Black Friday

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  1. Black Friday

    Are you going or not? What's your reasoning? If you are staying at home do the deals entice you at all? Does your family go out on Black Friday?

    I may be going to Gamestop since their deals were leaked not too long ago. I don't intend to get up super early in the morning though, unless the deals are absolutely drop dead good. My brother however enjoys getting up at 3 in the morning and going shopping. I went with him and dad once to Circuit City and oh my god... The lines were atrocious.
  2. Fuck no! I don't like getting up before dawn, I don't like standing out in the cold, and there is nothing I want I am willing to act like a mindless member of a mob to get. I will get up late and eat my leftovers in my robe and socks! It's all hype anyways.
  3. I've been an employee on Black Friday before. I hated it.
    I've been a customer on Black Friday before. I hated it.

    So, nope. :3 Nope nope. Everyone's so rude, greedy, and violent. It's not worth risking my life for anything the stores offer me.

    I just take advantage of internet Black Friday sales. We might go to the adult store in town, though. James Chase (a glass artist) will be there to custom make pieces for all who will pay him to do so. I wants one...
  4. Heeeeeelll no. I don't even want to leave the house and go to the store for the next 5 weeks. .___.; People are insane.

    Black Friday deals for internet shopping is pretty cool though.
  5. Not just no, but HEEEELLLLLLL NAW.

    I will stay in my warm house, and depending on my monetary situation, may or may not browse the deals on Steam. That will be the extent of my Black Friday shopping.
  6. I sort of like the trill of Black Friday shopping, maybe because it's the only day of the year where I can get away with elbowing someone in the gut without being criticized by everyone around me. XD But really, I'm not up for the getting up early or the crazy ass lines. It just becomes a reason to watch my sister smoke while we wait in line >.> On top of that, I have better things to spend money on and this year I already know what I'm getting most of my family 83 And they are all easy buys, especially my college/graduate student sister who really just wants money. XD

    So this year? No way in hell, and probably not until I make a hell lot more then I currently do!
  7. Nope, as a grad student no car, no motivation, and no money to go. I'll be trolling newegg though! And steam.
  8. If you want to see a proper display of the sin of greed in humans and how material goods can and will get people killed, then sure go to Black Friday. Witness how a woman can punch another woman's child in the face as she reaches for the last Television they've been wanting. Watch how the cars honk and collide with oncoming pedestrians gripping hold of cardboard boxes holding their meager attachments to life. See the family man break into tears as his deals are stripped away by the most uncommon of adversaries. The cart is not even a safety zone as the three people there struggle for the very last box of "Fill-that-gap-in-your-life-with-stuff." Who knew something so simple could be turned into the bloodiest holiday weapon of all. Black Friday is named for the aftermath of the events, the red blood turned to the blackish brown when all is said and done. *stops reading the wal-mart poster*

    To answer no I won't be shopping that day best to just stay at home. If a Gamestop was within walking distance I might go and buy something but sadly it is not. But what is truly sad is the fact these angry gamers that I see online and these short tempered Halo players are actually much more calm than their Renegade Black Friday Shopping Counterparts.

    And if that hasn't convinced ya, remember the last time Friday and Black appeared in the same sentence? Bad Ju Ju man.
  9. I would love to go. But I just dont know if I can handle the chaos and risk to personal health.
  10. Since I don't know what black Friday is I first thought that I wouldn't write here, but then I got curious and wanted to know what it was xD Obviously something with shopping and early in the morning.

    What is this crazy black Friday stuff? Some American thing?? :9 Why is it so early in the morning? xD
  11. Black Friday is the day after the US Thanksgiving and the kickstart of the Christmas shopping season. It started off with some stores having special deals on that day, then other stores having early hours and now it's turned into a circus where a store will sell a popular item that usually cost $200 for only $20 but oly have ten of the items and people stand in long lines to be THE FIRST in the store. People have died from the mob mentality and overall it's everything wrong with consumerism, unless you're doing it for LoLs. Now shops are opening EVEN EARLIER, like around 8pm Thanksgiving day, thus their employees can no longer spend the day with family because of the rapid hords that have been created.
  12. You Americans are crazy xD We have our yearly book sale in Sweden, but it doesn't get that crazy xD
  13. I intend to hide in my house and write... Which I guess I do every day... But Black Friday is an especially terrifying day, and I have a feeling that it shall inspire some sort of scene that involves trampling. I can hardly handle shopping on a normal day. All who participate in Black Friday have clearly lost their minds.
  14. I go out of my way to avoid crowds during normal everyday shopping trips > <

    So yeah, I won't be going anywhere near the mall that day...there is no sale they could offer that would make me change my mind.
  15. I will be working on Black Friday. Wednesday I work from 9pm to 6am Thanksgiving Day, turn around to come back at 8pm to 3am Black Friday only to return or basically stick around at work for 5:30am-1:00pm.
    And yes, I work in retail. Am i happy? Meh.