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  1. Ciel phantomhive is seen sleeping in his bed. he is cuddled up to his pillows as he just tossed and turned in the middle of the night haveing a nightmare about the mansion burning down, he soon wakes up with a scream as he took deep breaths only to see Sebastian right there beside his bed looking down at him.
  2. "Are you alright, Young Master?" His voice was cool and calm, the complete opposite of the worried inner him. Nightmares were common, but Sebastian could not help but feel worried for his Young Master every time.
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  4. " I'm fine it was just a bad dream.. " He said as he layed back down and closed his eyes trying to go back to sleep. (( Ima be on for a while. ))
  5. "Well, if you need anything," Sebastian said, walking closer towards the bead and hovering over Ciel. "I'll be right here."

    He pulled the soft blanket over his Young Master. "Goodnight."
  6. *towards the bed
  7. He soon fell back asleep. About three hours later light started to leak into the room through the closed curtins of ciels room.
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  10. Sebastian had the breakfast ready by the time the sun was up. Blueberry muffins and tea, extra sweet. Like how Ciel liked it.

    "Good morning, young master. You have a long day ahead of you."
  11. Ciel stayed in bed not wanting to get up at the momen, he then just let out a groan as he opend his eyes one blue and the other purple holding the symbol of which is the contract he had mae with Sebastian. " What's on today's shedual Sebastian? " He asked as he picked up his eye patch.
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  13. "You have a meeting in one hour," Sebastian said, smiling. "Then you have to finish the rest of the paper work. It's due tomorrow."
  14. " Right. " He said as he threw his legs over the edge of his bed as he then stood up still in his night clothes.
  15. This roleplay died hon sorry. Buuut you can allways do a rolep, ay with me.
Thread Status:
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