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  1. Hiya! I'm Rika! Recently, I've been obsessed with Black Butler, and have been itchin' for a roleplay about it!

    What I'm searching for:
    -Someone who can play a male demon
    -Someone who can post at least once a day
    -Someone who can develop their characters
    -Someone who will be fun c:
    -Someone who will forgive me for my stupidness sometimes

    I want someone who can meet these requirements to join me on an adventure! :3 We would play it off as if the original Black Butler events never happened, or that our story would happen earlier or later than original events. My character would call your demon butler for aid and we would take it from there. ^-^ I hope this isn't too vague, but PM me please, and I have much, much more details there! Mwah, thank you!
  2. You have a demon. I will serve you, young master. Do I have to be Sebastian, or can I be different?
  3. >\\3\\< I'd prefer you make an original demon, but Sebastian is just fine! c: I'll PM you!
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  4. Still searching!
  5. Hello~ I can play a demon if you'd like. I think I could manage to make a new character for it pretty quickly. XD
  6. NO.
    unless its a group rp
    then it's 2 demons
  7. Hiya! Your wish is my command, Master. As you wish... <3
  8. Hmm.. i've never thought about doing a black butler roleplay, but i can revise my character Kratin.. or maybe even make a new one. Anyway i would love to do a roleplay with you.
  9. *bows deeply, left hand over chest* What are your orders, young master?
    I'd love to play's fun. I love Black Butler.....
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Not open for further replies.