Black cats aren't always unlucky

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  1. Lilly was just a normal every day girl, dark brown hair with green eyes and a small and petite frame. What wasn't normal about her, however, washow amazing she was with animal. The 18 year old was always able to tell just what was wrong with an animal in need and how to help them. Her parents didn't appreciate her gift though and loved to try and to get her to go down other paths which always caused her to go to the forest by her house. Recently Lilly had been seeing a black cat in the forest and it seemed as though it had been watching or even following her but she ignored it.

    It was another day like that and lilly ended up back into he forest with one of her favourite stories. It was about a young lad that a witch fell for but when he tried to let her down gently she refused to be rejected so as revenge she turned him in to an animal to forever wander till he found someone that would really know what, who and truly accept who he was.

    The teen found her favourite tree sand settled beneath it with a relaxed sighed and opened her book "I wonder what his name was. Its never actually written" she muttered to herself
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  2. caatt.jpg As lilly was sitting reading her book , the black cat appeared once again before her.This time the cat seemed injuries, she noticed that by seeing how it walked in an un proper manner balancing on 3 instead of 4.
  3. Lilly smiled when the cat came near but then frowned when she saw how hurt the creature was "oh my god! Are you ok? What happened to you?" She asked and she hurrisd over but made sure not to scare it off "poor thing"
  4. The black cat meowed ( lol i forgot the verb for that) painfully, staying in place as lilly approached.
  5. Lilly gently ran her hand over the cats fur to show she meant no harm before slowly picking him up "I'll take care of you, don't worry"
  6. As lily picked the cat up,she felt an ere presence somewhere behind the bushes, she sees a pair of red glowing eyes glare at them from behind the thick forest leaves.
  7. Lilly froze at the sight at the eyes but then she glared "go to hell!" She snapped before turning the other way around and running home as fast as she could
  8. The black cats fur raised as it looked back at the unknown presence. As Lilly ran off as fast as her feet could take her, her feet got intertwined in a tree branch that magically extended its reach in order to halt Lilly's advance making her fall down. The ere presence approached. The black cat jumped out of Lilly's hands growling sharply at the being responsible for this. The black cat then ran off into the bushes to avoid causing more harm for Lilly.
  9. Lilly swore as she fell then frowned at the cat ran off, the teen got in and ran off after the cat "hey! Get back here! You are in no condition to be running off!" She featured
  10. The black cat attempt to run fast failed as its injury got the best of it.It wasn't long till lilly caught up to it. because the cat applied stress to the injury it began to bleed.
  11. Lilly picked the cat back up when she had caught up and smiled "don't worry. We're almost there" she assured, running home quickly and locking the door behind her.
  12. The cat curled up in Lilly's hand but Lilly could tell it was still feeling tense.

    (angel! how about we figure something that triggers the cat transformation- temporarily ? )
  13. Lilly gently took the cat up to her room and gently placed it on the soft bed "wait here while I get a first aid kit"

    (How about she kissed the cat on the head after patching him up?)
  14. (agree!)

    The black cat gave lilly quick lick on the hand before she went to get the kit
  15. Lilly smiled softly at the lick and was back as quickly as possible "don't you worry, gonna have you fixed up good as new" she promised, gently bandaging and fixing the wounds then when she was finished she leaned down and kissed the cats head
  16. The black cat eyes seemed to have widened glowing intensely by her kiss. Suddenly a flash of white light blinds lillys and before she knew it she found a full grown boy on her lap in place of the cat.

    The boy looked as surprised as she was" AIIIIIIIH?!!" he looked up to her with a jaw dropped expression .
  17. Lilly jumped back fromthe boy in shocked andnhjust stared "what the actual hell?!" She asked then shook her head "this is either a dream or I've been sucked in to some sort of fucking anime"
  18. The boy jumps up on his feet examining himself looking thrilled by the turn events " am- oh I missed my BODY" he said delightfully as he spun around I'm circles energetically." Thank you "he held her hands sitting down on his knees and kissed them.
  19. Lilly stoiid in utter shock at the turn of events "ok, what? Who the hell are you and why the hell ere you a cat?" She asked "what was that think chasing you? And what got you all battered?"
  20. the boy flinched" y-yes not so many at once i-" just as he was speaking his cat ear sensitive to sound caught unpleasant noise outside her house.He pulled lilly closer placing on hand on her mouth" issh" he said in a hashed voice "is there anyone else in this house?"
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