Black Flags and Cannon Blasts

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  1. Captain Sid stood at the wheel of the Cackling Crow, the quick little ship of the Snapped Scull pirates. They were a lesser known group, not particularly high on the dangerous pirate scale but that was a advatage in Sid's eye. They did not pillage entire villages so they were welcome in most places and they did not kill innocent people so they didn't have a entire army chasing after them. The captain hummed 'Randy Dandy' as he happily directed the ship to a Northern merchant boat in the distance. They had 'acquired' a message speaking of the ship's schedule and now they were following it from a long ways away. Kauri was in the crow's nest, (hopefully) watching the ship carfully and waiting to hollar when the two ships guarding it left. He hadn't issued the command to prepare for battle, just for the rest of the crew to make sure their weapons were working properly. He wondered what they were up to, and hoped that it wouldn't end with the ship sinking.
  2. Pezz sat silently on the wooden floor of the deck, her pale green eyes placed upon the blade of her sword which resided atop her lap. It was in prime condition, as usual. Always, she was one who would tend to her weapon often, and this work showed brilliantly on her powerful blade. Without a crack, and polished to the point where it had not a smudge even on the handle, she felt content with her blade and ready for whatever may be ahead of her. Satisfied, she stood from her prior seed upon the ground and leaned against the railing of the ship, directing her attention out to the giant ocean to her side.

    The smell of salt in the air, the lapping of the waves against the boat which caused the ship to rock ever so slightly, this was the life she had grown used to. It was the life she wanted to preserve and protect, and while she wouldn't often admit it, she had grown quite fond of this ship. She clasped the handle of her blade with just a bit more tightness, prepared for whatever may be ahead.
  3. Kaila was meanwhile leaning against the mainmast. It was obvious from one glance she was an elf, and with the same glance it was also quite obvious that she was a pirate. Her black sword was in hand as she raised it up to admire it, letting the sun shine off of it. She smirked, a sparkle in her blue eyes as she sliced down through the air, cutting an imaginary enemy in half, watching imaginary blood spew through the air. She giggled as she could almost feel drops fall on her face. Her sword was perfect as always. It was her baby after all, she loved it as much as a normal person would love their pet. Her sharp ears caught the captain's shanty and her smirk became a grin as she was tempted to sing along. But right now, it was time to be prepared!

    She shoved her sword under her belt before pulling out a water skin that was next to it, brown and looking rather weathered. She uncorked it and took a gulp of what was certainly not water. "Mmm..." She licked her lips as she corked it once more before putting it back at its designated place. Once more she pulled out her sword, wiping it with the bottom of her blouse, tongue sticking out of her mouth as she worked. "Nyahaha, perfect!"

    Still holding it in her hand, she moved away from the deck, looking around for someone to bug... er... talk to. She hated silence and being all proper. Where the hell was the fun in that? "Ehh... I wanna do sommat... c'mon... I'm dyin' here I'm so bloody bored..." Maybe whining a little would help?
  4. Kyria, M.D.

    Lounging on a thick, crimson blanket of six square feet, Kyria lay on her side, an elbow propping her head up. With her other arm, she held an old piece of parchment. Kyria was currently taking inventory on her emergency stock of human organs. She was running out of hearts and eyes, though in actuality, Kyria never had enough to begin with. Expiration dates often depleted her stock more than actual usage. The crew she was with, Snapped Sculls, seemed to live on the more moderate side of danger, at least in her perspective.

    Her comfortable "office" was located at the very back of the ship. It was where she could almost always be found during idle time. Kyria also slept there too. Though she was offered quarters just like the rest of them, Kyria respectfully declined. Minimalism was natural to Kyria, having lived for two centuries, home was herself, and anything else was replaceable, or would eventually have to leave her anyway.

    Kyria's eyes shifted over to the back of Captain Sid, as he hummed a human song behind the wheel. Life seemed to be jolly for their dear captain, and Kyria smiled a bit. Tapping her claw to the beat, she continued calculating what to acquire in their next and hopefully very upcoming excursion. Two guard ships would possibly engage them if something goes wrong, and Kyria wouldn't mind if they did.

    There was a unique laugh coming from the main deck, as Kyria's crew mate Kaila refreshed herself a bit noisily. Smirking, Kyria observed as the forest elf wandered away from her spot under the mainmast.

    "Ehh... I wanna do sommat... c'mon... I'm dyin' here I'm so bloody bored..." Kaila complained.

    "Hmm... I do have something you could help me with... dear Kaila...."

    The offer was made half-minded while Kyria had resumed her work, but suddenly Kyria perked up a bit and she sat up from her lounging position as an idea struck her.

    "I could let you stay awake throughout so it will give you something interesting to see. How about it?"
  5. [Sorry I haven't posted! Crono just told me the IC thread had been created]

    Skylar sat on the wooden ground above deck on the ship. Her hat was pulled down over her eyes and she was leaning against the side of the boat with her arms crossed over her chest. Skylar had purposely done this so no one would bother her so she could think to herself. It had been a while since she stole anything and she felt the urge to do it. Beside her, laid the gun she had been givin by the captain shortly after he allowed her to join his ship. Skylar had to be the youngest crew member but was also the smartest which she thought was sad. With a soft sigh Skylar used one hand and flicked her hat upwards so it no longer covered her face. The pretty thief grabbed her weapon, remembering that the captain had told them to make sure they were working. I guess a battle's coming up. About time we had some excitement. Skylar though with a smirk. She cleaned her gun up then aimed it at Kyria's ear. After a few short seconds, Skylar shot.

    The bullet would graze Kyria's ear instead of actually hitting it since Skylar had moved it more toward the left so she didn't hurt her crew member to much. She chuckled to herself then looked over at her captain.

    "I think it works captain!"

    She called then stood up, pocketing her gun. Skylar turned around and placed her hands on the edge of the boat, leaning out some. She looked down at the salty water and smiled at her own reflection.
  6. Karui was stood patiently atop the tallest mast, staring into the distance. As expected of someone nicknamed "The Cat", her balance was perfect and she was able to ignore the wooden box that was built for exactly the purpose she wasn't using it for. She jumped in surprise when the gun fired, and almost fell off her pole. "Whoever that was, stop firing guns when we're trying to be sneaky!" She tried to sound angry and intimidating, but for her, the only thing that succeeded in was sounding cute. After a couple further minutes, the morning fog rose and her visibility improved. "Captain! The escort ships have broken formation. I guess they entered friendly water. Should I raise the Needlessly-Dramatic-Skull-and-Crossed-Bones-on-a-Black-Background flag?"
  7. Only the sound of the water far below, carrying the ship's bulk across the wide sea, and one modest oil lamp, swinging overhead to the rhyme of the journey, accompanied the wild-haired man in his work. So far, he was making a pleasing amount of progress, especially with the jump on some poor souls' bank treasury coming anytime now. The lack of sound-proofing in the room was just right, thought the man. Here, within the belly of the Crow, he could hear all the sorts of daily daring-dos being undertaken by other people aboard the ship. It helped him decide when to show up and when not to, especially if the female's voices started to ring through the wooden walls, which was a case almost inevitable given they made up half of this mad, small crew. Here, he would know if something was amiss, or if people were coming his way. The medley continued to comfort him just as well as it served his need for distance. Not that any of the others were at fault, of course. They were attracted to alcohol and noisy fun save for apparently one or two, but that was a given in this field of work.

    Looking past that, he figured this crew may just be the worst band of pirates yet, in that they're actually surprisingly clean, and a civilized lot most of the time. Probably the best type of lot he could afford to fulfill his needs at the moment, though? That remains to be seen.

    The man continued on his work, becoming more impressed with the foreign "fox-tail" brush he got at a mere bargain from some man in a shell the more the dipped tip of the brush inscribed onto the surface of the leather in black ink. After a bit, the hardest part was coming up, and the man coiled one end of the belt around one wrist and bit down on the other end in preparation. Yes, he could feel the belt beginning to act up. He didn't expect to get by this cheaply. Now, it all comes down to the last few letters. The isolation, it gives birth to peace. The peace, it gives birth to focus. With this, he should remain covered for at least another--


    "Gah!" the man jumped back at the sudden explosion of gunpowder, his teeth slipping from the belt's end. The man's eyes widened as he sees his work come unbound. Over the course of the next few seconds and up until a minute or two, it's quite likely others on the ship can hear the sounds of what appears to be a small fight coming from one of the lower quarters. And, with that passed, moments afterwards a man can be heard barreling up the ship's levels, only a hair's length short of breaking out all the curses one could possibly find in a pirate's vocabulary.

    "Where's he?! Where's the-- Where's the little spitfire that lit away on that muzzle?! I'll-- I'll--" his voice absolutely rings through the ship's halls, as the man made his way up towards the deck.
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  8. Julia Marie

    Julia just finished checking the entire ship when she let out a soft giggle as she heard Karui's so called shouting. "That girl's voice is so cute to be taken seriously" she thought to herself as she walked across the ship, past the main mast where The Cat was sitting and gave a warning look at Skylar. "You do know that it is inappropriate to shoot a fellow crew member, right?" she asked, her voice quite intimidating but still friendly. The gunshot earlier startled her, almost slicing the throat of a crew member creeping behind her and shooting the barrels of rum.

    Sometimes, it’s hard for her to be the first mate. Always running around, constantly checking if the Captain's orders are being followed and if everything is under control. She sometimes wonders how she became a first mate at this rambunctious ship.

    With a heavy sigh, Julia climbed up the poop deck and tipped her hat, greeting her captain "Morning Captain. Seems like everything is as usual as it is" she reported, standing beside him "The ship is in top notch condition, the rum is perfectly hidden, grog is in the barrels, food still edible and the loot just right; although the gun powder is running a bit low. What shall we do, captain?" She then focused her heterochromatic eyes ahead, looking over the horizon and just stared at the sea, waiting for her captain to give her an order.

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  9. Gorgash was below deck, getting a bit to eat while they were waiting for the Crow to catch up with the merchant ship. Fighting on an empty stomach wasn't a good idea, especially for one who had nothing against eating his opponents.

    Then, suddenly, a gunshot rang out! Gargosh thought that they'd caught up with the ship earlier than expected, and so, he tossed what food he had left into his mouth, and stormed up, to join the battle! As he ascended the stairs, he grabbed his club, which was quite the opposite of most of the other's weapons. It was little more than a slightly refined tree trunk, but with it's bulk, and the strength of the Ogre who swung it, it was far more lethal than a simple sword!

    Gargosh came onto deck, holding his club at the ready, only to find that there was no battle to join. He grunted with annoyance, and leaned his club against the mast, only to almost have the other "Ogre" run into him, apparently quite angry at the gunshot as well.

    "Don't go shootin at nuffin, kiddo!" He grunted towards Skylar.
  10. Saethos had been resting and for once not drinking. He wanted to, he wanted to badly, but he chose to fight with an axe and a slip of the hand with that could cause unnecessary damage. For now he had no work, the ship was in great condition, but they were approaching on a merchant ship that no doubt carried many goods. Saethos loved merchant ships, they carried something greater than gold, fine wines and delicious ales! If the raid succeeded he'd have to celebrate! Of course, if it failed he'd still have to celebrate to finding a worthy opponent. For now he held his lumber axe handle in his hand letting the head rest on the ground. At his belt rested 2 Francisca throwing axes and one smaller hatchet. The hatchet wasn't used to fight, it was used to cut ropes in emergencies, but he'd carry it anywhere.

    A gunshot got his attention and made him tilt his hat to let the sun fall onto his face. A lot of the crew made a commotion, but what Saethos chose to hear was instead Karui talking about the pirate flag. "Hey Lass! Don't be silly, the ol' jolly roger ain't a joke! Fly the flag with pride and raise your mug to it!" His deep voice was very loud, but that was Saethos, a loud man. He wasn't always part of the Cracked Skull pirates, but he had been a pirate for half of his life. It was fun and it made him happy, probably because of the company. He didn't much care for raids, after all he was a carpenter, but it was something to celebrate! Just like everything else, really. Life's a party, celebrate it. "B'sides, how else should we make ourselves known! Hahaha!" Oh how he wanted a drink right now...
  11. Rhamaton smiled as he emerged from below deck, taking a deep breath of the salty sea air. With his one eye, he could see in the distance that they were quickly approaching the merchant ship they were soon to engage. He was looking forward to it. Not because he wanted to fight, but because he loved the loot that came from the fights. If there wasn't loot afterwards, he probably wouldn't be able to be convinced to fight in the first place. Except against those damn Northerners of course.

    Everyone seemed to be in quite the tither over someone firing off their pistol. He just grunted and went to the rear of the ship where the captain manned the wheel, his cane and wooden leg making their unmistakable thunk thunk noise as he walked across the deck of the ship. With a quick nod of his hat to the captain, he leaned himself against the edge of the ship, whistling to beckon his crow Marethyu to stand on his shoulder. When the bird came to rest on his shoulder, he offered the small animal a bit of stale bread from within his coat, and leaned against the rail at the edge of the ship to watch the imminent chaos unfold, as it did each day with the maniac crew aboard this ship.

    He himself wasn't one for such chaos anymore. Once, he had been, but his old bones couldn't quite handle it like they used to. Back when he started pirating, he was young and eager and full of ambition. These days, the only ambition he had was to drink more alcohol. The alcohol didn't exactly help his old bones, but it's not like it was exactly hurting him either. He was an old man in a dangerous world. His last days would be coming any time now, and he wanted to face it with a sword in one hand and a bottle in the other. If he still had both hands that is. So, maybe the bottle in his hand and his sword nearby and just recently used, and a few dead Northerners scattered around him. Yeah, that'd work. Just as long as these damned scalawag crew mates of his didn't try to take his stuff after he was gone. Hopefully Marethyu would try to peck out their eyes if they did.
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  12. So far, so goo- "BANG!" Five seconds, then chaos. Sid placed his head into his hands, still skillfully sailing with just his elbows. When he looked up he found the entire crew save one, above deck. Thankfully first mate Julia had just arrived and she was greeted with a tiered smile. The captain gestured her to the ship's wheel as he went down to stop "The Ogre" from killing Skylar. Kyria was a grown woman, she could withhold herself, he hoped. He stood between the entrance below deck and the troublesome thief, in no way did he favor her, it was simply that he knew she was a dead woman as soon as he came up. "I'm not going to take the fall for you again after this" ,he said with steel in his tone. With that he snatched the still smoking gun from her pocket, pointed it up at the air, and gave everyone a look that said, 'one word, and you'll be swabbing the decks for a month.' When Franz exploded out of the lower deck he saw Capt'n Sid holding up a newly fired gun and smiling. "Just checking if you were awake Master Franz. We are nearing the merchant vessel and cannon duty needs to be assigned." He placed the gun back into Skylar's hands and yelled up to Karui. "Don't pull it up just yet Miss Cat!" He turned back to his crew. "You know the deal. Two of us must stay here to fire the cannons and make repairs in case of heavy damage. I will be maneuvering the ship today. Do we have any volunteers?"
  13. Kaila was quite pleased as punch at the chaos that ensued. After all, it had been too damn quiet, which was what had set off her whining. She was somewhat pleased that the gunshot had stopped her from heading to Kyria; she might've been tempted to see exactly what was so interesting to watch. Too bad Captain didn't seem all too pleased about the ruckus. A snicker escaped her but she swallowed it down quite easily; the last time she'd questioned the captain she'd been stuck with boring unpleasant cleaning jobs that she didn't wish to partake in, especially when there was plundering to be done.

    What was that? To fire a cannon or to go on to the ship? "Not me!" she called with a grin. Kaila liked it best when she was swinging her sword around like a maniac, watching another's blood pour off of it with a mad grin on her face. Besides, it was easier to sneak some little tidbits for herself if she went along with the rest of the crew than stay back. She did so love stolen trinkets and alcohol.
  14. Old man Johnson didn't even have time to marvel at the captain's problem solving skills before he was barking orders again. He raised the hand he still had before putting it back on the top of his cane in case he had to pull himself up. "I'll take cannon duty, as always Captain!" he called out. Although he always carried more than a few weapons on his person, he was never one for using them. They were there for if he had to use them, and not a moment sooner. Besides, there was some kind of joy to be found in the loud boom of the cannons, shouting insults at the poor people on the receiving end of the blast. Even though he was sure his voice wasn't heard in the other ship, it was greatly therapeutic. Additionally, it was one of the few joys of being a pirate. Who else got to scream all the curse words on the seas at total strangers? Yes, it was true that anyone could do it, but it was expected of pirates. If anyone else acted in such a way, society would have a fit. But pirates were different. They were their own little group out at sea, filled with scalawags, criminals, and all sorts of other junk that society tossed out, and they need not abide by that society's rules.

    Rhamaton coughed a bit, laughing at his own thoughts. That whole bit was very philosophical for a man who just wanted to scream curse words and ignite gunpowder.
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  15. Skylar heard the familiar yelp of the man down below and soon heard his stomping feet as they were heading up here with her and the others. She chuckled some more then liked over at Julia.

    "And you set the perfect example right?"

    Skylar asked in amusement. She had been with this same old crew for two years with the same old captain but in a way, it was comforting. Sure they were an odd bunch of pirated but to her, they were family. Skylar looked over at the two 'Orgers' and put her index finger and middle finger together. Putting the others down she pushed the side of her two fingers she kept up to the side of her head.

    "Heard you loud and clear!''

    She called over to them and flung her fingers a way from her head. She flashed them a smile of pure amusement then looked over at Captain Sid. She didn't like that he took her pistol but knee not to argue. But of course, being the troublemaker she is, Skylar smiled when Sid gave everyone 'the look' as she liked to call it.

    "I'll keep that in mind."

    She told him then pocketed the gun her gave back. With a wink in his direction Skylar leaped onto the side of the ship. She quickly and skillfully ran along it until she reached the ropes connected to the poles. She grabbed onto then with two hands and swung her body over onto them. After that she climbed half way up them like a spider monkey. Stopping, she removed on hand and foot and leaned outward, making sure she held on tightly. She watched the ships silently and couldn't help but smirk.
  16. "I volunteer for not-cannon-duty! Last time I did that I couldn't hear anything for the rest of the day. And besides, it's a merchant ship. It doesn't have any cannons itself so wouldn't it be better to have everyone attack right from the beginning? Cannons will only damage the cargo." With that, she jumped nimbly off of her perch on top of the mast, and climbed swiftly down the rigging in order to retrieve her weapon - a small, thin knife from the southern regions that allowed for incredibly precise attacks, at the cost of doing virtually no actual damage.
  17. True enough, Franz emerged from the darkened doorway and into the light of day carrying nothing but the shirt and pants he still had on him while he worked. Nostrils flaring somewhat like a mad bull's and sweat trickling down the side of his head, the man's eyes hunted the deck for the source of the gunfire, or perhaps better said, someone to punt one in the face. At the back of his mind there was the fleeting thought - and hope - that an enemy had found themselves aboard, which would've let him relish the upcoming moment a bit more. But Franz had to be honest; anyone would do, but a particular person popped up in his mind just as he had been about to exit onto the deck, giving him a slight cause to level down on his anger. Curses filled the man's head afterwards as he found himself in the light... and in the right.

    "...Really?!" Franz somewhat half-snapped at Captain Sid with a slight tilt of the head as the man gave his explanation. To the others he would seem like a man who had just found defeat before he could even start the row for vengeance, the apparent perpetrator being the Captain after all. And they'd know better, as Franz did, to assault the Captain on his own ship whilst all his employed hands remained around them, like the boisterously hulking ogre and the one particularly deadly swordsman.

    But the quick slump in his shoulders and the one hand clutching for his stomach under the shirt, however, were effects from a different time and place, and a story just as much. Franz dialed down as the captain seemed to have hoped he would, but the swashbuckler was smarter, and as much as he respected the captain for this trait he feels they share, an ire grew under the veil of his eyes that followed the gun in Sid's one hand intently. Just as he thought, the captain returned it to the most juvenile one of this bunch, and Franz let out a irritated sigh as Sky called over to him and Gorg like she did.

    "...I swear, that hairy little invader..." he seemed to mutter under his breath as he watched the little thief move up the ropes nimbly, scoffing one last time before walking forward a bit just as the other youth up in the crow's nest hollered down her objections. "Fine, I'll stay back here with the old man and... err, man the cannons." he volunteered to the captain, wiping some of the sweat off himself. He looked over to the veteran Johnson, not particularly keen on spending more time with the grizzled sea-dog, but in his current state, he could use some distance from where all the pointy bits would be.
  18. The tired smile he had her given worries her as she grabbed the wheel, watching her captain's every move with her heterochromatic eyes.

    Ever since Julia became a member of the Snapped Skulls, she devoted her life to Captain Sid and vowed to protect him with her life, whatever it may cost. She constantly worries about him and tries her best to ease his worries by making sure the crew is in their very best behavior and his orders are being followed. She also worries about her crew members whom she considers as a family and sometimes, she acts out of bounds being called "mother" for acting so worried and strict. Her loyalty and devotion to the crew is immeasurable. She's certain that if someone messed up with her family, she'll never hesitate to hunt down that person and make them suffer in any way possible.

    Hearing her captain asking for a volunteer she already knew the answer to him, just like always. "I'll stay with you as always, Captain" she said with a calm and firm voice, her long white hair flowing in the wind.

    Of course, Julia prefers to slice throats and see blood oozing out of her victims body. The sight of crimson blood spraying her attire excites her, but her promise is absolute. She vowed that she'll be her captain's shield and sword, and that is what she'll do. Besides, there's a possibility that the merchants hired swordsmen to protect their ship and to board the enemy’s ship to fight. When that happens, her sword will be ready to slice off some heads.

  19. Captain Sid took charge once again, he was a good captain and Saethos admired his leadership. The truth was Saethos would have loved to man the cannons rather than board the target ship, but before he could step in the old man Johnson volunteered. It was fair enough to let him take the task, Saethos wasn't as old as him but even he felt like he was slowing down, he could only imagine how Johnson felt. He'd have to buy him a drink when they next made port. Oh what the hell, he'd use his cut to buy a round for everyone! It would be fun!

    Franz was out and about and clearly looking for a fight. Saethos was strong, stronger than most men, but to fight against Franz? No thanks. The idea brought a smile to his face. He'd seen Franz in combat and knows exactly why he earned his nickname. Saethos used an axe because it was not a precise weapon, with a sword like Franz and Pezz used you had to strike right, but with the old Lumbering axe Saethos carried, just one hard strike would cleave flesh from the bone, and sometimes cleave bone from the body. Saethos was certain that both Pezz and Franz could beat him easily. Gorgash was also an intimidating sight but it was less impressive to see a strong ogre.

    Picking up the head of his axe and resting it on his shoulder, the pirate dressed in green stood up and walked towards kaila, swinging his empty arm over her shoulders. The two loved to drink and she was fun company. "Alright Lass, I'll bet you 2 pints the next time we make port that this ship is carrying good hard ales from the north!" The idea that he may be invading on someones personal space never really occurred to Saethos, he was just having a good time. He liked to make bets and even though the entire crew knew he would be buying drinks anyway he liked to make the bet a drink or four, but it was really all the same to him.
  20. "A bet?" Kaila grinned a little before she feigned as if she was thinking extremely hard. "I dunno, Sae..." She grabbed her chin in thought, bottom lip stuck out in mock thought before she lifted a finger in the air. "Nyaha! An I say that ain't gonna happen! I'mma bet you two pints that it'll have rum from the south! Rum..." She had to stop herself from drooling... whoops, there leaked some. She stuck out her tongue and caught it before it could trickle off. "Oooh I needa 'nother drink..."

    She ran a hand through her many red tangles and braids, cussing as they pulled at her scalp. "Gaah that hurts!" Without further ado she grabbed her water skin once more and uncorked it, letting out a happy sigh as she took a whiff of the not water. "Mhm!" She then proceeded to take a few more gulps before deciding to be polite, holding it up to the much taller man. "Drink up darlin', you need energy, I think you're goin' a li'l bit weak here!"
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