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    Black Fall:
    The City of Greed and Godhood.



    Welcome to Black Fall: The City of Greed and Godhood.

    The date is December 12, 2015, and the world is largely like our own. However, a strange condition has occurred that has given people God-like powers that defy the laws of science themselves. Granted by a mysterious green energy that resides inside of them. These people have been around for two centuries, until they came out of the shadows nearly fifty years ago. Since then, they've became a growing part of society. Strictly regulated by the NEST organization, most of these enhanced humans are no different from the average human. They wear no capes, no cowls, they are average citizens that simply want to live their lives. They go to school, they get jobs, they have fun. And they are everywhere. One place they're known for congregating was the city of Black Fall. A location in Pennsylvania that is separated into two areas by a large river - also known for it's beaches, kind people, casinos, and powerful humans. This city has existed for a century and has the most super-humans out of anywhere in the world. Here, these people live in the closest thing they have to paradise. However, they never live in relative peace. People are out there to abuse their power, and then they pull others into their conflict. However, they are almost always dealt with one way or another.

    This particular story takes place centered around a group of teenagers or college aged adults that are living their life as they usually do. Only to get pulled into a conflict by a super villain of some sort who will bring this city to it's knees. Giving them no choice other than to rebel against him.

    You can be one of these characters with superpowers. Of any background, and ability. Remember, power corrupts, but only if you let it. It is entirely up to you what you'll use your supernatural power for. Robbing banks, gaining strength, or helping the world for the better.
    Choose your battles, and your allies, very carefully. Since all actions have consequences...


    Hello there. Welcome to my RP, Black Fall: The City of Greed and Godhood. Which is the remake of an RP that I have made many years ago, and decided to take another shot at. Black Fall was the center of my superpower universe, which I have used elements from and made references to in many RPs. This time around, I have decided to make a return to the legendary city, and decided to use some elements from the RP that inspired the universe! This RP is very character-driven, and will focus on the interactions, stories, and development, of these characters.


    History of Meta-humans (open)

    - June 26, 1824: Meta-humans officially develop around the 1800's. Starting with a mere handful of them. Their incredible stories largely go unnoticed for decades. With only folklore and tales being centered around them.

    - August 1, 1854: Meta-humans continue to grow and flourish until they were a sizable chunk of humanity. There was an unspoken rule among Metahumans to keep their powers a secret above all else, and never risk their kind being discovered. Despite this, The US Government learned of them and kept them a secret as they experimented on them to learn of their godlike powers.

    - June 19, 1911: Meta-humans were becoming more and more numerous, and thus it was getting harder and harder to keep them a secret. Many didn't follow through with the unspoken rule, and performed bold stunts.

    - June 26, 1920: Meanwhile many Meta-humans flocked to the town known as Black Fall, slowly turning a small town in the neck of the woods into a large and prosperous city.

    - May 19, 1953: A surprising development by the President himself suddenly announced the existence of Meta-humans, even having veterans of World War II demonstrate their abilities in public. He assured the public that they are heroes, fighting in the wars for America. He also asked every Meta-human to come out to prove that they are no different.

    - May 19, 1953: At the same time the President revealed the recently created NEST branch of the United States Military. A faction made to handle. At the moment their organization was small, so they couldn't handle threats effectively. They managed to keep the public safe.

    - May 21, 1953: The public didn't react as badly as once believed. Sure Meta-humans weren't welcome with open arms, and a prejudice had developed. Many Meta-humans hadn't come out, and kept their powers a secret, so that helped.

    - July 30, 1953: After the announcement of Meta-humans to the world, a strange string of kidnappings had begun. Any children that belonged to Meta-humans were kidnapped in the dead of night, or sometimes in broad daylight, by strange men. This made Meta-humans even more hesitant to reveal their abilities.

    - July 16, 1953: The kidnappings were ultimately pinned on humans, and the minor prejudice turned into bloodshed when a human woman was killed by a Meta-human. This event started what was known as the Great Divide. Massive riot that broke out in New York City, and spilled into the other states. Nationwide protests called for removal of all Metas, and on the other hand, Meta-human demanded rights rights. There was no end in sight and in no time, New York was in a state of destruction.

    - August 1, 1953: During the Divide, many Meta-humans flocked to Black Fall, which was a massive city at this point. Black Fall was stated to be a safe haven for Meta-humans, and human beings displaced by the riots. Despite the growing unrest elsewhere, it never spilled into the city.

    - August 18, 1954: The Government at large had no choice but to allocate more money and effort into the NEST organization which allowed them to greatly expand their resources. Which allowed them to take a dive into PR. They managed, with the help of the local police departments, cull the riots.

    - September 8, 1955: With the help of NEST, safe havens and segregated communities were created for Meta-humans, which didn't ride over that well with everyone, but by slowly integrating the two communities together, they managed to blend both man and meta-human.

    - September 10, 1955: In the process of creating those safe havens, laws were passed to craft reasonable terms for Meta-humans, and humans to co-exist. All Supers must get registered, and must remain under the close eye of NEST.

    - January 31, 1960: The kidnapping of Meta-human infants continue, however, NEST and interested parties have been looking into the matter.

    - February 6, 1963: Humans and Meta-humans slowly but surely integrate with the steady guidance of NEST. After the initial shock of the existence of powers wore off, it became a fact of life as more and more people began to develop powers. However the fear and hatred against Meta-humans didn't go away completely.

    - March 8, 1970: This was declared the golden age of Meta-humans. Years after the events of the riots, things have died down and Meta-humans are more comfortable around humans. They have been employed in risky or dangerous jobs that would be unsuitable for the average person, or they would use their powers to preform. Generally many Metas used their powers to advance humanity (Through technological or medical means).

    - February 1, 1972: Black Fall had become famed across the world for being the Meta-human hotspot. The city that contained the most Meta-humans out of anywhere in the world, and somehow didn't get destroyed. Black Fall was dubbed "The City of Freaks".

    - May 5, 1972: With more and more Meta-humans popping up, there was a growing concern, there's no where for them to truly train and learn their abilities. There have been some, rather unsuccessful, schools for superhumans ran in the past - by what this generation would call amateurs. From the mid-80's forward, the collective Governments have pushed the "Academy Program" worldwide. Several.

    - July 5, 1975: The Academy Program was somewhat successful. Several Academies had already been created and filled with eager students. While there's plans for many more to be constructed.

    - February 8, 1979: Research into Meta-humans and Black Fall had allowed scientists to discover what they called the Black Fall Effect. Which almost caused another panic, powers were almost considered a virus. Research continued in relation to Meta-humans.

    - June 19, 1985: NEST had greatly expanded it's resources, until it became a formidable and powerful organization. Already taking down several large scale threats, NEST became a celebrated faction.

    - December 14, 1987: After extensively searching for answers in regards to the widespread kidnapping of superpowered infants, they found them in all their psychopathic glory. The Changeling Unit. A brand of supervillains that take credit for all the kidnappings. They were cornered by NEST in Black Fall, however a massive battle took place that caused a city block to get leveled. The Changelings were extremely powerful. NEST lost the battle and the Changeling Unit got away to continue their kidnappings all over the U.S. However, they are no longer a secret.

    - May 19, 1990: The Academy program was a hit. Three hundred Academies were created by the Government, or private parties that wished to create their own.

    - September 23, 1995: Meta-humans had become integrated into humanity at large, and the prejudice against them largely died down. However, everyone now lives in fear of the Changeling Unit. Which have gotten much more bold and brazen in the kidnappings. Sometimes brutally murdering entire families now.

    - December 12, 2015: Current Day. Young Meta-humans become the target by a new sinister force....

    Black Fall Information::

    Black Fall (open)

    Welcome to Black Fall, Pennsylvania. The City of Freaks. Population: 1.4 million

    Built centuries ago during the 1700's, built during the hasty colonization. Named after a particular cliff that was used to execute criminals "The Black Fall". Before it was merely a small fishing town that was so small that it was barely worth putting on any maps. Travelers came and went, and young people left for larger cities. Over the years what could be called a village grew into a town as it's primary export, it's fisheries made it rich. However, there was a large amount of Meta-humans hidden in the town, which caused more and more to be drawn to the location. Which did wonders in helping it's growth into a rich city. With Meta-humans pouring in, normal humans followed and it's population. By the time the 1950's rolled around, Black Fall was known for it's Meta-humans, even getting an effect named after it due to it's high density of Metas. The city expanded from a simple fishing town to a hub for gamblers, tourists, businessmen, families, and meta-humans, and it's likely that will never change.

    Black Fall itself is separated into two halves by a massive riven known as the Golden River, connected by three bridges built over the years. Both parts of the city are equally significant. Old World Black Fall named because of how this section was here from the start and is the heart of the city, containing it's town halls and important buildings. New Black Fall being a recent location made to be a hub of pleasure and sin, having it's seedier places such as clubs and casinos. There have been massive debates between residents over the industrialization and commercialization of the city - Specifically if New Black Fall should even be considered apart of the city. This entire city is extremely popular, drawing in tourists from all over. It's main draw being New World Black Fall, and it's large amount of fantastic beaches, either public, rented or private. However, tourism mostly ends once summer does, and the city is usually left to the citizens until Summer comes back around. Black Fall is racially diverse, containing Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans and so on. The personalities vary even more.

    Black Fall is also home to some powerful families of Meta-humans. The two most famous being the Blackmore Family, and the Valos family. The Blackmores are a near-ancient bloodline of Power Replicators that are famous for their pride, honor, and power. While the Valos have a heavy hand in Black Fall's politics and own many casinos. They are known for being rich, and ruthless, few dare to cross them. They are only two examples of many that have gathered in the city.

    The city is also prone to rain as it's primary weather condition due to the high amount of humidity in the air due to the river and fog. The city has in the past been trashed by large tidal waves, and some of the dock areas flooded. There are now measures in place to ensure this is at least mostly prevented. However, during the winter seasons, it's exceptionally cold and snows quite often. Black Fall primary export at one time had been the fisheries, but this has slowed down in modern times.

    Right now, it's the middle of winter and the city has slowed down. It has recently been bombarded with heavy snow storms that have left feet of snow at a time. The city is blanketed with a layer of crystal white snow, and the river's edges are mostly frozen from here on in.

    Districts of Black Fall (open)

    Old World Black Fall

    Also known as West Black Fall. It's where many buildings that have been there from the start, and more are located. This side of the city is easily the largest, and houses the most people.

    The Counterpoint: The physical and spiritual heart of the city, where everyone pays tribute to the history and builds towards it's future. This is where many historical buildings are located, all tightly packed together as the area is fairly large. It's fairly common to see tourists in these parts of the town.
    Notable locations:
    - City hall: easily the oldest building in the city.
    - Counterpoint Towers: a set of three skyscraper building housing thousands of business offices.
    - Black Fall Police: Headquarters, recently upgraded.
    - Woodland Point University: a prestigious location. Easily one of the most expensive schools in the City.
    - The I.S.D (Intelligent System Defense) Labs: A privately owned, but highly prestigious lab where experiments are preformed in super science, such as studying how powers work, and how to engineer their powers for the benefit of humanity.
    - Red Wing Medical Center: The largest and particularly famous hospital around Black Fall, and the only one that specializes in Meta-human medical care.
    - The O'Brien Hall: A famous ballroom that is built like a castle, many fundraisers and high-class parties were held here.

    Arcadia Heights: The downtown area of Black Fall built near the river that separated the. A very busy and active part of the city filled with tourists and residents alike. The main draw of this area is the large amount of stores, tourist attractions, and high-class restaurants. One extremely interesting feature of the area is that the place has canals running through it giving it a similar design to Venice. Several locations are built waterfront and even have boats going through them.
    Notable locations:
    - Eureka Boulevard: The City’s intellectual and cultural center.
    - Jim Lane Mall: One of the largest malls in the US
    - Applewood Stadium: A basketball stadium housing Black Fall's NBA team: The Black Fall All-Stars.
    - Natural History Museum
    - Columbia Theatre House: An opera hall which stages operas, plays, and orchestras.
    - Santana Village Shopping Center: While starport might be the largest mall in the US, Santana village is where people go to buy some of the best foods in Pennsylvania.
    - Sanborn Cabin Convention Center: Black Fall's main location for concerts and shows.
    - Chinatown & Little Tokyo: Your average Chinatown, this area has some pretty good foods.
    - Hiawatha Water Park: An amusement park set in the center of Black Fall, a famous and well advertised water park.

    Winchester Peak: Home to Black Fall's Commerce district, this neighborhood is where Black Fall makes much of its business and trade. Although police presence is high in this area, the many banks and businesses that line the streets of the Winchester Peak are always a tempting target.
    Notable Locations:
    - Black Fall Stock Exchange
    - Black Fall Gold Reserve
    - Heroes Insurance Building
    - Countless other corporate headquarters

    Westgate: The primary resident area of Black Fall, and the location is where most of the roads in and out of the city are located, hence why it's called "Westgate". This area, centered in the west of Black Fall, has the highest concentration of houses and people of all races, and cultures. The houses range from middle-class to upper class. Many parks and schools are located here.
    Notable locations:
    - Boardwalk University: This school has one one of the world's finest marine biology courses but is also well know for its liberal arts study.
    - All Fathers Park: A park which has the statues of every president thus far, built out of a variety of metals.
    - Becker Malls: A smaller mall than the Jim Lane mall.

    Pride & Freedom Harbor: Black Fall is sitting on a major waterway. Ships carrying goods from all over stop by it's docks to unload their various goods. This section of the city is also home to the industrial district, home to factories, warehouses, and ports. This area is apart of the city's lifeblood. However, due to it's close proximity to the Dead End, crime, and homelessness, is rampant and it's where people generally stay away from.
    Notable locations:
    - The Port: A massive port on the riverside of Black Fall. Boats of all kind come in and out of this areas.
    - Avon Industrial Park: A long abandoned location that was active years ago. Now it's only standing there collecting dust and serving as a hideout for various gangs.

    The Dead End: Black Fall's favorite "ghetto" district. The poorest part of the city located at the northernmost section. These slums are filled with the homeless, the unemployed, and the criminals that take advantage of them. Drug dealers, and transvestite prostitutes are common here, with gangs that control the streets. Even the police are afraid to patrol here. However, this place is rampant with pool halls and cheap bars. Only the brave would come here at night.
    Notable locations:
    - The Daily Grind: A low end strip club that only the desperate frequent. It's possible to get hepatitis the second you walk into the building.
    - Vary gang hangouts.

    Fort Jacobs: A military installation located on the very outskirts of Black Fall. Formerly, it wasn't considered to be part of the city until it was recently incorporated into the city. This is a truly massive location that is nearly the size of a small town itself. There are multiple, heavily guarded, entrances at each end of the base. Fort Jacobs is comprised of several training centers and bases for new soldiers, along with being a center for outgoing and incoming soldiers. This installation isn't all soldiers and military, the Fort Jacobs community is comprised of soldiers, civilians, retirees and family members - Living in the designated buildings. Along with several stores (Fast food joints, walmarts), and other buildings (Churches, schools) to provide services to it's community.
    Notable locations:
    - Onsite residential district.
    - Airport: for soldiers coming in and out.

    NEST Base: The Headquarters of the Black Fall NEST Branch. It's located on the very edges of Black Fall. This is where all NEST operations are assigned, and where all NEST assets are stored until they are needed. This is a very frequent location for Meta-humans, and NEST Agents alike.
    Notable locations:
    - Prison for Meta-humans
    - Armory
    - Heliport
    - Vehicle Depot
    - Emergency Center

    New Black Fall

    The nest of sin. The East side of Black Fall. Where most of the fun buildings are.

    Nightlife Aisle: A main appeal for tourists coming into Black Fall. Dubbed the City's "Heart of Sin". Naturally, this location is where all the clubs, casinos are located. During the day, it's nothing special, but when night falls is where the place becomes alive with fun for adults. It's also a hotspot for prostitution.
    Notable locations:
    - The Joy of Pennsylvania: A massive amusement park built upon a large and sturdy boardwalk. A family friendly place that provides fun for all through it's many rides, food, and drinks. It's also a great place to hide, as there are easily a million places to hide at any given time.
    - Highroller Heights: The largest casino in all of Black Fall. It's so tall that it can be spotted from even across the river. Highroller Heights has it all. Games, hotel rooms, and great bars. However, it's not for free.
    - Veni Vidi Veni: A high end strip club for all those gentlemen that can afford them.
    - Buena Vista Jazz Club: The go to place for people to relax and listen to some fine jazz. It comes with a bar and restaurant that serves all manner of foods and drink so people can eat while they enjoy the show.
    - Stadium Peak Casino: A now abandoned casino that was run out of business by larger casinos, and one particular owner thought it'd be amusing to leave it rotting. It serves as a hideout, not gang members, since they know not to step anywhere near the Aisle.
    - The Pride Hotel: The biggest hotel in all of Black Fall which is only attended by the richest and most powerful people around.

    The Northlands: Black Fall, wealthiest residents make their homes here in mansions, luxurious apartment complexes, and so on. This is easily the best looking part of the city, as it belongs to it's powerful elite. Crime is minimal here due to the high presence of police and private security.
    Notable locations:
    - Happy Hollow Country Club: One of the best damn golf courses in Pennsylvania. Only the best of the best come here.

    Other Locations of Note

    The Golden River: The massive river that Black Fall is built around. Nothing much to say about it other than the fact that it's frequented by vessels of all kinds.
    Notable locations:
    - Beaches: There are miles of beach strips, and each of them are privately owned or public.

    The Graham Bridges: The three bridges that connect the two ends of Black Fall. These bridges are average suspender bridges, with thousands of cars traveling on and off of them daily. In between the two bridges that offer roadside travel is the single thin pedestrian bridge, that has crowds of people almost all the time and some vendors offering cheap and nasty food.

    Downbelow: Also known as the Wilcox Tunnels. A maze-like network of tunnels that lie underneath the city. They are either maintenance tunnels or sewers. Many parts of the tunnels are inhabited by homeless, criminals, and all manner of outcasts.

    Meta-human Information::

    Meta-Humans (open)

    Mutants, Freaks, Overhumans, Gods themselves... Commonly called Meta-humans are normal humans that were afflicted with a strange condition that has given them powers that defied the laws of nature and physics. Men with super strength, women who can teleport, children who can control nature itself. These powers are extremely varied. These abilities stem from a strange energy that resides deep within them. A green flowing energy that is known as the Meta-human energy. A invisible energy that is extremely hard to detect through normal means. This energy inhabits a Meta-human's entire body, from their skin, to their bones, to their blood. The energy isn't detrimental to them, or the environment, not even in the slightest, it can even be called beneficial. What is interesting is that scientists have observed that energy is the same, everyone has a slightly different form of the energy. Which is believed to be related to how no Meta-human has the same exact power. When a Meta-human uses their power on the outside world, a small amount of the meta-human energy gets projected and focused in that area. Such as a Water-Elemental controlling a cup of water will get some of the energy projected into it, until they cease control and the energy will return to their body. There will be a residual amount of the energy on it, however. It's so faint that it's extremely hard to even detect, only extremely specialized and complex technology can detect faint amounts of the energy. Another interesting effect the energy has is how it grows within a human being. Starting out with a small amount of the energy, until it grows as they develop and learn new things about their powers. Stronger Meta-humans tend to have more energy within them. However, there's a particular connection between high-stress situations and the advancement of powers. Under high-stress situations, powers rapidly develop.

    There is no set age when powers develop. Some Meta-humans are born with their powers, while others won't develop until late into their lives. Powers received are sporadic at best. There is no way to predict what power a Meta-human will have, nor who will develop powers. Not even the strongest information-type can determine that. That said, any power a Meta-human receives is almost random. Completely unrelated to race, culture, education, or physical activity. It is also theorized that every human being has the potential to become a meta-human. However, there are such a thing as hereditary powers. Powers passed from parents to the children, or simply run in the family. These are relatively uncommon, but this is the reason why there are entire families of Meta-humans. However, while inherent powers do exist, anyone will get a different version of a passed down power. In what ways vary. Sometimes it's a slight difference, then other times there's a difference in function, or they will have an ability that nobody else have. Like it's been stated before, Inherent powers are uncommon, but there is a high chance for family members to get a power. Which will be explained below.

    Meta-humans have a very particular effect attached to them: The Black Fall Effect. This has two main effects on the meta-human population. Firstly, all Meta-humans are subconsciously attracted to each other. So subtly that it's next to impossible to even notice. It causes the shyest people to head out and interact, or draws people to one particularly location. The more Meta-humans that are around, it will cause a "flocking" effect. The other primary effect is that those who spend plenty of time around other Meta-humans tend to get powers themselves. It can't be a minimum amount of contact, it has to be years around Meta-humans for someone to develop powers. Which is why family members and close friends are extremely likely to get powers.

    There's a specific kind of technology that is specifically designed to counter Meta-human powers known as the Power Suppressing Technology. This technology was developed after studying specific meta-humans that had the ability to disable or weaken the powers of other Meta-humans, and create devices based off of that. These devices come in many shapes and sizes (Darts, collars, even fields/rooms) but their one main effect is simple; they produce a wavelength that weakens powers. Depending on the device it may temporarily severe the link between the body and power, or weaken powers. This technology is now widespread in many official locations.

    Meta-humans are only capable of using one third of their potential strength, very similar to muscles. These natural limits are theorized to be in place so that they don't burn out. However, similar to flight-or-flight, high-stress situations allow Meta-humans to push themselves beyond their blocks, and develop them in the process. However, while powers are truly incredible, they come at a price. Powers have a toll on the body and mind. Excessive and unrestrained use would cause what could be described as physical overexertion. They'll get tired and weak from use, along with some bodily damage. Pushing powers beyond their limits in high stress situations cause even worse problems, and at it's most extreme, it may cause an effect known as "Ashing". This is basically an extremely deadly aliment where a Meta-human self destructs. Their powers shut off, and all their cells will die at an alarmingly fast rate. Their cells will drop off their body like specs of ash, and this process will continue until there is absolutely nothing left of a Meta-human. This state is extremely deadly, and there's a mere 4% chance of survival - Even if a ashing victim does survive, there are some permanent physical damage (Amputation, Brain damage, loss of powers, etc, etc - Are a few). Ashing is what Meta-humans truly fear, as any meta-human can ash if they are not careful.

    There is a slight prejudice against Meta-humans. With people who can easily tear a city to shreds, it's a given. However, with the advent of NEST and the other laws in place to keep Meta-humans in check, it has greatly waned. All Meta-humans must be registered and have a special chip implanted in them that will allow them to be identified by NEST officials. These chips have tracking devices in them - but they're usually inactivate unless a Meta-human has a criminal record, or NEST needs to keep track of them. Any unregistered Metas caught will be immediately forced to register.

    NEST (open)

    With the oncoming rise of Meta-humans, a organization was deemed necessary to keep them in order. So shortly after Meta-humans became known to the world, the Government revealed their special police force: Codenamed NEST. NEST is a powerful organization trained and equipped to handle any and all Meta-human threats. Credited for saving cities, and even humanity at large, they are highly celebrated for their heroism. NEST is comprised of Agents that were selected from various military and police backgrounds and trains them to face off against Meta-humans. However, NEST only accepts the best of the best. They need professional soldiers to face off against some of the most dangerous people on the planet. While you may have guessed this is an all-human organization, you are completely wrong. NEST hires Meta-humans as well, since they are highly effective against other Meta-humans, and NEST needs every edge they get. One thing that makes NEST particularly effective is their use of Power-Suppressing technology. They have access to technology that would weaken, or downright disable, the powers of any Meta-humans, via a counter energy that interferes with their powers. For non-lethal missions, they have guns loaded with power-suppressing darts. However, as you may have guessed, when they have permission to use deadly force they will swap those out for bullets bathed in the energy. They have developed technology that would allow them to detect Meta-humans. NEST also has access to a wide range of armors that will defend them against most Meta-human powers. They also have special strength enhancing exoskeletons. Along with a fleet of land, air, and sea vehicles specially made for them. Any detained Meta-humans will have a power-surpressing collar placed on them and they will be sent to one of the various Meta-human prisons.

    NEST as a whole does not discriminate against Meta-humans, there has been some incidents of bias agents, but their goal is also to maintain a balance between the two kinds of human being. While they have soldiers trained to take down Meta-humans, that is merely one side to this faction. NEST has another branch that handles civilian meta-humans, and enforces the many laws that keep them in check. They act as Superhuman social works, more or less, and they handle larger backlashes against Meta-humans. They strictly enforce the many rules and restrictions set on Meta-humans, while also keeping track of their development. They head the Meta-human restriction act; which means they keep track of any meta-humans, and make them go many tests to deem them safe to live with society. Any Meta-humans that do not meet this criteria will be sent off to a "Box". A special base made to house Meta-humans too dangerous to be let run freely with society. These aren't prisons, they are more of special housing. NEST workers will treat them with the utmost . Any Meta-human who breaks the laws will be punished depending on severity - NEST runs off the three strike system, and once those strikes are up, they will be sent to an appropriate facility (I.E Prison designed specially for Meta-humans). Any Meta-human who break a serious crime will be immediately sent to a prison. Supers below 18 are handled much more leniently. They will be given more chances, and most of the time Meta-human delinquents are sent to a special Academy for them. However, young or not, any dangerous or unstable Meta-humans will be sent to a Box.

    They have teams and HQ's set up in every major city in America, and Canada - There has been talks to expand NEST to major South and Central American countries. The NEST teams are well enough connected that should a significant enough threat show up; forces from other teams will be allocated. Each branch of NEST is ran by a Director, who makes all the big decisions for every city, and their Meta-humans. Each of them are selected by the 8 Chairmen, and they cannot falter. NEST as a whole is headed by the 8 Chairmen. Each one worked their way up the ladder until they were hand-picked by the President himself to make the big decisions in regards to the Meta-human populations.

    Easily the biggest branch of NEST is the Black Fall branch. Since they were one of the first formed branches in the city. They have a massive team comprised of both regular people and superhumans, and have some of the most experienced forces in the United States. They have kept Black Fall in check for years, and kept even the citizens in fear of their wrath. All over the city NEST has various outposts set up. The Black Fall branch in particular is headed by: Jacob West, a powerful technopath/magnetic Meta-human.

    There are heavy suspicions of NEST being corrupt.

    Laws in place for Meta-humans (open)

    - All Meta-humans must get registered in the NEST database. Unregistered Meta-humans will be forced by Agents to register and may suffer penalties.

    - All Metas for forbidden to use their powers to assault people, assist in theft, and so forth. Severity of the punishment will vary depending on the crime, but it can go up to a long stint in a NEST prison.

    - All Meta-humans must check into the nearest NEST base once a month for the assessment. Failure to comply will result in Agents forcibly escorting them for assessment, along with fines and jail time.

    - Meta-humans who have committed crimes and served their punishment, or committed minor crimes, will be put on parole where they must regularly check in with a NEST agent. Failure to comply will result in a warrant being sent.

    Power Classes (open)

    The NEST organization assigns every Meta-human a specific class based on their type of power. Many Meta-humans span multiple classes.

    Super System: Meta-humans under the Super System class are the most diverse. Abilities under this class are abilities that are physical powers. Powers that fall under this class is Super Strength, Flight, Super Speed, Invisibility, Regeneration, Hardening Skin, Phasing, etc

    Biological: Meta-humans under the Biological class have the ability to manipulate their own, or others, bodily tissues or bodily functions, without dramatically altering the original structure or function. This class stands out from the Super System class, as the latter allows enhanced natural abilities. Powers that fall under this class are: Skin Manipulation, Muscle Expansion, Nerve Manipulation, etc.

    Elemental: Elemental types are easily the common type of Meta-humans. These Meta-humans have control over certain elements. Most under this class are able to move their element and utilize it in defensive and offensive situations. Often these Meta-humans are able to create their element, and some can even transform themselves into their element. Powers that fall under this class are: Control over fire, earth, water, air, plastic, dust, light, etc.

    Cerebral: These powers have to do with the mind. These are common as the Elemental and Super System class Meta-humans. Most that fall under this class are able to do something with their mind or others. Powers that fall under this class are: Telepathy, Emotion Manipulation, Telekinesis, Memory Manipulation,

    Energy: Energy types have a power that is related to Energy (Kinetic, Thermal, Electrical, Solar). Sometimes these Meta-humans can fall under the Elemental Class. These Meta-humans aren't as diverse as Super System or Elemental Classes, being able to use energy in their powers. Powers that fall under this class are: Kinetic/Thermal/Electrical/Solar Energy related powers, and force fields, lasers, etc.

    Chemical: Chemical Types have a power related to chemicals that the body produces or external chemicals. Sometimes these Meta-humans can fall under Elemental or Super-System. These Meta-human aren't diverse as the Super System or Elemental classes, being able to utilize chemicals. Powers that fall under this class are: Pheromone Manipulation/Generation, Hormone Manipulation, Acid Manipulation, etc

    Cosmic: Cosmic type Meta-humans allow powers related to Space itself. These meta-humans have powers related to comets, meteors, asteroids, stars, planets, nebula, quasars, dark matter, the sun, and the moon. Some of these Meta-humans have powers that'd fall under Energy or Elemental. Powers that fall under this class are: Solar Manipulation, Lunar Manipulation, Control over Space Rocks, etc

    Spatial: Spatial Meta-humans have powers that relate to Time and Space itself. These meta-humans can bend space and time to preform various feats, or altering the natural laws of space. These powers do not fall under the Cosmic-class. Powers that fall under this class are: Teleportation, Slashing Rifts in time and space, altering distance and space/dimensions, etc

    Bestial: Bestial type Meta-humans have powers related to the animal/plant kingdom. Whether it be control over certain animal/plants, transforming into an animal/plant or adopting traits from one. Mystical/Ancient animals also fall under this class. Powers that fall under this class are: Wolf features, Control over birds, transforming into a dragon, etc

    Extra-Sensory: This class includes abilities that allow gaining information through unnatural means. Often this can include detecting people's emotions or seeing the past. These Meta-humans can often fall under the Cerebral class if their powers have to do with the mind. Powers that fall under this class are: Pre/Retro-Cognition, ESP, Clairvoyance, Etc

    Power: This class involves Meta-humans who have abilities related to themselves or the abilities of other Meta-humans. Meta-humans in this class vary. Often their powers can be be taking/copying the powers of others or ampfliying powers. Powers that fall under this class are: Power Replication, Manipulation, Bestowal, etc

    Other: Powers that simply don't fall under the above categories.

    Power Ratings (open)

    The Power Rating system was created by NEST Agents to gauge a Meta-human's power level, and thus, their threat level depending on their class. It tells NEST what they are getting into when taking down a Meta-human, and make appropriate adjustments to their arms and countermeasures. It's a simple one-to-ten numerical system:


    1: Meta-human in question poses a just above average threat. Either have slight enhancement, or severely weakened, abilities. One Agent, or even a prepared citizen, should more than capable of handling them.

    2: Somewhat above level one powers. These abilities either have a moderate boost or abilities that puts them above peak human levels, but abilities that don't require them to be classified a level above other humans. One skilled Agent, or civilian, should be able to handle them.

    3: Level three is where Meta-humans are at the point where they are superior to normal human in a noticeable way. These Meta-humans cannot be handled by average civilians and require special training or powers to take down. Even then they aren't the strongest.

    4: Meta-humans that are level four aren't quite at the Medium/Average level, but they still have some abilities that can be dangerous if used right.

    5: A moderate or average threat. These Meta-humans are what NEST names medium-level threats. They have strong enough abilities that would allow them to pose a somewhat moderate threat. A team of NEST agents should be assigned to bring this Meta-human down.

    6: A step above five, these powers are a simple step above level five. They can cause much more widespread damage, or have a power that places them above the average. These Meta-humans require a somewhat larger NEST team, and countermeasures must be deployed.

    7: A larger threat than average, seven is where powers begin to get powerful. Sevens are above the rest of the levels through sheer power. It's almost always necessary for a large NEST squad and countermeasures to be deployed.

    8: A high-tier Meta-human, a level eight is capable of widespread destruction, as these are among the strongest Meta-humans in existence. They are considered a large threat by NEST, and must be dealt with and controlled accordingly. A large team should be assigned to take down an eight, mixed with Meta-humans of varying strength levels.

    9: These Meta-humans are reaching the very top of the class. They are shoulders above the rest of the Meta-humans in terms of raw power. However, they are exceedingly rare compared to level eights which are, at best, uncommon. A large NEST effort is necessary to take down a single level nine.

    10+: The very apex of Meta-human abilities. These powers are extremely dangerous and may allow a Meta-human to level a city, or cause widespread destruction and go unmatched. It may take army of NEST agents, or a trained squad of Meta-humans with powerful abilities just to bring down one. Fortunately, level ten meta-humans are extremely rare, and governed by NEST extensively.

    Once again, powers vary greatly, and the response to them should as well.


    Rules (open)

    [1.] Me and my GMs have ultimate authority in the RP. When we tell you that something needs to be changed, you do it. Unless you're actually correct, I don't want to see any arguments about it. I can have your character get assassinated by a flying motorcycle and you will love it. Deal with it, scrublords.

    [2.] No godmodding, metagaming, powerplaying, autohitting, etc.

    [3.] I highly recommend that you get in contact with me on an IM service, so if we have any problems, we can discuss it behind closed doors rather than it spilling out into the OOC with pointless arguments. I prefer Skype (My handle is Mr AllenJ), but I have a Steam. On the plus side, we might become homies!

    [4.] This will be a mature RP. So, yeah, there will be plenty of swearing, death/gore, alcohol, drug use, and so on. The story will be getting pretty dark at some points, so be prepared. Sex is also allowed as long as you fade to black/do it off screen. But I expect everyone to be mature, and not do it excessively or unnecessarily. On that note, I am fine with characters of any gender-roles (Transgenders, Androgynous, etc) and sexualities (Gay, Bi, etc) long as they are written respectfully.

    [5.] I will get this out of the way now: Characters can and will die in this RP. This means if a building is collapsing on John Doe and there's no way out, then I guess he's out. I won't be actively trying to kill most of the characters I like, so you have nothing to worry about, right? Characters are also allowed to kill other characters, long as it isn't a rampage. If this is taken out of hand, it will be retracted.

    [6.] In terms of powers, I am willing to accept anything reasonable. However the following powers are banned; "instant death" powers, mind/character control, time powers, anything with "omni-" attached to it, reality warping, gravity manipulation, complete indestructibility/absolute defense. I also will not accept characters that have powers that can only be used in a fight.

    [7.] This is what I don't want to see when you make a character: super perfect appearances or personalities, people that are perfect at everything, super duper badass masters of all combat, or ridiculous/over the top characters. This also transfers to the IC, as I will be calling people out on this when I notice it. In fact, let's do a little experiment here! When you write your character sheets, do not mention that they are attractive/pretty/handsome/whatever. Dark and tragic backstories are a gray area for me. I will allow characters with them long as they are written correctly (I.E. actually have psychological trauma). Sociopaths are an even bigger grey area for me. I will not accept sociopaths unless they are written respectfully/realistically instead of being brooding asshats.

    [8.] No "experimented on and escaped a lab" back stories please. Those have more plot-holes than your character's corpse!

    [9.] This is an interaction/character development RP, not a fighting RP. There will be fights, but if you're goal in this RP is to prove that your guy the best through fights, then you're going to get t. I want rounded, and relatable, characters that fulfill a role in the story, instead of badasses. Because let's be real here, tons of fights get pretty boring fast. However, I will allow characters that know how to fight. Let's also keep dick measuring contests to a minimum. Some characters will be better than others, yes, but that's no need to hammer in how amazing/awesome they are.

    [10.] In terms of powers, I want a wide and diverse set of powers for the cast. I don't just want offensive powerhouses, I want some healers, some information types, and some other powers to round out the cast. Brute strength can only get you so far. It's next to impossible to make a power that truly can't be used in a fight, so yeah. That said, I will stop accepting certain powers after a period of time.

    [11.] I am pretty lenient in terms of post length. Long posts are nice, but I'd rather take a short and meaningful post over a unnecessarily long post full of filler to attain that length. I highly recommend that everyone makes a collab for most of their interactions. However, I want at least a paragraph a post. One liners will make me tear my hair out.

    [12.] Please say if you're leaving the RP, especially if you're in the middle of any interactions/important subplots. Any inactive characters will be forgotten about, or killed off if they were significant enough to the story. However, everyone is free to do as they please with any inactive characters.

    [13.] You are free to have as many characters as you can handle. I will be making a lot of characters myself. Though, if I see you struggle, I will not allow anymore. I must note that while there isn't a character cap, there is a player cap. Once I feel we have enough characters, I will not allow any new RPers until a few drop off. However, current players can have as many characters as they please (Until we reach an absolutely retarded amount).

    [14.] When submitting your sheets, I want a nice sample post written. You don't have to write an epic novel, but just show everyone an example of how your character would normally act. The better the post, the better your chances! And no. I will not be giving examples of a sample post. I seriously question your ability to write if you need an example to write as your character.

    [15.] This Site and This site can help you with powers.

    [16.] When making your characters, I want creativity and out of the box ideas! And I'm not just talking about powers, I'm also talking about characters. I love it when a unique character rolls around. Though, at least try to make the character fit in the story.

    [17.] I will assign power classes and ratings. So you should totes leave that blank. Also, place the subtitle at the top of the OP up there in your other section, okay?

    [18.] If you have any questions, criticisms, observations or ideas; just post them. I love them.

    [19.] I am a very silly bastard that tries too hard to be funny. Don't take most of the over-the-top things I say seriously and play along in my shitposting sessions and we'll be the best of buds.

    [20.] Penis.

    Character Sheet::

    Character Sheet (open)

    Basic Information

    Name: (Character's real name)
    Nickname/Alias/Etc: (Is your character known by any other names/titles? Leave blank if none)
    Gender: (Male, Female, Both or Other)
    Age: (8-22 - You need special permission to make older characters)
    Height: (In whatever format you want, metric or 'Merican)
    Weight: (See above, but how heavy instead of how tall)


    Hair Color: (Put what color your character's hair is. If it's dyed put that)
    Eye Color: (This should be simple)
    Ethnicity: (What color is your character's skin basically?)
    Physical Appearance: (What does your character look like? Go in detail here because the more the merrier. You can supply a picture, but it has to be accompanied by a description. No anime pictures.)
    Attire: (Optional if you want to describes outfits IC-side. What does your character wear normally and what is their "Style" if they have any?)


    Personality: (What does your character do when around other people? How is your character deep down?)
    Hobbies/Interests: (What does your character do for fun?)
    Skills/Talents: (Similar to hobbies, but refers to the level of skill a character has. For example, a character could like playing violin but isn't very good at it or vice versa.)
    Prized Possession: (What object does your character value above all else?)
    Quote(s): (Optional. Just put a line that your character would say here. Anything really.)
    History/Bio: (Optional, or PM it to me to keep it a secret Give me a detailed description of your character's past. How they were brought up. Try to include mostly major events/details.)
    Family: ([Ex: Parents, children, siblings] Include stepfamilies if it applies, and label as such.)


    (Basically a section where you put your character's thoughts on the other ones they've encountered. You can also talk to other people and decide what your characters relations will be.)

    [Character name] | [Impression (Good/Bad/Neutral]] | [Relationship (Friend, Rival, Crush, etc)] | [Character's thoughts [EX: I think Bob is quite the amiable fellow, has a great head on his shoulders, but is kinda ]] |


    Power Class & Rating: (Leave Blank I will assign)
    Power: (Describe the power that your character has in great detail, and describe everything your guy can do.)

    Weaknesses/Limitations/Drawbacks: (What are the limits to your character's power?)

    Other: (Put whatever you want here, basically anything that doesn't fit in the other forms)

    Sample Post: (Write me an example post of your character in action - You also have to show your character's ability)

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  5. Basic Information
    Name: Deborah Lillian Termellio
    Nickname/Alias/Etc: Debs, Debby, Gossip Girl, Secret Keeper
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19 going on 20
    Height: 5'9ft
    Weight: 146

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Physical Appearance: Deborah is an obviously athletic teen with the look and demeanor of an adventurer. Her legs have plenty of muscle are packed onto them, an indicator she is a devote track runner and a soccer player. Her figure is fairly slim, she doesn't have much width to her body. Deborah has a few scars. Deborah's racial identity is African-American. Her skin is a very dark color, darker than most, obviously showing off her ethnicity. Her skin isn't fair, she has plenty of scars. From childhood blunders, to getting injured while playing sports. Her knees are absolutely covered in scars. She has a scar that's on the side of her leg that starts at her knee and goes down to her heel. It was from a injury so horrific I won't even describe it! Deborah is a little tall, she stands at 5'9ft, a few inches taller than the average female height. She weighs around 146lb, not too heavy, but due to her muscles she has a bit of weight to her. Deborah is good looking, but won't be winning any fashion shows anytime soon. Deborah has a very rounded and heart shaped head, that's a bit wide. The top of her head is wide, compared to her lower-face which is thin. Deborah has some very small cheeks. She has an elongated nose, which is long, yet doesn't stick out too much outwardly. Her nose-bridge is quite long and thick, and her nostrils are rounded too. Deborah chin is quite pronounced, and small, it is very pointy. Deborah's eyes are a nice brown color, and are medium sized. Deborah's hair is a deep black color, is straight, and back length. She either keeps it in a ponytail or let's it hang.

    Attire: Deborah dresses lightly, and wears very loose clothes that she can maneuver in. Shorts, T-shirts, etc, etc. Deborah is mostly seen wearing sweat shorts, or track pants. She wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt or a dress. She wears sneakers or combat boots, not for their style, but for their practicality


    Outward & Innate Personality: A naturally curious and adventurous young girl. She's easily one of the most calm and sympathetic people in Black Fall - Owing to her power. She constantly searches for new information, and learn more and more about people - And it's natural that she wishes to share it with friends. She's a real gossip girl, and what's gossip if you don't share it? Though, it sometimes appears that she has an obsession with gossip and information - Which clouds her judgement in decision making. In a hostage situation, she won't make the best choice for everyone, she'll make the choice that nets her the most information. Thus, she's not the best decision maker, and she tends to get herself into trouble. Deborah likes to make plenty of friends, and study group dynamics while she's at it. Most of her drive to learn about people comes from her power. She likes to be the person people come to share their problems and secrets. Despite her gossip-girl reputation, she keeps a secret a secret. When Deborah speaks, she is quite extroverted, nice and out going. She is seemingly a master of any social situation, no social cue, body language, or phrase ever goes over her head. She is quite snarky and playful, sometimes casually dropping info to get a rise out of people (Only people she finds annoying). Deborah is quite intelligent and philosophical. She comes up with sayings with deep meaning, sometimes speaks poetically, and can see the symbolism in things quite well - Which is something she sometimes shares with friends. Deborah is a very open human being, she's willing to share just about anything about herself with friends. Deborah tries to keep herself calm and collected as possible, she knows the risk of losing control, but there are moments where emotion takes over. There are people that Deborah is very distrustful of; mainly the people that her power tells are shady or up to no good. But, Deborah tries to see the good in people regardless, and believes that (mostly) everyone can be redeemed. It's only natural that she tries to help people, and provide a helping hand whenever she can. She is actually emotionally insecure about herself, and tries to appear to be the person she wants to be, instead of the person she is. Deborah is a lesbian, but she is very unsure and insecure about it. She doesn't want to be shunned for her sexuality, so she keeps it a secret the best she can.

    Hobbies/Interests: Sports, music, girls, etc etc

    Skills/Talents: Deborah is an exceptional track runner, she runs with the speed and vigor of men twice her size. She has also played plenty of soccer when she was younger. Deborah is talented at instruments, she is an excellent violinist.

    Prized Possession: A beautiful pink handkerchief from Shannon with hearts and other lovey doey things weaved into. It's the declaration of their relationship.

    Quote(s): "information is everything, everything is information"

    "Everyone here is a bird of a feather. From the closest of friends to the worse enemies. We've all congregated here for a shared reason."


    Deborah was fortunate enough to be born into a good family. Born of Jacob Termellio, an Army Ranger, and his wife Susie Termellio (Formerly Javuant), a chef. Her early life was simple; she was a happy little girl, who's parents pushed their child to be the best and gave her all the opportunities too. She was pushed to be an athlete by her father, and also pushed towards a good education by her mother - whom also invested their daughter many instruments, but only a few managed to stick with her. That said, due to her Father's military job, Deborah was moved around a lot. Once every three or so years, her father got transferred to another station. She never stayed in one place for too long. From that age, she was already adventurous and wanted to explore, meet people from all over. Deborah made plenty of friends over the years, and seen many places, but she did feel bad that she was leaving them all behind. Which made her somewhat hesitant to really get close to anyone. But she always confided in her parents, whom taught her everything she needed to be a good person. With her mother telling her that everyone was a beautiful piece of the bigger picture.

    That said, Deborah's early life was good, and she got into the athletic department quite well. When she was four, Deborah's mom got pregnant with twins, the two babies that would become Jago and Aisha Termellio. And by the time she was five, they were born. She was ecstatic to get younger siblings, people she can relate too and would never leave her. Deborah was not incorrect, but she learned that they had a little bit of growing to do before they could talk. However, there isn't much more to note about her life - she played sports, practiced instruments, and learned - until she was eight year old. The Iraq War had begun, and her father was immediately shipped off to fight in the war. It left the Termellio family rather heartbroken, but he assured them that he would come back in one piece. Deborah was hit the hardest. They had no choice but to wait until his Tour of Duty was over. Fortunately, they didn't have to move for a while after this. However, at this point, her power had developed. Even Deborah didn't even know what it was at first - she woke up one morning and began randomly gathering information about her surroundings. Information simply appeared in her mind's eye. Such as her mother's stressed mood came from trouble at work, and her younger sister's favorite teddy bear's was ripped up by an animal. Understandably, she was rather confused by this, but she continued with life as if it was a noise. Never telling anyone about this strange development.

    It continued to grow stronger and more accurate. Which was something Deborah had learned about, and taken advantage of. She learned that there was much more about people than she thought. Quickly understanding cause and effect, and how her powers fills in the blanks. This didn't help her learn any faster in school, but boy did it help when she played soccer! She was able to infer what people were about to do, what state they were in physically, and reacted accordingly. Sure it was cheating, but she couldn't help but use this edge on the field. However, while she was unaware of her ability's true nature for a long time, one doctor's visit months later revealed her true nature as a Meta-human via blood test. This came as a surprise to her family, whom were aware of the world of Meta-humans, but they did not regret Deborah for something she never had control over. So, the first thing they did (at the suggestion of some very intimidating and armed NEST agents) was get Deborah registered under NEST. What they discovered was that her power was Extra-Sensory in nature, allowing her to gain information from what she perceived by making connections. Deborah learned much more about her power this way, and strived to learn about people.

    From there on, Deborah kept going to the NEST appointments she was given. There was a bit of adjusting to do with a Meta-human in the family - specifically in regards Deborah's mother. She wasn't comfortable with having a Meta-human who could invade her privacy just by looking at her - what made it worse was that Deborah kept it secret for a while. This caused a split between mother and daughter, which Deborah understood all too well. She tried her best to prove herself to her mother, but she could never get close enough. That was when Deborah gave up - but she imposed a rule on herself to never use her power for wrong, and use it to help people. Since to her, powers were incredible. Dangerous, but they were just as capable of being used to do good as evil. Fortunately, her father was returned to them by the time she was nine - sort of. While riding in a convoy, the vehicle in front of her father's was destroyed by an IED. Almost destroying it completely. The explosion damaged his vehicle too, and sent a knife-like piece of shrapnel clean through his eye. It was called a miracle, since if it went any further, it would have given him brain damage. He was honorably discharged, and sent home. When he returned home, he was welcomed with open arms, but he came back changed. When he learned his daughter was a Meta-human his opinion of his daughter hadn't changed at all, and he still loved her with all his heart. However, he warned her to keep this a secret.

    With Deborah's power manifested, her father researched Meta-humans and learned of the Black Fall Effect, and how everyone in the family could potentially manifest as a Meta-human. He decided to give the Termellio family a change of coasts, since he was likely to never see action again. Jacob proposed that the family moved to Black Fall, Pennsylvania, which faced a little bit of hesitancy from his wife, but ultimately she agreed to live there. The entire Termellio family packed up and moved to Fort Jacobs district of Black Fall, a community that accepted Veterans along with civilians. Deborah hated that they were moving again, but she felt that her journey was complete, no more moving - her true adventure would begin in Black Fall. She certainly was correct. She adjusted to life in Black Fall well, living in one of the nicer houses in the Fort Jacobs community helped. She met new people, excelled in school, and encountered plenty of Meta-humans she had connected to. However, there was a brief change as Deborah learned that she would be getting a new house mate her age. Shannon Balore, her parents didn't say much about her situation other than telling her that the girl has to stay with her.
    Naturally, Deborah knew the girl's blight right off the bat. Her dreary demeanor, her apathy for everything, it, and her distant personality. Deborah felt like she should help the female - only to get pushed away. That wasn't the only time Deborah tried, she knew that Shannon would have to open up eventually. She did small favors, while giving Shannon her space. Soon they made small talk, and that evolved to Shannon opening up, and sharing how she truly feels. Which had established them as friends, and they were closer to each other than anyone else. Of course, one thing that Deborah realized about Shannon was that she was gaining an attraction to her. Deborah was... flattered, but she honestly didn't know how to react. All her life, she was taught that girls should like boys, and only boys. The girl was far too young to decide what she really wanted, so Deborah choose to ignore it and act like she knew nothing of it. Though, she couldn't help but feel the same way. Which she tried her best to reject.

    Shannon sadly departed by the time Deborah was ten, her time with the Termellio family was over, but they stayed in touch. Once again, there wasn't much to note, except for the fact that Shannon moved to Black Fall, and they became best of friends. They rarely did anything without the other, and they both used their combined talents and power-sets to make the best of Black Fall. While they both made nice with the other's siblings. Over the years their relationship had evolved to the point where they were inseparable... but that was when Shannon open enough to share her romantic feelings for Deborah. Deborah had been repressing her feelings, until then, she told Shannon how she really felt. Before the two agreed to be each other's girlfriends. However, Deborah wasn't comfortable with being open with it, and the fact that she wasn't sure how her parents would react. So they decided to keep it a secret. Go out on excursions together in private. Until they felt ready.

    Life continued, Shannon and Deborah's relationship had increased greatly. At nineteen, Deborah had graduated high-school with flying colors, and there was a few local colleges that were aiming to enroll her. Deborah was happy with her life... However, a tragic accident had stricken her girlfriend, and Deborah had no choice but to pitch in any way she could.


    • Father - Jacob Termellio
      Mother- Susie Termellio
      Uncle - Dave Javuant
      Aunt - Taya Javuant
      Brother - Jago Termellio
      Sister - Aisha/Newt Termellio


    Jago Termellio | Good | Brother | "Damn... This little boy's too young and stupid to be actin' like this, but that's why I'm here. I was told to watch him, so that's what I'm going to do." |

    Aisha "Newt" Termellio | Good | Sister | "My favorite little girl out of them all, heh. But I have to keep her and her brother out of trouble all the damn time." |

    Shannon Balore | Great | Secret lover | "I love Shannon with all of my heart, she is one of the best girls here. I wish I could show the world how I feel... but I'm just not ready for it, honestly...." |

    Blathnat "Sugar" Balore | Feels Sorry For | Shannon's Younger-Sister | "Cute girl, I really like her. The princess routine is just adorable... But I'm curious about that Entity standing by her..." |


    Power Class: Cerebral/Extra-Sensory 8

    Power: Psychometric-Connections. This is undoubtedly Deborah's main power. This power is very complex and hard to explain, but I'll try. Basically, Deborah's power gives her information about what she perceives by making connections, filling in the gaps of information. For example, if she finds a gun on the ground smoking, she can tell how long ago it's been shot and where. If someone's crying, she can tell that they're hurt. If someone's washes their hands, she can tell what dirtied their hands (It's usually nasty). Finally, if she found a plate of unfinished food, she can tell who was eating it, and why they had to stop. That kind of stuff. Usually, it tells her random information about what she perceives. This ability works better if she's touching something. Like, if she touches it while focusing, she can filter out unnecessary information. Before you ask, this power doesn't tell her what people think or feel. This power straight up gives her information, not scenes, not thoughts, not memories.

    Psychometric Telepathy. A form of Telepathy that Deborah has been practicing, and has nearly gotten down. It works in conjunction with her first power. She can access the minds of others by touching an object related to the person. Such as the handkerchief she got from Shannon, she grabs it, and can open a telepathic link with her at any time. It's a very basic, rudimentary form of telepathy, thus she can only read thoughts and send them. This also doubles as Tactile Telepathy, if Deborah is touching someone, she can initiate her telepathic ability.

    Premonitions. A recent ability that Deborah has developed, and by far the most subtle. She receives instinctive and subconscious premonitions about what's to come, and what's currently going on, mostly the bad side of things. Such as if someone's following her, she'll get that feeling that someone's nearby, or if someone has hostile intentions, she'll pick up on it, or if she's in the middle of something shady, she can tell when someone's coming. That kind of stuff. It's not accurate as her other abilities, and it's so subtle that she didn't even know that she had the ability until told. Eventually it'll get far more accurate as she develops, it'll even get to the point where she basically has precognition.

    Retrocognition. This ability allows Deborah to see visions of the past without being there. This ability will be mostly triggered by her Psychometric-Connections, but will be random. But it can go far back as years if she has the right information.

    Powers in her potential are...

    Sensory Scrying. By touching another human being, Deborah can see through their eyes, experiencing everything they experience. Once she's touched someone, she can freely activate this power at will. However, when she does this, she'll be deprived of her own senses.

    Object Scrying. Similar to her sensory scrying ability, Deborah can use an object to view a distant event or person (From a third-person/bird's eye view) for a few seconds.

    Psychic Shield. Deborah can learn how to put up a mental shield around herself that will defend her against Cerebral/Extra-Sensory powers - The kind of powers that would give them information about her. In the case of Telepaths/Empaths, they would simply be unable to read her. In the case of Precogs, she wouldn't appear in any visions, or if someone had a similar ability to her, they wouldn't get information about her.

    Weaknesses/Limitations/Drawbacks: Her Psychometric-Connection ability has a few drawbacks. This one is equally hard to explain. It needs a starting point before it she can get started, no randomly getting the information she wants. She has to physically get the starting point using her senses. Such as, someone has a small inklet of blood dripping down their leg, Deborah has to physically see it before she can make any connections. Or if she smells something weird, she can tell that it's gas. Get the picture right? Incomplete, false, or broken information is her other weakness, as her power won't work correctly otherwise. She also runs the risk of an information overload where her mind gets loaded with so much information that she can barely process it and starts experiencing violent headaches. She could even give herself an aneurysm if she's not careful. Her power is also interfered with when dealing with other extrasensory and cerebral (As in telepaths) types. They produce a 'static' that just screws up her power. Deborah's telepathy is extremely weak and basic, and can easily be trumped by other, stronger, telepaths. She also can't freely read people's minds, she needs something connected to them. Such as an item owned by the person. Because of such a power Deborah has a near insatiable drive to get new information, from any and all subjects - Which can cloud her judgement and lead to rash decisions just in the name. It can also drive her to risk herself to get more new pieces of information.


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  6. Basic Information
    Name: Shannon Jacqueline Balore
    Nickname/Alias/Etc: Silkworm
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 162


    Hair Color: Red
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Irish and Israeli
    Physical Appearance: Shannon is a low, nerdy looking teen, the glasses she wears does not help. Her most prominent feature is her red ginger hair, which is curly and back length. Not kept in a particular style. Shannon, ethnicity-wise, is Irish, if the hair didn't give that away, and Israeli. Her father supplies the Irish, and her mommy gives her the Israeli. If that wasn't obvious enough (!) she is Caucasian, her skin is a pale color, like the kind of person who spends a lot of time in front of the computer and could use a little sunshine. Her face has plenty of obvious freckles, while her face has some freckles, her upper body has the most, though. Her frame/figure shows a bit of that too, she is skinny like a person who doesn't do too much work, but she has a little bit of body fat packed in the stomach area. Nothing her heavy clothes can't conceal. Shannon's skin isn't perfect... If her pale complexion didn't give that much away. She has plenty of blemishes, stretch marks, and her face has a few pimples here and there. She hasn't done in life to warrant more than a few scars, so her body is remarkable free of them. Shannon's nose is kinda crooked from getting broken a few times, and the few scars she does have are on her face from fights she got into. Shannon's head is rectangle shaped, with rounded facial features. She has high cheekbones, and, large, smooth, and round, cheeks. She has a comically small, triangle-shaped, nose, that is hooked at the tip somewhat. Her lips aren't thick, full, nor feminine, they're small and thin, more at home on a boy. Shannon's ears are medium sized and very round.

    Attire: Shannon prefers to dress heavily, and comfortably, with loose clothes that don't stick to her in the slightest. However, her outfit tends to be brightly colored or flashy. She can make her own clothes, and what she makes tends to be on par with designer clothes. Clothes with beautiful patterns, embroidered with pictures, anything that she thinks is fabulous. It gives people the impression that she is a rich girl. She likes to wear jewelry, like bracelets, and rings, usually this is the cheap, dollar-store, brand of jewelry. Then, of course, there's her wide variety of thick-framed glasses. She either wears round, and more squarish glasses.

    Outward & Innate Personality:
    Shannon isn't introverted, anti-social, nor shy. A bit of an asshole, yes, but none of those things. Shannon is incredibly cynical, jaded, and pessimistic. She rarely sees the good in things, and always thinks that nobody is nice "just because they are". She's very intelligent and observant. She tends to think things through well, she's good at making educated guesses, going off all the information she has. She's accurate most of the time. Though she has a habit of over thinking when she needs to act. To say the least, she always has her guard up at all times. In conversation, she is very snarky, sassy, and doesn't shy away from giving her opinion at every possible moment. Though, she tries not to sound like total bitch and make enemies. She tends to have the belief that every person she meets is an idiot, until proven otherwise, that is. She tends come off as condescending, though Shannon tries her damn best not to sound arrogant. She has plenty of views on current "issues" like LGBT rights, the various wars going on, and the headline stories. However, she is very passionate about her views, and won't hesitate to argue with people who have different views. In truth, Shannon generally likes to appear as if she's a super intelligent. Not hesitating to spot information, say big words, and generally acting smarter than everyone else. She tries hard to look like she's clever, when she really isn't. This has caused her a bit of problems when she messes up. She's very protective of the people she cares about. Friends, family, etc, she treats. Shannon has a bit of a temper, a very short one. When people annoy/aggravate her, even in the slightest, she tends to make it known that she doesn't like them. Because, in her eyes, she's not here to make friends with everyone, and if you're arrogant, or an asshole, then you're obviously not worth her time. She'll cut all ties with people she dislikes fast as possible, and never give them a second thought. Sexuality-wise, Shannon is a lesbian, and she's proud, however she keeps it to herself and lets everyone (annoyingly enough) assume that she's straight.

    Hobbies/Interests: N/A

    Skills/Talents: Intelligent, observant, naturally a detective, can speak French, good at weaving clothes, overflowing sass levels and extremely snarky.

    Prized Possession: There is no item that Shannon truly treasures.

    Quote: "Oh, you're mad? Sorry that you couldn't match me in wits and had to resort to violence."


    Shannon was born to a rather good life. Being the bastard daughter of her father O'Connor Balore, and her mother Avigail Durtang, whom quickly got married a few years after she was born. They each had rather modest jobs that granted her family with plenty of money to support them, and eventually indulge them in their hobbies - But they weren't rich. So in a way, Shannon lived in the upper-middle class. Nice house, plenty of nice people to be around, and everything was nice and dandy. Shannon was sent to school aiming to be above average. Her parents nurtured this growth in intelligence after and before school, but they didn't push her too far. It was just an activity they made her do so their daughter was. They tried to make it seem less of work, and more of something fun, and it quickly became something Shannon showed off to other kids - Something that made her better than them. This is how Shannon got rather close to her parents. While getting close to a teacher of hers named Reagan Boyer, whom her parents were friends with. Even after she left kindergarten, she continued to talk to him, and was someone she strives to be, the smartest person she knew.

    There isn't much else to say about Shannon's early life other than she continued to grow and mature. However, at the age of six, her powers had developed, or rather, she had discovered them. She was in the middle of a birthday party for the child of one of her father's Co-workers, and she had gotten into a small scuffle with a rather aggressive boy. Whom targeted her merely because she had red hair, and tried to pull it out. Shannon freaked out, and every piece of fabric in a good twenty foot radius had been warped and twisted into rather twisted constructs. Shannon and the boy's clothes were destroyed completely, leaving them both nude. Her parents had hauled them out. Not a soul knew what the hell happened, there was enough evidence to connect Shannon to it as everyone else.

    However, after that, Shannon discovered that she had an affinity with fabrics. It wasn't anything special, she noticed that fabrics moved to her rhythm. She experimented a bit, and realized that it was all out control over fabrics. She could move them like the traditional elemental type. Shannon came to her parents with this news, and they honestly didn't renounce her or deem her a "freak". They were not oblivious to the world of Meta-humans, and accepted their daughter for what she truly is. But they highly recommended that she uses this power behind closed doors, just out of fear of the people who didn't understand it. So it became a bit of a hobby of hers, along with the rest of her activities, training this ability to it's fullest extent. Learning the ins and outs of this ability, and becoming a master seamstress by default.
    She occasionally went to her old teacher Reagan for advice, who was a Meta-human himself (Ceramic Manipulation), and the only other. He taught her a few things, gave her a few pointers. He told Shannon that she could come up with some very creative uses with her power. All she had to do was think outside the box. Reagan acted as a mentor-figure for Shannon's training. Along with teaching her a few moves of his own that could be translated from ceramic to clothing.

    Life was going rather smoothly for Shannon. By the time she was nine, she had gotten quite a grasp on her power. She had already learned how to create outfits in a few minutes, and had expanded her control beyond just fabrics. She strived to improve this power even further, and she gotten plenty of opportunities to do so by simple practices such as repairing an outfit, to changing an outfit all together. Just chalking it all up to her being very good with a needle. Personally, she didn't want to participate in sports, and rather focused on her school work and training her power. Though, while in school, she wasn't the type to get along with people that well. She was already quite condescending towards virtually everyone. Shannon had already gotten the firm belief that most people were simply not worth her time, or too much of a mouth breather that they were beyond saving. But her intelligence was something that made other people think she was a simple stepping stone. They made her think she was their friend, only to reveal they only wanted to use her to cheat at tests and ease their way through school. This was simply a catalyst for her belief that everyone wants something, and made her more distant from other people. She made few friends that shared similar beliefs to her.

    But her life had changed drastically by the time she was ten. Shannon came home one day, and found her father drinking heavily, crying with his face in his hands. She learned what had happened while she was at school... Reagan had brutally raped and killed Shannon's mother - Apparently having harbored an obsessive desire over Shannon's mother. Using the information he had gotten from Shannon to learn about when and where she'll be, and when no one would be around to. Shannon couldn't possibly understand what happened, and went into a state of shock... Just locking herself into her own room, and never wanting to come out. She was horribly depressed, her entire world had collapsed in on itself. She just couldn't handle it anymore. This was a catalyst for her cynical attitude. One of the people she could trust most used that against her, and killed the one person she was close to. She had gotten the mindset that everyone wants something, no one is truly "nice", and always had something sneaky. It felt like days before Shannon left her room.

    Shannon's father went to alcohol in order to cope, he honestly couldn't help his daughter. He got an addiction, but learned of how far he's fallen. He needed to be alone while he suffered. There was only one thing he could do; send her away. He had a friend over in a city called Black Fall, Jacob Termellio, easily his closest friend whom he would do anything for. Black Fall was an unfamiliar city to O'Connor, but he knew of how it was a hot spot for Meta-humans, he knew Shannon would fit in fine. Her father sent Shannon away on a bus to Black Fall, regardless of her protests. Eventually she gave up and accepted it. Mother killed, and sent away when she truly wanted to be close to her father was not a good combination for the rather unstable Shannon.

    In Black Fall, Shannon lived on the Fort Jacobs for what amounted to be a year. The Termellio household lived in a pretty nice house, and they had little kids to stay with (Young Jago and Newt). But Shannon kept herself distant, on many levels. She had no interest in connecting with anyone, or even living. No matter how hard anyone tried. Until she had met her room mate, Deborah Termellio, a girl that was almost the same age as her. Deborah understood her thoughts, knew how she felt, and tried to help her, only to get pushed away by Shannon. Whom automatically assumed she had some ulterior motive. But Deborah was persistent, since she legitimately wanted to help the scorned girl. It worked, Deborah was the only person whom Shannon knew in this alien place, she had no choice but to stick with her. Over time, she had opened herself up to Deborah, and the girl acted as the therapist that Shannon had never gotten. Being the person whose's shoulder Shannon cried on. Telling someone how she felt, and releasing all those bottled up emotions felt great. The two young girls connected on a deep level, they became friends fast, and Shannon stopped keeping herself closed off from the world.
    That said, life went on as it normally did. Shannon wasn't as pushed into academics as she normally was, but she was still dedicated to school as anyone. After they took a decline, Shannon worked her butt off getting them back up. She figured that it wasn't the end of the world after her mother died, and was making the path to recovery. With the help of Deborah, whom over the months, she was getting very connected to. Hell, Shannon was even developing feelings for the girl - Which she had kept repressed because she was rather unsure of them herself and still had the notion that she have to be hetero-sexual in her head. But no matter how hard she tried to repress them, she knew that they were there, and getting stronger.

    But before she had the chance to explore these feelings, Shannon's father came straight to Black Fall, one year later, to get her daughter back. At this point, Shannon was eleven years old. But, she guessed all good things must come to an end. Her opinion of her father had severely degraded, to the point where she downright hated him, not saying a word to him - He had improved too, and respected her enough to give her space. She went back home, and what was easily the most surprising change was the fact that her father had met another woman, Cassidy Silmton, and were expecting a child. They were going to start a family, and her father wanted Shannon there. In all actuality, this made the girl furious, and she rejected her father even more now. Feeling as if he had betrayed her and her feelings. Fortunately, in the meantime, she had kept in touch with Deborah, they had talked to each other over the phone.

    However, fate pushed the two together when her father announced that they were moving to Black Fall where they will get married after their first child was born. Shannon was excited to learn that she would be close to her only friend. In a few months, they had moved to a nice spot in West Gate suburbs. (Mostly) Free of crime and the perfect place to raise a new family. A few months later, this new child, named Blathnat Balore - Also known as Sugar. But her very existence made Shannon feel worse about herself. She knew that she was a relic of a life that was long gone, and it would only be a matter of time before she's discarded. Her fears never came true. That said, months after that Cassidy was married into the Balore family.

    That said, the next few years were rather unremarkable. Yes, Shannon excelled with her school and her powers. At this point she was seventeen and had (mostly) gotten over the death of her mother. She hadn't gotten close to her sister, nor did she really like it when she got another brother. However, she had warmed up to Sugar after realizing how needlessly heartless and paranoid she was being. The girl was adorable, and she was a great way to practice her power. Making dresses and other outfits for the toddler. However, this was when Shannon and Deborah were closer than ever. They were best friends, but Shannon was on the end of a one sided crush. Shannon just couldn't take it anymore and she just awkwardly confessed her love to her best friend. As bad as Shannon thought it'd be, Deborah returned those feelings happily, having long known about them. However, Shannon nor Deborah's parents would approve of such a relationship. That was the point where they kept it a secret, and did romantic acts behind closed doors. That said, Shannon's life became far better.

    Fast forward a few years when Shannon was just about to turn twenty, about to graduate high-school, tragedy struck the Balore family when Sugar, and her father got into a car accident and were rushed to the hospital. Sugar had to get her leg cut off, and Shannon didn't hesitate to donate blood for her injured sister. Unfortunately, her father wasn't so lucky, while he didn't die, he was placed into a coma. Which put a tight hold on the Balore family's income. Shannon had to drop out of school for a while to keep the house afloat by using her power as a service, and taking odd jobs around town - but fortunately the Balore family got help from the Termellios. During this period, Shannon had noticed Sugar was acting strange. Like she made an imaginary friend, at that old of an age. With some other strange occurrence, Shannon had heavily suspected that her little sister was a meta-human - Which was all but confirmed when Sugar demonstrated her ability.
    Shannon turned twenty and her father was still in a coma, with her family barely getting by.


    • Mother - Avigail Balore (Deceased)
      Father - O'Connor Balore
      Stepmother - Cassidy Balore
      Brother - O'Connor Balore Jr.
      Brother - Sean Balore
      Sister - Blathnat Balore (Possesses an imaginary friend)


    Deborah Termellio | Perfect | Secret lover | "Debs is my girlfriend, indeed. We have so many excursions together when no one is looking... but the problem is that my father can't know about our relationship, neither can her family... They are too homophobic... I can only hope I can make them understand this is who I am." |

    Blathnat "Sugar" Balore | Warming up to | Younger-Sister | "I had to warm up to her, but I personally think she's cute... I'm just worried about anyone angering her "imaginary friend"...." |

    Jago Termellio | Neutral | Debby's Brother | "This kid's on the road to being just another egotistical swine, just the same as everyone else here... I hope Debby knows what she's doing." |

    Aisha "Newt" Termellio | Bad | Debby's Sister | "A young pain in the ass if you ask me...." |


    Power Class: Elemental 6

    Power: Clothing Manipulation. The basic idea behind Shannon's power is that she can manipulate clothing. In actuality, Shannon can manipulate all fabrics, fibers, cloth, cotton, and silk, along with the ability to control, leather, latex, small metals, plastic, and rubber - But she cannot control it as well. She can telekinetically move these materials, along with freely shape and alter it's properties. Shannon can weave outfits on the fly, or use clothing offensively by turning an opponent's outfit against them. She can alter the tensile-strength of certain materials. She can make a single strand of silk have more strength than steel, and make any outfit bullet proof. She would need some time to reinforce the outfit. This power is pretty versatile, and Shannon is clever enough to come up with a lot of uses with it. Enough to go toe to toe with the stronger mutants.

    Abilities in her potential are...

    Hair-Manipulation. Shannon will gain complete control of the hair of herself and others. She can alter, grow out, chance texture, color, etc., shape and manipulate it as if it was appendage, weave the hair into different shapes, etc. Along with the ability to alter the tensile strength of hair.

    Make-up Manipulation. Shannon will be able to telekinetically control various make up products (Eye-shadow, Lipstick, Mascara and so on). Whether it has been applied or not.

    Jewelry Manipulation. An extension of her clothing manipulation, she can control jewelry, specially the metal and gemstones. This power is limited to only moving it.

    Weaknesses/Limitations/Drawbacks: For starters, Shannon can't pull clothes out her ass, while it's pretty much everywhere, there might not be enough resources for her to work with all the time. In any case, fire and corrosive elements can easily destroy the clothes she's manipulating. Shannon's power has an effective-range of around twenty-five meters, she has difficulties using her powers outside this range. While she can pretty much make an outfit knife/bullet proof, it won't stop a punch or a really hard blow.


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  7. sounds fun, gimme a bit to get back home and work up a CS
  8. Excellent. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

    I posted some sheets up there to be an example, I'm still touching up on a few more, but I want to wait to see if this goes anywhere.
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  9. Hello, I would love to make a character for this if I am allowed to ^^
  10. The Termellio twins

    Basic Information

    Name: Jago Andrew Termellio
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 123


    Hair Color:

    Eye Color: Brown

    Ethnicity: African-American

    Physical Appearance: A very youthful and proud teen. Jago has the looks of an outgoing person, the kind of kid that spends plenty of time outside and doing things rather than lazing around the house. Hell, someone could say that he has the looks of an adventurer. But he tends to have the young relaxed teen vibe most of the time. Moving around and walking with confidence and a cocky swagger. He's rather tall for his age, standing shoulders above other teens at a solid 5'9. His build is very thin and waifish, he's skinny, but he has a bit of muscles. Not the "I lift" kind of muscles, but more of the "I run, and do gymnastics" muscles. His arms and legs are particularly muscular - another thing I should note about them is that they're long, they make up a bit of his height. However, the boy has been hitting the gym quite often in hopes of getting ripped. They're hard to notice unless he takes off his clothes and shows some skin. Speaking of skin; Jago is obviously African-American. He has a chocolate brown skin color, tanned from spending plenty of time in the sun. His face is coated with some dark freckles. Free from blemishes and acne - but he has plenty of scars coating his skin from rough play. His appearance clearly implies he's been during various activities, but clearly rough-housing. His crooked nose was broken in fights fairly frequently and just never healed right. Along with a few scars here and there - mostly around his knees from tripping - he's clearly been in some stuff. Going back to Jago's African-American heritage, his facial features are structured very much like African-Americans. His skull shape, thick lips, and hair-texture give this away. Jago's facial features are rounded and smooth - blending seamlessly with each other - along with a rectangle shaped head. His chin is small, and square, blending into his sharp jawline very well. His nose is medium sized, with two large nostrils and a thick nose bridge, and like it's been stated before, is quite crooked. He has large lips, along with a wide mouth. His ears are small, yet quite round. Jago's eyes are small, usually giving off a lazy, bored look, or a fierce, determined, confident, glare. One thing Jago has been notable for is his thick, straight, dark-black hair color. It's a usually wild hair-style, since he keeps them all in shoulder-length, thick, dreadlocks. They move and flow just as he does.

    Attire: Jago's attire, and style, varies depending on his mood. He's definitely not the type to dress to impress. He likes practicality in his attire. He dresses lightly in outfits that allow freedom of movement so he can perform his acrobatics. Such as wearing sweat pants and shirts. So his attire varies.


    Outward & Innate Personality:
    A young, impetuous, kid. A lot of words can be used to describe Jago. Arrogant, cocky, proud, confrontational... are just among some of them. He acts loudly and proud, and it's clear to the people he meets that he is some kind of badass. Talking like everyone is below him, or simply worthless - talking himself up to be some champion. Merely because he thinks that most people are annoying and simply not worth his time. Usually he tends to act like the cool kid, the one that barely cares and does whatever he pleases. Jago casually throws insults, snarky remarks at people and taunts - bordering on bullying. Jago is the kind of kid that would spit in the face of authority and act wildly out of control. This is apart of his young, impulsive, attitude. He breaks the rules casually, and treat authority figures like they're nothing. Stealing, breaking things, and fighting people aren't below him. However, he will play along with their rules until they get into his way. Jago is very easy to annoy, and temperamental. People who annoy him will get the blunt of his insults. Sometimes he'll single out these people and prank them. Doing whatever he can to demean them for his own amusement. Jago is very quick to anger, and when he gets angry, he acts rashly, and certainly isn't afraid to escalate things from throwing insults to throwing punches. However, he tends to act aggressively people that are his own level physically. While he isn't afraid to step up to someone who's larger and older than him, he tends to rely on peer pressure to carry him through those situations. And let whatever happens, happen - even if he loses. It's easy to say that he isn't the brightest kid. Acting on impulse (or with his dick) tends to get him in quite a few sticky situations. Very rarely does he learn unless the lesson is pounded into his skull through brute force (Specifically a good asskicking). However, he tends to act far more cold and closed off when around strangers, or when he's not in the mood to be bothered.

    Innately, Jago is afraid of being weak, being useless. Which is why he acts all proud, aggressive, and rebellious - he wants the world to know that he isn't weak or a coward and will do anything to appear otherwise. He's convinced that strength, pride, and status is the only thing that matters, and the only thing he needs. While longing for something more. Jago is desperate to become a strong and capable badass that doesn't take shit from anyone. When in reality, he's just a kid acting like one - and he knows this. He's especially afraid of failing in the moments he really needs to succeed, or just not being good enough. He believes that he's alone in the world, and that no one can possibly help him. Which is why he has to get strong enough to help himself. Jago absolutely hates it when he has to rely on other people, or someone else has to come and save him. Morality-wise, he doesn't have too much of them. He isn't out to help the world, nor is he out to destroy it. He's simply there and is only interested in himself, and protecting the people he cares about. That said, there is some justice in his heart.

    Skills/Talents: Jago has quite a few. His most obvious skill is that he's very agile and fast because of his acrobatic, and gymnastic training. He can climb, is very quick on his toes, and is very acrobatic. Jago is also exceptionally skilled at playing basketball, and has played a little bit of soccer. Jago has also taken an interest in arts. He's still green, but he is taking classes in drawing, sculpting, woodwork, and even knitting. He's very creative, perceptive, and intelligent for a child his age. He doesn't match someone who's older, but it's still surprising. Jago has also taken to skateboarding. Because he's a particularly mouthy teen, Jago's parents had invested in some Krav Maga classes to teach him how to defend himself, and maybe discipline him.

    Prized Possession: N/A

    Quote(s): "A wise man told me that when putting others first; they know you just come second."

    History/Bio: (Backstory for both Newt and Jago. Refer to Deborah's backstory for some more details)

    Jago and Aisha/Newt were born into the Termellio family, a military family, whom already had a daughter. Their early life was simple, and rather fatherless since he was sent off to go fight in the war. They had fun as children until he returned from the war a year later. They were all moved to Black Fall, Pennsylvania - the Fort Jacobs army base to be exact. As the twins grew up, it was apparent what kind of people they'd be. Jago was the young bruiser, while Aisha was the trickster with an interest in reptiles and amphibians. As they developed, they were given quite a bit of freedom, since once their father got home from the war, he didn't want to raise anymore kids. It was up to their mother's steady hand that put them on the path to greatness. Neither of them were anything special in class - however, Newt had trouble with school since she couldn't hold still and found herself getting distracted. Both of them did well enough to get by, and that's just about it. Then, there was the fact they had nothing to do after school was out. The only logical thing she could do was get them some hobbies. Initially, due to their existing mobility, they were both signed up for Gymnastics and free-running. A hobby that they both greatly enjoyed (Except Jago would rather go without the unitard) and allowed it to hone their agility and bodies. Jago had also taken a liking to artistic classes, and he was also into basketball, and soccer - Since he thinks that all the other sports were boring. There were some attempts to get him to play instruments, but they didn't stick. Newt on the other hand didn't get into hobbies other than gymnastics. She'd rather screw around with reptiles. Which meant her mother had to force her hand, and forced Newt to attend piano classes... It goes without saying that she didn't like it at all, but as she went to more and more classes, she warmed up to the idea of piano. Along with a few Spanish classes. Regardless, these hobbies were all outlets for them to properly learn how to socialize with people - probably.... Jago quickly learned to dislike other people, while Newt found herself getting ignored - so she drew attention to herself.

    By the time they were ten, they began showing their true colors ; two wild eye children. Jago was already a young bruiser, aggressive and had one hell of a tempter. He started fights in school constantly - over the pettiest reasons -, and had to be picked up from school more than once. It was a worrying trend that would certainly end with their son dead if they didn't correct it. Grounding him didn't seem to have an effect, neither did beating him - in fact, the latter made him even worse. They were running out of options, so they went with the last resort; a disciplinary boot camp for children with behavior problems. A location that was out of state. Now this was where Jago was worked. He had to live under strict rules, and was punished severely for every outburst. Jago learned to restrain himself finally, and it did wonders for the young child's temper and taught him ways to channel his anger. But it didn't completely remove the issue, only teach him when and where to express it. The other kids there were pretty shitty, since they were sent here for the same reasons he was. Mixed with his standoffish and temperamental attitude, Jago didn't get along too well with the kids here. He was bullied constantly, and whenever he tried to fight back, he got punished. It was all a vicious cycle that did nothing to help the boy.

    Newt on the other hand was struggling with the temporary departure of her brother. She was a major source of peer pressure for him, and she felt rather alone without him - since her sister is too old to actually relate to her. Worst of all, Newt's grades were declining due to her lack of focus and interest in it. It was suspected she had an disorder, but her mother had a bit of denial when it came to the matter, so she just chalked it up to Newt playing around too much. This caused Newt to be worked twice as hard in regards to her school work. Getting punished for what she didn't have control over. Getting countless tutors that did nothing to help. The sheer stress didn't help Newt's situation at all.

    Jago's power manifested at boot camp, after getting into one last fight. Jago had fought back against some kids who were bullying him. He got beaten badly by what had to be five kids older than him. It was a scary situation, but in the process of swiping back at his enemies he had created a bubble shield around himself. It wasn't the shield itself that stopped the barrage, but it was merely the revelation that he was a Meta-human that scared them off. With he himself having little idea of what happened. Jago was immediately pulled out of the camp and sent straight home - he wouldn't have had it any other way. The moment he got home, he had a talk with his family about what happened, and through a bit of tinkering, he managed to replicate what he did. They didn't reject him since they already had one Meta-human (Deborah) in their family. So it was another one of their family secrets. He got registered at NEST, then Jago resumed life, went to school, indulged in hobbies - with Krav Maga classes added to the list due to the incident. But whenever he was alone, he practiced with his shielding ability. He attempted to understand it - with the help of Newt he learned some of it's capabilities; it can stop most physical attacks from normal humans, but what about the big stuff like bullets? Well, Jago never got to know. Either way, he practiced with his ability to the point where he could control it (No one accidental activation). Jago took pride in his ability, he felt powerful, and the whole concept of being superhuman had inflated his ego. While the disciplinary camp had taught him to control his anger, he would still get into fights. Just for better reasons now.

    On the other hand, Newt felt left out for being the only child in the family that wasn't a Meta-human, and worst of all, she met plenty of people who were. It was simply unfair! She eventually became jealous of her siblings powers and used every opportunity she could to undermine them. It didn't affect Deborah all that well, whom knew of Newt's troubles, but it definitely caused her and Jago to drift apart for a while. They were all fighting over all the stupidest things. Arguing, pranking each other, and sometimes outright fighting. It was at that point they hated each other. This vicious cycle continued well until they were twelve - albeit to a more subtle level. They had matured somewhat, and everyone around them were getting tired of it. So their sibling rivalry died down - but not completely.

    Meanwhile, Jago learned a new aspect of his power while sparring in a Karate class and accidentally floating upwards a few feet... He was immediately disqualified for cheating. But that didn't matter to him, he had a brand new ability to explore! He rushed home and experiment with it. At first, he could only move around, which gave him the theory that he can make shields and fly, but a few months of practice the epiphany came that his powers were actually telekinetic. Around this time, Newt had discovered her abilities during her gymnastics class. They had manifested long before, but she didn't notice them until she was in class, bending her body in unreal ways. At first she didn't know, but given the Meta-human nature of her families, she knew it was a power. So she went to NEST and got tested, and it was confirmed that she was a Super-System-type meta-human. Newt was ecstatic, her gymnastics had reached the next degree. Eventually, she had also learned that she had the ability to turn - in simpler terms - invisible during an argument with her mother.

    The twins just had their fourteenth birthday and the opportunities are endless...


    • Father - Jacob Termellio
      Mother- Susie Termellio
      Uncle - David Javuant
      Aunt - Taya Javuant
      Sister - Aisha/Newt Termellio
      Sister - Deborah Termellio


    Aisha "Newt" Termellio | Good | Twin-Sister | "You know, we fight all the time over stupid shit, but you we make a great team..." |

    Deborah Termellio | Neutral | Big Sister | "I hate how she treats me like I'm some stupid kid, I can handle myself just fine." |

    Shannon Balore | Neutral | Debby's Friend |"Carrot-top is Deborah's friend. The only reason why I can tolerate her. At least she can make me some good clothes sometimes." |

    Blathnat "Sugar" Balore | Neutral | Shannon's Younger-Sister | "..." |

    Layne Hayat | Neutral | White-Boy | "Ptttf, I wonder if Layne here will ever stop acting like a little white boy and man up a bit. But nah, I'm going to be totally honest with you. Once a bitch, always a bitch." |


    Power Class:
    Cerebral 6

    Power: Jago has two abilities that are Telekinetic in nature. Whenever he uses either ability, he is surrounding in a aura. Both abilities require movement of his hands.

    Telekinetic Barriers. Jago has the ability to create telekinetic barriers with little energy or focus as far as the eye can see. Jago's barriers are translucent, dark-purple or blue, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Though, Jago is more specialized in creating walls, he can create curved walls, or spheres. He can't move them, the barriers are effectively stationary (Though, they can be moved with enough strength) until he becomes more refined in them, but he can create floating shields just fine. He can control what goes through them. For example, he can make it so that people can attack from inside his shields, or render them inaccessible from both sides. These force-fields have varying levels of durability, all depending on how much effort he puts into it. They can be enough to block a person, or stop an augmented punch from a super-strong meta. Though, the more pressure they're put under, the harder it is it for him to keep them going. Right now, Jago can only create bouncy, flexible shields. If his shields were hit by anything, they would deform, and Jago would be able to bounce it back, with a variety of other uses. Bouncy shields are a bit harder to destroy than his other shields because they're far more shock absorbent. He's working on creating traditional, "solid" shields by gaining a higher degree of control. He will be able to learn how to create reflecting, and deflecting shields with time. In regards to energy, or non-physical, attacks, Jago's shields block simply them regardless of the type of shield he has deployed, and they cause no deformations in his shields. One technique he believes he can do is that he can wrap his barriers around his limbs, to create an armor around himself. Bringing his durability up a bit. There are plenty more techniques he can come up with as he becomes better at controlling his ability, but it's more of a creativity kind of thing. He just needs to think outside the box with his power, and he can possibly become more dangerous than anyone else.

    Telekinesis. Jago has recently developed a low-grade form of telekinesis, and the epiphany that his power is truly telekinetic in nature. It's simple, he can focus on an object and he moves it. He can make objects move exactly how he wills it, and can even move objects at the speed of thought. The possibilities are limitless, and he has a high degree of skill with his telekinetic abilities. The most he can lift up without strain is a good 200lb. However, at the moment, his power is more on augmenting himself and his controlling own movements. Such as, levitation/flight, defying gravity (Walking on walls), putting more force behind his punches, enhancing his strength, running faster, enhanced balance, and so on.

    Weaknesses/Limitations/Drawbacks: The first problem Jago has is concentration. All of his abilities rely on focus and concentration. Break it, and all uses of Jago's power will be cancelled. There's the given weaknesses of larger and more durable his shields, the more effort it'll take to keep them going. However, Jago technically has no limit to how many shields he can put up at a time, but it comes down to a quality vs quantity thing. The more shields he has up, the less overall durability they'll have (Depends on size and durability). Putting constant pressure on Jago's shields is dangerous. While he can make them quite durable, the more pressure they're put under, the harder it'll be for Jago to keep them going. However, "constant pressure" means a lot of really hard hits coming on it at once. For example, a really strong punch won't cause any extra effort, but a barrage from anything stronger than a .40 Cal will make it harder for Jago to keep it going. It's also possible to break them if they get hit with more than what they can take. While his flexible shields are more durable than other types of shields, they have a few more disadvantages of their own. If Jago (Or anyone else) is too close to the shield after they take a heavy hit, the excess force may whip back and hit someone behind the shield. Bouncing attacks off his shields might also be hazardous for everyone else. Bullets might hit someone. He has a bit of a disadvantage in long term fights. Overusing his abilities (Or maintaining a single use for too long) causes his body to receive damage and degrade over times. This in the way of him bleeding out of every orifice, awful headaches, weaker bones, and at it's most extreme; brain damage and failing organs.



    Name: Aisha Phoebe Termellio
    Nickname/Alias/Etc: Newt, Phoebe
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 108

    Hair Color:
    Black, with some Red streaks
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Physical Appearance: Newt is certainly a young and spastic teen. Much like her twin brother, Newt is much taller than a girl her age should be. She is taller than the average female height. But she herself still feels rather short compared to other people. Her frame is thin, and her body is trim from all the activity she goes through. She's basically skin and bones. She has the appearance of someone who's transitioning into a healthy woman, or someone in the middle of puberty. Her voice is getting deeper, her breasts are growing, with gaining a more womanly shape (Curves and hips). It seems like she'll certainly be a full woman once she finishes, but she's far from that. But she's certainly feminine. She's energetic, and never can seem to hold still, and her movements are quick and wild. Even when she's holding still, she's always looking like she's about to explode in a ball of energy. Her skin is somewhat scarred from all the activity she does, specifically in her knees. Most of them are simply scattered and have no story attached to them other than the fact that it looks like she likes to play rough. What supports these theories of playing rough is the fact that she's missing a few teeth, thus she doesn't have a great smile even in the slightest. Newt is clearly African-American, her skin, skull-shape, and facial features are consistent with African-Americans. Her skin is a dark-brown color. However, Newt's body is splattered with black freckles against her brown skin. Newt's facial features are rounded, and smooth, nothing looks disproportionate from one another. She has a rectangle shaped head, and with a small square chin much like her brother. She doesn't have much of a jawline at the moment, but it is developing. Her nose is medium sized with rather big nostrils, and a thin nose bridge, making her nose look almost triangle shaped. Surprisingly, it isn't crooked or broken. She has thick lips. She has some small ears that are thin, and kinda pointy. Her eyes are very large, and round, they have a puppy-eyes look all the time. Her iris is a brown color. She has a long neck. Newt's hair is a wavy shoulder-length hairdo. It's wavy, and thick, but she doesn't really maintain it all that well, so it's pretty messy and dirty. There's a few thick strands of a bright red color.

    Attire: Newt would love to wear all the clothing that her parents would never let her wear, but she's forced to look somewhat presentable. But if given the opportunity to, she would wear ripped jeans, leggings, stockings, bikinis, and just skimpy clothing in general. Though, she is forced to dress somewhat normally. She'll be forced to wear clothing that covers her skin, such as jeans, and jackets. Through Newt likes to take this to it's logical extreme and dress up like a ninja. Wearing hoodies over hoodies and jackets over jackets. She's also fond of wearing gloves, boots, and high heels. The most standout feature of Newt's attire is that ridiculously long bright-red scarf with black edges. It's at least seven feet in length, and she keeps it wrapped around her neck or her face.


    Outward & Innate Personality:
    A real wacky motherfucker. Newt is a teen that lacks tact, crude as hell, and will say just about anything that's on her mind. She won't refrain from saying rude, strange, or mean, things about people because it'll amuse her. She is quite rebellious and insolent, she dislikes authority figures with a passion, and will go out of her way to screw with them. It goes without saying that she tends to ignore and disobey orders when ever possible. Newt doesn't have the best social skills on the planet, she is someone oblivious to how people interact with each other, and it shows when she says inappropriate (Or sexually charged) statements. Newt likes to draw attention to herself, especially when other people stop paying attention to her. Merely because she hates being ignored and forgotten about. She has trouble concentrating, or holding still. She's always so energetic that if she isn't stopped, she'll be all over the place. It's highly suspected that she has ADHD, which is something that upsets her. Underneath the wacky personality, Newt really cares for other people, and honestly wants to be their friend. She really cares about her cousin. While she tends to appear to brush things off - Things like criticism, insults, and so on tends to be rather damaging emotionally.

    Hobbies/Interests: If the nick name didn't give it away, Newt loves reptiles and amphibians. Especially frogs, and salamanders. If she sees any scaly friends she will absolutely lose her shit and be all over that. Other than that, Newt is surprisingly interested in things like classic literature, old movies, and poetry. She's also a fan of various animated series, her favorite being anime.

    Skills/Talents: A girl that's really light on her toes. She's fast, agile, quiet, and can hide pretty well. Just pray to God that you're not playing hide and seek with her. This is partly due to being in gymnastics. She's also a very good pick-pocket, using her powers in conjunction with her dexterous hands. Newt is also being forced to learn to play piano, she's not that good at the moment, but she's getting there. She also knows how to speak Spanish. Her twin brother Jago has shared a few of his skills with his. Such as his krav maga, basketball, and so on.

    Prized Possession: Her impractically long scarf.

    History/Bio: (Refer to Jago's sheet)

    Father - Jacob Termellio
    Mother- Susie Termellio
    Uncle - David Javuant
    Aunt - Taya Javuant
    Brother - Jago Termellio
    Sister - Deborah Termellio


    Jago Termellio | Good | Brother | "Hahahaha... Jago here better stop touching my stuff. He'll wake up one morning and find all his shit gone. Haha..." |

    Deborah Termellio | Good | Big Sister | "Everyone calls her the Secret Keeper? Ha, give me a damn break. I know one of her biggest secrets, and I don't plan keeping it." |

    Shannon Balore | Meh | Debby's "Friend" | "She's totally a carpet muncher, you know?" |

    Blathnat "Sugar" Balore | Neutral | Shannon's Younger-Sister | "Little bitch weird." |

    Layne Hayat | Neutral | Butt-Monkey | "Me and Jago love picking on this little punk, because it's so damn easy. Little boy needs a bit of hair on his P-Jordan and get his cherry popped." |


    Power Class & Rating:
    Super-System 5, & Cerebral 3
    Power: Super-Human Condition. Newt has a godly body for a fourteen year old girl. She is at her (Super-natural) prime. That said, Newt has your typical superhuman abilities. Her body has been enhanced in a few fields, such as her agility and strength, among other things. However, her agility is simply top-tier, and easily the most improved part of her body by a long shot. She's insanely flexible, she can go from one motion to another with ease, sprint, do backflips, and other tricks with little effort. Her body/muscle control, hand-eye coordination, and balance are insane, allowing her to perform stunts with little strain on her body. Newt can also bend twist her body far beyond the normal limits, and her limbs are double-jointed. Meaning she can preform contortions that look like she's boneless. She's also great with those hands of hers, they move at a blur, and are insanely precise. Which can allow her to quickly snatch something. This power also allows Newt to run faster (at like 40 mph consistently) and jump higher (At least a good twenty feet). Her reflexes have been increased to boot, she can react to things the moment she sees it coming. In a fight, the implications are obvious; she can easily and effectively dodge attacks - moving like a blur. Finally, Newt has the ability to wall crawl by taking advantage of van der Waals force. Newt can cling to any surface. Newt's strength has also been enhanced by a few notches, and supplements her agility. She can lift up to 300lb on her own, and that's enough to lift up a grown man, or throw a knockout punch. Newt's senses are also improved by a greater degree, specifically her sense of smell, hearing, and sight. She can smell on par with animals, pick up every single smell, and see with amazing clarity and distance. Her healing ability has been enhanced, not to the point of regeneration, but she'll heal faster and more efficiently than average humans. And finally, her aim has been increased. She can precisely hit a target, needing only an instant for her to line up a shot.

    Optic-Stealth. With a little bit of concentration, Newt can become invisible to the naked eye... sort of. Her power subconsciously alters the optic nerves and removes her from them. Thus, making her invisible to the naked eye, and not having to worry about being blind herself. Fortunately, this ability extends to anything she's touching, so she's not floating clothes walking around. This also allows her to make objects she's not holding, such as a table, invisible as well - at the expense of requiring more effort. As a recent evolution, her power now alters the vestibulocochlear nerves. However, instead of making her inaudible, it merely silences everything she does. By default, it makes things such as her heartbeat unhearable - but muffs her footsteps to the point where only the best ears can hear her. So far her power has no effect on the olfactory senses, but that could be a development for her. There's a possibility that she can become inaudible, and odorless in the future.

    Weaknesses/Limitations/Drawbacks: Yes, Newt's body has been enhanced to godly levels, but there are some aspects that haven't been enhanced; namely her durability and stamina. Both of them are still technically at the human level. It is entirely possible for her to push herself beyond those limits and injure herself. That said, her feats of agility have made her tendons and other ligaments much more fragile, and easily to damage. She's also more prone to damaging her joints. Or say if she punches someone really hard, she could possibly break her hand waaay easier. While she can heal faster, it's still quite a problem for her. As for her stamina, she can get tired quite fast, since her stamina hasn't caught up to her body yet. Doing some of those stunts mentioned above can exhaust her quickly. While she can quickly scale a wall, do twenty backflips, and punch someone in the balls with the strength of grown men, she would need to take a breather for a bit. Newt's body also requires much more food, water and rest to continue functioning - if she goes without those for too long, her body will shut down. Because of her enhanced senses, she is susceptible to a sensory overload.

    That ability is called Optic-Stealth rather than outright Invisibility. The main weakness to this ability is range. The further people are, the easier they can see her. Allow me to explain, she's completely invisible to people that are around fifteen feet of her. Outside of that, she can vaguely be seen (Without her facial features being visible) and further than thirty feet she's completely visible. The more objects Newt is making invisible, the harder it is to maintain overall. Which includes clothes. For example, she can only keep another person stealthed for a minute at best, but if she's wearing extra clothing it'll only take a bit more effort. Then there's people with enhanced/extra senses that can easily detect her. She isn't invisible to electronics either.


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  11. Basic Information
    Layne Hayat




    4'8" Feet.

    78 Pounds.

    Hair Color:
    Very dark brown, looks black without sufficient light.

    Eye Color:
    Dark Brown

    Olive, Egyptian descent.

    Physical Appearance:
    Scrawny, frail and fragile. Layne is a short and visibly weak boy who wouldn’t pose much of a threat. He seems to be on constant guard, his large brown eyes ever vigilant for an impending ambush and he often keeps something in his hands as if to feel safer. A book pressed against his chest, his fingers wrapped around the strap of his shoulder bag or fiddling with his hands are common sights.

    His hair would be considered rather long and thick, bangs falling over his forehead and covers his eyes unless kept out of the way. He doesn’t possess any notable scars or additions to his body in the form of accessories or tattoos, the thought rather uncomfortable.

    His ribs are rather visible and ‘you need to eat more’ is a common line he hears. Despite an otherwise reserved and shy demeanour, he doesn’t seem to have much of a problem with his body. It’s not much to look at, and the scrawny nature is certainly nothing held high by media or society, but he hasn’t displayed much reluctance in removing his shirt during PE class at the pool.

    Layne's skin isn’t as tanned as it could be, but his ethnicity adds an olive tint to an otherwise light tone.

    Layne prefers simple clothing consisting of jeans and hoodies, or t-shirts if the weather warrants it. Most clothes he gets his hands on are loose on him but it happens that he can wear a more tight fitting shirt if he finds it. During summer, he wears tank tops or t-shirts along with a number of leather bracelets across his forearms. Dark colours are preferred, but it isn’t uncommon to see him in blue or red, though his pants are always jeans. When it comes to more proper outfits, he hates it. The stiffness of a blazer and dress shirt are not preferred. It is common to see Layne in a toboggan hat, or beanie, to prevent his hair from covering his eyes.

    Layne is a careful, quiet and reserved young man. He usually tries to think about various pros and cons before entering a situation but life doesn’t always give him the chance to do so. He doesn’t talk much and expresses a shy demeanour, lacking confidence of any notable level. He prefers to avoid conflict and rather apologises than stands up for himself. While he lacks what would be considered a backbone, Layne is a very polite individual who goes to great lengths to help others whenever he can.

    Layne shows great respect not only to his peers but also to kids his age, sometimes considered a suck up. One could argue that it’s the way he has been raised but at the core, it’s simply to avoid conflict. Being polite and respectful usually results in a positive outcome.

    While Layne is the quiet, weird kid in the corridor, getting to know him would eventually reveal a more adventurous personality. He is indeed careful and doesn’t like to take risks, but his hobbies wouldn’t be the first thing you’d consider when thinking about him. On a more physiological evaluation, his action oriented interests are a way to compensate for his overall weakness.

    Surprisingly enough, Layne doesn’t bother hiding his sexuality which of course brings more punishment to an already rather bothersome situation. He is homosexual, and while he doesn’t wave it around, he doesn’t pretend to be straight either. If asked, he will tell the truth but otherwise he doesn’t bring it up.

    Layne loves Airsofting, being a frequent contender of the sport. He also likes firing ranges and marksmanship, as it’s relaxing and an escape from an otherwise powerless existence.

    Video games are of course far up on the list as well along with watching movies and listening to music.

    He’s not a big reader but can enjoy writing at times and finds a big interest in mythology and folklore.

    Layne loves cats.

    Layne is a great shot and has an accurate eye.

    He is fluent in Arabic, American and Swedish due to an Egyptian father, Swedish mother and having grown up in America.

    He seems to have an easy time with pronouncements and even if he doesn’t know the language, he can pick up the pronunciations easily.

    A polite and respectable personality can make it easier to talk with people. Too bad he’s bad at talking with people.

    Prized Possession:
    Every bracelet he wears is woven by his father and is of great value to him.

    Quote(s): Wish I had one...

    Layne grew up with an Arabic father and a Swedish mother, both of whom were incredibly open minded and accepting individuals. They raised him well, but throughout his childhood, Layne kept mostly to himself and it grew with the years. It was early that he learned that his mother had been struggling with a terminal illness but it didn’t show itself very often. In fact, she was a very strong woman but with her energy being constantly sapped, it eventually became too much. What could be considered a perfect little family was down one member December of 2012, when Layne was thirteen years old. Her passing was hard on both him and Khalil, his father, but together they managed to struggle through it.

    With her gone, Layne grew even more reserved and kept to himself most of the day. The passing of a year was enough to eventually crack a small hole in the shell he had created and he started to speak more and spend more time with his father. Their relationship grew stronger once the mourning had been going on for a while and things started looking up.

    Khalil continued working with his accessories, a rather successful business, and Layne’s grades at school were picking back up. Before and after his mother Lena passed on, Layne’s life was rather straight forward. His supernatural ability showed itself as early as five years into his life and has since then been close to his heart. He doesn’t use this ability to scam others but it can at times get him out of tight spots and he follows NEST’s orders and goes to their appointments without struggle.

    He is recorded as a behaving kid but he’s not a saint. He slips up at times and sometimes does in fact use his ability to benefit himself but not unless the other option is a deterrent.

    Layne gets along with most people but has had ‘that one bully’ following him around in every school he’s been in. For most part, people leave him alone and while considered weird, he’s not someone people usually dislike without reason. Well, that excludes Cliff who he constantly ‘owes money’.

    Almost everyday after school, Layne goes to the shooting range to vent and get all the frustration out of his system and it has worked well throughout the years. Sometimes a few friends follow along when they hear what he intends to do and some of them stuck around but outside of school, he never made it a habit to hang out with others.

    Khalil - Father
    Lena - Mother (Deceased)
    Naya - Aunt (Father’s side)
    Olaf - Uncle (Mother’s side)

    David Kale - A friend from school. David and I are friends, a good relationship between us, but it has never evolved to an ‘after school activity.’ I wish I could tell him how I felt about him but honestly, what are we more than just ‘buds’? He’d probably never want to talk to me again if I said that I like him.

    Cliff Norn - My bully. Can’t say I know anything about the guy, other than the fact that he probably gets beat up at home…I hope he does….sorry.

    Leila Faylight - A girl I first met at the shooting range with her father. She could perhaps be considered my closest friend and she is also part of my airsofting team. We get along well and her talkative personality is a good compliment to my quiet demeanour.

    Gray Hansen - My airsofting ‘coach’. He is the leader of my team and is the adult that has to be present during every event. He’s a cool guy and it surprises me how he can move around so fast with those huge muscles of his. He reminds me of Michael Clarke Duncan, they even look the same.

    Khalil Hayat - Dad, he’s never really liked that I go shooting things everyday but being a pacifist does that to you. I love him with all of my heart, I really do, but sometimes his spiritual yoga lifestyle can be a bit hard to fully grasp. He's a yoga teacher and a really spiritual guy, but I like how harmonic he always is...kinda' like Yoda.

    Jago and Newt Termellio - These two are obviously siblings and they would fall into the same category as Cliff. I don't know what their problem with me is but I'd rather avoid them both. Jago has probably seen his fair share of street fighting judging from that crooked nose of his and his sister...well, I don't know. Maybe they can go and have a drink with Cliff and leave me alone.

    Power Class & Rating:
    Other 4

    Layne is able to permanently replicate any object he touches and gets an identical copy of that item.

    Apparently, Layne’s cells to not split normally but rather replicate themselves. At first, this was thought to be cancer but after further examination, it would seem like it is due to his powers. As his cells do not split normally, they do not deteriorate and it is speculated that once his body and powers have matured, he will stop physically ageing.

    The item in question cannot weigh more than one kilo.
    Layne can only replicate one item at a time. A second will remove the first.
    The item must come in contact with his skin, mainly his fingers.
    Layne cannot replicate organic material, not even living wood. It must either be inanimate or in the case of wood, dead.

    In combat, this mutation is useless without the use of some kind of weapon, for example a gun.


    Sample Post:
    The school corridor was thinning out and this meant that he had to hurry before push came to shove. “Cya tomorrow, Layne.” David placed his hand on Layne’s shoulder and offered a bright smile before heading off. Their relationship was rather close but outside of school, they rarely ever spoke. David was considered rather attractive by his surroundings and was part of the school soccer team which only added onto the cake. Layne wasn’t about to lie, the dude was good looking with those bright blue eyes and his flowing blonde hair, not to mention that body.

    Though, back to reality. Layne had to find his book before the Cliff rolled in and smashed him against the wall. He would ask David to stay for a while but he didn’t want to become a nuisance and it wasn’t like the soccer player would want to be late to practice because he had to pretend to be Layne’s bodyguard. ‘I know I put you in here somewhere…come on.’ The boy sighed, rummaging through his locker. Layne had always been a bit of a neat freak and kept his books neatly rowed up which only caused confusion right now. The book had to be there, where could it otherwise be? ‘Wait…’ Reaching a halt, Layne slipped his hand into his bag and noticed how the book he was looking for had been in there all the time. He actually slipped it in that morning to prevent having to get it from his locker and run into Cliff. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me.’ Lately, Layne hadn’t been getting so much sleep. It was probably stress due to all the tests he had to take soon and he was falling behind as it was. Math had the power to hinder his progress greatly, it seemed.

    He quickly closed his locker and spun around, moving towards the exit and saw the sun’s light shining through the front door. There it was, freedom! “Oh, Lame!” Damn it.

    “Hi, Cliff…” Layne gulped and saw how Cliff had been waiting by the entrance the whole time. He was going to have to shoot more than a few targets today.

    “Got my money, Lame?” Lame, a nickname Cliff had proudly placed upon the boy’s head and dusted it off every time they met.

    “Yes…” Cliff was about twice Layne’s size, which wasn’t hard to pull off, but it added an intimidation factor. He placed his arm around the smaller boy’s shoulder and leaned against a locker.

    “I’m waiting.” He spat, reaching up and ruffled Layne’s already unkempt hair. Reaching into his pocket, Layne’s fingers touched the bills inside and that was enough to give Cliff a satisfactory version of what he was after. “Pleasure doing business with you. Run along now.” He slid the money into his pocket and just after he did, Layne removed the copy and breathed out. Damn, it would have been a process to explain that if the bills were in Cliff’s hands as it happened. Before their meeting reached new heights, Layne hurried out of school and towards the shooting range. He wouldn’t want to be there once Cliff noticed how he had ‘lost’ the money.
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  13. Added ^^
  14. Hopefully we get more interest soon.
  15. Yeah, I hate for this to go to waste, I put a fuckload of work into it.
  16. Yeah, you did...xD
  17. There was one more interest on here, though.
  18. Yeah, and another guy/gal contacted me on Skype saying they wanted to join too. I dunno what happened to them, but I'm going to give it some time.
  19. This RP has a lot going for it. It honestly surprises me how there aren't people lined up for this.
  20. This site is pretty crowded and sometimes things just get overlooked. It just happens. lol

    Anywho, I have a few extra characters ready, but I'm not going to post them until we get a few people. But I'm going to post Blathnat/Sugar's sheet regardless since she's relevant to the other characters I made.
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