Black Friday!

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  1. Did you guys go shopping? Score any great deals? Or did you work today? Tell us your nightmare customer stories!

    I went to the mall hoping to buy a katana, but the store I was looking for closed :(

    Black Friday isn't as huge a deal in Canada as it is in the states, so a lot of places didn't even have any huge deals on; it was slightly disappointing
  2. I bought Bioshock Infinite on Steam for 75% off. So I didn't even have to leave the house. :)

    As a general rule, I avoid leaving the house on days like "Black Friday". Just not a fan of crowds -- particularly those who look at everyone else as a foe who must be beaten to the sale item (or beaten because they picked up the last item in stock).
  3. At where I'm from, there is no such thing as Black Friday sales. That's why went I was in the US last year in time for Black Friday sales, I was ecstatic. xD
    Um...I'm buying online game stuff that are discounted, if that counts.
  4. No.

    I hate this almost as much as I hate Christmas, only on the basis that Black Friday injures many people. and why? Greed on sooooo many levels. I understand that people want to get something nice for a loved one before hand, and so stock doesn't run out but....people have died in this. Is that flat screen really worth it? I'd say wait a while and then buy it.

    Tis my opinion on this 'holiday'.
  5. Completely agree with Logic. An extra bit of savings isn't worth the rush, the crowds, the greed, and the danger to people's lives.
    Besides many places offer discounts for the things they sell online.

    For the record, I stayed home and had fun in the Chat RP :)
  6. Hell to the no. People are brutal on Black Friday. Even when I worked in retail as a cashier, I got hurt in some way. x__x You'd think the employers would go to greater lengths to protect their workers, but nope! It's nuts how badly people want these savings. What really did it for me was seeing parents use their children to get merchandise. Plus, crowds are a trigger for my panic attacks. No bueno!

    I do love Black Friday deals online, and Cyber Monday deals. Safe, more likely to get what I want to buy, and I can continue to laze in my apartment. :D

    I did get a nice griddle from a Black Friday deal, though. <3 I didn't ask for it. Family just wanted to get it for us. My boyfriend's niece risked her life to get it for us on that, the darkest of Fridays. Her bravery is praiseworthy.
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  7. Black Friday > <

    America. Go home, you're drunk.