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  1. In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.
    Welcome to the BLACK CRUSADE.

    Planet Tyron was rife with disorder as the reports came that a new Black Crusade was launched, and Tyron was caught straight in its path. Tyron was a minor agriworld, whose allegiance to the Imperium was not as sure as other planets around it. Many inhabitants were secret worshipers of Chaos, though many did not know the true nature of Chaos, merely worshiping the gods of their ancestors. The simple farmers were not that much afraid of the invading Chaos forces; they feared the coming of Imperial troops that would no doubt make their way to Tyron.

    And arrive the Imperium did. Platoon after platoon of Guardsmen poured forth from the carriers and swarmed the fields of the simple farmers, setting up defenses while trampling the vital crops of Tyron's denizens. The simple peasants could not hope to drive off the Imperial forces without feigning allegiance to the Imperium. They continued their life sullenly, burning their idols and keeping their shrines concealed from the eyes of the Imperial Guard. They prayed that their unholy traditions would not be found out, for they had heard the tales of the terrible fates of those who worshiped other gods than the Emperor.

    The brunt of the Chaos invasion hit planetfall a few months after, bringing death and fire to the green fields of Tyron. Some of the more brave farmers looted the corpses of the dead and joined the fray, adding to the carnage and fully understanding the power of their gods. The Imperial Guard were taking many losses worldwide, except for the massive Capital Fortress located in the capital of Tyron. It was a safe haven for the Imperium, for the 500 ft high wall was impenetrable, armed with anti-air and anti-personnel armaments.

    The fray was joined by other factions: the Ebony Blade Chapter of the Space Marines, the personal forces of the Rogue Trader Claimor, and Inquisitor Hadra, tipped off by the corruption that had defiled Tyron for centuries. Now the planet was burning bright, a beacon that drew the forces of Order and Chaos to bloody battle.

    Detritus finished the profane rites of Slaanesh as he always did after battle. He posed the corpses of the Guardsmen in elaborate positions to create a story made of rotting flesh. His Traitor Guardsmen were taking the ammo packs and combat gear off the bodies, praising their own gods. After finishing his corpse story, he could feel Slaanesh's approval. He called his second-in-command Hydra to come talk with him.

    The veteran met Detritus outside the farmhouse. He was a full head taller than Detritus, his build twice as wide. The man was bloated, festering with pus and disease. Detritus had ordered him to wear a mask, for his face caused the other Traitors to look away in horror. He had met Hydra back in his early days of traitorhood, a dying guardsmen forsaken on the planet while the Guard left the world. Detritus offered him to the Chaos Gods, and they offered him back to Detritus as his own personal bodyguard.

    "The gods are pleased with us, Hydra. Three battles in a row, all successful. The weak Imperium is retreating back to the Capital. The battle on Tyron is done."

    The towering abomination looked at him silently.

    Detritus smiled. "But our goal is far from reached. The gods want us to sacrifice the entire populace. They spoke to me! The dearest slaves of the Corpse Emperor are coming to join the corpse pile as well, the Space Marines."

    "Get to the point." Hydra was a man of few words, and he preferred conversations to consist of few words. Detritus, on the other hand, had a habit of dragging on his conversations.

    Detritus laughed. "Very well. Though we are blessed by the powers of the Ruinous Powers, we are no match for the inhuman Space Marines. We need more powerful warriors."

    "How do we get them?"

    "Simple," Detritus smirked. "We attract them like we attract flies: leave a trail of blood and corpses, and they will follow."
  2. Thulian, red

    Thulian came to Tyron in one of the last waves to hit Tyron, the battles far and wide, but the one that he was craving and wanted was the one that would be at the Capital. Once he found his sense of direction, he made his way, following Traitorus Guardsmen and machines of destruction alike. A battle was brewing and he could feel it boiling in his veins. The helmet on his head, one that installed fear throughout his enemies as he seemed to something more than a Chaos Space Marine.

    He couldn't even remember the Chapter he once served. Maybe the Black Templars, his armor would explain it but he recalls no memories of serving the BT. His memories were just filled with battle, both on the Emperors side and on the Chaos side.

    The power sword in his hand sparked with what seemed like electricity from time to time. Traitor Guardsmen stepping out of Thulian's way as he walked through the crowd of them. He stood over them, several feet above them. Looking down on them like they were ants. In his left hand held a blood red bolter, the power of chaos flowing through his veins. His armor covered with medals and commendations, but none of them were his. They were from dead Space Marines that he killed, rewarding himself with the victory of their death. The armor showing its weary tales of battle, but standing tall and strong.

    Thulian loves a battle, but he is no fool in attacking the Capital City alone without the backup of the machines and guardsmen that were all around. Then, his eyes caught sight of the man that is the Commander of these Traitors. His heavy, steady feet making their way towards the man.

    Once he was upon Detritus and Hyrda, his towering, hulking body came to a stop in front of the two. Towering over both of them, his size outmatching Hydra's like he was a small boy. A low, unintelligible growl rising from Thulian's throat elicited to the two.

    "When do you plan on attacking" He looked down at Detritus, he was nothing more than a Traitor. So was Thulian, but Thulian held power. The Fallen Guardsmen have traveled and respect Detritus, and Thulian notices this.
  3. The sound of a plasma pistol was uncommon, but not rare in the field of battle. However, the pistol of the black armored marine was no normal pistol. The sound was a deep bass roar, like that of a large hunting cat, that of a lion. The bolts from it were not the normal light blue blasts, but had a deep dark Red color. The sword the marine held was no less unique , of an antiquated design dating back to the Great Crusade . It was a Paragon Blade, Wielded by the captains of the Legions of Old.

    If someone were to combine these facts with the Legion who wore black colors, and the barely visible through the dust sign of a sword and angelic wings on his shoulder. He would conclude he was a Fallen Dark Angel.

    However, Few Knew such facts. To be exact, only a single person knew Rammael's indentity, and he didn't knew how. Detritus.

    While he enjoyed slaughtering unbelievers for the Glory of Chaos, he was nervous. How did a traitor Guardsman, regardless how powerful, Could know his name ? If information could spread this fast, His loyalist Brothers, the Dark Angels, would not be far...
    After a blazing trail of battle, Detritus had gained more traitors and cultists for his warband. The simple peasants of Tyron had taken up arms against the Imperium, and Detritus had taken advantage of them. He fielded them in the front lines, using them as meat-shields for him and the Traitor Guardsmen. However, these peasant-warriors were not Detritus' only warriors. A few Chaos Space Marines had flocked to Detritus: a Chosen of Chaos, Thulian, and a Fallen Angel, whose name was Rammael.

    Thulian had barged into Detritus' personal quarters in the midst of planning his strategy. The colossal marine towered over even Hydra, and Hydra was of no ordinary stature. The Chosen loomed over the Renegade and his minion, growling behind the skull-shaped helm. Detritus had seen a few Chaos Marines over the few years as a Traitor, but he could not figure which Legion Thulian had belonged to. Not that it mattered.

    "When do you plan on attacking?" the Chosen demanded.

    Detritus put on his most commanding voice, trying to not to be intimidated by the giant. "Soon, brother, soon. Our prize is the Capital Fortress, but this fortress is stalwart against the forces of the Ruinous Powers. We need means of besieging it. We need machinery, ones more powerful than the ones we've looted from the Imperial Guard."

    Detritus stood from his chair, heading to a chest and opened it, pulling out a vox record. Activating it, the voice of a panicking Guardsman came on. "They've got artillery! They're slaughtering us! We need assistance! We nee-" The vox ended with the sound of an explosion.

    Detritus decided to elaborate on the matter. "There's been talk of a Heretek besieging nearby Imperial encampments. We need someone like him to help besiege the Capital. If you would be so kind as to find him for us, that would surely aid us in our task, Thulian. You may take as many of my men as you see fit, if someone like you needs help."

    After the meeting with Thulian, Detritus decided to meet with another Chaos Marine that had wandered into his warcamp. This one, the Fallen Angel, was dangerous. Not by himself, necessarily, but the fact that the Dark Angels would swoop in to take him. Another Chapter of Space Marines was a devastating turn of events, tactically, but as a follower of Chaos the larger the battles the better. Nonetheless, he hoped to hide the identity of the Fallen Angel until the Ebony Blade had been taken care of.

    Detritus was followed by Hydra and his most veteran traitors when he met Rammael. His name was given to him by Slaanesh, a gift from the Prince of Chaos for his victories. No doubt this would be useful in confronting him. The Angel was as tall as Thulian, though he wore a hood instead of a helm. Detritus was nervous, but he had dealt with one Marine already, he could deal with his one as well. He walked up to Rammael and welcomed him.

    "Welcome, brother, to my warcamp. A meager establishment, really, but beggars we are and beggars we will live. I trust you enjoyed your stay?" Detritus finished with a bow. He waved away his guards so he could speak with the Chaos Marine in private.

    "I know what you are, Angel," he said, the flamboyant tone of his voice gone. "The lapdogs of the Emperor are looking for you, and indirectly, me." Detritus glared at Rammael, trying to intimidate him.

    "You are not my enemy, brother. Not until you draw the most powerful servants of the Imperium to slaughter my men. Understand that if they found you, we would be forced to abandon you. I don't want to throw away an asset as powerful as you, if I can help it. So, I request that you change your identity, at least for now. I suggest making a name for yourself, a new one. And I have the perfect way to do so, if you'd agree.

    "Another Chaos Marine, Thulian, has joined the warband. I have tasked him with finding a Heretek nearby. With your combined powers, finding him will be easy. Or do you want to merely hide in my camp?"

    Sending Rammael with Thulian not only increased the rate of success of getting the Heretek, but would also place him out of the way if the Dark Angels came looking for him. Detritus awaited Rammael's answer.
  5. Thulian, red
    Thulian listened to the little Guardsmen speak about how they needed stronger weapons and that there was a Heretek around somewhere. Indirectly, Detritus was trying to command Thulian. Letting out a low growl, the red eyes on his helmet seeming to glow brighter for a moment before he watched him and Hydra leave the area. What seemed like steam came from the 'mouth' section of his helmet. From what seemed like the teeth. Was this 'man' even a Chaos Space Marine or a Daemon in a human-ish body? He was still a Space Marine, just his mind has gone so lust with battle that one would think it was a Daemon within the armour.

    Pushing his way out in the field of Traitorous Guardsmen, Thulian looked over the crowd that turned their attention towards him. "You're coming with me" His voice deep and a bit different from a normal voice. It sounded demonic, everything about this man wasn't right. His helmet, the way he could elicit growls and his voice. But that was just physical so far, none have seen him in battle.

    One Guardsmen decided to speak up.
    "I shou-" The Guardsmen didn't even get to finish his sentence as Thulian raised the bolter and unloaded one shot into the mans chest. The man was only a few feet away from Thulian and just the impact from the bolter demolished the man from the waist up. The power of Space Marine's, weapons and physical was terrifying to a normal being like them.

    Thulian's eyes swept over the Guardsmen that now stare at him, he could see slight fear in them. They were afraid of him and the enemy as well. But the enemy wasn't here yet, Thulian was.
    "I don't want to hear any of you speak" He growled before turning his back on them and his heavy footfall heading towards the direction of the nearest smoking encampment. Maybe the Heretek would be there.
  6. Rammael's thoughts were interrupted by a serpentine voice and a sneaky grin. Detritus was here , and his mood darkened. This pathetic worm was a threat to him . He duly considered to simply plant a plasma shot in his head and get over with it. However, while the Guardsmen loyal to him were little threat To an Astartes blessed by chaos , Causing trouble would be unnecessary, especially with the Siege coming close . As many times in the past, violence was not a primary weapon to solve his problems.

    " I do not wait for you to tell me tips about Stealth, Human" He said darkly, Gazing right into Detritus eyes with a cold stare, not being intimidated a single bit "And by simply for knowing my identity, you hold no power . I have escaped my bothers before, and i could do so again, i have grown quite competent to it over the millenia. The only one who would be hurt by the discovery of my identity is the new Black Crusade. And you are not in position to Put the glorious campaign of the chaos gods in peril, Do you ?"

    He went Closer To Detritus, His Barely scarred face making A contrast with his black Pupils, Shaped in the Wheel of Chaos , another blessing from the gods. " I answer to The Lord Of THe Fallen Not you" He continued "But for the time bieng, our interests are in alignment. See that they remain so. "

    Suddenly ,He Trailed off to a smoking encampment , as though the conversation was never made. The Heretek was jis primary goal, To Conquer the City in the Name Of The Ruinous POwers
  7. Sigmund-Herald of Change, #00b3b3
    Sigmund, a Chaos Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons. Worships Tzeentch, The Chaos God of Change. He wasn't near Detritus's warcamp, no, he was far away. He was searching for Imperial Guardsmen, Space Marines, Humans, anything and anyone he could find that wasn't already under the ways of Chaos. But more importantly, he was going to change them to Tzeentch. A regiment of Traitor Guards followed him, obeying his every command. This Sorcerer was dangerous, but he believed every Psyker/Sorcerer was dangerous. Especially ones that follow Tzeentch, or so he continued to believe.

    He stopped, the tramped fields underfoot. The Traitor Guardsmen grotesque and eager for battle, wanting to please their Gods. Turning to look at the men, he raised his hands into the air. "I have seen into the future, The Changer of Ways has shown me my duties. He has shown me that the fools that live on this planet must be converted, they are part of a much bigger picture than any of you can imagine." His voice boomed as he preached to the Traitor Guards, was he preaching or was he giving a speech? This entire time he has been doing both it seemed. "Many of you will die, and you all knew that. Even if you try and flee, or try to attack in a different pattern, you will still die. I have been shown and nothing shall change for that is the way of the future!" None knew what he meant or what he was trying to say, so they responded in a mighty war cry.

    A small Imperial camp was only a few thundering minutes away. These Imperial Guards were fleeing to the Capital city, but had been fleeing all day and needed to rest. This was when he found the perfect time to strike. While most were resting, the ones on guard could see the flock of Traitor Guards swarming over the devastated land, rushing right for their encampment.


    The battle was bloody, horrifying and perfect. Progress was being made, Sigmund had a plan and he needed some of the Imperial Guardsmen alive. The Traitor Guards tied up and captured a few, but not as many as he wanted. What they had would be enough though. They were brought before him.
    "Let them go, but I want you to deliver a message. Change is coming, and no one is ready for it." It was a simple message and the few Imperial Guardsmen were set free as they began to make their way for the Capital. He wanted more because he knew small raids of Traitor Guards might attack them and he needed at least one to make it.

    Now that was out of the way, he looked off towards the devastated fields, in the direction of Detritus's war camp.
    "A man named Detritus is on this planet. He is trying to bind all the forces of Chaos that exist on this planet together, to make this Crusade stronger. He will seek me out...for now I will wait here." He was more speaking to himself outloud as his eyes were closed behind his helmet. Turning on his massive heel, his heavy strides sounding throughout the ruined camp to one of the few buildings that weren't destroyed.

    "He will be here soon..."
  8. Detritus
    The Fallen Angel left a bad mood in Detritus. He wasn't used to being treated like this, not even when he was still loyal to the False Emperor. Detritus was about to call the Angel back when the thundering sound of a bolt penetrated the ambiance of the warcamp. Detritus readied his lasgun and stormed out of his quarters, Hydra trailing not far behind. Shoving through the crowd of onlooking cultists and heretics he saw the body of one of his men, and Thulian standing not far from the corpse, bolter raised and smoking.

    His hands balled into fists, trembling with rage. These Chaos Marines were unstable monsters, but he needed them for his plans. The sooner Thulian and Rammael left his camp, the better. Undaunted by the towering, inhuman Marine, Detritus made his way to the crowd and stood defiantly in front of Thulian. Every urge in his body was to attack the monster, shoot it, punch it, kick it, but he restrained himself.

    "Hurry up and find the Heretek. Do not look down on because I am not a Space Marine. The gods favor those not in power armor as well."

    Detritus headed back to his quarters, fuming. He'd had enough for today, he decided. He ordered Hydra to guard the entrance to his quarters. Finally at peace, Detritus pulled out a highly-hallucinogenic drug known as Tyr, grown locally on Tyron. He inserted the Tyr into a needle, injecting it into his arm, screaming and moaning at the same time. Just as soon as he dropped the needle, the colors and sounds around his room started to swirl, mix, and amplify. He could hear voices all around him. He could hear Her Voice.

    "T-thee minn-nion of Tzzzeeentch, liesssss naut fffar frommm hereee. Heeee seeksssss youuuu, my ppettt. Hhheee is needddded if yooouuu are tooo reach Ettterrnal Euphoriaaaaa."

    Detritus had passed out after that, waking up a few hours afterwards. That happened every time Slaanesh contacted him. The first time he woke up naked, covered in blood, some of it he could tell weren't his own. Every time Detritus had reached a new high or other source of extreme sensory experience, Her Voice would speak to him. This time, She had touched him. Looking down at his hands he saw them replaced by talons, long, fierce and ugly but at the same time an aura of elegance radiated from them. Detritus was pleased. Truly he was blessed by the gods.

    A sorcerer was nearby, someone Detritus needed. Their arcane mastery could see the future, bewitch his foes or enchant his armory, to name a few of their wondrous and terrifying powers. Detritus would head out and find the sorcerer himself. There weren't anymore Space Marines to fetch his things for him, nor did he trust any of his men to succeed. Gathering Hydra and a few of his Veteran Stormtroopers, he set off to meet the Sorcerer.
  9. Thulian, red
    Thulian looked down at the Traitor Guard known as Detritus. The small Traitor Guard standing up to Thulian was brave, but not to Thulian. He found it a hindrance that this man dare stand in his path. The Guard was lucky that he didn't waste much of Thulian's time as he was prepared to even slaughter this Guardsmen. He didn't fear the Traitor Guards behind him, they feared him. His glowing red eyes looked down at the Guard once more, now he was moving out of his way and back to his quarters. It would be simply to lift his heavy hand and bring the blade of his sword and cleave the man in two, but he would save it for another time.

    Looking back at the nervous Traitor Guard, he began marching forward again as they began to follow. Wherever this Heretek was, he better not making Thulian's task a trouble. Thulian had a burning desire to kill and killing that Traitor Guard almost started him from just slaughtering everyone and everything mindlessly.

    Glorious, bloody battles were waiting for him. Now he just had to get to them, and right now he did need the help of the Traitor Guards to get to those battles.
  10. Futram
    Futram came to this planet in the middle of Detritus campaign against the forces of the Imperium, but the Heretek had little care for them or any other traitor like him in the area. When he settled down on the planet he took his forces to a nearby factory and conquered it in the name of the Omnissiah, luck or maybe fate had led most of the factories guards out into battle against a already named traitors soldiers and thus the conquest was a breeze. The slaves, i mean workers where quicklu dealt with and forced into serving the Heretek who dispatched anyone who dared to raise their voice.

    His allies within the Dark Mechanicus and the werry same Tech-Priests he himself had damned were most kind when they gave him a pleasent number of Skiitari enchanced through the gifts of Chaos and the freedom given to them by the Omnissiah. Now he has stayed within this factory crafting weapons and experimenting with glee as he continues his search of creating machines who can serve the Omnissiah. The workers have been a usefull tool either as test subjects or newly atained worshippers. Futram is no fool, he knew that introducing these fools to the truth would give him more control over the area and that is what he has done.

    It was then he realised a problem, he had tools and weapons but not numbers, even if he modified a basilisk that they had ¨Confiscated¨ it was of no use for him. Even though he loved the feeling of ¨Improving¨ what he found around the area it wasn't like he had the power to march onto the forces of the False Emperor himself.
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  11. Aurel moved from the shadows and approached Detrius, his hands behind his back and his helmet tucked under his shoulder. "Quite the warband you have mustered up, and I can say I am impressed with the efficiency in which you way waste to the Imperium. Quite impressive indeed."

    Aurel's voice was quiet and relatively soft, but it held an air of power about it. It was obvious he was not someone who was easily disobeyed. "Your frontlines lack structure and your tactics are, how to say this, a little too upfront for my tastes, but alas they seem effective none the less. If you ever need a bit more discretion in your warband, I am more than happy to help." He gave a sort of bow with his last words and waited a response.
    As Detritus and his retinue were about to board the hijacked Chimera, he was greeted by yet another Chaos Marine. His helm was tucked in his shoulders, revealing the unholy contortion of what Detritus assumed was a face. The Marine's hands were behind his back, raising a few flags for Detritus. Detritus didn't really want to bother with anymore haughty, megalomaniac Space Marines, but at least he sounded polite and didn't scream in his face.

    However, this Alpha Legionnaire would prove useful. "Help, hm? As you would have it, we're on our way now to find a Sorcerer, not far from here. Your help would be greatly appreciated."

    Detritus and his men boarded the Chimera, taking their seats and strapping in. He left the door open to await the Chaos Marine.
  13. Aurel followed behind him placing his helmet on his head and pulling the bolter he held from behind his back. The bolter was a beast of a machine, modified to all ends. The most notable thing about it was its massive caliber far beyond that of standard Imperial design. He took a seat and looked around the space of the Chimera, deciding who in here was worth his time. Which of them would be capable of following out his plans. It was so hard to find capable followers of chaos. Many of them were simple blood seeking fools who'd attack too soon and ruin his plans. At the least the warband leader was reasonable and seemed intelligent, a precious attribute in the eyes of Aurel.

    "My name is Aurel Deus. What may I call you?" Aurel asked the warband leader.
    Detritus called out to the Chimera driver to start up the engine. The vehicle roared to life, the passenger seats vibrating ceaselessly. The Chaos Marine looked crushed under the small space of the Chimera. The Chaos Marine revealed himself to Detritus as Aurel Deus.

    "My name is Detritus," he answered, when asked for his name.

    The trip took nearly an hour, razing through the already ravaged countryside. There was little resistance left; only a few suicidal Guardsmen who thought to stop the Chimera. The whelps were quickly put in their place - in the ground as a splatter of red mist. They soon neared the camp of the Sorcerer, and they disembarked a good distance away. He took Hydra with him, and gave the command of his stormtroopers to Aurel.

    "Earlier you said my methods were too straightforward. Show me how you would do it, Aurel." Detritus fastened his combat harness. "Hydra and I will enter the encampment and request the Sorcerer to join us. If they do not comply, well, make them. I give you command of my stormtroopers. Show them how the Alpha Legion does it."

    Detritus headed for the encampment, arms raised to show he was no threat. He started for the middle of the camp, then shouted at the top of his voice to call out the Sorcerer.
  15. Aurel gave Detritus a curt nod and then gestured for the stormtroopers to follow him. "You lot, step where I step, keep quiet, and don't be seen."

    He began to head south of the encampment, circling around until he found a hill that overlooked the camp. He moved nearly silently, and never came within eyeshot of the camp Using the optics in his helmet to get a good view of the camp. It seemed that their sides were their weakest points. They had many men at the front and rear, as most did. Not always a bad idea. These were the directions that most forces attacked, but not Aurel.

    He turned to the troopers and said in a low tone, "You lot move up within about one hundred meters of their joke of a wall." He looked back at the camp to see what was happening before turning back to the troopers. He pointed to one of the men who sported a bandoleer of grenades around his neck. "Use a couple Krak grenades to blow the wall if and when I give the signal." He stopped talking and seeing that the men hadn't yet moved off, standing as if they expected more orders, he said in a hushed shout, "Go, now! Quickly, and don't be seen."

    He watched as the group moved as quietly as possible. They did a good job of it, but not nearly as quickly and quietly as Aurel. He was rather impressed. He lay on his belly and watched the camp from afar. He made certain his bolter was loaded. He watched as Detritus moved towards and into the camp. He rather hoped Detritus's end went poorly. He yearned to see a bit of action.
  16. Sigmund-Herald of Change, #00b3b3
    Sigmund smiled underneath his helmet as Detritus arrived. Tzeentch showed him that this man would arrive and he wasn't let down or disappointed. Hearing the Traitor Guard call out of the Sorcerer, his own Traitor Guard aiming their lasguns at them but not opening fire. "Weapons down my children, we have guests. It is rude to threaten the ones at our doorsteps" If his helmet was off they would see that he was smiling underneath his helmet. The large Space Marine pushed passed the Traitor Guard to meet Detritus in person.

    "Detritus, you made it on time and you even brought Aurel. I have been expecting you two, the Changer of Ways has shown me you would arrive. I know what you are here for, and yes. Me and my children will join you." The man was holding nothing but a staff. He didn't need to see Aurel to know that the man was here, Tzeentch showed him this meeting in his dream.

    He almost forgot to give Detritus his name, but his name wasn't important.
    "Ah, before I forget. My name is not important, you may just call me the Herald of Change. Maybe you have heard of me" He was being modest with the man and none of his Traitor Guard were going to attack. They were all standing down and seemingly bored.
    Detritus was on edge, thanks to the mysterious sorcerer and his apparent prescience. He had known of Aurel and his hiding troops, and he had known his name, among other things. Most disturbing of all was that he was willing to go with them. Every gut instinct Detritus possessed told him that the Herald of Change had other plans, but what follower of Chaos, nonetheless Tzeentch, didn't? He had no other choice but to be happy with how it's turned out so far.

    "All is well then, Herald. We have a Chimera ready to transport you, if you lack the means to do so yourself. In the meantime, let's discuss business."

    Detritus called back his men and Aurel to lay down arms and meet them back at the Chimera. Then he led the Sorcerer and his men back to his transport. "Tell me, you understand the gods more than mortals like I ever could, do you not? What has the Changer of Ways planned for me? Why did he tell you of my coming?"
  18. Sigmund-Herald Of Change, #00b3b3
    "The Changer of Ways has made plans for everyone! Even the smallest soldier has a part to play, your part is just a tad bit more significant than the others." This sorcerer seemed to me of a Preacher, but he could be extremely dangerous. Especially when someone was such an uncertain factor and a Space Marine. He turned his back on Detritus to look at the Traitor Guard that was loyal to Sigmund. "My Children! Plans are in motion, and this man here will now be leading you, but do not fear. I will still be around!" He spoke to the Traitor Guard that looked to one another before giving a war cry to show they all accepted their 'new' leader.

    "My children- I mean your new regiment has transport. This camp we raided held three Chimera's and a Basilisk. Though we need more if we are going to siege the city" He turned and looked down at the Traitor Guard, a smile underneath his helmet. He didn't remove it though, perhaps it was connected to him, or maybe he didn't enjoy removing it.

    Tzeentch has only shown Sigmund glimpses of the Future, and how it works is he is shown many futures. All the Futures he sees are possible, it just depends on what people do at the time to shape the Future. It is constantly changing, and Sigmund has to make sure the one that benefits Chaos works out. "The Changer of Ways could not reveal all to me. The Power to see into the Future is taxing and can drive one to madness." He has heard of fellow Sorcerers and Thousand Sons turning into Chaos Spawns because the level of power they were attaining was too great and they couldn't handle it.

    "I will ride with you though, I'm sure you have some questions for me. Also, will Aurel be joining us?" Sigmund's voice held no sign of hostility or sound that he was better than everyone. He was once again, like a preacher, and no one on this field of battle was better than one another. The Chaos Gods were the true Higher Ups. He climbed into the Chimera, having to crouch down a bit just so he could fit.
  19. Aurel had made his way back to the Chimera about the same time as Detritus and the Herald. "Of course." Again, he had gone unnoticed until he revealed himself.

    He shoved himself into the Chimera and took a seat. "So, how did you know my name?" He asked the Herald.
  20. Sigmund-Herald of Change, #00b3b3
    He chuckled as the Alpha Legion member questioned him on how he knew his name. Sigmund didn't remove his helmet as he looked directly at Aurel. "I was told, by the Changer of Ways. He has plans for all of us. He has appointed me his Herald! To lead these changes in the dark times, to slay the False Emperor and start a new!" He was beginning to preach again but then he cleared his throat and looked back in Detritus's area. With his ability to take glimpse into the future, or if Tzeentch offers a vision, he could be a valuable tactician.

    "As most of you already know. We need to gather all the forces on Tyron and attack the Capital City. If we linger too long, more Space Marines and Imperial Guard will flock to defend this planet" It was obvious that this could happen, but Sigmund was here to try and help prevent that from happening.
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