black cats aren't always unlucky

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  1. Lilly was just a normal every day girl, dark brown hair with green eyes and a small and petite frame. What wasn't normal about her, however, washow amazing she was with animal. The 18 year old was always able to tell just what was wrong with an animal in need and how to help them. Her parents didn't appreciate her gift though and loved to try and to get her to go down other paths which always caused her to go to the forest by her house. Recently Lilly had been seeing a black cat in the forest and it seemed as though it had been watching or even following her but she ignored it.

    It was another day like that and lilly ended up back into he forest with one of her favourite stories. It was about a young lad that a witch fell for but when he tried to let her down gently she refused to be rejected so as revenge she turned him in to an animal to forever wander till he found someone that would really know what he was.

    The teen found her favourite tree sand settled beneath it with a relaxed sighed and opened her book "I wonder what his name was. Its ever actually written" she muttered to herself
  2. Ivan laid in the warmth of the noon sun as he passed the time mocking a small field mice,his tail swishing side to side, sometime he thought the thing had a mind of its own. He allowed his mind drift back to the night that his world changed for the first time in 100 years.

    Ivan offered the young lady a handkerchief to wipe away her tears that now flowed freely down her chubby cheeks. She was beautiful by any man standards ,White hair Hang loosely around her shoulders, framing her heart shaped face. Deep-set chocolate brown eyes looked back at her like a innocent newborn. A pixie-like nose that dropped daintily down from its peak. Her Cupid's-bow red lips surrounded her small mouth with perfect alabaster teeth. Dimples were pressed under her high cheekbones. She barley reached 5 foot and had a voluptuous figure that poured into a nice hourglass shape but he had his heart set the bartenders daughter, lilly. "Listen" he paused trying to think of her name, the one she only said a mere minute ago "Sara, you can do better then me, i am also not looking to settle down right now with anyone" Only Lillth He thought as the image of the young women who had the most striking green eyes he had ever seen danced a cross his mind. The sting of the women's slap brought him hurdling back to reality where hey stood on the corner of the darken street of London, the harsh smells of rotting food and probably rotten corpses of the homeless made his eyes water. "No one rejects me!" she screamed as she went to strike him again, this time he was prepared and caught her wrist mere inch's away from his face. "Ach amháin nuair a thiteann tú i ngrá le cailleach d'fhéadfadh sé seo a curse a bheith briste. ceithre cosa agus eireaball an méid mór sí grá sa tuairisceán" As she spoke in a language that he wasn't aware of he felt a warm tingle spread through his body, ignoring the strange sensation he opened his mouth to speak but he realized that he now stood alone. Pinching the bridge of his nose, maybe the abstinence he and his friend had indulged in was finally getting to him. Letting out a small sigh he took a few steps forward before his world went black.

    The sound of a snapping twig drew his mind back to the present day of the 21st century. Lillth Her name echoed through his mind as the young female who he had spotted weeks ago came into view. Her eyes were the same striking green and same brown hair that remind him so much of rich coca framed her heart shaped face, he felt drawn and t was his job to protect her. Catching the poor field mice tail between his sharp feline teeth, he trotted over to where she sat under the shade of a large oak tree, laying next to her he let out a loud meow to let his presence been known as he dropped the scared little field mice down and began to torture it again, allowing to think it was free to run away but quickly dragged it back. Playing with his food always entertained him and made his days as a cat seem more enjoyable.
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  3. Lilly had been far too engrossed in her book to notice the cat come up to her so she was startled and jumped at the loud meow. The teen looked beside her and smiled "well hello there, come here often?" She joked then raised an eyebrow "now what did that poor mouse ever do to you? If your hungry I've got a few tuna sandwiches in my bag" she offered, she never went anywhere wuthout her messenger bag and some food becuase ypou never know who you could run in to.
  4. He couldn't help but mentally scoff at the young lady that had captured his attention weeks ago, just because he looked like a cat doesn't mean he liked catty things. The small cry of the the small critter caught under his rather large black fuzzy paw drew his attention as he could hear his smacking the girls leg in anticipation on what was about to happen. Catching the mice between his teeth he bit down smiling as he heard the familiar snap of his victims neck as its once wiggling body now laid limp between his teeth. Looking at the old tattered book that she held in her hands he felt his anger boil and bubble as if it wasn't enough for turning him into a creature of the streets yet she had to write about it, what a witch bitch. His meal forgotten he turned his attention to the old book, letting out a low hiss he pounced onto her lap with no hesitation and began to shred the book the best he could.
  5. Lilly winced when the cat killed the poor mouse then gasped as it began to tear up the book "what the hell?!" She wildly pushed the car off the book and sighed in relief "you're so lucky I can repaper this" and snapped "this is the last fairy tale book I've got left" her parents had gotten rid of the others when she wasn't home