Black Feather (romance)

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  1. "darkness shall fall week under love of the whitest rose"
    during Civil War in Japan, there was a man who sought power, driven mad by greed he called upon the Yokai (spirits) and demanded for him to have more power, beyond any human.
    and they complied, i was made beyond any human, he was no longer normal. he was given un-imaginable strength but it was a curse.
    he killed thousands, and every one he killed remained alive within his head, eventually driving him into a beast whenever he fought.
    that was his curse, but he was told "darkness shall fall week under love of the whitest rose" and so he search for an innocent throughout the ages, he vowed to serve who ever was pure enough to touch evil without destroying it, but non had been able to pick up his feather. 600 years later and he still lives on this planet, it is the current year.

    the Fallen Angels Name is Avexis Silverheart, although he is over 600 years old he still looks as old as he was when he was cursed (17) i need a female character, willing to play a truly innocent girl and put up with the fallen angel as a friend, a love interest, servant and fellow classmate.
  2. O_O Me want part please . . . err, I would rather enjoy participating in this interesting role play of yours ^__^
  3. sure, its my first time using this site so its a little weird to me XD
    could you make a character skelle please
    Bio: (including how they met Avexis)
    and how do i move this onto the main post thingy??? (sounds like a noob)
  4. Hey! Just dropping in to let you know how this works ^.^ You are now in the OOC side of the One on One forum, meaning that all the plotting and chatter happens here. When you want to start the IC thread you simply post in One on One roleplays. So you don't have to worry about moving threads from one place to another! :D
  5. Ah! Super interested!!!
  6. thank you Celestialis ^^
    And Epitaph, maybe the next roleplay i make we can roleplay