Black cats and curses

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  1. Rose was just a normal every day girl, dark brown hair with green eyes and a small and petite frame. What wasn't normal about her, however, washow amazing she was with animal. The 18 year old was always able to tell just what was wrong with an animal in need and how to help them. Her parents didn't appreciate her gift though and loved to try and to get her to go down other paths which always caused her to go to the forest by her house. Recently Rose had been seeing a black cat in the forest and it seemed as though it had been watching or even following her but she ignored it.

    It was another day like that and Rose ended up back into he forest with one of her favourite stories. It was about a young lad that a witch fell for but when he tried to let her down gently she refused to be rejected so as revenge she turned him in to an animal to forever wander till he found someone that would really know what, who and truly accept who he was.

    The teen found her favourite tree sand settled beneath it with a relaxed sighed and opened her book "I wonder what his name was. Its never actually written" she muttered to herself
  2. Tato had been cursed with the terrible luck of living out his life as a cat forever, until he could be accepted for himself. That lead to a long time as a cat, living off the mice that roamed and living in trees. Not very ideal, especially in the winter.
    This girl had been hanging around the forest often these days. At first he observed her from a distance, trying to figure out who she was. The girl seemed innocent enough, and she was certainly pretty.
    The boy-turned-cat jumped off the branch of the tree she was sitting under, landing on the ground next to her. He stared at her carefully, before meowing loudly at her. As if saying; Hey, pay attention to me.
  3. Rose jumped at the loud meow then laughed when she liked beside her to see it was the cat she had seen around "well hello to you too" she greeted with a smile, reaching out her hand to the creature but not touching it so that the cat could decide if he wanted to be friendly or not
  4. The cat nuzzled his head into her hand, trying to make himself approachable. He meowed again, and glanced at the book she was reading at. After being so long in a cat's body, it was nearly impossible for him to make out the words on the pages, and he pawed at the book with feinted curiosity.
  5. Rose smiled and scratched behind the kitty's ear before laughing softly "would ypu like me to read it to you? I think having a story read to you is the best way" she offered when the cat showed some interest in the small book
  6. Tato gave an almost human-like nod, perching himself on her lap. He pawed at the book again, glancing back at the girl. He was interested in the book, and wanted to know what it said. The pictures gave a hint at the contents, but he really couldn't be sure unless it was read to him. It wasn't every day that he had a pretty girl read to him.
  7. Rose gave a giggle and let the cat settle on her lap before opening the door "long ago, in a kingdom long forgotten lived a young boy. This young boy was brave, strong, s!art and handsome. He have, however, attracted the attention of the local witch" she began, using one hand to hold the book and the other to pet the cat
  8. The cat's ears perked up instantaneously, suddenly, he was very interested in this story. This must be the story of that witch who cursed him, it had to be. Tato gave another meow, his tail raising in extreme interest.
  9. Rose smiled "ok, I'll keep reading. Dktn get your tail in a twist" she joked and turned the page the young boy, more interested in hunting and just being free, didn't want too settle down with anyone till he was sure they were the one. The witch took the rejection to heart and refused to accept someone could ever say no to her. It was that night she counjered a plan"
  10. The cat shuddered, that memory very clear in his mind. That blasted witch was dead for sure by now, but it felt like yesterday. Out of instinct, the cat growled in a low tone not to the girl, but to the book itself. But Tato sat himself on her lap anyway, falling silent again to allow her to finish reading.
  11. Rose ran her hand over the length of the cats body to sooth him at the growling but continued to read "she would not allow someone to reject her so and if she couldn't have him no one could. The witch tracked the boy down the next fday to the local forest and, with a wicked smile on her face, cursed him"
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