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[Name]: Character's full name

[Alias]: What would others call them or do call them?

[Birthplace/Birthright]: What region where they born in (Forsaken, Common, or Noble Realm) and are they a Peasant, Commoner or Low Nobility?

[Magic]: Description of your characters magic, what it is capable of and how they use it and how it is unique to them. Examples are Yami using a Sword with his Magic, Magna using baseballs and a bat with his Fire Magic compared to other Fire Mages like Mereoleona who likes to punch things. Also write down a couple of spells, Minimum of Three, to give an idea of what your character can do.

[Age]: 17-26 years of age


[Appearance Info]:



[Extras]: Do they carry anything extra or use magical items to aid like Noelle with the wand? Etc.


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Manfred von Rook.jpg

Character Quote: "I guess that's checkmate, buddy."

[Name]: Manfred von Rook

[Alias]: Rook the Dreamer; Rookie; Rooks

[Birthplace/Birthright]: Noble Realm, Low Nobility.

[Magic]: Rook's spells all reflect a different chess piece. Primarily defensive, he lets the pawns fight for him, and uses a large shield to defend himself. When pushed into a corner, he tends to flee using the Knight's steed. He's not a close up fighter.

[Age]: 21

[Gender]: Male

[Appearance Info]: Tall with dark black hair. Pale skinned, with bright blue eyes. Typically looks pretty spaced out. Wears a suit with a checkerboard pattern.

[Personality]: Rook is the type who likes to think and imagine. He enjoys telling stories and talking about adventures, but has never thought of himself as the adventurous type. He would rather lay in bed all day, relaxing and thinking about adventure, rather than going on an actual adventure.

The one thing that actually engages him is games. Whether it be Chess against his sister or running a race, if someone invites him to play a game he'll never decline. His magic knight captain quickly realized this, and frequently tricked him into going on missions by turning it into a competition.

Though he does get competitive, it takes a couple of losses before he starts losing his cool. This contrasts his sister, who throws a fit at a single loss (though she rarely loses).

[Background/History]: Rook grew up in a declining noble household. Though in days past his ancestors had been mighty soldiers and respected leaders, their magic had lost its potency over time. That is, until Manfred and Carmen were born.

Rook spent his days daydreaming, while his twin sister Carmen spent her days studying and practicing magic. Frequently they played games against one another, and frequently Carmen's more aggressive strategies brought her victory.

The day came when they got their Grimoire's. Though his Grimoire was white, and hers black, they both possessed Chessboard magic. As they each practiced with their respective magic, it became apparent that her style was quite offensive, while his own was quite defensive.
As such, when the time came for them to join the magic knights, several squads scrambled to pick her up as a new member. Manfred was up for consideration as well, but was certainly no one's first choice.

[Extras]: Rook likes games of all types, so he carries a set of dice and some chess pieces with him at all times.

Chessboard Magic:
Pawn Soldier: Summons a a group of as many 8 small marble soldiers, each wielding a short sword and round shield.
Bishop's Piety: A marble shield appears in Rook's hand.
Knight's Steed: A marble horse appears before Rook, for ease of travel.