy as they traveled ever so slowly until they reached her face. At her small comment a grin formed on his lips. " Oh I would certainly take you up on that offer" he spoke smoothly as he approached Elsa and closing the gap between the two of them. Tobias knew that he could have any woman that he pleased but at the end of it all he felt nothing for them, they were nothing more than a nice piece of ass and once he was done he'd leave without a means to look back. Elsa however was much different from the women had had come across both human and supernatural, she wasn't afraid of him and didn't give a damn that he was an original or not. He was still deciding on if she was selfless or just stupid but nonetheless he wanted her.

    He wanted her because he knew she didn't want him, or well she at least acted like she didn't. Tobias knew that she was attracted physically, not because he was full of himself but he had eyes ad he could see the interest in them. Tobias wanted to say he was interested in her because she stood up to him but that was only part of it. Looking at her sent this wave of electricity though his body and he leaned forward so that his lips brushed against her ear, " Why do I feel like this" His voice was confused and cold but there was a hint of softness in there as well but before anything else could happen Lucien coughed gaining Tobias's attention as he turned his heed. Lucien had an eyebrow raised as he looked from his younger brother to Elsa, his eyes showed a hint of something Tobias couldn't quote read, was it fear? " Brother please try not to rape the guest we have matters to discuss" and with that he left the kitchen.
    Tobias groaned in annoyance as he backed up. His dark brown eyes looked over Elsa before turning and walking into the living room to join his brother. Once all three of them was seated Lucien tapped his fingers against the arm rest and sighed. " Well while you two were out causing havoc I slipped away to see if I could find anyone else had some information on why the witches are after Elsa. I paid Elise a visit though she made it rather difficult and escaped, before she did however we made a deal. The ring for information". Tobias shook his head as he reached into the pocket of his sweats and tossed the ring in Lucien's direction, " This was the ring I saw Alric create and when I searched his mind I saw that he had intended on giving it to Elise to use against Elsa... I don't know about you but if two witches from different sides of the spectrum can come together to try and kill princess here, we cant give her that ring". Lucien now stood in deep thought as he paced the room back and forth. " Your right but it's the only way right now. Elise is a very smart witch and she'll known when she's being tricked.. we can contact Marcus and see if he can make a decoy and pray that it works". Tobias seemed slightly satisfied before turning his head to Elsa, " The things us men do for you".

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  11. " Oh I would certainly take you up on that offer " The very familiar husky voice of a man who frustrated her more than any other in a matter of a day, made Elsa turn to face him, a little taken aback by his rather bold response. She raised an eyebrow at him, which is something she realized did a lot when it came to Tobias Porter. Keeping her place, she refused to show any emotion even as he closed the gap between them, their bodies not touching yet, but brushing slightly, and this alone sent a jolt of electricity through Elsa's body, awakening every little part of her.

    Her eyes never seemed to leave his, falling silent for a moment as they stared at each other before he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, his lips brushing her skin, making her shiver unintentionally, " Why do I feel like this" His voice was confused and cold but there was a hint of softness in there as well, and that made Elsa even the more confused. She bit the inside of her cheek, and closed her eyes for a moment as she turned her face the slightest, letting her own lips brush his ear in turn, whispering in a soft, teasing yet confident voice " I wonder how many girls have fallen for you when you tell them that." Her words blurted out of her little smart-ass mouth, opening her eyes to glance at him sideways as he still leaned to her lips. She knew she could push his buttons with her answers, but that amused her even. Was it cruel? Maybe. But did he deserve this? Yes. She was sure he did. He played women like dice and everyone knew it. Yes, she did feel something weird toward him, there was something that kept pulling her to him, was it attraction physically or something else, but she knew how to hide it well.

    " Brother please try not to rape the guest we have matters to discuss" Lucien's sudden voice snapped Elsa out of their small.. moment. If you could even call it that. And her eyes shifted from Tobias to his brother, not at all embarrassed, rather smirking at him, keeping the smirk even when a new wave of emotion appeared on his face as he looked from Tobias to her.. Fear maybe? There was no way. Why would Lucien himself fear them.He was maybe the only time Elsa did not want someone to fear her. Lucien. Soon, he disappeared and Elsa decided to ask about this later. Her eyes shifted back to an annoyed Tobias and she couldn't but smirk at him "Oh don't be so sad, I'm sure you'll have plenty of other opportunities to try and fail to get me under your spell." She said sarcastically, her voice confident yet amused. She was discovering that she liked pushing his buttons. And she was planning on doing that a lot. With that in mind, Elsa pushed past him and walked to the living room.

    A few moments later, the three of them were discussing her situation, which she was discovering more and more to be complicated. And every damn witch knew about her. Which was even harder to handle, and she was realizing how this town was her answer, and yet, danger. A lot of witches resided here. Elsa leaned back on the couch which she and Tobias occupied while Lucien sat in front of them, listening to Tobias as he tossed the ring to Lucien "I don't like it." She spoke up for the first time since they sat down. Her eyes on the ring, growing darker as she stared at it "It's unsettling me. It's disturbing me. I can't control it." She explained as she kept her eyes on the ring. In attempt to understand her own body language toward the ring, she sat up and leaned forward to the coffee table to touch the ring, but the moment her finger reached half way, a jolt of hot fire coursed through her hand, making her hiss and pull away fast, her eyes turning purple for the slightest moment before going back to their normal color. She glanced at the guys and grumbled under her breath before speaking louder "I don't like it." She repeated stubbornly "It is not going back to Elise. I don't care, I'll get the answers from another witch if I have to, but this is not going back to her. Whoever the hell the witch is." She spoke, her eyes narrowing at the ring.

    " This was the ring I saw Alric create and when I searched his mind I saw that he had intended on giving it to Elise to use against Elsa... I don't know about you but if two witches from different sides of the spectrum can come together to try and kill princess here, we cant give her that ring". Tobias argued as well, and Lucien now stood in deep thought as he paced the room back and forth. " Your right but it's the only way right now. Elise is a very smart witch and she'll known when she's being tricked.. we can contact Marcus and see if he can make a decoy and pray that it works". Elsa nodded at his words, agreeing to the current plan before shifting her eyes to Tobias who sat not too far from her on the couch while her legs were propped up on it, knees pushed to her chest comfortably" The things us men do for you" His words made her scoff in amusement, knowing he was not just talking about this situation "What can I say, you men are easy to manipulate." She smirked at him, Lucien rolling his eyes as he heard her "I will go meet Marcus. Try not to jump each other." He muttered before standing up and disappearing, leaving the two staring at each other, Elsa almost daringly.
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  12. Lucien sighed as he glanced from his younger brother and ten towards Elsa. The two were dangerously alike in more ways then they'd like to admit and he had not only saw the look in Elsa's eyes but Tobias as well. He didn't look at the woman like a prize that needed to be one, he had looked at her with a hint of feeling Lucien was sure Tobias didn't even notice. He had watched his brother for the past hundred of years slaughter people to get his way, sleep with all types of women and leave when he was satisfied. Tobias never cared about anyone, he was never so invested in someone else's life besides his own and on occasion Lucien's but now he seemed to care about the well being of Elsa. Lucien smiled to himself but it was only briefly because then his mind wandered to the fact that almost all the damn witches in New Orleans wanted Elsa dead or for their own personal gain and it wouldn't be long before the werewolves got involved if they weren't already. Lucien had called up Marcus to meet him at the nearby cafe not to far from his house in case Tobias and Elsa went at each others throat. Pushing through the door Marcus was sitting by himself with his nose in a small book.

    Marcus and Lucien had been friends for about seven hundred years through many ups and downs. Unlike Lucien who was a vampire Marcus was a werewolf but he had proven himself loyal to the Porters countless of times. The man was tall and well built, his dark brown eyes complimented his chocolate skin which had a few tattoos here and there. When Marcus spotted Lucien heading to his table he closed the book and pushed it to the side giving the man his undivided attention. " Quite the trouble you are finding yourself into" Lucien sighed as he took a seat across from the man and then pulled the ring out from his pocket. " My friend you have no idea". Marcus took the ring into his fingers and how brow furred as he inspected it, " There's a lot of dark magic in this ring that's for sure, the fact that Elise got Alric to make this up is unsettling" Lucien nodded his head in agreement. " Yes I know Elise wants this trade which is why I need your help. I know you know your way with making replicas and your girlfriend can do the spell". Marcus leaned back against the seat in thought for a moment before nodding his head. " I do this for you and you owe me a favor" " Of course" Lucien nodded. He watched as the man slipped the ring in his pocket. " This will take about two days. I will call you when it's ready and you can come pick it up".

    Tobias had no idea why his older brother had decided on leaving him alone in the house with the one person that got under his skin more than him. His gaze never broke from the woman's gaze until he sighed and raked his fingers through his dark hair. " Princess do you know how painfully frustrating you are?" He spoke before standing up and then moving towards the desk near the door. " That bastard" Tobias spoke to no one in particular as he opened the drawer and pulled out a bottle of warm red liquid. Blood. He turned with a smile of satisfaction on his face while grabbing two glasses and pouring the red liquid into both glasses. " My dear brother had a spare he kept locked up in case of emergency's but seeing has how you haven't had a proper feed since you'd been here I'd say that this is an emergency". After handing her a glass Tobias took a few small gulps of the the liquid savoring the taste as it hit his lips.

    If Elsa wanted to tease and play her little game then so be it , he had never expected her to be easy anyway. It was quite amusing actually but at the same time frustrating. His eyes traveled to her long legs and then up as looked away finished his glass and putting it down on the table. " So tell me princess, how does it feel being in New Orleans for only a day and having a whole coven of withes gunning for your demise?" A small chuckle fell of his lips as he sat down on the couch not to far from her. " I must say you are enticing". Being as close as they were was enough for Tobias, yes he could be a gentleman like Lucien and charm his way about and be gentle and nice but he wasn't his brother. He wanted to test the waters and see what made her tick, what made her shudder, and what made her loose control. He stood up wedging himself between her legs and then leaned down resting one hand in the top of the couch above her head and the other rested on her leg.

    His eyes held her gaze teasing her as his fingers lightly grazed the warm skin as his hand moved upward. Tobias leaned down even more so that their lips were dangerously close and he brushed across her ever so slowly letting the rush of waves take over his body. Her skin made his go on fire and yet he hadn't really done anything. " You think your the only one who can play this little game princess" His hand continued their journey gently pushing up her shirt so his fingers were now at her waist. His face dropped down to her neck planting lightly kisses until he applied some small pressure and niped at the skin. " You don't know what kind of game your playing".

  13. When it came to guys, Elsa had no problem handling them very easily. There were no trouble for her, and she never got attached to any of her boyfriends for that she knew it would end. Elsa did not believe in love at all, but she did like the thrill relationships sometimes gave and that was why she let herself have a boyfriend sometimes. But when he usually starts getting clingy or says the words 'I love you' Elsa would have been preparing to dump his ass as soon as possible. She was not a woman who liked commitment nor feeling her freedom slip from her reach. She liked being independent.

    " Princess do you know who painfully frustrating you are?" Tobias' words made her smile all too innocently, glancing over at his frustrated eyes before he stoop up "Oh I know." She spoke back amusingly, watching him intensely as he got out a bottle of red blood, which seemed to sparkle Elsa's interest, her fangs throbbing at the sight of blood. She really needed a drink. Her eyes traveled up to Tobias' as he spoke and chuckled "Of course it's an emergency, except if he wants me out there on a killing spree for my thirst." She almost joked and reached out to take the glass from him.

    Elsa slid one leg down and kept the other propped up on the couch as she sipped on the blood, her eyes closing for a second as the taste burned in her throat, in a very satisfying way. And instantly she felt a rush. A rush of everything. Her body jolted like it had been charged and she smiled contently. If blood wasn't the answer to all their worries, she did not know what is. Tobias' question made her laugh almost too sarcastically, not at him, but at her own situation "It feels great." She said sarcastically before noting on a more serious note "It's thrilling. Though tiring. I do like to get my hands bloody, but whenever I want to. Not being forced to." She said as she took the last sip of the blood, putting the glass down.

    When Tobias moved closed, his whisper of words made her look up at him slowly, her lips curving an amused smile "Am I now? Why? Because I'm not falling at your feet like the other women?" She asked almost teasingly, her voice ringing with amusement. But the tables quickly turned when in a swift fast movement, she found the frustrating man wedged between her leg, his fingers tracing her propped up leg and the other behind her head locking her in place. Her eyes locked on his as well, showing no hesitation as he moved closer, to tease her as well, and she wouldn't admit it but it was working. Her breath fell heavier, her eyes a bit dazed as his lips found her neck and his husky low voice spoke in a teasing low tone. Elsa took a ragged breath in as she felt his lips on her neck, and his fingers pushing up to her waist, almost demanding her body to his.

    And that was when she snapped to reality.

    But she didn't move, she kept her eyes half closed and raised a hand to rest on his neck then slowly move up to comb his hair while the other slipped down his naked chest, pushing the shirt aside to have more access as her fingernails traced his every muscle teasingly, her lips slowly curving up as she leaned closer and kissed his earlobe, then nibbled slowly, biting it and tugging slightly to push him a bit further before tracing her lips along his cheek, jaw and hovering over his own lips. She could feel the numbness on her own lips, from the jolt of electricity she felt when her lips traced his skin, and she liked it. But remained calm "I do have an idea. Actually, I do know the game. And I'm very good at it Tobias." She whispered his name as her lips brushed his as she spoke, her eyes locked on his challenging "You on the other hand, don't know it that well. You've never been denied. And now you are." She smirked and in a swift fast vampire speed motion, she used his distraction and slipped out of his lock, now standing up behind him as she let her nose graze his neck "You've got no idea who you're playing with big guy." She whispered pushing his buttons to a certain extend before pulling away from him and walking out to the garden for a much needed fresh air.
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  14. The feeling that was traveling in Tobias's body right now was electric. It was a feeling that he hadn't had in the hundreds of years he had been on this earth. All the women he had been with both human and supernatural never gave him such as rush, the shock sent rushing sensations all though his body every time his hands or lips touched her skin. It honestly took the whole opposite attracts to a whole other level. When Elsa decided to play at his game matching his teasing he grinned. As her fingers traveled down his toned body his muscles tightened in response and he bit down on his lower lip to suppress any feeling of pleasure when she kissed his ear and niped on it slightly. Her hands in his hair sent another rush and he tensed slightly as their lips brushed against each-other in a slow teasing manner. Neither of them was willing to close that small space because that would mean that the other had given in to the game and lost. Tobias wasn't going to be the one however. It was way much harder in general for men to resist women, they were beautiful and tricky humans who thought with their head while men thought with their lower half, mostly the reason why they ended up in so much trouble.

    At Elsa's next comment Tobias raised an eyebrow but before he could do anything else she had escaped from his grasp and now stood behind him as her breath tickled his neck before she was gone. He watched her in too much of shock to do anything. Elsa Rose had left him hot and bothered. Shaking his head a small smile played on his lips as he sighed and made himself another nice glass of blood. When Lucien returned he walked into the living room giving his brother a weird look. " Whats wrong now brother?" Tobias simply shook his head being brought back from his recent thoughts on how he was going to deal with Elsa. " Hm? Oh nothing , did you get Marcus to agree?". Lucien nodded his head as he removed his jacked and then began unbuttoning his shirt. " Yes he said that it would take two days and he'd contact me when it's done. I'd day despite all the craziness we've gotten somewhere". Tobias nodded as he watched his older brother pour himself a cup. Lucien peeked his head around the corner to see Elsa outside and a wave of relief washed over his face. " Well I'm glad you two didn't kill each other, I'm going to bed tomorrow I'll get some men to follow Alric and see what he's doing now that you two savages scared him half to death".

    When Lucien disappeared upstairs Tobias stretched and then made his way to his room as well. It had been a very draining day but an interesting one as well. Elsa was not only beautiful and dangerous but challenging and frustrating at the same time. The next morning Tobias crawled out of bed to the smell of breakfast. Heading downstairs and into the kitchen he caught sight to Lucien placing some strips of bacon on a plate to compliment the eggs and pancakes he had made with a side of blood poured in three glasses. " Damn master chef you sure know how to make people feel welcome" Lucien chuckled slightly and then turned off the fire, " You should learn try it sometime". Tobias frowned grabbing a plate and drink before scratching his bed hair. " Nope I'll leave that to the future Mrs.Porter". The comment made Lucien stare at his brother long and hard to see if he was joking or not and Tobias smirked. " I can be nice if I want to brother I choose not to".
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  15. Elsa did not take long before going up to her room and slipping into her bed. But her mind did not stop thinking, her thoughts roaming round and round. And even though her own life depended on it, she was not thinking about the witches or her mother. It was Tobias who was taking over her mind.

    He had a way to crawl under her skin, make her heart pulse with utter adrenaline, in a dangerous way. He made her want to push his limits, to see where the big hybrid could get to before snapping. Although she should be scared, he was the original hybrid after all, she wasn't. She had a feeling he wouldn't hurt her, not like the rest. She intrigued him and she knew it. She saw the sparkle in his eyes whenever she spoke back at him. And she liked it. It gave a her a rush, one she had never experienced before. She wanted to see what he would do if she kept defying him. Would he give up?

    Elsa took a deep calming breath and closed her eyes, rolling in her bed a couple of times before falling asleep. The next day, Elsa woke up in a jolt, and sat suddenly, feeling a stranger's presence. That was how heightened her senses were, even asleep she could still feel the people's oras. And this one was after her. Her eyes shifted to purple immediately, her fangs out, her nerves under her eyes popping as she growled at the man holding what looked like a Voodoo doll in his hand. She was not a morning person. And this stranger was about to realize that. And take his last damned breath.

    Downstairs, as Lucien stared at his brother not believing the words coming out of his mouth, they both suddenly heard a thud. Lucien straightened up as he looked up at the ceiling where the sound came from and became rigid as they heard soft yet angry stomps. Elsa was coming down and they both knew she was not happy.

    Elsa did indeed show up in a matter of a minute after the thud, the strange witch's head in her hand, her fingers gripping his hair as she walked so casually yet furious. She didn't care that Tobias had a plate full of food in front of him. Or that Lucien was staring with wide eyes at her as he noticed her very bright purple eyes. She could feel power course through her body whenever she stabbed or killed a witch from this town. And she had no idea why, but right now this power turned to anger. And she couldn't control it. She slammed the head on the table and looked at the brothers "Are you sure you have watching vampires around your house? Cause they seem like they're doing pretty lousy fucking job." She muttered angrily before snatching Tobias's mug of blood and drinking it all in one gulp, still barefoot, her hands shaking from anger, she saw from the window the same vampire who attacked her yesterday standing outside glaring at her and she had it. She snapped. She growled and slammed the mug on the counter, making it shatter in a million piece before sprinting to the vampire, not missing the word 'shit' coming out of Lucien's mouth. But she saw red, getting to the vampire and slamming her back to the wall with her hand around her neck, her nails digging in her skin, her anger taking over. And couldn't damn control it even if she wanted to.
  16. Lucien as finally joined his brother after washing the dishes in the sink and grabbing one of the nearby plats from the counter top. " Today I'm going to drive out near the edge of town to visit an old friend, brother take this time to get Elsa acquainted with the town and do try not to end up in any trouble". He spoke before taking a small sip of the liquid and then beginning to feast on his plate. Tobias grunted at his brothers statement as he shoved a pancake in his mouth almost clearing his plate. Just as he began stuffing a piece of crispy bacon in his mouth a large thud from upstairs caused him to pause as he and Lucien eyes each other in confusion. It wasn't until Elsa appeared downstairs that he had realized what happened. Both men eyes traveled towards the woman's hands as she carried a severed head that had belonged to a witch, her eyes were glowing purple as her angry demeanor increased. When she slammed the mans head on the table Lucien winced and made a face but he had yet to open his mouth. Tobias slowly chewed on his bacon as he looked over at the severed head and just as he reached to down his drink Elsa stanched it up causing him to frown and then stare at the now empty cup. " Hey princess that was mine...nice overkill by the way" he spoke taking Lucien's cup and finishing it.

    Lucien sighed as he briefly ran his fingers though his blond hair and stood from the table to get a better look at Elsa's eyes and then he looked past the woman's shoulder as he saw the long trail of blood she had made making him frown. " I just had these floors cleaned" he gave a small look of defeat seeming to care more about the bloody mess Elsa made then anything. Tobias snickered and then turned towards his brother, " Brother can you stop being a maid for one second, princess here's about to flip shit". " I don't know why the vampires aren't patrolling the perimeter but I'll check it out". Before any of the men could move however Elsa had sought her sights on attacking Tara, the vampire trainee she had when she first arrived. Tobias watched in amusement as the woman charged Tara, gripping her by the throat and just when he went to reach for another piece of bacon to watch the events play out in front of him Lucien slapped his hand away and narrowed his eyes. " Fine fine I'll stop it, but you must know getting in between a woman when she's mad is suicide". Lucien shrugged his shoulders " You can handle it".

    Tobias groaned as he pushed himself off of the chair and then went outside to pull Elsa away from Tara. The younger vampire tried freeing herself and struggling under Elsa's grip which only made the pain she was going to feel much worse. The only reason he was breaking up the fight was because he knew his brother Lucien liked having Tara around, she was like a little kid itching with vampire excitement. Lucien had felt bad because she was innocent and a random vampire turned her, having no place to go he had offered her a spot to learn how to control her changes with his men. " Let go of me you bitch" Tara shouted as she hissed and Tobias placed his hand over Elsa's prying her fingers off the poor girl's neck. After separating a small distance between the girls Tobias wrapped one arm around Elsa's waist and pulled her against his body to keep her from trying to attack Tara and also because he wanted to feel her body close to his again. " Calm down princess"

    When he walked back into the house Tara wasn't far behind him and instead she stood next to Lucien. He watched as his older brother looked down at Tara and compelled her. " What happened and why weren't the guards patrolling the house?" " I just arrived here and I saw a few dead bodies and I was coming to inform you" Lucien nodded feeling his body relax and then turned to Tobias. " I'm going to scan the rest of the perimeter with Tara and see if we can pick up a sent or see who killed my men. Tobias take her out into town so she can get acquainted with the places" and with that other other two left.
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  17. Elsa was so angry, she did not realize what she was doing until her fingernails dug into the traniee's neck, and she just couldn't stop herself, especially when the idiot called her bitch. Elsa's eyes glowed in anger and the purple intensified making Tara widen her eyes "What the fuck did you call me?" She asked in a low murdering tone, but before she could give her the same punishment as the dead witch, she felt Tobias' hand over hers, prying her fingernails away. Elsa growled but he ignored her, her eyes fixed on Tara the whole time while he tried to calm her down.

    When he pressed her body against his and spoke up to her, all Elsa did was glare harder at the now frightened vampire "Don'" She hissed but subconsciously she was gaining back her sanity, and slowly, she released the vampire and huffed in frustration before pulling herself away from Tobias and walking inside, to the living room. She could still feel her body all tingly from when he pressed their bodies together, but refused to admit it.

    As she stayed up, facing the long window, she tried to calm down but she could hear the flood in her blood, the rush, she could feel the adrenaline still pulsing in her veins. As Elsa looked at herself in the reflection, she could barely make out her reflection but what she did see were her eyes. They were clear, and could be seen in her reflection perfectly. She became rigid as she stared into her own eyes, hating the way they were. She tried to calm down, make them shift back to their original color she was so used to, but in vein. They were not reducing and it was making her even angrier. But she didn't move, staring at herself.

    " What happened and why weren't the guards patrolling the house?" Elsa heard Lucien's voice, but didn't turn around, keeping her eyes on herself as the conversation went down, but she did pay attention " I just arrived here and I saw a few dead bodies and I was coming to inform you" Elsa couldn't help but scoff. Great, now they were killing men to get to her " I'm going to scan the rest of the perimeter with Tara and see if we can pick up a sent or see who killed my men. Tobias take her out into town so she can get acquainted with the places" Elsa wanted to object, not let anyone get involved any more than they already were but she couldn't, all she could do was wander in her own eyes, Goddammit shift! She thought to herself and frowned, sensing Lucien and Tara gone, but she could still feel Tobias' presence. But at this moment she did not care, she was too invested in her own eyes.

    Why was all of this happening to her? Why were all these witches after her? And why her?! These questions swirled in her head and she closed her eyes, biting her bottom lip as she tried to relax. But didn't. If Lucien thought Elsa was going to just go and visit the town, he was dead wrong. She needed answers, she couldn't just sit around and wait, she wasn't like that. at all. And this, all this chaos, was confusing her as hell.
  18. Tobias shifted his body slightly against the wall as he watched his older brother and Tara dissapear out of the house. Now he was stuck with the ranging vampire who just seconds ago was going to rip someone's jugular out. He noticed that Elsa didn't move from the window and a sigh escaped his lips feeling the anger seeping off from her body. The last thing he wanted to do was anger the woman even more which shocked him. He loved pushing people's buttons, hell it was his favorite pastime but now as he looked over at Elsa the only thing he wanted to do was comfort her and help her calm down. He decided on leaving her alone for a few seconds before moving into the kitchen to fix himself another glass of blood. Who in the hell was that desperate to kill Elsa that they dared stepped on the Porter property? Someone who was dumb that was for sure. The person wasn't that dumb being as they hadn't stepped foot in the house, they'd be dead of they did. Tobias scratched the side of his face before putting the glass down and then approaching Elsa. He knew she could sense his presence but she kept her eyes glued to the window.

    Tobias rested his hands on her shoulder gently rubbing his thumb across the small length to try and calm her down and then he reached out cupping her chin to bring her face towards him. He could see how purple they were. He now knew why she had been staring at he window for so long and that frustrated look on her face told all. The purple hue was somewhat alluring and he could feel himself staring intently as his eyes started changing. It sort of felt like a domino's effect and now his golden eyes matched hers. Tobias brushed his thumb across her cheek as he leaned forward so that their foreheads were touching just slightly. Narrowing his eyes he sucked in a small breath when he saw the purple in her eyes begin to dull. The reason her eyes were probably still that color was because she was beyond pissed off.

    When he had just started his years out as a hybrid his golden eyes were more prominent. He had been on endless killings sprees and his hatred reflected in his eyes for quite sometime until his body calmed down and finally his eyes returned to their normal color. " Relax Elsa" Tobias whispered against her lips as his thumb still gently stroked her cheek. He stayed like that calming her down for a few minutes until the purple hue around her eyes were gone. Slowly pulling himself away from her he placed his hands at his sides and eyed her, " Were going to find out what's going on with you and why the witches are so invested in you okay princess? Get dressed were heading into town to gather our own answers". Tobias left the kitchen and headed upstairs taking a quick shower before throwing on a long sleeved shirt and jeans. He waited downstairs by the door with his attention on his phone as he played some silly game while he waited.

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  19. Elsa wasn't really focusing on anything around her. Her whole mind narrowed on her eyes. But she did feel Tobias leaving the room to give her space, which is what she really needed. The silence around her was comforting her, yet killing her, keeping her focused on her thoughts which right now were no good. The anger in her body was seeping and she wanted to break the glass as her eyes were not shifting back, but she tried her hardest to restrain herself.

    When Tobias rested his hands on her shoulders, Elsa tensed, her body straightening up at his electrifying touch. But she didn't look away, even when his thumb stroked her shoulders trying to calm her down, and even as that simple movement resulted in slowing the adrenaline rush in her body. Which was a good thing. As he grabbed her chin and turned her to face him, Elsa did not argue, but her hard cold eyes locked on his instantly. She thought he would look away, or shift away, but he didn't. Instead, he stared back at her which shocked her bur she kept a neutral look on her face. His eyes were slowly turning to their golden hue and this was a master shock to Elsa. He was silently showing her that it was okay. The look on her face softened, and she was calming down slightly until he rested his forehead on hers, closing her eyes as he did that. His words almost made her shiver from how his voice broke the torturing silence and his lips hovered over hers to distracr her from her anger. And Elsa felt her body respond to his soft words, and her hands stopped shaking, her eyes going back and opening them as she was gaining back her sanity truly. She wanted to thank him, but all she could do was stare at him in silence. Yes, he frustrated her more often than should, but he did understand her more than anyone sometimes.

    "We're going to find out what's going on with and why the witches are so invested in you okay princess? Get dressed we're heading into town to gather our own answers." Tobias spoke naturally and she almost, just almost hugged him for understanding her even when she didn't speak up. But thankfully he head pulled away from her. Elsa nodded, a small smile curving up her face "Thank you." She spoke, watching him walk away. She went up to her room and took a hot shower, cleaning up all the blood from her hands and throwing the bloody clothes away. She looked down as the water was falling in the sink and watched the blood disappear before looking back up. She needed answers. That was all she knew.

    Lucien had brought her some clothes until she had time to go shopping, and she was glad he was somehow stylish, and knew what type of girl she was and what she would wear. Elsa chose a black sleevless top, and a pair of dark blue ripped jeans, showing off her skin in many places, even her thighs. She wore her high heel boots to mach and straightened her hair, deciding to go make up free, just pulling some natural pink colored lipstick. Once she was done, she sprayed her perfume and walked downstairs, seeing Tobias waiting for her at the door "I'm done. We can go." She said briefly while running a hand through her hair as she looked up at Tobias, watching him finish up his turn in the game which amused her. He was very mch focused on the game and she couldn't help but distract him, using her own charm. She stepped forward and stood at his side, her fingers wrapping around his bicep before leaning forward to whisper in his ear "Are you really playing a game right now?" She asked amusingly, before nipping at his earlobe and smirking when she felt his body tense up, her lips moving to kiss under her ear slowly and she opened her eyes a little only to see him locking his phone "I thought so." She whispered again teasingly before moving away quickly and smirking at him as she opened the door "Let's go." She said almost too innocently, walking out of the house.
  20. Tobias had his attention on one of the games on his phone. He wasn't much of an electronics person but he made sure he just enough to work a phone and computer when he needed too. Recently he had been addicted to some jumping game on his phone and had managed to move up along the leader boards and he was dangerously close to taking the top spot on the list. When he heard Elsa speak Tobias grunted slightly as his fingers tapped against the screen watching the small man dodge various objects being placed in his path. When she spoke up again asking him if he was really playing a game he nodded his head slightly but was caught off guard when he felt Elsa nip his earlobe casing him to tense up. The tension between the two was enough to cut a knife and he wanted nothing more than to pin Elsa up against the wall and claim her lips with his own. In a way it almost a desperate need, something that Tobias wasn't used to feeling and so instead he kept his eyes locked on the screen. Only three jumps away but he had messed up when he felt her lips under his ear.

    The feeling sent a shocking sensation down his neck and through his body causing him to shudder and press down on the touch screen slightly too early. The small man dropped down and the screen popped up putting him in second place again. A part of him wanted to be mad for his game being ruined but now Tobias just wanted to mess with her the same way she had messed with him. After closing his phone and shifting his eyes on Elsa a small grin appeared on his face. She did not honestly think he wasn't going to get her back for all the teasing she had just done? Wrong. Tobias closed the distance and leaned forward so his lips brushed against her painfully slow before he nipped at her bottom lip. Tobias continued to plant slight kisses against her jaw and then down to her neck as his tongue flicked against her smooth skin and he gently bit down on her flesh and then kissing the spot he had recently bit.

    If she was going to get him all worked up then he had planed to do the same. Finally satisfied Tobias leaned back and then headed out the house and onto the street. It didn't take them no longer than ten minutes to hit the center of town. It was vibrant and filled with all types of people, mostly tourists. Tobias rolled up his sleeves a bit as his eyes scanned around the block until it rested on a small herbal spot. Leading Elsa inside he took a seat at the small table and then watched the owner head towards the back to grab something for a customer. " The woman that works here is a human but under the protection of the witches though her loyalty shifts depending on what a person can to for her". Gently taking his lower lip under his teeth he watched as the woman known as Sarah pulled her auburn hair into a loose ponytail and dart her eyes in his direction before looking back at a customer. " Even though she's human she's a sneaky one, try not to piss her off I don't feel like getting in between two angry woman again" A small smile crept on his lips as he eyed Elsa.
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