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  1. Sophia was just a normal every day girl, dark brown hair with green eyes and a small and petite frame. What wasn't normal about her, however, washow amazing she was with animal. The 18 year old was always able to tell just what was wrong with an animal in need and how to help them. Her parents didn't appreciate her gift though and loved to try and to get her to go down other paths which always caused her to go to the forest by her house. Recently Sophia had been seeing a black cat in the forest and it seemed as though it had been watching or even following her but she ignored it.

    It was another day like that and Sophia ended up back into the forest with one of her favourite stories. It was about a young lad that a witch fell for but when he tried to let her down gently she refused to be rejected so as revenge she turned him in to an animal to forever wander till he found someone that would really know what he was, who he was and truly accept him for him.

    The teen found her favourite tree sand settled beneath it with a relaxed sighed and opened her book "I wonder what his name was. Its never actually written" she muttered to herself
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  2. Catform (open)

    Black had been around for years, he had seen many people come and go through the forest, but none quite like her.
    He kept his distance, scared to get close, but she kept coming back.
    When she noticed him, his heart skipped a beat.

    Today, she came back, she sat down and opened a book.
    Black knew the book she had opened all too well.
    He started to sneak closer, trying to camouflage into her surrounding, even though his eyes stood out.
    When she spoke, his ears perked up, he knew what his name was.
    He knew everything about the story she was reading, he lived it.
  3. Sophia smiled softly as she read her book but something caught her eye, the girl glanced up and saw the eyes. She knew she didn't want to let him flee again without at lease getting a good look at the cat so she had come prepared. Casually, Sophia put the book to one side before pulling out a small plastic bowl from her bag and a carton of milk. She filled thee bowl half way and moved it a little bit away from herself before picking her book back up and began reading again
  4. Black's eyes widened, what was she doing?
    He sneaked a little closer, he smelled the air, did she really try to give him milk?
    Curious he moved closer and looked into the bowl, was this a peace offering, or a trap?
    Black backed away and observed the girl, he was thirsty, but unsure to take the milk.
  5. Sophia didn't even glance at the cat again as she picked up the carton and took a swig from it, as if trying to prove it was safe and wasn't any harm. The teen turned a page and began to run some song from a band no one she knew had ever heard of but she loved anyway. Sophia sighed softly as she continued to read the book "poor guy" she muttered softly, the story was written in the witches point of view and made the guy look like a jerk but she knew there was two sides to ever story
  6. When she drank the milk, Black slowly moved closer and started to drink.
    He could hear the music, his ears perked up, but he didn't stop drinking.
    When he heard her sympathy for the guy in the book, he stopped and looked at her.
    Black licked his lips and sat down next to her, and stared at the book.
  7. Sophia looked down at the cat next to her and smiled "i mean, come on, all he did was tell her he wasn't interested. For all she knew he could have had a long distance relationship or something and she does that to him? How is that fair?" she asked the creature but then sighed as she leaned back against the tree "talking to animals. They're right, I need actual friends" she muttered softly to herself
  8. Black shook his head and placed his paw on the book.
    The edge of his paw was in between the lines, he wanted her to understand.
    If she turned the page, there would be a painted picture of the place the witch turned the guy into an animal.
    He moved his paw and looked up, than moved his head against her arm.
    She did have a friend, he was her friend.
  9. Sophia laughed softly and slowly moved her hand, scratching behind the cats ear as she turned over the page and looked at the photo "this place is so pretty. I bet there were places like this everywhere years ago" she said dreamily "what I wouldn't give to see it" the photo was of a beautiful clearing in what seemed to be a forest with a small waterfall that flowed in to a spring that was surrounded by amazing wild flowers
  10. Black closed his eyes, purring as she scratched behind his ear.
    When she turned the page he jumped up, he got in front of her and placed his front paws onto the book.
    He meowed and than ran off into the forest, he turned around and looked at her, hoping she'd follow.
  11. Sophia watched the cat curiously then blinked before nodding. She quickly out the book in her bag, leaving the milk and bowl behind as she followed the cat "ok then, lets see what it is you want to show me" she laughed "but I have to be back before sundown. If I'm not my parents will go mad and I'll be grounded for like a month" she warned with a friendly smile, obviously not realizing the cat could understand her even though she was talking to him like she would anyone else
  12. The cat led the way, he rushed through a thick bush and meowed.
    Black needed her to know the truth, she was reading about something real.
    Something so close, and she never realised.
    He stood in the clearing and sat down, his tail curled beside him as he waited patiently.
  13. Sophia walked in to the clearing then froze at the sight "no way" she gasped, slowly walking further in to it as she looked around "b..but this was in my book. This was in a fairy tale" she muttered before turning to look at the cat "how did you find this place? And how did you even....." she trailed off before narrowing her eyes "you couldn't possibly be him, could you?"
  14. Black circled around her and when she asked if it could be him, he gave her a small nodd.
    It was hard to communicate without words, but somehow she understood him and he could understand her.
    He meowed as a thank you and walked over to her, he purred and rubbed himself up against her leg.
  15. The girl was beyond surprised but she smiled as she knelt down and stroked the boy turned cat "this is just...ridiculous" she sighed then picked him up slowly before putting him so he rested on her shoulder "come on, I'm taking you home. I want to find a way for us to actually communicate and you're way too skinny"
  16. Black trembled as she picked him up, he wasn't used to getting picked up.
    He laid his head on her shoulder and purred.
    Was she really going to try and help him?
    Black closed his eyes and slowly dosed off, she was quite comfortable to lay on.
  17. Sophia got home as quickly as she could without waking him up but also quick enough so that she'd be in her room before her parents came home. The teen gently placed the cat on to her soft pillow on her bed before grabbing another bowl, more milk, tuna, ham, a note pad and a pen. Sophia made a mental check that she had everything then went back to her room and locked the door so her parents couldn't just walk in
  18. When Black heard the sound of a lock, his eyes shot open.
    He didn't know where he was, but when he looked around and saw the girl, it all made sense.
    He slowly stretched and yawned, before sitting up and meowing at her.
    She brought in some stuff, and it kinda confused him, he curiously looked at everything as he purred.
  19. Sophia sat down next to the cat with a smile "I got you some food and more milk. Do you know how to read?" she asked as she began to write something on the note pad "I've been trying to think of ways of helping us to communicate but this might be short lived since my parents should be back home in a few hours for the night before leaving again tomorrow afternoon"
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  20. Black looked at the notepad and gave her a nod.
    He could read, he just couldn't talk, he could meow but that didn't really help.
    He sniffed at the food , his stomach started rumbling.
    Black hadn't eaten in days, not that it bothered him, he was used to it.
    Until now he was never able to leave the forest, he was bound to the grounds.
    He wasn't sure what it meant that she was able to take him away from there, but he knew the connection was strong.
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